tagLoving WivesHoney, Will You Do Me A Favour?

Honey, Will You Do Me A Favour?


What is that? I wondered to myself as I closed the door behind me. I could hear what sounded like soft little moans coming from the bedroom... “Shannon. Are you home?” I called out as the dog jumped all over me.

“Mmm, I’m in the bedroom” she purred,

As I walked into the dimply lit room I stumbled into one of my favourite sights; my sexy little girlfriend lying naked on top of our bed, flipping through the latest issue of Hustler, slowly fucking her obviously wet pussy with the huge vibrator I had recently bought her. My cock sprang to life instantly as I watched inch after inch of that monster being fed into her hungry pussy. The look of lust on her face was intense as she shifted to accommodate the massive phallus. “Fuck, I’ve never felt so full…this is as big as my arm…I just keep cumming though….you wanna touch me baby?” She was bouncing up and down by this point driving the huge cock to spots nobody has ever reached, shuddering from orgasm to orgasm.

“If you do not mind, I’ll just watch for now…you seem to be doing just fine on your own.” I replied as I slowly unzipped my pants, making sure to draw her attention.

“You are such a pervert! You want to watch your hot little girlfriend fuck her slut cunt with this big fat cock don’t you? Why don’t you pull out your beautiful prick and show me how hot I am making you.”

I needed no further encouragement and in no time my hand was on my steel hard dick and I was slowly working it up and down my shaft, coaxing precum out on each stroke. I love jerking off in front of women, so I was really getting off on this. It is such an empowering feeling having a beautiful girls lust filled eyes transfixed on your cock as you stroke it. With each stroke my cock throbbed and expanded, her eyes got wider and she fucked herself harder with that monster.

I was mesmerized by the nasty way she assaulted her pussy. Her skin was glistening with sweat, her tits were red from her obviously playing with them, and her nipples could have cut glass. Then she spoke words that any man in the world would love to here; “as she grunted through another earth shattering orgasm, she huskily asked, “would you fuck Alex while I watch…I so badly want to watch you cum all over her big tits…oh my god, fuck, I’m cumming so hard…” and I stared as her juice little gushed out of her, all over that big black dildo and her tiny little hand that could barely fit around it.

This was all too much for me. Alex is my girlfriend’s best friend. She is 22, tall, blonde, perfectly round 34d cup tits that bounce so nicely while she walks and I am sure they look hotter covered in cum, and a look that always leaves the impression that she has just been fucked. I know she and Shannon have made out and that has certainly fueled many a jack off session. I could feel it welling up in my balls and Shannon obviously knows the look because she dropped to her knees and pleaded…”give me your load baby…all over my face…just imagine Alex here with me…begging you cum all over her innocent face and big tits…they are so perfect, I bet you are jealous that I’ve got to see them, touch them…soon enough, you’ll be able to slide that big dick between them…I can’t wait to lick all of your cum off of her….I bet we can turn her into a little slut…would you like that?” she teased as I furiously masturbated inches from her.

“Why don’t you cum all over my tongue? Ill let it drip down my chin…I know you like that.” Now she snaked her tongue out, tracing the stud along the underside of my rod…that was all I could take as I pumped spurt after spurt into her waiting tongue. I pulled my dick away and blew the rest all over her perky tits.

We both sat back and reveled in our orgasmic glow. She looked at me and calmly stated, “I do want you to fuck her Andrew, and I was talking to her about sex tonight and was so horny I had to get off while I talked to her. She seemed very intrigued by my love for giving head. I have a feeling she is sort of inexperienced, so I offered to teach her how. It was at this point she asked about your cock, and how much of it I can swallow. I am pretty sure she was masturbating too, but I did not want to freak her out so I let it be. I did tell her how much you loved her tits. That got a little moan from her I don’t think I was supposed to hear!”

Needless to say I was rock hard again just thinking about it…but Shannon had left the room…she quickly returned with a picture of her and Alex taken at the cottage. They were both in bikinis and looking so fuckable. As I lost myself in the picture, I felt her warm mouth swallow every inch of me. “Just look at the picture and imagine having her here, playing with herself as I suck you…or better yet sharing your dick with me.”

I was in heaven as I enjoyed this incredible blowjob while gawking at my girlfriends hot blonde best friend…she could tell I was close and she pulled her mouth off long enough to say, “imagine having her warm strange mouth sucking your beautiful cock, while I sit back and finger myself” even if I never actually get to fuck her, being able to openly say how bad you want to fuck her had me filling her sexy mouth with my hot cum, and like a good girl she swallowed every single drop….

Over the course of the next few days life went on as per usual, but every time we fucked, Alex would undoubtedly be talked about. Not only talked about, but Shannon would occasionally moan her name as I pistoned in and out of her sloppy pussy. My dick was perpetually hard and I often would find myself daydreaming about all we had talked about, while absent mindedly stroking my dick. I had never been so horny in all my life.

That Friday night, I kissed Shannon good-bye as I headed out the door for practice. She asked when I would be back and I told her I would be home at the usual time 10:30. Practice was productive if non eventful and I called home as I was walking up the street; Shannon answered in an unusually giggly manner; “Hey, guess who decided to finally come and see our new place.” she slurred. “I’ll give you a hint; we talked about her all week.” My heart was pounding in my chest as I knew Alex was over. “Can you pick up a bottle of wine on your way home; we seem to have run out.” Shannon asked mischievously.

“Of course I can what kind do you want.” I inquired

“It makes no difference, just hurry home…” and with that she hung up. My head was spinning and I quickly noticed my cock was about ready to burst. I went into the wine store and as I walked by the counter the sales girl began to ask if I needed any help, but her eyes quickly sank to the raging hardon threatening to tear through my pants. We locked eyes and she licked her lips. It took all of my restraint to not ask her to help relieve the pressure for me, but I quickly got what I needed, paid and hurried up the street.

