"Well what's the point of putting anything in the spare room when we both know I'm going to be spending my time with you and getting you to plunder my body yet again."

She winked with a mischievous smile while she walked past me and I simply followed the discarded clothes to the bathroom. Eden was already in the shower when I got there; I grabbed the soap and started washing her back, that's when my loins started to stir. By the time she had turned around she had that glow about her again and the look in her eyes melted my heart, her hands wrapped themselves around my cock and she sighed, I was as solid as steel.

"We don't really have time for this; Maria will have our dinner on the table soon. But we're naked and I most definitely have a need for this to be inside me."

Her next words simply made me smile and if it was at all possible, even more solid at the same time. "Please Gil, don't make a girl beg, well, not in a shower anyway."

We were still laughing when I turned her around, her hands went out and rested on the bathroom tiles, Eden's legs parted and she waited. I heard her breathing change slightly over the sound of the water from the showerhead, the little devil in me made me change the direction of the water so that it flowed onto that cute tight ass of hers, she looked over her shoulder and smiled, I'm sure I heard her mutter "bad man," before her head turned back again.

My hands rested on her hips and my cock fitted snuggly between her pussy lips, Eden gave a short gasp and started to both wriggle her ass and push back at the same time. I held her hips to stop her doing both; she gave out a groan of frustration but eventually gave up and waited. Slowly I pushed into her, she gasped, her fingers would clench and un-clench as I pushed deeper into her.

"Oh fuck yesssss, you have no idea how long I've waited for this."

Eden moved her legs further apart, taking that as a hint I got a firmer grip on her hips before pushing the last of myself into her. Her head nodded a couple of times before it slumped between her arms, her chin now rested on her chest and I steadily increased my pace. The rhythm between the two of us was now set, my grip on her hips eased and the groans coming from Eden kept me solid. With her body now free of my grasp she would add a little wiggle to her ass as she bottomed out on me and the moans of pleasure she got from doing it kept me hard.

With my hands now free I cupped her swaying tits, Eden gasped and mumbled. "Pull them, pull them hard Gil."

Two fingers soon found her hard nipples and with a squeeze and twist on both of them she gasped and added more impetus to slamming back onto my cock. Her moans and her intensity left me in no doubt she was very close to cumming, I opened my hands, crushed her tits into her body and thrust as deep into her as I could. Eden's head came up and screamed her orgasm as her pussy spasm so much I thought she was trying to rip my cock off my body. I held her hips again as she sank back onto my still solid cock and stayed impaled on me until her breathing became normal again.

As she calmed she wiggled her ass, then looked over her shoulder a confused look on her face. "You didn't cum?"

I shook my head before saying. "That's ok I will catch up with you later tonight."

Her face took on a murderous look and she slid off of me, grabbed my cock and pulled us both out of the shower, tossed a couple of towels onto the bathroom floor and lay on them her legs as wide apart as I have ever seen a woman get them.

"That's a challenge to my womanhood and I'm not going to allow that. Your not leaving this pussy until you cum, so slide it back in here and make me your woman again Gil."

The 'your woman' remark was not lost on me, just as the gleam in her eyes and totally serious look of her face showed me that Eden meant every word she had just spoken. I'm not even sure if it's possible but it sure felt like my cock just got a little harder. The tension in the air as Eden waited for me on the floor, her hands outstretched ready for me was suddenly interrupted when her stomach rumbled reminding us both she needed to eat and we both giggled.

"I'm not moving from this floor and you're not leaving until I'm done with you so eating can wait Gil. Get your cute ass down here and finish the job."

Her words may never had made it into any romance novel but she sure had my heart at that moment and the slow moan from her lips as I slid my cock back into her waiting pussy sure seemed to seal the deal. No sooner had I bottomed out inside her than Eden had her hands firmly on my ass holding me there, the smile on her face just seemed to get bigger by the second as her vaginal muscle clenched my cock.

