tagGroup Sex'Honey' 'Sweetheart' & 'Sugar'

'Honey' 'Sweetheart' & 'Sugar'


*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


"Oh. My. God; if I have to act like one more brat is just so cute, I'm going to puke," Jenna Bancroft whispered in her husband's ear while smiling.

Dan chuckled, then squatted down to congratulate a little girl on being 'the best little fairy he'd ever seen' then shook hands with the little girl's father, one of his employees.

"Come on, Jenna; you didn't think that was a cute little play?" Dan asked as they left the church building.

"Damn it; Tommy's will be closed by the time we get there," Jenna said, looking at her watch.

"What about there?" Dan asked, pointing across the street to a hamburger restaurant.

"Sure," Jenna shrugged; flinging her long red hair out of her eyes, a movement that caused her breasts to jiggle.

Dan smiled; when Jenna did that, a man who had been ogling Jenna's large breasts actually walked into a parked car. The man's wife was not amused, but because they were escorting 'the evil step-mother,' she couldn't slap her husband.

Valencia Waggamon looked up from her cell phone when an attractive man and very attractive younger woman walked in. She wasn't very good at identifying designer labels but the pretty eighteen year old girl could tell that the man's suit was an expensive one; it looked like it had been tailored just for him. The woman's dress also looked like it had been sewn onto her, and if the necklace she was wearing was real gold, it came with a hefty price tag.

"Hi, y'all sit anywhere," Valencia cheerfully said and put her cell phone under the counter.

"Y'all ever been here before?" Valencia asked, putting two laminated sheets in front of them.

"No, just noticed it when we left the church," Dan said, nodding with his head at the church across the street.

"Oh, okay, well, it's called 'Chuck' because our burgers are made with one hundred percent real ground chuck..." Valencia launched into the restaurant's spiel.

"She's gorgeous," Jenna whispered to Dan when the slender African-American girl sauntered off to fetch their drinks.

"She really is," Dan agreed, looking at the girl.

Valencia stood at five feet and four inches, weighing one hundred and four pounds. She had slim hips, tiny waist, and perky 32 B breasts. Her rear end did jut out a little; she called it a 'ghetto booty.'

Her straight black hair reached to just below her shoulders and she had added playful blonde streaks to it. Her skin was clear, a very light brown in tone.

Her brown eyes were large; her last boyfriend had called them 'cow eyes' and her nose was a small snub nose. Her lips were full and her teeth were straight and white.

"So y'all decided?" Valencia asked as she put the two mugs of draft beer on the table.

(She wasn't old enough to be serving the alcoholic beverages; if an employee of St. Elizabeth Parish had witnessed such a flagrant violation of St. Elizabeth ordinance, Chuck would have been shut down immediately. In St. Elizabeth Parish, it was illegal for anyone under twenty one years of age to serve alcoholic beverages.)

"I'm going to have the Veggie Burger; please add jalapenos. Oh, and Swiss cheese, please," Jenna decided.

"Quarter pound, half..." Valencia asked.

"Oh, quarter pound, please, the sweet potato fries; where's your little girls' room?" Jenna asked.

Jenna gave her husband a quick peck on the lips and strolled to the restroom.

"Tropical Chuck, half pound, medium well, no pickle or onion please, um, and the home fries, please," Dan smiled, handing Valencia their laminated menus.

Jenna exited the restroom just as Valencia breezed past to tell the cook of the order. She nodded to her husband and Dan relaxed slightly.

On more than one occasion, Jenna had made them leave a restaurant based on her opinion of the restroom. Obviously, she'd been pleased with this one.

Also, both Dan and Jenna appreciated the fact that the waitress was the waitress, and the cashier was the cashier. Few things are handled more than money; therefore, fewer things are filthier than money.

And here we are; Tropical, no onions, no pickles," Valencia said, putting the heavy platter down.

"Thank you Sweetheart," Jenna smiled.

"Welcome, Honey," Dan said.

"Thank you?" Valencia questioned, putting the veggie burger down in front of Jenna.

"He loves onions, but whew! That breath," Jenna smiled

"Oh!" Valencia said, nodded in approval.

"Oh, but let me tell you; she goes out of town? I'm putting onions on everything," Dan smiled. "Even my Lucky Charms."

"You do not; don't tell this poor girl such foolishness," Jenna smiled, squeezing his knee.

Valencia watched as the couple ate. The attractive couple shared food from each other's plates, nodding in satisfaction as they did.

"So how was it?" she asked, putting the check on the table.

"Next time, I'm getting that, what was that?" Jenna asked, pointing to Dan's plate.

"Tropical. And if I'm not in a suit and tie, I'm getting that Texas one," Dan agreed.

