tagSci-Fi & FantasyHoney-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed

Honey-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed


What was that smell?

Mylla fluttered about like a bumblebee in autumn, blinking wide, compound golden eyes. The Thriae sniffed the air and almost did a somersault in the air at the scents assailing her - and in her mind, everything was spinning gold.

This day had become a bit of a haze. She scanned the prairie below, casting about for a landmark. Some sort of... sort of... landmark. Her eyelids fluttered. Kind of a haze.

She'd gotten up this morning. Mylla remembered that. It had been a busy day in the hive - they were getting ready to raid one of the silly little human villages nearby, and the Queen was all abuzz with her excitement about the new mead sprites they would soon have humping away in the honey vats. When the Queen was excited, she got horny. When she got horny, it didn't matter if you were a top-tier warrior or the lowliest drone - if she took a liking to you, you'd be at her knees licking her stilettos by noon.

Mylla and a few other warriors had had the sense to offer to go on scouting missions - anything to avoid being the Queen's randomly-selected plaything. Once you were claimed, you weren't often let go. And among the Thriae, to be made to submit was all it took to lose all your status. It was humiliating. Degrading.

Mylla caught herself humming slightly, and bit her lip. What a sight she must be - dressed only in the minimalist tight leather corset and short shorts she referred to as armor, her breasts bouncing eagerly in their constraints as the busty wasp-waisted fey whirled through the air like she was... drunk. Her eyelids, a deep pollen-heavy gold, were fluttering, and her plump gold-painted lips - laced with her natural venom, which could render a silly mortal or yummy catgirl a squealing, addicted mess with just a few nice, long kisses - were half-parted like she was a panting dog. Her long golden locks blew behind her, but she was flying so unevenly, they kept blowing back into her eyes whenever she accidentally reversed course.

She'd been flying around alone, she dimly recalled. Alone, to see if she could find any playthings she wouldn't have to share. Alone, because she'd been foolish enough to fuck one of her drones this morning - Mylla had three, and several warriors submissive to her to boot, making her one of the more powerful warriors in the hive. It was so hard to resist them when they begged like that. But sex didn't make fey less horny. And she'd wanted to find someone to toy with.

She was really horny right now, she realized, as she performed another accidental half-somersault in the air. Really horny. "Ooh," she heard herself say, and blinked rapidly as the wind picked up. The wind pushed her back, and she was so... so confused, so dizzy, it almost sent her tumbling.

But then she smelled it. On the wind. She smelled it, that wonderful ambrosia, that unbearably enticing scent.

She moaned, momentarily overcome. Mustering her will, Mylla forced her wings into their familiar rhythmic buzz, using that buzz to try to center herself. That sweet, wonderful scent filled her lungs with every breath she took as she flew right against the wind.

She was panting with exertion, her head positively vibrating with the scent. It was close.

Somewhere down there was the sexiest, horniest, neediest mortal slut she'd ever known. The musk, the arousal, the juices - the scent filled her like the most wonderful scented candle. Soothed her worries. Focused her.

She didn't even pause to wonder why she would smell it so strongly, when Thriae had no particularly strong sense of smell to begin with.

She was already spiraling down towards a big, beautiful blue blossom. Her heart fluttered with excitement. The scent grew stronger by the second.

It was only when she drew near enough to see it clearly through the haze that she stopped short. Her wings fluttered and buzzed rapidly to keep herself aloft. The scent was so thick, she could taste it on her tongue.

The flower was a brilliant, deep sky blue, its crocus-like petals each easily the size of a king-sized blanket. At its center was no stamen or pistil that she could see - just a bed of golden pollen.

She gazed dazedly at the reason she had stopped in midair: The lovely luminescent woman lounging in that bed.

The woman was hard to look at directly. She was shining with light, Mylla thought - and then she realized that the haze of golden pollen all around was radiating off of her. In the morning light, though, she looked like she was glowing. She was slender and slight, a contrast to Mylla's statuesque build, with a very... mellow look in those big, glimmering eyes of her. Lazy eyes, bedroom eyes. Her face was a relaxed oval shape, with long, pointy elfin ears and long blue hair pooling around her whole body as she lay back. If she were to stand, that hair might have spilled down past her feet, but she did not stand. She lay there, smiling up at the waspwoman hovering above her.

Mylla drank in the sight greedily. The woman's breasts were massive - not quite holstaur-sized, but perhaps a bit bigger than her actual head, explaining, maybe, why she seemed so happy to remain lying down. Her eyes were a brilliant marbled blue-and-gold, and her lashes seemed abnormally long and thick, giving her an almost alien look as she stared at Mylla. Her skin was a brilliant, almost metallic gold. Or was that just the pollen?

