Honeymoon Videos


Inside the bathroom the women tinkled and then washed off their hands. After Cindi washed and dried off her pussy Brandi did the same. "I'm nervous," Brandi announced.

"It's just you two making love," Cindi smiled as she peeked down the front of Brandi's bikini bottom at the patch of dark fuzz over her pussy.

"I think I can do that but...." She hesitated. "I think Jim might want to....you know...switch."

"Really?" Cindi asked trying not to look excited. "Why would you say that?"

"Before we were married he had hinted about us swapping with another couple. I thought he was kidding at first but he kept bringing it up. He hasn't mentioned it for quite a while but I know he is thinking about it."

"How would you feel about it?" Cindi asked.

"I'm not sure," she said. "I've only been with two men and I've wondered.....God don't think I'm bad but....I've wondered how it would be making love with a white man."

Cindi laughed softly. "I've wondered too about being with a black man."

Brandi smiled. "So I guess we should just let it play out."

After walking out the four stood nervously and anxiously at the base of the bed. "How do we do this?" Jim asked as he put his hand around Brandi's waist.

"Why don't we just dance for a while and take turns with the camera?"

"But what about the memory discs?" Brandi asked. "We all with be on one disc."

"We won't mind if you don't," Cindi smiled as she pressed her soft breasts into Bill's back as he pushed the record button on his small hand held video recorder.

"I trust them," Jim smiled as he turned and pulled Brandi's nearly naked body into his. His hard-on pressed into her upper stomach as his hands moved all around her back. As they danced to the make believe music he turned her body so Bill could record his large hand moving down over her chocolate buttocks.

Brandi closed her eyes knowing both Bill and the camera were recording her butt being fondled. She pressed her covered and now dripping pussy into her husband's thigh and rubbed it up and down. She had never been this turned on before.

As Bill aimed the camera Cindi rubbed her thigh into his crotch. Her own hands roamed over his back and down under his trunks. As she squeezed his bare cheeks she peeked over to see the tip of Jim's cock pushing out of the top of his trunks. God he was bigger than she first thought.

"Our turn to record," Jim laughed as he took the camera from Bill and aimed it up and down the white couple's bodies. Bill now had a free hand to massage Cindi's creamy buttocks as she continued to squeeze his. It was then Cindi's open mouth sought his and their tongues went crazy.

Brandi was on fire as she watched another couple fondling each other and kissing passionately. She surprised her husband as she reached down and grabbed onto his covered hard cock. "AHHH!" Jim moaned.

Bill heard the moan and grinned before grabbing the camera. He directed it down at Brandi's hand squeezing and stroking Jim's hard-on.

"Stop," Jim said smiling. "I can't take much of that." He decided to give her some of her own medicine as his large fingers reached up and cupped her whole left breast. This time it was their lips smacking and licking together. He then decided to find out just how far Brandi was willing to go. As he caressed her small titty his thumb curled down into her cup and slowly pulled it down and away until her Hershey Kiss nipple appeared.

"Hey!" Brandi giggled as she pulled her cup back up. "We haven't got that far yet." She looked at Bill and knew he had seen and recorded her nipple.

For the next ten minutes the camera traded hands a lot and their hands got braver and braver until both men's fingers had pushed the women's bikini bottoms into their slits. Blonde hairs could be seen escaping out from under Cindi's bottoms and dark ones from Brandi's.

"Whew!" Bill said feeling his trunks about to burst. "Do you want to take a break, keep going or.......maybe switching dancing partners for a while?"

It was decision time as Jim and Brandi looked into each others eyes. Her smile told him she wanted to switch. "We would.......like to.....switch," Jim grinned as his body and hard-on moved away from his wife and turned towards Cindi.

Brandi smiled as Bill aimed the camera at her hard tips while she moved up to him and took the camera from his hand. "Why don't we forget recording for a while?"

Bill watched over Brandi's shoulder as his wife's creamy body molded into Jim's bronze flesh. He knew she felt the big man's hard prick but she didn't flinch as her tummy rubbed against it. When Brandi's body pressed into his he forgot about his wife and Jim's dark hands now squeezing Cindi's soft buttocks.

Brandi actually wished she was alone with Bill because she wanted to rip off her bikini and fuck this handsome man. Her thigh measured his eight inch length and although it wasn't as long as her husband it was another man's and one she wanted inside of her. As his fingers caressed down over her firm ass her lips nibbled on his neck and earlobe. No one was actually dancing anymore as the two couples stood in one spot while fondling and rubbing together.

"You're so big," Cindi whispered and giggled in Jim's ear. She smiled when he turned his face to look at her and stopped smiling when his larger lips pressed into her own. His tongue was as big as his cock as it fucked in and out of her tight lips.

Brandi's lips moved down instead of up because she had never touched or kissed a man with chest hairs before. Her fingers twirled into the small curly patch of hair at the middle of his chest while her lips suckled on his nipple. Neither of them noticed Jim and Cindi moving to the bed until the bed squeaked. Bill looked over Brandi's head. "Do you want to join them?"