"Ooh, that is a good one," Valencia agreed. "But you're right; it can get kind of messy."

"So what time do you close?" Jenna asked.

"Ten minutes ago," Valencia shrugged.

"Oh, dear, why didn't you say something? Come on Sweetheart, pay the girl so she can go home," Jenna ordered.

"Yes Honey," Dan said, pulling out a twenty and a five.

Oh, there's no rush, really," Valencia said.

"So, how are you getting home?" Jenna asked as a few raindrops struck the window.

"Walking, but it's not that far," Valencia said as a few more drops hit the window.

"Nonsense; we'll drive you. Sweetheart, go get the car," Jenna said.

"Pay the girl, get the car, boy it just never stops with you, does it?" Dan smiled and kissed his wife before walking to the door.

"Go ahead; I got it," the woman behind the cash register assured the slightly befuddled girl.

"Thank you," Valencia told her manager.

"Sit up front, Sugar, so you can point out where to go," Jenna decided when the Mercedes-Benz stopped close to the door.

"Oh, thank you, Sweetheart!" Jenna said when Dan came to the door, umbrella in hand. "Sugar, you wait there, okay?"

"Anything for you; I did promise that," Dan said and escorted his wife to the idling car.

"Wow," Valencia said, impressed when Dan returned to the door for her, umbrella held out.

"So, where to?" Dan asked and Valencia told him the address.

"Oh, right by Jumpers?" Jenna said from the back seat. "Valencia! That is not just down the street! That's almost two miles away! And you were going to walk that?"

"I do it all the time," Valencia defended as the sky opened up and rain pounded the car.

"Not in this," Jenna said.

"No, not in this," Valencia had to agree.

"Can I?" Jenna asked and lightly touched Valencia's hair. "Very nice; who does your hair?"

"Jenna used to be a hair dresser; that's how I met her," Dan smiled.

"I do it myself," Valencia admitted.

"Well, you do a wonderful job," Jenna said and combed a few fingers through Valencia's hair.

"Thank you," Valencia said.

"So do you have to go straight home or..." Jenna asked.

"Honey, it's a school night," Dan reminded his wife.

"Uh, no, no, I don't got to go straight home," Valencia said. "I'm not in school anymore; graduated last year."

"Would you like to come over? Have a few drinks? We can talk, get to know each other," Jenna asked.

"Uh yeah, sure," Valencia shrugged.

"Home, Sweetheart," Jenna ordered.

"Do this, do that, I swear, you hear how that woman talks to me?" Dan playfully complained and Valencia giggled.

They chatted pleasantly as Dan drove through the rain-soaked streets. Valencia sent her mother a text, letting her know she wasn't coming straight home and really wasn't sure when she'd be home.

Her mother's response was a simple 'K' and Valencia dropped her phone into her purse.

"Where are we?" Valencia finally asked.

"House sits on the first tee of the Flowers Country Club," Jenna said.

"Where?" Valencia asked, unsure of what that meant.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw the three story home. Her already large eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the three other automobiles in the garage.

"Thank God we didn't take the Maserati," Jenna smiled as Dan parked the car. "He wanted to, but I told him it was supposed to rain."

"The what?" Valencia asked.

"The red car; it only has two seats," Dan smiled as he got out.

"Let him," Jenna ordered when Valencia moved to open her door.

Dan opened Jenna's door first and helped his wife from the car. Then he opened Valencia's door.

The girl's eyes continued to goggle as she entered the home. Everything gleamed, even in the subdued lighting.

"Come on into the sitting room; what do you want to drink?" Jenna asked, pulling the girl by her hand.

"I uh, I don't know," Valencia admitted.

"Sweetheart, why don't you fix us girls a drink?" Jenna ordered as she pulled Valencia to a leather couch.

"Do this, do that, I swear woman, it just never stops with you, does it?" Dan said as he shrugged out of his suit jacket.

"Oh, don't we all just feel so sorry for poor, mistreated Daniel Joseph Bancroft?" Jenna asked Valencia, placing her hand on Valencia's blue jean clad thigh.

Dan quickly poured alcohol and fruit juices into a blender, dumped in some ice, then beat the contents to a froth.

"Thank you, Sweetheart," Jenna said, removing her hand from Valencia's thigh to accept the goblet Dan held out for her.

"Thank you," Valencia said as Dann held out a second goblet to her.

"You're quite welcome," Dan smiled and unknotted his tie.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" Jenna asked.

"Um, no, um, it's your house," Valencia said and took a sip of the beverage.

She wasn't sure what was in the goblet, but it was cold and sweet, yet slightly burned her throat as it went down. She took another sip and smiled at Dan as he sat down across from them, holding a glass of amber liquid.