"Hi," the strange creature said, biting her lip. Her voice was sultry, smoky, playful. "What's your name?"

Mylla hovered unevenly as the wind picked up. The wind itself was a mild breeze, but every gust seemed to blow more pollen right into her face. She blinked. "Um. Mylla."

"Mylla." The flower women pronounced the word so slowly and sensuously, Mylla's heart fluttered. "I'm Suvita. I'm a saffron alraune."

Mylla blinked. Saffron alraune. The term was vaguely familiar, and there... there was knowledge in her brain about such creatures, she just knew it. But she felt strangely cloudy at the moment. "Hm." She drifted from side to side, examining the gorgeous creature with shallow breath. "I'm... a Thriae."

It was a stupid thing to say, but she had to say something. She couldn't just stare at this woman like a fool.

She licked her lips, tasting faint traces of the pollen. The sweet, smoky, musky flavor reminded her why she was here, and she recovered slightly, straightening her flight. "And... my, aren't you a pretty thing?"

"Aw." Suvita giggled, glancing down at her breasts. She cupped them in her hands and blinked up at Mylla. "That's soooo nice of you to say! You're so sweet!"

Mylla smirked. Fluttering out of the wind's path so it was no longer blowing the pollen into her face, she began to carefully descend. "A lot of things about me are. And, like, you look like you like sweet things."

"I do!" Suvita kicked her feet excitedly. releasing her breasts to lean back on the palms of her hands and watch Mylla. Her breasts bounced slightly, sending up little puffs of the pollen absolutely coating them. "I, like, love nice, sweet things. Who doesn't?"

"That's, like, sooo true," Mylla cooed, mimicking Suvita's tone. Her toes brushed the petal experimentally - it felt sturdy enough to stand on. The interior of the flour seemed to be very pollen-heavy, and she didn't want to get too carried away. "And I think you want, like, to get super sweet."

Behind her back, she began to infuse her wingbeats with the Thriae hum. As the buzzing filled the air, her grin widened, watching as Suvita's pupils dilated slightly, as the little saffron alraune's lips parted. "Y-Yeah," the alraune mumbled. She blinked rapidly, clearly aware enough that something was happening to be concerned but not enough to object. "Sweet..."

"Oh my gosh, you are!" Mylla giggled, fluttering to the petal deliberately upwind of the pollen bed. She let her wings settle into the incessant, irresistible rhythm that had humans on their knees begging for mercy in seconds - and begging for more in a few seconds after. "You're such a sweetie, like, oh my gosh. Aren't you?"

"Uh. Yes." Suvita turned slightly, staring up at Mylla - right into Mylla's pretty golden eyes. Sometimes humans claimed the compound eyes were creepy. Mylla loved changing their minds. Pure, sweet, golden honey pools met Suvita's hesitant stare, and like a fly, she was caught.

"That's right!" Mylla leaned forward very slightly, breathing in the pollen. Her head spun a little, but upwind of it, she could tell she was out of danger - and Suvita seemed to know this, because that cute worried look in her eye, though fast giving way to sleepy happiness, was making Mylla seriously wet. "That's right. But you could get sweeter, couldn't you?"

"S... Sweeter." Suvita nodded dazedly. One of her hands went to her lips.

"You want me to make you sweeter, don't you, babe?" Mylla leaned closer, licking her lips and smirking. Her dizziness was fading as the pollen's effects dropped away, the wind now blowing the pollen from her.

"Ooh." Suvita blinked fast. "Ooh. Uh-huh."

"Of course you do, you silly slut," Mylla purred, rising slightly into the air from her fluttering, buzzing wings. "You need a little kiss!"

Her voice was soft, sibilant, mockingly sweet. Suvita's eyes seemed to widen as the last word came out.

"Kiss," Suvita whispered. "Kiss?"

"That's right!" Mylla cooed. "A nice, sweeeet little kiss. Doesn't that sound just so, so nice?"

"Nice," Suvita breathed, nodding eagerly. She giggled. "Okay!"

She pursed her lips - so soft, so plump, covered in pollen - and blew Mylla a loving kiss, her eyelids fluttering.

Mylla blinked. "Wh - "

As the blown kiss - and pollen - wafted into her face, her eyelids fluttered in unison with Suvita's. She gasped. Swayed.

And she swooned forward.

The next thing Mylla knew, golden clouds of puffy pollen were billowing around and over her. Her world was golden-sweet, smoky, musky. She caught her breath, head spinning... and held it, realizing she had fallen right into the flower's center.

