Honeymoon Videos


"This is crazy," she whispered after she moved behind two large palm bushes. "You're a newlywed also."

"I've never met anyone as beautiful and desirable as you," Rod smiled as me moved closer. She back up until her hips pressed against the side railing. "All I can think of is your body in only those green panties."

Cindi was panting now as he neared. "Your wife is more beautiful than me." Since Bill is the only man she had ever been intimate with she was trembling.

"We don't have much time," he said. "Are you going to show me?"

"I don't know if I can," Cindi answered. It was so naughty showing this man she had just met her pussy. Her fingers were sweating as they pinched the sides of her silky dress and slowly lifted upward. "You have to promise to leave me alone."

"I promise," he lied. He looked at her slightly sunburned thighs and then the small white triangle of her panties. When she stopped he said, "Please don't stop."

Cindi now smiled as her fingers pulled her dress up over the top of her tiny white thongs. "You just want to see if I'm a natural blonde right?" She asked as her fingers pulled out the top of her panties.

"Oh Geez," Rod said when he saw the fine yellow curly hairs. He had never seen a blonde bush before and realized he wanted to see it all. "Show me everything."

"You just said my pubic hair," she said before she let go of her panties and her dress. "You promised."

"I lied," Rob laughed as she turned and walked quickly back into the dining room.


After they all returned to the table May brought up the man who was handing out the private video flyers. "So are any of you going to get a video made?"

"God no," Tiki answered quickly.

"You said you'd think about it," Rob said looking sad.

"How about you two?" May asked while looking at Bill and Cindi.

"Probably not." Bill answered. Since Cindi had returned from the bathroom she had become giggly and silly. She also had two more glasses of wine.

"But what if I want to do it?" Cindi asked while looking into his eyes up close.

"I think you've had too many glasses of wine," Bill grinned.

"That's the best time," Rob laughed. He now wished that he had Cindi alone on the patio again.

"But I want a video," Cindi said looking upset.

"I think I need to get you back to our room," Bill said slightly embarrassed.

"Party-pooper," Cindi giggled as she stood on shaky legs and held onto his arm.

"Maybe we will see you in the morning," Bill said to the remaining four. "That trip to the deserted island sounds cool."


Bill somehow managed to get Cindi into the elevator and when the door was closing an arm pushed inside. When the doors reopened June and May stood there.

"Do you need some help?" June asked. She noticed Cindi's eyes were almost closed.

"I have her," Bill grinned.

"Nonsense," May said as she moved over and supported Cindi's body on the other side. "June will get your door open."

Bill and Mary carried Cindi through the door June was holding open and guided her down onto the bed. "Thanks for your help," he said. "I can take care of it from here."

"Thaannks," Cindi giggled as she tried to sit up on the bed. She felt so relaxed.

"I think you might need some help getting her undressed," June said before moving over next to Cindi. Before Bill could object June pulled the elastic collar of the sundress down over Cindi's bare pure white breasts.

"She did get some sun today," June giggled at the edge of pure white and bright red skin.

"I..can do it," Bill said mesmerized by his wife's bare titties.

"Sit and let June do it for you," May smiled as she guided Bill to one of the large chairs. They both turned and saw June pull the sundress down over Cindi's skimpy undies.

"You did a lousy job putting lotion on her," June said looking down at the sunburn at the top of her thighs just beneath her white thong. "She's going to be hurting in the morning unless we put some lotion on her. I have some in our room." June got up and walked out leaving May and Bill looking at Cindi's nearly naked body.

"I got a little burn today too," May giggled as she sat down on Bill's lap and then pulled the spaghetti strap of her dress down her shoulders until the top half of her breast appeared. "See."

"Yes," Bill said feeling his hard cock now pressing up into her soft young buttocks.

"Maybe if you kissed it.....it would feel better." Her hand moved behind his head and pulled it downward until his soft lips touched the edge of her sunburn. She removed her hand hoping he would keep kissing her and she wasn't disappointed.

Bill knew it was wrong kissing this young girls titty but his wife was passed out on the bed and he might never get another chance. As his lips kissed south she pulled her dress down over her hard nipple until his tongue flicked and licked over it. He didn't stop kissing it even when June moved back into the room with the cream.

