tagRomanceHoneymoon Is Over

Honeymoon Is Over


Jen and I had dated for about two years, and in that whole time I had managed to keep my pecker
in my pants and not go all the way with her. I, in an unusual twist, wanted to be a virgin on my
wedding night for my bride and Jen, while not completely ok with this had acquiesced to my
desire. To make it easier on both of us I wouldn't allow any playing around either. Temptation
being what it is, I opted to remain pure for my future wife.

The night I popped the question to her she cried and was so happy. Even though I knew I was
not her first man, I wanted to marry her and share our lives together. I knew that Jen had dated
several men, and she had been sexually active with each of them after some time. That is what
had caused a little problem in our dating at first.

We got married in a huge wedding, even though I wanted a small one, her parents pushed and
cajoled us into a large one with about two hundred guests. Right after the reception that evening
we took off for the Caribbean for our honeymoon. Jen was hot to trot and ready to consummate
our marriage in a big way.

Arriving at our hotel on the island everything was just as we had dreamed it would be. We
unpacked and then while I was taking a shower, Jen fell asleep. It had been a very big day for her
and she hadn't slept well the night before. Since I knew that she was tired I let her sleep.

My thoughts were, I had waited this long, a few more hours wouldn't make a big difference to
either of us.
Or so I thought. While Jen slept I went down to the lobby and found some
information on local sights and things to do. I met a guy there I had seen around in our home
town a few times. We talked for a few minutes and he was surprised to hear that Jen and I had
gotten married.

Come to find out he had dated Jen once a long time ago. We chatted a bit more and he
mentioned that his company had sent him down to do some business and what a remarkable
coincidence that we had chosen to honeymoon here. He offered to buy us dinner the next night if
we wanted. I told him that I would check with Jen and get back to him. He gave me his room
number along with his cell phone, and then I headed back to the room.

Getting back I saw Jen was still out like a light so I undressed and went to bed. We both slept the
whole night through and woke in the morning facing each other. Jen had a surprised look in her
eyes when she opened them to see me staring at her.

"Hi. I guess I fell asleep didn't I?"

"Yeah. I let you sleep too. You needed your rest after yesterday and the days before. All the
stress and turmoil with our wedding and all. How are you this morning, gorgeous?"

"I imagine I have a severe case of the bed head going on. I'm going to take a quick shower."

While Jen showered I got up and rounded up some shorts and a tank top to wear on the beach. I
also called room service and ordered up some breakfast for both of us while I was at it. Jen came
out and told me that the water was glorious and to hurry up taking my shower so we could finally
remove my virgin status.

I took a shower, and as I was toweling off I could hear her talking with someone. Stepping out I
was surprised to find her old boyfriend I had met last night standing there. They had been talking
and it was obvious that Jen was a bit uncomfortable at the time I chose to join them. A look
passed between them that unsettled me.

I saw that the breakfast had been delivered and the way he was standing I had to wonder if he had
brought it into the room. Jen blushed a bit then introduced me to Don.

"Randy, this is Don. He's someone I used to date a long time ago. He happens to be here on
business. Small world isn't it?"

"Yeah, I met him last night Jen. I went down to get some brochures on where to go and the
sights to see while you were sleeping."

"Sleeping? You were sleeping Jen?

Don's question was one of disbelief. He was looking at both of us and then when his eyes
crossed paths with Jen she blushed yet again. I had to wonder about their history and what they
had just been talking about before I came out. I felt like I had interrupted a married couple trying
to cover up something.

"Yeah. I fell asleep Don. It was a long day, I had little sleep the night before, and then the flight
here was so long...I guess I fell asleep on Randy and he let me sleep."

"You didn't...you know...your wedding night and all...you expect me to believe that you slept
Jen? That is quite unlike the girl I used to date way back when."

"Uh...lets not go there okay Don? Randy and I were going to eat some breakfast, would you like
to join us?"

"I only ordered enough for us Jen. Sorry Don. If you like..."

