tagLoving WivesHoneymoon in the Big Apple

Honeymoon in the Big Apple


This is the story of our recent honeymoon in New York City. To give you a brief background of my Japanese wife and I, we had met in Hawaii while she was visiting for a medical conference from Japan. We are both in the pharmaceutical business and so I struck up a conversation with her while waiting for the next session and really hit it off. And after 3 years of long distance dating, Tomoko and I finally decided to take a chance and got married. We were already in our early-40s and this was the second marriage for both of us. After 44 years, she still looks great even for a mother of a teenage boy. Standing at 5'3" and 105lbs, Tomoko was a typical slender Japanese woman with light skin, small breasts, and a very tight pussy. Everything I love in a woman. We're a good match because I'm 6' tall and a runner.

I was her second gaijin (foreign) lover and I guess it was noticeable for her in the tool department. I guess the Japanese guys she's been with were on the smaller side than me. Though I had many lovers and experience, Tomoko was only limited to a few Japanese guys and one Italian guy. She told me that all of them had small penises except for the Italian, who had a short, but rather thick cock which she liked. So when she got to me, she was very pleased with my average 6" cock in the sex department and we were happy.

Over those 3 years, we were pretty open with each other about our past and talked a lot about sex. Because she had limited experience and I had plenty, she always wanted to hear about my past sexual conquest. This of course, made her jealous and very horny. We often ended the night with some great orgasms. During some of our love making, we often shared fantasies. Hers were pretty conservative with the two of us fucking somewhere public. Mine ranged from fucking her friends (which often made her jealous and horny) to watching her getting fucked by a good looking guy who was charismatic, successful, and endowed down below. I guess it was because of her limited sexual experience that I wanted to see how she would react with some other lovers. And being that she enjoyed big cocks, I wanted her to see how she'd react to a guy with a cock bigger than mine. Apparently, she enjoyed those fantasies because she would have some very intense orgasms all the while I was telling her a slut wife story and fucking her at the same time. The theme often included a big good looking guy, seduction, foreplay, big cock and lots of sperm in her tight little Japanese pussy. And not only did she had a great orgasm, but I did as well. I just love seeing her happy.

So one day after a great sexual session, I told her that if she ever has an encounter with a tall and attractive guy, she should go for it and enjoy the tryst with him, but on one condition. She would need to tell me everything about her adventure afterwards. Every little detail. Of course, she was concerned that I would hate her, but after a couple of years, she knew I was very cool about it.

Well, that day came when we went to New York City for our honeymoon. We were there for 10 days and had a great time exploring all the major tourist spots. We fucked every day and then half way through our trip, I got the idea of putting an ad on Craigslist to see if there were any takers to my scheme of having my wife seduced. In the ad, I explained our honeymoon situation, the wife being Japanese and have limited experience, and that I wanted her to have a very memorable sexual adventure in NYC before we left. The requirements were that the guy must be tall, good looking, a gentleman, and have a large cock. That night went online to check my emails and found over a 100 guys responded to my ad. About 25% fit the description. I had narrowed it down to a tall, mixed Afro-European attorney who had just relocated to NYC from France. His name was Sebastian and his email response was right on, so I replied back to him of my plan. He was to go to the bar in our hotel, I would bring my wife to have dinner next to it in the restaurant section, I would tease her about some of the guys in the room, get her liquored up (which only took a glass of wine), meet the guy in the restroom, pretended that we had a good chat, invited him to join us since he was there alone, and then let him do his magic.

So on our second to the last night, we executed the game plan. All went well, and by the time I met Sebastian in the bathroom to take a piss, I chatted with him to make sure he was a cool guy and that he had a large cock. Standing 6'3" tall, 190lbs, and athletically built with a light mocha skin tone, I thought he was my wife's ideal of a secret lover. And when I looked down at his flaccid penis, I estimated it was about 5 inches long and much thicker than mine. A little insecurity ran through my mind but I was also very excited. I knew then that Tomoko would be in for an adventure if we were able to take it all the way.

He turned out to be a pretty cool guy, so I had no problem of pretending to get along with him and inviting him back to our table for dinner. Tomoko was a bit surprise at first when I introduced Sebastian to her, saying that he was here on a business trip alone and had nobody to share dinner with. But after sharing a glass of wine and a conversation with him, she was smitten by his French charm and accent like a high school girl with a crush. I could see her attraction to him in her eyes and decided to take it another level. I was sitting next to her and Sebastian was sitting across from us. Under the table, I slowly ran my hand from her left knee up her skirt. I could see a look of surprise from her face, but she played it cool and didn't let on what I was doing. As my hand continued to massage her leg and slowly creep up to her private region, I realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear when I touched her pussy directly. Normally she has a patch of pubic hair, but tonight she had shaved it all off and wasn't wearing any underwear. I guess she was planning on seducing me tonight after dinner. Little did she know that it was the other way around.

So I began to slowly touch and play with her pussy as she continued to chat with me and Sebastian. She must have been getting pretty excited because she was extremely wet. Then Sebastian surprised us by asking Tomoko to a slow dance because his "favorite song" just came on. Tomoko is not much of a dancer, but I pressured her to dance with Sebastian and gave her a little wink. It was then she began to suspect that something was going on and she accepted his offer.