"I see you two are getting to know each other better," June giggled. It was now her turn to get to know Cindi's body better. She put some cream on her fingertips and slow rubbed them over the sunburn under Cindy's neck.

"Ummmmmmm," Cindi moaned feeling the coolness on her hot burn. She had almost dozed off until she felt her dress being removed. Booze or no booze Cindi's body caused her mind to awaken and her body to want more. She peeked out to see the taller girl rub cream on her upper chest. A second later she peeked across the room and saw her husband sucking on the other girl's nipple.

"Do you want to watch?" May whispered in Bill's ear as June's creamy fingers moved down onto the white skin and then slowly over Cindi's naked breast.

"God," Bill groaned feeling his cock about to pop under May's rubbing ass. To see a woman touching his wife's tit was too much. But as much as he liked it he knew he had to stop it.

"WAIT!" He lifted May off his hard-on and moved to June. "We can't do this. She's unconscious."

It was then that Cindi surprised them all. "No I'm not," she said as she opened her blue eyes and smiled. "I haven't been for a few minutes now."

"I'm sorry," Bill said realizing he was in deep trouble. "I didn't think it would go this far."

"I knew what was going on and I didn't stop it," Cindi giggled at June who still had her cream covered hand caressing her breast. "I think these girls need to tell us their intentions."

May looked at June who looked back. "We......we want to make love with you both." May said.

"Honey...I didn't know...I swear," Bill said knowing she would be pissed. Although she still had not told June to stop touching her.

"It's what you want.........right?" Cindi said to her husband. "We both will never get another chance to experiment and learn new things."

"Do you......want to.......?"

Cindi answered him by reaching over and pulling June's mouth down to hers. A second later when June's tongue entered her mouth she sucked on it.

"Jesus," Bill groaned seeing his young bride french-kissing another girl.

"I think you should get your camera," May giggled as she pushed down her dress and stood only in her black thong. She moved to the bed and slowly pulled off Cindi's panties showing her opened pussy lips.

Bill grabbed the camera bag and turned on the camera before standing and aiming it down at Cindi's open lips. He moved over to May's almost bare buttocks and then up until he captured May's firm titties.

Cindi felt May's lips on her shoulders and turned to kiss her as well. She knew her husband was video recording her and wanted to give him quite a show.

Bill didn't know where to aim his camera next because hands and lips were moving back and forth. He gasped when he saw Cindi's fingers press under May's thong and it moved to the side to show her middle fingers sliding up and down her shaved pussy lips. At the same time he noticed June removing her bra and quickly zoomed in on her long pink nips.

"Have you done this before?" May whispered as Cindi's fingers quickly brought her close to cuming.

"No...am I doing alright?" Cindi asked. She felt the panties moving away and saw Bill's fingers pulling them down and off.

Bill focused on May's cunt and then over at June's dark and wild bush. June opened her thighs and posed before turning and pressing her hard tips into Cindi's back. Her hand moved over her hip and into Cindi's damp slit. When she touched it Cindi turned her body around and went at June which left May available.

As Bill recorded Cindi and June kissing and touching May moved off the bed and onto her knees at Bill's feet. She released his slacks and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. Her fingers wrapped around his eight-inch thick cock and stroked him while he pointed the camera downward. She giggled as she looked up at the camera and her lips engulfed his thick crown. "OHHH!"

Both June and Cindi heard him moan and broke their lips apart to see May giving him some wicked head. "Do you want me to do that to you?" June whispered.

"Yes," Cindi replied. She had not attempted oral sex and now realized she might learn something from these college girls. She felt June guiding her up onto the bed and after opening her legs dive into her yellow muff.

Bill tried to keep the camera steady on his wife getting licked but May was causing weak legs. He locked the record button and leaned back onto the dresser and sat it down while looking into the small video screen to make sure he had the bed covered. "Let's go join them."

Cindi and June did not notice Bill and May move next to them or when May continued his first ever blow job. Cindi did notice when he turned his face and kissed her earlobe. "Thank you."

She turned and looked down at May's rising and falling head. "You're welcome," she giggled. Her fingers snaked through June's hair and kept her tongue where she wanted it most.