"Yes, but some people just don't like the smell of marijuana; Dan used to hate it but he's gotten used to it by now," Jenna said, reaching into a drawer built into the coffee table.

She pulled out an ashtray, marijuana joint, and lighter.

"Um, marijuana?" Valencia asked, taking another sip of the delicious drink.

"Yes, you smoke?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah," Valencia agreed enthusiastically.

"We'll share," Jenna smiled, sticking her tongue out at her husband.

Valencia drained her drink and Dan immediately got to his feet and took the goblet.

"So, um, how long y'all been married?" Valencia asked, and then took the offered joint.

"How long, Sweetheart?" Jenna asked, holding the smoke in her lungs.

"Seven glorious, wonderful months," Dan smiled, handing Valencia her full goblet.

"Thank you," Valencia said hoarsely, holding the acrid smoke in her lungs as long as she possibly could.

"Welcome," Dan smiled and refilled Jenna's glass as Jenna let out a thin wisp of marijuana smoke.

"Thank you, Sweetheart," Jenna smiled and took a sip of the frothy drink.

"So how do you get your hair so soft?" Jenna asked, again touching Valencia's hair, then combing her fingers through the strands. "I mean, when I did hair, I did some African-American women's hair, but... Oh, you are African-American, aren't you?"

"No, well, yeah, I mean, my momma's African-American, but my Daddy is white," Valencia admitted. "Oh, and my momma's momma was white too; in fact she was a red head like you."

She took another massive hit on the joint and handed it back to Jenna. Jenna likewise took a large hit on the joint, and then regarded the nub that was threatening to burn her fingers. She shrugged and dropped the remnant into the ashtray. She continued to comb through Valencia's hair.

"Want to smoke another one?" Jenna asked, now lightly raking her fingernails along Valencia's scalp.

"No; you can if you want, but I'm pretty fucked up," Valencia murmured, reveling in the feelings Jenna's fingernails were giving her. "God, that feels great."

"Oh, is she scratching the back of your head?" Dan asked. "Yeah, I love when she does that."

"Know what? It feels great to me too," Jenna suggested.

Valencia sluggishly reached up and combed her stubby fingers through Jenna's long red hair, then lightly scratched the back of Jenna's scalp.

"Mmm," Jenna sighed and drained her drink.

She leaned closer to Valencia then reached around and began to scratch Valencia's head with both hands. She then worked the fingers to the sides of Valencia's head.

Valencia sighed and also reached her other hand up to also caress Jenna's scalp.

Then Jenna used her right hand to lightly stroke Valencia's face, while her left hand resumed the light scratching of Valencia's scalp. Valencia shivered; delicious feelings were running up and down her spine.

She vaguely felt the couch sag on her left side, then felt Dan's fingers join his wife's fingers in lightly scratching the back of her head. Through hazy eyes, she watched Dan and Jenna kiss softly, then with increasing passion, never ceasing their light touches to her scalp and her face.

Then Jenna leaned and softly kissed Valencia's lips. When she pulled away, Dan leaned and softly kissed Valencia's lips.

Jenna's right hand was now softly running along Valencia's neck and shoulders, and then dipped down as Dan's left hand softly stroked Valencia's face, fingertips outlining her heavy eyes, small nose.

Valencia felt the first, then second button of her blouse were opened.

Jenna again kissed her husband passionately, and then kissed Valencia's lips again. She softly, lightly licked Valencia's lips. Valencia opened her mouth and Jenna softly sucked Valencia's tongue into her mouth.

Valencia returned Jenna's kiss, then tried to follow Jenna when Jenna pulled her soft lips away.

Dan leaned in and kissed Valencia and Valencia thrust her tongue into his mouth as two more buttons of her blouse were opened.

"Oh!" she sighed as someone's hand lightly caressed her bare belly and the last blouse button was undone.

Dan and Jenna kissed hotly while two pair of hands helped Valencia out of her blouse and white lace bra.

"We're going to make love to you; is that all right?" Jenna whispered into Valencia's ear and the girl nodded her head in approval while Jenna's hand softly caressed and stroked Valencia's right breast.

"Wonderful," Dan murmured and took Valencia's left nipple into his hot mouth, then tried to force Valencia's small breast into his mouth.

"Shit!" Valencia groaned, close to orgasm just from their light touches and kisses.

"God, Sugar, Your skin is just so beautiful," Jenna murmured and again kissed Valencia while Dan lightly kneaded and teased Valencia's breasts.

When Jenna pulled her mouth away from Valencia's lips, Dan leaned over and kissed Valencia. Jenna then licked and sucked Valencia's right breast while her hand toyed with Valencia's left breast.

"I know, they're kind of small," Valencia apologized when Dan released her mouth.