Eden's eyes opened, the smile still on her face, her eyes were on fire as her hands moved from my ass and gently held my head. Our kiss was slow and tender, Eden's grip on my cock relaxed and I started to move in and out of her, I felt her legs wrap around me and as her heel dug into the small of my back and her thigh muscles clench ever so slightly I knew she was locking me in and making sure I wasn't going anywhere, as if that would happen.

Even the slight brownness of her skin couldn't hide the flush of her cheeks, her breathing changed and she got a little warmer beneath me.

"Take your time Gil, but your not getting up from here until what you have swimming in you is swimming in me. Enough with the dirty talk from me because I plan to close my eyes and enjoy everything your doing to me."

I tried to keep a rhythm going but I am only human. It seemed Eden had set her own rhythm as well. Every time I started to withdraw from her, her fingers would gently run down the back of my neck, a slow moan would emanate from her as I pushed back into her. Pretty soon we both got into it although I was torn between seeing her smile get even bigger as I fucked her or watching her tits move up and down with the movement of her body.

Finally that familiar feeling started to emanate from my loins and I started to speed up. Her smile seemed to get even bigger if that was possible and with one final thrust deep into her I came.

"That's it Gil, mine all mine."

With the last pulses of my cock sending what little was left in me into Eden I started to pull out, Eden kept her legs locked around me, her eyes opened and slowly she started to shake her head.

"Only when you shrink can you have it back, until then it's in me and I intend to keep it."

I smiled at her comment but deep in the back of my mind I knew she actually meant every word.

Maria tried to look stern when she told us our dinner was getting cold. She didn't even hide the grin on her face when she left us to our meal. We were halfway through dinner before Eden picked up where she left off and went back to what happened back in Vegas.

"You're not going to tell me either way are you? Myron may be my lawyer and that damn file he has stashed in his case has more facts about me than I care to be made public, yet between Myron, Maria and you. All any of you have wanted for me is to see me get rid of that parasite of a manager and the bonus is I get my money back."

She looked towards Maria who was now leaning against the door frame listening to the conversation.

"You asked Gil to help me, oh I know he will continue to deny it until the day he dies. Myron stonewalls me and throws out the fake amnesia when I corner him but I'm asking you, woman to woman. Will anyone ever give me a real answer to my questions about all this?"

Maria didn't move from the door frame. I chose not to look at her, there was no point, I almost knew word for word what she was going to say next and I simply let her.

"Before you ever came here you knew then your life was bad and going to get worse, yet you could see no way out of it. You were even willing to allow that man to make you bankrupt just so you could stay in the music business a little longer."

She paused and we both watched Eden as she thought about what Maria had said to her. Finally admitting the truth to herself she nodded her head in agreement.

"Then take what help has been given to you by whoever gave it. Live life the way you wish to live it and if people choose to tell you they helped you then thank them, if they don't then thank God for those people who he put on this earth to help people like us."

To Maria the conversation was over, she left to go back into the kitchen. It still took Eden a few moments to take her eyes off of the door way and look at me again. Her eyes had misted, her cheeks held a redness about them. People like Maria had such honesty about them that people like Eden could relate to and understand on many levels. Finally admitting to herself that although she knew in her heart what the answers were, she would never hear the truth from anyone's lips.

We took our drinks out onto the porch and just enjoyed the evening. My heart told me she had finally put all this to rest since she was now free of her old manager. My head told me to brace myself for one last throw of the dice from Eden.

For the day and a half she was here it was never mentioned again, we both seemed to turn our energies towards each other, when we were not on horses riding around the sanctuary we were in bed. We were comfortable with each other and love just snuck up and slapped us both across the back of the head. It was only when I held her in my arms that final time before she had to return to do her tour that we admitted it to each other, as scared as we both were to say it and we had to hold each other so very tightly before we could say those three words that change so much of people's lives, I love you.


It was a couple of months before Eden appeared again, Maria kept in contact with her via the newspapers and phone when I was either away or out working on the ranch. Her concerts were going down a storm and she had another two months on the road, which is why I found it odd when one morning I woke with the familiar figure of Eden next to me, leaving her to sleep seemed like a good idea since I had gone to bed late that evening, so she must have got back real late.