"Oh GOD I'M CUMING!" Bill yelled to give May time to move her mouth away but Notre Dame Women prided themselves on finishing the job. She gulped down one load and went back for two more before he was empty. She slithered up his body and let him taste his own spunk.

Cindi too was ready to pop and when June's middle fingers shoved up into her finding her G-spot her hips rose and she screamed. "NOW.........NOW.........NOW!"

"It's my turn," May whispered into his ear and a few seconds later his body moved down between her opened thighs. Bill had only gone down on one woman before while in college but he was too drunk at the time to remember. So, this was a first for him so when he pressed his tongue into her bald pussy lips he heard June moan. It puzzled him until he looked next to him and saw his wife's mouth completely covering June's cunt with a few hairs escaping out of the corner of her lips.

June glanced over at May who smiled back. Their goal of having a foursome was real and they had a married couple going down on them at that moment. Neither of them was experienced and was fumbling around but it only made it more exciting.

It became a contest as Bill licked and flicked over May's clit trying to get her off before his wife got off June but women knew more about women's bodies. A few seconds later June lifted her whole body upward when she climaxed.

"Shit," Bill thought as he continued to lick and suck on May's cunt. It took him another two minutes but he did get her there. "OH BILLL!" She screamed.


They all moved together until they were one body mass touching and caressing each other. Bill fell asleep first and didn't know how long he was out when he felt the bed shaking again. It was too dark to know who they were until June moved her lips to his ear. "Your wife is getting really good at licking pussy."

He smiled and turned his body to hers and felt down into her hairy honey pot. "Do you want to?"

"I was hoping you would ask," June giggled as she moved onto her back and waited for him to move into position and guide his hard-on into her dampness. Bill was definitely bigger than her fiancée so she told him to take it slow.

Cindi had already pleased June and now was working on May when she felt the bed really bouncing. She heard June's moans and knew her husband was fucking her. She grinned because it would now mean that she could fuck Rod.

"It feels so good," June said wrapping her long legs around him.

"Really?" May asked next to her just as Cindi's tongue got her off. "AHHHHHHHH!"

Bill wasn't a good pussy eater but he could control his climax pretty well. His mind went elsewhere as he pounded June's hot pussy.

"OH MY!" June cried out. He had been fucking her for almost ten minutes and she was used to no more than five.

Cindi moved up next to May and whispered. "You can have him next........I'm tired." She turned over and went to sleep.

Bill's hands moved under June's lower legs and lifted them until they fell across the front of his shoulders. Her feet was sticking straight upward as he continued his mission.

"Jesus he's a fucking machine," May whispered to June as Bill methodically fucked her. Finally June could hold out no longer. "I'M CUMING BILLLLLL!

Bill smiled and moved back and away from June. He surprised May as he grabbed onto her feet and opened her legs. "NEXT!"

***** It was just before daylight when Bill crawled over a naked body and went to the bathroom. He really needed a shower so he moved under the hot spray and a few minutes later heard one of them come in and tinkle into the toilet. He figured they would leave but Cindi pulled the curtain open and moved in with him.

"Last night was unbelievable," she giggled as she took the soap and washed his back.

"It was too amazing," he grinned as he turned and took the soap. "And we still have four more days. I think May and June will be here that long too."

"I know but....." Cindi turned around and felt his soapy fingers washing her back. "But.........I want to have a man join us too."

Bill knew he shouldn't care since he had just fucked two other women but suddenly he felt jealous and possessive. "Another man?"

She turned hearing the resistance in his voice. "Well yeah..you fucked May and June."

"Well yes but they wanted it. How are we going to find a man to join us? I'm not going to go up to a man and ask him to fuck my wife."

"You won't have to," Cindi giggled. "I know one."

"Know one," he repeated. "Who do you know here?"


"Rod....you just met him tonight and his wife doesn't seem like the kind to play around."

"Rod was the man who saw me when I stood in front of the window this morning and.........and later he made a pass at me when I went to the restroom."

"He.....he made a pass?" Bill asked looking pissed.

"So what?" Cindi said. "You just fucked two girls and are mad because a man made a pass at me?"

"But that's different.....we both agreed to.....you know........with June and May."

