tagIncest/TabooHoney Bun Ch. 01

Honey Bun Ch. 01


This is going to be part of a four-ish part possibly. There is no sex in this one. If you are looking for a quickie, don't read this one... or any of my stories for that matter... As always, thanks for reading. Comments are greatly appreciated; whether good or bad.

Honey Marie Davidson sat at the kitchen table, eating some cereal, barely awake. It was mid-May so the light was streaming in the windows, making the red in Honey's copper colored hair even brighter. All was peaceful, even though Honey was tired. Unfortunately, that peace was short lived when Honey's older brother, Adam came bounding down the stairs.

Honey grumbled, eating her cereal more quickly. The siblings' mother glanced at her daughter. "Mom, when can I get my license? I'm eighteen, already! Adam got his license when he was sixteen!" she exclaimed.

"Honey Marie, we've went over this millions of times. Your brother is more responsible. He has football practice and all those other clubs he is in after school. Your father and I work full-time. We can't be chauffeuring him places. You are fine getting a ride home with him." Her mother told said.

"But I have to wait so long after school!" Honey told her mother.

"Then walk!" Honey's mother said, glaring at her daughter. Honey stopped talking; it was no use. Even though Honey was eighteen, her parent's treated her like she was thirteen. While her brother, who was nineteen (he got held back in first grade), had free reign. He managed to pull at least Bs in school while Honey got Cs. She disliked school and didn't even try to compete with her wonderful brother.

Actually, Honey despised her brother. He was always the 'perfect' one. Honey could never compare. It seemed as if she could never measure up. Consequently, Honey decided to stay behind the scenes, in a way. She was fairly quiet around groups of people; her family was a different story.

It seemed as if Honey and her brother were always getting into arguments. He tended to 'forget' to take her home, which resulted in Honey having to walk – and it was a good three miles. It seemed as if Honey was always pissed at her brother. Yet she was blackmailed into being nice to him, so he would give her a ride home.

"If you just tried as hard as your brother, maybe you would have more freedom." Honey's mother said.

"Yeah, Honey Bun. Be like me!" he snickered, shoving toast and bacon into his mouth. Adam had been calling her Honey Bun every since she could remember. She always yelled at him for it, but – for some reason - secretly thought it was kind of cute.

"C'mon, shortie." Adam said, tugging on his sister's red locks. "We're going to be late for school." Honey glared at him. He was always agitating her. She hated how it entertained him and she tried to not let it get to her. However, it always did.

The pair got into Adam's car. "Honey Bun, I have to stay until four today." He told her.

She uttered a soft growl. She would have to wait for an hour.

As they pulled into the driveway, Honey got out of the car and stormed into the school, searching for her friends.

Meanwhile, Adam shrugged. His sister was so melodramatic. He entered the high school and was immediately greeted by a group of people.

"Nice pass Saturday, man!"

"You totally took that game, Adam."

"Great interception, dude."

A chorus of voices filled Adam's ears with congratulations for the past Saturdays. Not that he was complaining. He loved the attention. After more praises, the bell rang and everyone scrambled to class.

*** Hours later, at three o' clock, Adam headed to football practice while Honey stopped to talk to Jack; her boyfriend. "So, what are you doing this weekend?" he asked Honey, smiling down at her.

She was rather short and petite; standing at only about five feet.

"Hmm, nothing much. Parents are leaving for the weekend; business trip. Wanna come over?" Honey questioned, sliding a finger down his arm.

"Well actually there's a party at Sara's house on Friday. I was wondering if you want to go? We can go to your house after." Jack said. Just as he spoke, Adam walked past. "In case you forgot, my dearest Honey Bun, you are grounded." He winked, giving a smug to Jack.

"Damnit, Adam. Go away. Shut the hell up!" Honey snapped, shoving him; which didn't do much. He had at least a foot on her. He snickered, walking away.

When he was gone Adam raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend. "Ignore him. He's a douche." She rolled her eyes.

"What'd you do this time?" he inquired.

Honey sighed. "Home late." He nodded.

"Alright, well I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow, baby." Jack said, giving her a kiss.

"Hey, can you give me a ride home?" she asked hopefully.

"I would, but I need to be at work in ten minutes. I'm sorry," he said with an apologetic look.

With that, Jack was off and that left Honey sitting alone on a bench. An hour and a half passed, and still there was no sign of her brother.

"Fucking dumbass. Leave me here. I hate him." Honey hissed. There was practically no one left at school. She was going to have to walk. "I'm going to kill that asshole!" she muttered, picking up her stuff and leaving the school.

Why was it so hard to wait for her? Or even just let her know if he was going to be late. She could have been home already.

About a quarter of the way home, a car pulled up alongside the road and beeped. "I looked for you. Why'd you leave?" came a familiar voice.

"You're, like, a fucking hour late!" Honey cried out, glaring at her brother, still walking. He was coasting beside her, slowly.

"I didn't know practice would take so long. Damn, chill Honey." Adam said, giving her a dirty look.

"Fine, I'll see you at home." He snapped, speeding away. "No, wait!" Honey said. But it was too late. "NO!" Honey said. Damnit. Why did I yell at him? She thought, shaking her head.

Finally, Honey got home. She threw her bag on the ground and slammed the door. Thankfully, her parents were at work. "Ooh, Miss PMS is home." Adam said, who was sprawled out on the sofa.

Honey glared daggers at him. "Hey, I stopped. I was going to give you a ride. You were a bitch to me." Adam said, shrugging slightly. "So I left." Honey shook her head; still furious with him.

"You're a dick." Honey told him blatantly.

"Now, now, my sweet little Honey Bun; let's not get mean. If you were nicer to me, perhaps I wouldn't have left you." He cooed, tickling her under the chin.

"How many fucking times do I have to tell you not to call me that? I will not be nicer to you. I hate you. You are a douche bag to me." Honey hissed, slapping his arm away. "That's probably why Jessica left you. She realized how much of a dick you are."

Jessica was Adam's most recent girlfriend. That was new; since he usually didn't have girlfriends – just fuck buddies. They dated at least six months then she abruptly dumped him for no apparent reason and he was super pissed about it.

Adam narrowed his eyes at his sister and in a flash he had his sister pinned up against the wall by her wrists. "I told you never to talk about her again, you little bitch." He said icily, his face inches from hers. Honey's eyes were wide as saucers. As far as she could remember, Adam had never been that rough. The house was silent except for Honey, who was breathing pretty loudly.

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