"Oh no. I wouldn't want to intrude on your breakfast. Jen already let me have a few bites
anyway. You two probably have some...unfinished business to work on. Jen tells me that you are
a virgin then. Man, that must have been hard for you, dating Jen here and not getting to taste..."

I spoke to cut him off not wanting to hear him talk about my new wife in any sexual manner at all.

"Yeah...I saved myself for my bride on our wedding day. Look, what's the big deal anyway? It's
not that I can't or don't want to. I surely do want to that is a fact. I just wanted my first time to
be very...special. For both of us."

"Oh yeah...I'm not dissing ya at all understand. It's just...well I've never heard of it before.
Never met a 28 year-old virgin male before either."

Jen was looking at me with a bit of what I took to be contriteness for talking about me behind my
back to Don. I was upset a bit but only because Don seemed to be enjoying his little game of
words with me. There was a strong undercurrent between all of us and suddenly Don looked at
his watch.

"Oh man...look at the time. I have to run. See you on the beach later ok Jen? You too Randy?"

The way he almost left me out of the loop there had me fuming by the time the door closed on

"What the hell were you two talking about while I was in the shower and how long was he there

"Don't get mad at me Randy. It's not my fault Don was here. He had the cart and pushed it in
the room. He identified himself as the hotel waiter with our breakfast. I didn't even know he was

"Yeah? Why did you tell him about my virginity anyway? That was none of his business."

"Oh come on Randy. You know I thought your saving yourself for me was cute to begin with. I
couldn't help but let him know. He...we were...well, him and I had sex lots of times you know. I
never held that back from you. He was the best in bed I ever had too. If we hadn't met..."

"What, you'd still be with him? I thought he was the one that was pushing you to try threesomes
and stuff like that. Isn't that why you two broke up in the first place?"

"Oh...I forgot I told you about that. Yeah. He wanted me to put out to some of his friends. We
had a fight over it and I walked out on him. We never got back together after that. Look, that's
all ancient history now. Lets eat and go...play."

I was mad now. Jen was acting strangely and I almost got the feeling she was trying to cover
something up. I looked at our now cold breakfast and saw that someone had been eating on both

"Why did you offer him my plate of food Jen? Why would you do something like that?"


"You did. You offered your ex-boyfriend my food on our honeymoon. What has gotten into you
anyway? I thought that you loved me and married me to be with me. Why would you offer my
food to some old boyfriend like that? Especially one that just ‘happens' to have ‘business' here
just as we are starting our honeymoon? Is there something you need to tell me?"

I couldn't help myself and let my anger blow. I didn't yell, but Jen could see that I was plainly
mad. She stood up to me and I could see that she was getting mad now herself.

"Hey, just one minute here...husband. I chose to marry you because I love you and I thought you
would take care of me and love me. Now you are as much as accusing me of cheating on you on
our honeymoon. Well...well...FUCK!"

Shouting that last at me she turned and stormed out of the suite. I stood there just as mad now
trying to understand what had just happened in so short of a time. When she had called me
husband, it was not a term of endearment by any means. The word coldly spurted out of her
mouth with ice attached all over it.

I ran out to find her and saw the elevator doors closing just as I rounded the corner. I ran to the
stairs and began my four flight run down them in hopes of catching her in the lobby. On the third
level I tripped over myself in my hurry and tumbled down that flight of stairs. I felt the bone snap
just as I hit the next landing. My leg was broken.

A housekeeper came out to see what the noise was all about and found me. The next thing I
knew I was in the local hospital getting my leg set and a cast put on. Man...what a honeymoon
this was turning out to be.

I was just being released about five hours later when a frantic Jen showed up. Through her tears
and sobbing I found out that Don had heard about my accident and went and found her on the
beach. He then brought her to the hospital to see me.

Just great...now I owed this guy for delivering my wife to me. His timing seemed to be...well
maybe it was my darker side thinking, but I couldn't shake the feeling that his timing was
quite...fortunate...for him. I also had a twinge of suspicion in just how long it took him to find my
new wife and how long it took for them to get to the hospital.