Her head was spinning. The world was a haze again, foggy and glowing, as she climbed to her knees and started to rise.

"Aw, sweetie," cooed a feathery voice, and Mylla felt impossibly soft, smooth hands take her by the cheeks, cradle her face. The Thriae stared up at the smaller woman, blinking wide eyes. Suvita had stood up, and beamed down, squishing Mylla's cheeks affectionately. "Don't we want another?"

"Whuh - " Mylla pulled away and spun around, trying to spring into the air. But to her horror, she saw the great blue petals rapidly closing around her. "No!" she cried, lunging for the exit.

Her head was spinning, and her wings didn't fully obey her. She stumbled and barely caught her balance in the cramped flower as the petals blocked her way - barely keeping from falling facefirst into the pollen.

The petals sealed above her head. She was trapped.

And the air was so... so... sweet...

"That's better," Suvita sang, and Mylla turned, heart pounding, to face her captor. The busty alraune reached up and cupped her chin. "Don't worry," Suvita whispered, and blew her another - "Mwah!" - kiss. "It's soooo nice here. You're gonna be so happy!"

Mylla took a step back, and her ass touched the walls of the flower. She was half-crouching in these confines, forcing her to eye level with her fellow fey. Her mind felt... drawn. Drained. Adrift.

"That's it," Suvita said softly, and she blew another kiss and giggled. Mylla could feel Suvita's breath, laced with pollen, grazing her cheek. "Don't worry, sweetie. You're gonna looooove this. I'm gonna make you so niiiice..."

"W-What are you - "

"Just breathe in, nice and deep," Suvita said, cupping her breasts together. "Niiice and deep."

Despite herself, Mylla found her eyes drawn to those big, glimmering tits. It was very dark with the closed petals, and everything was cast in a blue-gold haze. Suvita was glowing, she realized numbly. "What - "

Suvita giggled and gave her breasts a playful bounce. "Watch the boobies!" she sang.

It was like dropping a bowling ball - or two bowling balls - into a dustpan. As her breasts bounced together, pollen billowed up in great puffs of golden toxin right into Mylla's face.

"A-Aah!" Mylla's hands flew to her eyes, and she stumbled back, breathing in unwillingly. She couldn't stop breathing in. It smelled so good. Made her feel so nice and sexy, so puffy and sleepy... Her thoughts were... were glowing, were going up like smoke... golden smoke...

"Nice and deep," Suvita sang, and Mylla could hear her advancing on Mylla with those wonderful, irresistible tits. Mylla forced her tired eyes open, and she whimpered as she realized her face was right up against the alraune's cleavage. She pushed Suvita away, but even this motion made her feel like the world was spinning. Suvita gave her breasts a little squish together, and pollen came puffing up. "Breathe deeeep, silly girl. Puff-puff! You're feeling so nice and drowsy, aren't you? Heehee!"

Mylla shook her head desperately, holding Suvita at bay with all her strength.Suvita was smaller, weaker, but Mylla was feeling so... so dizzy...

"Thaaat's right," Suvita purred, and Mylla realized she was breathing in as instructed. Her head felt so... poofy... her arms, holding Suvita away, felt like limp noodles as Suvita nuzzled them affectionately, planted kisses all over her sensitive skin... "Just lose yourself in my boobies, silly, sleepy girl. Such a nice, pretty little honeybee."

"Um, wasp, a-actually," Mylla stuttered, struggling to keep her heavy, pollen-covered eyelids from closing.

She realized her cheeks were burning. What? Was she reacting to the compliment? Since when did a sweet compliment from a kind, pretty, wonderful lady make her blush?

"Aw, but you'd be such a lovely, lovey-dovey honeybee, wouldn't you?" Suvita cooed. Her dulcet tones poured into Mylla's dreamy mind like sunbeams in the early morning.

Mylla felt her face getting hotter, and humiliation filled her. She was... she was a fearsome, deadly, wicked temptress! Why was she blushing like an idiot? And gods damn it, why did Suvita have to be so beautiful?

Mylla was still staring helplessly at those gigantic, wonderful breasts. Everything seemed to be moving in slow-motion to her, so foggy and glittery. But... were they getting bigger? Or... or closer...

"You really are gorgeous," Suvita purred, batting her eyelashes.

Mylla bit her lip. "Th-Thanks," she heard herself stammer. What? Had she just... just thanked this stupid, arrogant, wonderful sexy loving perfect sweet goddess who was being so, so very nice to her?