"God I can't believe you," Cindi snared. "It's OK for you to fuck two other women but when I want to you get angry." She moved out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

He heard the door slam and put his head under the water. "I'll kick his ass," Bill thought. However by the time he got back to the bedroom Cindi and both girls were gone. "SHIT!"


"He does not know our last names," June said to Cindi as they sat on one of the double beds in the girl's room. "He can't find you."

"Men! They are like little boys sometimes," May said as she hugged her new lover.

"Would your fiancées do the same thing?" Cindi asked.

"Probably," June answered. "They've suggested a threesome before but not with another man."

"Wouldn't they go for a foursome with both of you and them?"

"Maybe but we are afraid to lose our friendship. If one gets jealous then June and I don't see each other again," May answered.

"Right now I'm really tired," Cindi said as she fell over onto the pillow. "You two kept me up all night."

"You were doing a good job of keeping us awake too," May giggled as she moved behind Cindi and hugged her. June moved behind May and the three of them drifted off into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile Bill walked around the hotel and beach looking for them but couldn't find them. He asked the front desk for June and May's room but they couldn't give it to him and when he said he didn't know their last names they wouldn't call their room. He has struck out and headed out to the pool. He didn't know Tiki was next to him until she said hello.

"Oh hi," Bill said sitting back in the long lounge chair. "Where's Rod?"

"He went fishing and won't be back for a few hours," Tiki smiled. "Where's Cindi?"

"It's a long story," Bill groaned. He motioned for a waitress to come over so he could order a Jack and Coke.

"I have nothing to do," Tiki smiled.

"I don't think you want to hear this story," Bill said frowning.

"I think you need a friend," Tiki grinned. Her curiosity was now raised.

"Now remember we all had a lot to drink last night...." Bill said as he slowly told her everything that had occurred last night. All except the reason Cindi was mad at him.

"Wow," Tiki said. She had read about group sex before but until now never really believed it happened. She was very interested in the girl to girl sex. "And Cindi never......you know....with another woman before?"

"No," he said. "I think I really screwed up suggesting we have a private video made of us having sex."

"Rod wants us to do the same," Tiki said. After finishing two sweet drinks she was feeling good and for some reason opened up to this man.

"It did make Cindi really hot just thinking about it," Bill grinned. He had spent the past ten minutes trying to imagine what Tiki light brown breasts looks like naked. "But what really got Cindi hot was yesterday morning when I got her to stand topless in our room and a man saw her."

"Really?" Tiki smiled.

"Yes he was sitting right here in my seat."

Tike looked at him. "Rod saw her?"

"Yes and I didn't know it until this morning that he....." Bill stopped.

"No please finish," Tiki said now sitting up.

"He made a pass at her here at the pool yesterday and then again last night at dinner. That's why she is so mad at me."

"But why.........I don't understand." Tiki was controlling her own anger that her new husband had made a pass at another woman on their honeymoon.

"I....uh..you know did it with June and May and when she said this morning that she wanted to do it with another man I got jealous."

"The old double standard that men have," Tiki said. "I guess Rod must feel the same way since he wanted to do it with your wife while I sat around the pool."

Neither said anything for a few minutes. "Would you like to come to my room for a while?" Tiki said as she stood up and looked down at him.

"I........uh...don't think I should. I'm in a lot of trouble already."

"If you change your mind our room is right above yours." She pointed up at the open curtain. "It's room 333."

Bill sat back and watched her wonderful ass wiggle its way to the hotel entrance. He knew the only way to get Cindi back was to agree to her fucking another guy but he just didn't like that Rod character. After signing his check he started to get up and walk around some more looking for his wife when he glance up at Tiki's room and saw her standing on the balcony in her tiny bikini. She waved and slowly back away while still facing him. The sun projected down onto her body as she reached behind her and released her top. He looked in lust when her nearly perfect caramel breasts with large dark nipples appeared. He smiled and figured she was just getting even with Rod until she reached down and untied the knots on both sides of her hips. Suddenly it fell to the floor and Tiki stood completely naked in front of him. He could only see a thin dark bush about three inches long above her pussy lips. Suddenly she moved back into the shadows of the room and was gone.

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