I thought a quite a bit on our way back to the hotel. I decided that I was being a bit overly
paranoid where Jen was concerned and that I owed her an apology. After all, she had chosen to
marry me, and she had put up with my need to ‘save' myself for my future bride. If I had only

The pain meds they gave me knocked me out and the next thing I knew it was morning.
Jen was sitting with me holding my hand, her head nodding down as she obviously fought to stay


Jen jumped with a start. Tears formed and then soon were falling again.

"I'm sorry Randy. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have given Don your food like that. I shouldn't
have been so preoccupied with being a good hostess either. After all, we are on our honeymoon.
Then I blew up and stormed off on you giving you no other choice but to try to catch the elevator
by taking those stairs at high speed. It's all my fault you broke your leg."

I was stunned by her outburst and the tears. In my half-drugged state I couldn't find the right
words to say to calm her down nor could I argue too much about how things turned out either. I
knew that it was my clumsiness that caused me to fall and I also knew that I could have walked
down those damned stairs too.

I finally found my tongue as Jen sat there crying.

"Hey beautiful. It wasn't your fault. I was being an ass to begin with. How could I suspect that
you would be having something with your old boyfriend like that on our honeymoon? I was the
wrong one here. Not you. In any case...it seems that I won't be dancing anytime soon. Not sure
about some other things either, what with all the drugs they gave me."


Through her tears I saw the hint of a smile. I smiled and soon we were both laughing. What a
honeymoon to tell our kids about. How I broke my leg running down the stairs to catch my new
wife right after we had our first official fight as a married couple. All within the first twenty-four
hours of being married too.

"Well, we have a week and some odd days left of this honeymoon. I should be able to get up and
around in a few days. That's why they put on the walking cast. I may not be able to swim or
dance but at least we can go around and see the sights."

"Oh honey, I'm still upset though. It was my fault that this all happened."

"Okay, lets not talk about that anymore. I could have done many things differently, starting with
trusting you quite a bit more and perhaps being a tad less...jealous."

"Yeah, I should have not offered your breakfast to Don either."

Jen and I sat around the rest of that day and I saw that just sitting there with all the beach and fun
right out the door and not being able to enjoy it was killing her. The next morning I insisted that
she go out and have some fun on the beach. It didn't take too much shoving on my part and she
soon disappeared with a promise to show up about lunchtime to stay with me for a bit.

Our room afforded us a view of quite a bit of the beach front, and I had found out that our
bathroom, being on the end of the building like it was, gave me a view of a bit more of the beach
around behind our room too. Jen wasn't aware of this and I hadn't thought about telling her how
much more of the beach I could see if I stood just right while peeing.

Later that morning, after watching Jen sunbathe out front, I took a nap. When I got up I saw that
she was gone from her spot, but her things were still there. Looking around I didn't see her
readily. I figured that she must have gone out in the water for a swim, or she was in one of the
bathrooms along the beach.

I laid down, and willed my leg to get better, hoping against hope that I would have some kind of
miraculous recovery. My willing didn't do much for me except remind me I had to pee. Getting
up and getting situated with the crutches took a bit and by the time I was able to maneuver
enough to get to the bathroom, my need to pee was getting extreme.

Standing in front of the toilet was hard since my leg was aching, and resting on a crutch, keeping
my balance was difficult, so I sat like a woman and did my business. By the time I got out in the
living room of our suite again, Jen was there, looking radiant and as beautiful as I had ever seen

A bit about Jen, physical descriptions not being my best thing. She stood about five foot nine
inches tall, and was very well put together. Her breasts were a very good feature of hers as they
didn't sag at all yet they were about the size of cantaloupes. Very nice butt and her legs were the
best I had ever seen on a woman. She could have been a Vegas showgirl.

Standing in front of me in her thong bikini she took my breath away. I wanted nothing more than
to explore her body and show her what I wanted to do with her as far as sex went. I may have
been a virgin, but I had been reading for a long time and some of the books I read had prepared
me to be a good lover at some point. This much I knew.