AS I opened the front door, I could smell incense burning and I could hear soft quiet moaning in the living room. What I walked into nearly caused me to cum in my pants. My sexy Shannon, on her knees lapping at the gorgeous pussy of her friend while Alex pulled on the sexiest nipples I have ever seen. Right before me was the subject of so many jerk off fantasies and she was naked and being eaten right before my eyes. Not sure what to do, I sat down on the couch and gently opened my fly, releasing my engorged shaft. I began slowly jerking off while I stared at Alex’s pussy. Her body was spectacular; firm high sitting tits, neatly trimmed bush, big fat pussy lips and legs you could lick for hours. What made her even sexier was the look of raw animal lust on her normally conservative face. She fucked Shannon’s face like it was the last chance she would ever get to do so.

“put your tongue farther up me…fuck me so deep Shannon, lick me till I cum…lick me you fucking slut, don’t stop….never stop fucking me, please, i've never felt something so good…oh yes, suck me you little bitch!” Alex shrieked as Shannon expertly licked her pussy for her. Sweet innocent Alex was turning into a little whore as I watched Shannon bring her to orgasm over and over. Alex than turned her attention to me….

“How does it feel to be with such a whore Andrew? If she sucks your cock as well as she licks pussy, you are one lucky guy! She told me about how you whored her out to your friends…id love to try that…all that dick to enjoy….speaking of which, is that big hardon for me?” she asked as she lasciviously lifted her perfect tit to her mouth and licked it while staring right at me. I lost it right then and there and shot a load halfway across the room. Most of it landed on Shannon’s back, and Alex literally pounced up and began lapping it all off of her sexy back.

“I figured since that load was mine I should not waste it.” Alex said with a wink as both she and Shannon crawled over to the couch to sit beside me. “Do you want to tell him or should I?” She asked Shannon.

“Let me” Shannon replied. “So while you were out Alex called and said she wanted to come by. We did not just tear each others clothes off like I am sure you are hoping, but once we got into the wine, our conversation shifted to sex. I told her all about your friends fucking me and how much I liked it, and how I wanted you to enjoy the same thing.”

“I was more than happy to help, because I have to admit, I have masturbated a few times thinking about you playing…it makes me so wet!” Alex added as her hand wrapped around my already recovering cock.

“That got the ball rolling,” Shannon added “and we talked about how we used to make out and how I'd love to teach her to suck cock. I showed her the big dildo you bought me and we decided to wait for you for the blow job lesson so we could fuck each other silly with this guy here.” as she held up the cum stained toy they had obviously enjoyed immensely.

I noticed Alex’s nipples harden at the sight of it. “BUT, we decided that you and Alex can’t fuck tonight. We have been drinking and I told her how good you are. She wants to wait until she is sober so she can fully enjoy it.”

I felt my hearty sink as disappointment passed over me. Sensing this Alex stated, “so for tonight I get to use you as a cocksucking practice model, and you can fuck my tits, which I heard you love!” as she said this she was casually sliding the dildo between her incredible tits for effect. “I'm sort of inexperienced, so I may need a lot of practice.”

“Why don’t I show you how it is done.” And with that Shannon swallows my length and runs her tongue stud over the tender spots. The look on Alex’s face is incredible as lust flushes over her face and she begins squeezing her big tits.

“I want to try now,” Alex says in a very pouty voice

“Mmm, ok,” Shannon says as she offers me to her best friends waiting mouth. As I slide over her warm lips, I feel Shannon jerking me into her friend’s mouth. Alex’s mouth is like heaven, very different, not as skilled but the idea is just so fucking hot it makes little difference. Too add to it, she begins to mumble under her breath about how much she loves it. I can feel myself hitting the back of her throat and she squeals each time.

She pulls me out of her mouth and looks up at me while continuing to jerk me off. “I love having you fuck my mouth. Can I be your little personal cocksucker Andrew? Please, we can take such good care of this beautiful prick. Shannon will share.” It is right then I notice Shannon is behind her cupping her breasts. “Do you want to titty fuck me? Hmm? I know you want to” and with that she wraps her sweat soaked tits around my throbbing cock and begins rocking back and forth. With Each upstroke her mouth would open and she would suck the big head into her wanting mouth. This was better than I had ever dreamed.

“I think he is close to cumming.” Alex cooed as she continued to titfuck me. “You have such a gorgeous dick Andrew! I can’t wait to ride it! Cum for me baby give me that load.” She leaned back and held her tits up for me “I think these are what you want to cum on, aren’t they?” I was so close…”she picked up her black lace bra from the floor and pulled the cups over her tits. “Shannon told me how much you love cumming on her bra encased tits, how is this?” as she jiggled them around, my eyes fixed on the tops of her tits as they sway in time with her movements. I unloaded all over the tops of her tits and listened to her moan as my cum leaked between her cleavage and started to soak her bra. I had never cum so hard in all my life. To add to it, Shannon had already started cleaning her cum soaked friend up, but not before taking a few pictures of those big cum covered tits. WE moved to the bedroom and collapsed in a spent heap on the bed having all cum numerous times. Within moments, the two girls were fast asleep in a loving yet sexy embrace. I soon followed them as the thoughts of what had happened raced through my head….

I awoke with a start as I felt two tongues tracing either side of my throbbing erection. I blurrily looked up from my sleep to see Shannon and Alex giving me a tandem blowjob. Before I could even speak, Shannon said, “Alex and I don’t think it is fair for her to go home without having you fuck her…I hope you don’t mind.” She giggled while Alex slowly straddled me….

To be continued.

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