"Is she still asleep?"

Nodding as Maria placed my breakfast in front of me I replied. "Any idea what time she got here?"

"Around three this morning. Raul was watching the horses last night, he seemed to think that mare the rescue people brought in yesterday wasn't going to see the light of day and didn't want her to die alone."

I looked at her expecting the worse.

Maria simply shrugged her shoulder and said. "Seems Eden noticed the light on in the barn, sat with them both for half an hour and just before she left she got up, kissed the horse goodnight and said she would see her in the morning."

The sound of a yawn came through the door a second before Eden did. One of my old t-shirts the only thing she had on judging by her swaying tits behind the cloth and the shape of her ass where it meets her legs when she leaned over to Maria to kiss and greet her before asking about Raul and the mare. Maria let us both know that the mare survived the night before she left to get Eden her breakfast.

"What's with the visit, aren't you supposed to be on the road wowing your fans."

That got a smile. "We finished last night I got a plane back here while the crew move on and set up so I have three days of you all to myself and your going to need to keep me company through all of it, we have some tough talking to do, sure glad your up front and honest, I don't have time to beat around the bush on this."

She must have noticed the curious look on my face because I sure hadn't got a clue what she was talking about. Maria came in and set a plate in front of Eden.

"When is your due date?"

Both of us looked directly at Maria. Maria made it look like the most natural thing to say, she took a step back and placed her hands on her hips waiting for Eden to answer.

"The doctor said late November. How did you know, I haven't even got around to telling Gil yet."

"You're glowing; there is only two reasons for that, you're in love with Gil. Well we already know that, or you're pregnant. Since the first has been a given for some time now it must mean your pregnant."

Maria turned to me and said. "The rescue people are on their way, let Raul take care of the horses, because you two need to talk. There are more than just you two in this song and dance your doing between each other now. Eden has a life growing inside her and you both need to finally be honest with each other. I will see you both at dinner."

It was only the screen door banging shut that seemed to break the trance between Eden and me. She took a moment to look at me again; her composure seemed more brittle now. My chair creaked as I leaned back into it and watched her, waiting.

"It's yours Gil, honest to God it's yours. I will take any DNA test you want but I'm hoping you will trust the woman who loves you is sure that the child I have growing inside me is ours."

She watched as I stood and walk to her side of the table, hold out my hand and she took it. Once she stood I scooped her into my arms and took her back upstairs. Eden just managed to get her t-shirt off of her body and onto the floor before I was just as naked and pulling her legs apart and burying my tongue into her hot tunnel, with my nose nudging against her clit her whole body stiffened. I heard her suck in air and as her hands went to my head, holding me to her she sighed and relaxed at the same time gently moaning as she did.

"Oh fuck I've missed this, but I need you to say hello to Mommy before you go looking to make first contact with our baby Gil."

With an invite like that I lifted away from her pussy, placing her legs onto my shoulders, my solid cock found that hot hole of hers like it was a guided missile and the gentle sigh as I pushed into her left me in no doubt she was sure I had found Mommy and child. I held her hips and pounded into her; Eden moved her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my hips. There was no gentle rhythm it was just non stop pounding into her pussy. Suddenly she grabbed handfuls of bed sheet and nearly ripped it off the bed as her upper body came away from the bed her eyes blazed pure lust and she screamed as she came.

I wanted so much to cum right then and make it a joint orgasm but I couldn't I just kept pounding into her, when she reached the top of the bed I simply grabbed her legs and dragged her back again, not even leaving her pussy to do it. Eden's body was a wash of sweat, she tried hard to pull oxygen into her body but only long enough for me to slam my cock back into her and she would expel that air in the form of a moan. I have never seen Eden this wet; both of us from the waist down were soaked in her cum the slapping sound as I bottomed out in her mingled with her scent simply made me want to fuck her even harder.