Myself, well my job keeps me pretty fit yet I still need to go to the gym on a steady basis in order
to keep my washboard abs and muscle tone where I like it to be. I'm not an Arnold type body
builder, but I keep the tone right there. Not large muscles, but defined real well. I was blessed
with a rather large cock. When hard it measures about nine inches and fairly thick.

I know that Jen had tried to get her hands on my cock several times and once she had succeeded
in getting a feel of it just before it got hard. Since the growth of my cock from soft to hard is so
vast a difference in size, she never really got an idea of how large it could get. I had caught her
looking at it several times when I had gotten worked up on a date though.

Anyway, details finished, we had a nice lunch while Jen fussed around a bit. She had gone
swimming twice and then spent the rest of the morning in the sun. I rubbed some more lotion on
her body, getting a huge erection in the process since this was the most I had ever touched or seen of her body before.

She went out after lunch to tan some more. I laid back down and fell asleep for a bit. My leg was
still hurting pretty much too much for me to be on it for long. Keeping it elevated was hard
enough sitting in the living room so I went back to the bedroom and crashed.

A bit later I woke needing to pee again. I struggled up and then made my way to the bathroom.
By the time I got there I knew that I was going to have to stand this time since it would take too
long for me to get my shorts down to sit and pee. I got the fly open and started to pee, the
pressure dropping quickly as I did. I glanced out the window and what my eyes took in no man
should ever have to deal with.

Jen, standing on the beach out of sight from the front window, with Don. They were embracing
and as I looked on, Jen turned her head up to kiss him. The last thing I would have ever expected
to see.

I had started to pee to the side of the bowl, and my balance was getting all screwed up as the
shock of my vision overcame my senses. I looked back out and they were still kissing hot and

Then, as my heart began to pound with the pain of it all, Jen, MY Jen, reached down between them and grasped his cock through his swim trunks. They pulled apart a bit then as they talked, they turned and walked off down the beach, hand in hand. My last sight was them kissing again just as they turned into a pathway that lead to another hotel down a bit from ours.

I was stunned and torn apart. My anger at this betrayal went beyond anything I had ever
experienced. My wife of so few hours was already cheating or on the way to cheating on me.
Had she ever loved me? Had she been faithful before we got married and were still dating?

Doubts cascaded through my mind as I fell back onto the bed. I looked at my wedding band as it
seemingly burned into my finger. How could she? Then I thought, maybe I had not seen things exactly as they happened. Maybe it had just been some other woman that looked a lot like Jen.

Thinking, I remembered Don giving me his room phone number. I sat down and getting a good
grip on my emotions decided to call and pretend to be the hotel concierge and ask to speak to Jen.
I rehearsed my little spiel and figured it all out in my head then punched in the numbers.


"Yes...this is the Emerald Springs calling to see if Jen...Brown...Mrs. Jen Brown should happen to
be there. One of the guests saw her walking with a gentleman whom they knew and told us.
We have an important message for her."

"Uh...just a minute."

I could hear an argument in the background then the phone changing hands.

Jen came on.

"Hello? What is the message? What's wrong?"

I hung up. Overcome with too much emotion I just couldn't say the rest of what I had planned.
My Jen...my wife...with her old boyfriend and she had been feeling him up and kissing him like
they had never been apart as lovers. My heart was breaking. I shook myself and decided to just
wait a bit and see how she acted when she came back. I'd even ask about Don and see what she

To my surprise, Jen didn't come back for over two hours. I had figured that even with my
garbled plan with the phone failing, that she would have gotten worried and come straight to our
room to check on me. She didn't.

When she came in her hair was mussed and I could see her red marks where here thong didn't
cover her ass cheeks. Hand marks in red, fingers up, just like someone had been spanking her as
they stuck it to her while fucking. I got cold inside. My heart hardened and even though it ached
I pretended that things were fine.

"Oh, I was wondering if you would mind if I went out to eat tonight Randy? I know that you
don't feel like walking around yet, but I am still a bit stir crazy here."

"That would be ok Jen. One of us should be having some kind of fun here at any rate. Where are
you going out to eat at?"

"Well, there's a nice place about a half mile down the beach just on the other side of the next

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