He was a pretty smooth dancer, guiding her at a proper speed. Then at the height of the song, he pulled her tightly next to his body. I could see from her surprised face that she must have felt his huge manhood. As the song ended and they were coming back to the table, the emcee announced that the restaurant/bar was closing up. It was time to execute the next phase, which was to invite Sebastian up to our room to continue the fun. Tomoko didn't have any objection. She even encouraged Sebastian to join us. So up to our room we went with a bottle of wine on the way, complimentary of Sebastian.

Once we got inside the room, I immediately turn the TV on to a smooth jazz radio station. This time it was me dancing with Tomoko while Sebastian was opening the wine. I took a moment to quietly whisper to her that it's our honeymoon and I want her to be happy and fulfill both our fantasies if she wanted to. She looked at me with a horny smile and gave me a long kiss. Then she said it was Sebastian's turn to dance with her.

So after a couple of gulps of wine by everybody, Sebastian took over my spot and began dancing with my wife. I could sense they were very attracted to each her. Suddenly, he smoothly bends down and kissed Tomoko. She didn't turn away, but kissed him back. I was getting turned on seeing a guy, who was twice as big as my wife, and standing almost a foot over her, and touching her all over with his hands. And she was enjoying it. As his hand went up her skirt, he discovered like I did that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

He playfully rubbed her pussy very lightly and she almost collapsed in his arms from the excitement. They were in a passionate kiss when he suddenly picked her up, carried her to our bed, and gently laid her down.

They continued to kiss as he smoothly began to unbutton her shirt. Then he began to kiss down her neck and onto her breasts, while his finger was beginning to explore her little wet shaven pussy. He worked his way down to her pussy and began to expertly tease and lick her pussy while she was going crazy.

I was now sitting in a lounge chair with my pants off, rubbing my cock and enjoying the show that my wife was putting on for me (or was it for her own enjoyment?). Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around Sebastian's head, pulled at his hair, and shouted that she was coming.

It took a full 2 minutes to come down from her high. When she did, she got down on her knees in front of Sebastian and began to take off his pants. When she pulled down his underwear, she took a big gasp of air as she saw his cock for the first time.

"It's sooo big, tanned and beautiful." Tomoko said and then began to kiss, lick and suck Sebastian's giant cock in front of me. She was just able to get only a few inches of his cock in her mouth because it was so thick, but she still tried getting more. My wife licked the side of his cock where a big vein ran down to his balls, which she happily sucked on as well.

After 5 minutes of having my wife's mouth and tongue all over his cock, it grew to its full glory of 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter. Just a very thick and long, tanned cock with one big vein running down the side. Sebastian was now ready to fuck my wife.

He pulled her up and laid her down on the bed again and positioned himself between her legs. He told her to take his cock with her hand and put it at the entrance of her womb. She did as instructed, but asked him to be gentle because his cock was so big. He then rubbed it up and down on the outside of her pussy for a little while so that he could lubricate his cock with her juice. Finally Tomoko couldn't take it any longer and begged him to put it inside of her.

Sebastian looked my way as he slowly pushed his cock into my wife's pussy. I could see his dark red cock-head, looked like a plum, plopped into Tomoko's waiting pussy. He then began to slowly move it in and out. After what seemed like an eternity, he was able to get ALL of his 8 inch cock inside her little Japanese pussy. He stopped to let Tomoko look down. She marveled to see that she could take such a big cock. The biggest cock she's ever had.

Then he bent down and began to kiss her as he started to move it in and out slowly. After a few more minutes, tomoko adjusted to his size and was going crazy from his big cock going in and out of her pussy. It was stretching her out again like a virgin. She looked over at me and saw that I had already came and was masturbating again while watching her. That made her more excited knowing that her husband was enjoying watching her getting fucked by another man.

Over the next 30 minutes, Sebastian fucked my wife in 3 different positions and made her come in all three of them. First was the missionary position, then by doggy style, and last was with her on top. When Sebastian was finally about to come, he picked her up with his cock still inside her, brought her next to me to see, and finally came inside my wife in front of me. I could see so much of his sperm starting to trickle out of her very red and stretched out pussy now. When he pulled her off his cock to put her on top of me, a large gob of his sperm dropped out of Tomoko's pussy and onto my own cock. It was perverted and turned me on even more. Her pussy easily slipped over my waiting cock as he went to rest on the bed. I couldn't feel her pussy because Sebastian had stretched her out so much and had so much of his sperm lubricating her vagina wall. I was so horny that I didn't care and began to fuck my wife. After a few more minutes, we both came at the same time. I deposited my sperm inside her womb along with Sebastian's sperm.

After a few minutes of rest and some water, Sebastian fucked my wife one last time before he left. This time, she was on top of him but facing away from him. As they were fucking for me to see, I wanted to give her a special treat. So I came to them and began to lick her pussy while he was fucking her. Her orgasm was so intense that I thought she would pass out.

The next day, my wife was so sore from getting fucked so much by both of us that she didn't want to get out of bed. But the following day, just before we checked out, we heard a knock on the door. Tomoko went to answer it. It was Sebastian again. Without saying anything, he just began to kiss Tomoko, carried her to the bed, lifted up her skirt, tore her underwear off, and began to shove his entire thick cock inside her. They didn't talk. Just fucked for 15 minutes. All I heard were moans and groans during that time. Finally, he came inside her, got dressed and left. Tomoko was still on the bed with a big smile on her face as his sperm began to leak out of her swollen pussy. She looked over at me and said, "I love you".

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