Mylla was lost in the liminal space between sleep and wakefulness, but a pang hit her as she realized she was continuing to breathe in obediently. She felt so dreamy. So pliant.

The scent was everywhere. Every time Suvita jiggled, every time she bounced, every time Mylla couldn't help but take a breath of that wonderful pollen. So sweet and musky, like the best sex she'd ever had, like the most enticing, forbidden treat, like the Queen's own honey.

Mylla felt so confused. Her eyelids drooped lower and lower. Her head started to loll.

"My little honeybee," Suvita's voice echoed in her head, almost ghostly. Mylla found her lips lazily mouthing the words back to her mis - to her captor. "Look at you, already so obedient. You're being so sweet. Just niiiice deeeeep breaths."

"Nn... mm..." Mylla's head felt like it was filled with dripping honey, too heavy to possibly hold up above her shoulders. Her eyelids fluttered almost closed - but with a little tutting sound, she found herself keeping them open, just barely. Suvita wanted her eyes open. And she didn't want to upset someone who was being so very kind.

Although... didn't she?

"That's my good, sweet Millie," Suvita purred, and Mylla wanted to argue, wanted to badly to correct her, but it was so hard with those soft, smooth hands taking her by the back of her head, guiding her deeper towards those wonderful, fragrant, intoxicating breasts. She took in a shuddering breath, and trembled beneath Suvita's touches. "You can just be a good little dreamy honeybee, now. Doesn't that sound so nice? It does, doesn't it? You're so sleepy, and so pretty when you're sleepy. Just lie down with me..."

"S-Sleepy..." Mylla sighed.

"That's right," Suvita agreed, nodding eagerly, visibly holding in giggles, "so sleepy."

"Mm... but, um..."

"You should lie down if you're sleepy," Suvita said reasonably, patting her on the head. Millie's heart fluttered. It felt so nice to get headpats. "If you're sleepy, you better lie down with me. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?"

"Lie... downnn..." Mylla was barely mustering words as she drifted closer and closer, her vision consumed in those perfect, glorious, wonderful-smelling tits...

"Good little honeybee," Suvita husked in her ear, planting a little kiss on her neck. "Nice little Millie. Nice and deep, feeling your brains all bouncy and cloudy with my sweetness..."

"S-Sweet," Mylla moaned, drifting closer and closer to the tits as they puffed pollen up at her with every delicious bounce, feeling so wonderful and puffy and dreamy and silly.

She licked her lips, wondering if those pert nipples held nectar to go with this pollen... She looked up at Suvita eagerly, pouting, hoping Mistress would be kind enough to let her...

She froze. Above her, Suvita was nodding, encouraging her, stroking her hair. She was so pretty. So wonderful. Everything in Mylla's empty, dreamy brain longed to let the alraune bounce her every last thought away. But...


No! Even as her lips parted, every ounce of her energy rebelled, and Mylla lunged back. She was stronger than Suvita, even after all the drugging, and the alraune was forced to release her.

Mylla shoved the alraune back on her ass, breathing heavily, and leaped right above her, right in the flower's center, where there was just enough room for her to stand up straight.

Breathing heavily, she scowled down at Suvita, whose eyes were widening. "O-Oh, you stupid l-little bimbo," she said, her voice dripping with mocking sweetness. "You th-think it's that easy?"

Suvita whimpered, looking up at her in transparent terror. "I - I, um - please, don't you wanna be sweet? For me?"

Mylla stared at her for a long moment. A strange feeling was fluttering inside her - a feeling of sickness? Desire?


Suvita looked so scared. So pathetic. Some part of that bothered Mylla. What had Suvita been doing to her? What... corruption was this?

For a moment, her mind drifted into doubt.

Then she smiled. It was the sugary-sweet, venomous smirk of the Thriae, as she smiled down at her latest victim. "Ooh, you little slut, we're gonna, like, make you regret that soooo much..."

"No, wait - " Suvita cried, struggling to get back up, but Mylla put one foot on the alraune's massive, jiggling chest, shoving her back down into the pollen bed. She gave a little giggle. Ooh, this one was gonna be fun to toy with when they brought her back to the hive.

She couldn't wait to teach her what sweetness really meant.

And she began to vibrate her wings with newfound intensity.

And the second she did this, Mylla realized that she was the stupidest, silliest bimbo in the world.

With the sudden wind, millions upon millions of little motes of pollen burst upward into the air like a volcanic ash eruption. It was akin to a tornado in the cramped flower - a dust devil of whirling, swirling pollen centered around Mylla's own wings.

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