Her body suddenly lurched upwards and her arms wrapped themselves around my neck her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her to support her, my cock now at a different angle within her also changed the sounds she was making. The pain in my shoulder as she sank her teeth into me made me realize she was enjoying this position way too much. The orgasm that tore through her body a couple of minutes later simply confirmed it. I didn't even wait for her body to calm itself before I was out of her, turning her over and pulling her sweat soaked body onto all fours.

She barely had time to settle into that position before I drove myself back into her. One arm now under her I pulled and twisted her nipple with my free hand and continued to fuck her. It didn't take Eden long for her third orgasm to be sent screaming into the pillow she had her arms wrapped around, I drove into her one final time and came. As soon as my cock had finished she pulled herself off of me and spun around, my cock had only just started to go limp when she had me in her mouth trying to keep me hard.

Her cum soaked and bloated pussy looked very inviting right at that moment so I pushed two fingers between her swollen and increasingly cum leaking pussy lips, Eden went to swipe my hand away but I caught it, the look of anger in her eyes told me loads. The feeling of her teeth gently biting down on my hardening cock told me even more and I let go of her hand. She in turn pulled my fingers out of her pussy and placed them onto her ass and let go to continue what she was doing to my cock.

I had made her sore yet she still wanted to be fucked and she wanted me in her ass. While Eden worked on my cock I was moving juices around her ass and when I thought she was wet enough I would gently push a finger into her. The moan that followed sure lets me know that this is what she wants, adding another finger to open her up more simply made her adjust her position slightly before she again set about making me hard enough for her.

With one final kiss on the end of my steel hard cock, Eden smiled and turned around. I shuffled in behind her and gently placed the head of my cock against her puckered hole. Eden tensed slightly then relaxed again and started to move back onto me, although I held her hips again I placed no pressure on her; she was doing all the work now and setting her own pace. With one final push the head of my cock disappeared inside her, the gasp and slow moan that emanated from the pillow made me smile and I was just grateful she didn't see it.

Eden changed tactics after that; she would rock her body back and forth taking more of my cock into her when she came back onto me. Finally she bottomed out and stopped, her shoulders seemed to slump slightly before she raised herself onto her hands.

"Fuck Gil that hurts and doesn't all at the same time, just go easy for a while ok, I still need to get used to this."

She made herself comfortable again and I slowly started to move in and out of her, it took a few minutes for her body to get used to me being inside her ass before it started sending sensations to Eden's brain.

She looked back and smiled, winked and said. "Faster please."

I added some pace to my thrusts into her and I watched with a smile as her arm came away from the pillow and disappeared under her body. Her ass clenched suddenly around my cock telling me she had started to work on her clit, her moans became more powerful by the minute. Eden's next orgasm caught me by surprise, her whole body lurched away from her pillow she screamed out her orgasm and fell forward sliding off my cock and falling onto the bed a sweat soaked panting wreck, her body to limp to do anything but breathe.

The smile on her face told me a great deal. I started the shower and came back for Eden, her eyes were already started to close but opened quickly when I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her into my body carrying her to the bathroom and sat her in the shower. I washed her and laughed when she tried to wash me as well, after drying her I carried her back to bed and snuggled in behind her. I barely heard her last words before sleep stole her from me.

"You didn't cum did you?"

All I could do was hold her tighter to me and say. "I promise I will next time."

I'm not even sure she heard me, her breathing telling me she was asleep, I just held her and followed a few moments later. She wasn't in my arms when I woke, the silence in the room telling me she wasn't even in the bedroom. I found her out on the porch a coffee in her hand, she pointed to the spare cup next to the coffee. She waved at Maria as both she and Raul passed by; I sat next to Eden and waited, she had something on her mind, its just a case of waiting her out, her free hand sought mine and we held hands.

"I'll be honest with you Gil, when we first met on the side of that road I was still pissed at being tossed out of that pick up truck yet when you pulled over and stopped something inside me just screamed trust him. I go on instinct about people, I know I've got it plain wrong with some folks but you simply keep proving me right at every turn. I know you instigated Myron coming into my life just as I know you are the one who gathered the information Myron has in his case."

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