"Shush; they're perfect," Jenna ordered and sucked and licked Valencia's left breast while her hands softly stroked the right breast.

She and Dan kissed and Dan eased the zipper of Jenna's dress down. With a simple shimmy, Jenna freed her large breasts. Her dark red areole was silver dollar in size and her nipples were hard, fat nubs. Valencia reached out with unsteady hands and hefted the two magnificent orbs.

Jenna again kissed Valencia hotly as they played with each other's breasts. Valencia felt hands fumble slightly with the snap of her blue jeans, and then her jeans were unzipped.

"Is this okay?" Jenna asked, cradling Valencia's face in her hands, searching Valencia's large eyes.

Valencia looked into Jenna's soft brown eyes and smiled happily, then bent and took one of Jenna's fat nipples into her mouth.

Jenna groaned as her husband bent and took the other nipple into his mouth. Dan eased Valencia's bright red canvas sneakers off her feet, then wiggled Valencia's blue jeans down and off her legs, leaving the girl in just her small bikini panties.

Valencia groaned in orgasm when she felt Jenna's manicured fingers cup her crotch and rub her pussy through the plain cotton material. Then Jenna wiggled Valencia until the girl was lying flat on the couch, small head on the arm of the leather couch.

She raised her hips to help Jenna remove her soaked panties then she cried out in a second orgasm as Jenna's mouth covered her thicket of pubic hair and Jenna's tongue grazed her sensitive clitoris.

"Umph! Oh Sweetheart!" Jenna cried out and Valencia saw a nude Dan kneeling behind the kneeling Jenna.

"Ugh, oh, God, oh, I love your cock up my ass," Jenna cried out in orgasm, then again bent to lick and suck at Valencia's sopping pussy.

Jenna's large breasts rubbed back and forth on Valencia's thighs as Dan thrust in and out of his wife's tight anal sheath. Jenna never broke contact with Valencia's pussy though, and she used her thumbs to pull the lips apart. Her tongue jabbed in and out, fucking Valencia's pussy.

"Mph!" Jenna groaned in another orgasm, and then lightly bit down on Valencia's throbbing clitoris.

"Ah!" Valencia cried out again in orgasm.

"Shit, shit, aw damn," Dan groaned and shuddered as he spurted heavily into his wife's bowels.

"Ooh!" Jenna almost sobbed as she felt Dan's white hot semen flood her anal passage.

Dan weakly pulled out of his wife's ass, wobbled unsteadily, then walked away.

Jenna crawled forward slightly and nuzzled Valencia's small breasts, then kissed the girl softly, passionately.

"And here we are, Honey," Dan murmured and sponged his wife's anus with a warm washcloth.

"Thank you, Sweetheart," Jenna murmured and again kissed Valencia.

Welcome, Honey, anything for you," Dan smiled and again walked away.

"Is it all right if my husband makes love to you?" Jenna softly whispered to the still gasping, shivering girl.

"Uh huh," Valencia nodded her head.

"And would you lick my pussy for me? It's all right if you say 'no,' some girls don't..." Jenna pressed on.

"I want to lick your pussy," Valencia admitted.

"Sweetheart, she says you can make love to her," Jenna said when Dan returned.

"Why don't we take this to the bedroom?" Dan suggested.

Stopping often to kiss either Jenna or Dan as they walked up the broad, open staircase, Valencia was finally led to a second story bedroom that was easily the size of the entire apartment she and her mother and her two brothers and two sisters shared.

A floating bed hung suspended from a twelve foot ceiling, three of the walls were mirrored and modern looking chrome furniture lined the walls. The room was softly lighted by recessed lighting, giving even the cold, metallic décor an odd warmth.

Jenna pulled the girl onto the bed and lay down next to her as the bed slowly, gently swayed and glided.

The two women kissed as Dan climbed onto the bed and Valencia moaned into Jenna's mouth when she felt Dan's mouth cover her black curls.

"Doesn't she taste wonderful, Sweetheart?" Jenna asked and kissed Valencia again.

"Mm-hmm," Dan agreed, sucking lightly on Valencia's pussy.

"Mph!" Valencia cried out into Jenna's mouth as another orgasm racked her slender body.

Jenna grabbed onto two of the highly polished stainless steel chains that suspended the bed and squatted her pussy directly over Valencia's mouth. Valencia looked at the heavy blanket of red curls that obscured Jenna's pussy, and then used her thumbs to find, and then pull Jenna's lips apart.

"Oh, Sugar, you do that so delicious," Jenna sighed as Valencia's tongue lapped up and down Jenna's dark pink pussy lips.

"Mph!" Valencia cried out as she felt a large cockhead press against the mouth of her pussy.

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