Her tongue moved away and she looked at Jim on his back and Cindi straddling his hips. "Yes." She guided Bill to the bed next to her husband and took the same position Cindi had on Jim. Both women rubbed their covered pussies on their covered cocks and smiled as they rocked forward and back.

"Jesus," Jim groaned. He knew no one had broken the unsaid rule about removing clothing but he had to see Cindi's titties. As she rocked forward his hand reached up behind her neck and untied her top. As she moved back the cups fell downward exposing her ivory breasts and hard pink nipples.

Cindi giggled and sat back before reaching behind her and removing the top. She tossed it on the floor and then reached behind Brandi's back and untied her top. Brandi's eyes were closed until she felt her top fall off. She opened them and saw Cindi topless sitting still on Jim's hard bulge. She giggled and sat back on Bill.

"Wow," Bill smiled seeing the vanilla and chocolate mounds in front of him. Their breasts were almost identical except Brandi's nipples were long and narrow and Cindi's were wider and thicker. Both men had the same thoughts as they reached up and cupped the soft treasures before them.

"If they can play so can we," Cindi giggled as her fingers jerked Jim's trunks down over his long hard dark cock. Her hips lifted to push the bathing suit to his mid-thighs so when she sat back up his brown rod was hers to touched and stroke. Next to her Brandi had done the same and it was her dark fingers on Bill's white cock. All that was left was their bikini bottoms. Jim reached for Cindi's but she grabbed his hand. "Is everyone OK where this is going?"

Jim looked at Brandi afraid she was going to stop it there but Brandi grinned. "Yes." Her fingers pulled open her own knots and then lifted it from under her legs. Suddenly it was her dark curly bush now pressing down into his pink pole.

Cindi let Jim's hand go and allowed him to remove her white thong. She smiled as he looked at a blonde pussy for the first time but realized Brandi was moving ahead quickly. As Brandy's pussy pressed down onto Bill's cock Cindi aimed Jim's long prick up into her pinkness.

"OH MY!" Cindi gasped as Jim's 10 + inches pressed up into her socket. As it moved past where Bill's had maxed out her eyes opened thinking it was going to come out of her mouth any minute. "You beast," she moaned.

"Ummmm," Brandi said feeling Bill's thicker cock open her up. When it bottomed out her pubic mound pressed into his and her clitty pressed down into him as well. "OHHHHH!"

Videos were forgotten as the black and white mixed couples fucked next to each other. Cindi's body moved horizontal onto Jim's and their lips once again joined to match her loins. The bed was banging against the wall as the two couples raced for completion. Jim was first as he grabbed Cindi's ass and filled her void with his hot spunk. She was seconds behind.

"OH GOD!" Brandi said as Bill's prick kept pumping up into her. Tears of pleasure rolled down her cheeks when his pushed his fingers under her and into her swollen lips. As soon as he touched her clitty she had her biggest orgasm ever. "OHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDD!" Seconds later Bill held on and shot out his hot juices.

No one talked as Brandi and Jim stood up and got dressed. Bill glanced at Cindi after they walked out the door. "What just happened?"

"I'm not sure," Cindi said as she turned on the pillow and hugged him. Her pussy was really sore.


It was an hour later when someone knocked on Bill and Cindi's door. Cindi moved it and peeked out to see Brandi. She opened it and the woman walked in. "Is everything alright?"

"I thought it was but.........but Jim got upset because Bill lasted longer than he did and that I enjoyed it so much," Brandi said as she looked at Bill still naked on the bed. "He said he was alright and told me to come back down here and to let you know."

"I......uh..really enjoyed him too," Cindi giggled. "I've never been that full before." She realized she too was naked and walked over to put on her robe. Brandi had put on a thin strap dress.

"You don't have to get dressed," Brandi smiled. "I mean I've seen everything all ready."

"But it's not fair since you are wearing this," Cindi smiled hoping she was catching the right vibes. Her fingers lifted her spaghetti straps and rolled them over and down her shoulders. It tumbled over her bare breasts and fell at her feet. As Brandi looked at Bill's cock getting hard Cindi pushed down and off her panties.

Brandi had not planned on having a threesome but realized it was about to happen when Cindi's white fingers moved around and over her chocolate titties. "Your hands are so....soft," Brandi moaned.

Bill smiled and waited because it was a big turn on to see two women touching each other. Brandi turned and caressed Cindi's breasts at the same time. "I've never been with a woman before."

"You'll really like it," Cindi giggled as she lowered one hand and searched into the thick pubes to find the raised clitty. Brandi played Simon Says and was soon fingering her first pussy other than her own.

As the two moved onto the bed and twisted their legs together Bill massaged Brandi's closest breast and nipple. A few minutes later after Cindi moved down between Brandi's thighs he moved up onto his knees by her head and aimed his hard cock at her full lips. She smiled before opening them wide and taking in four of five inches. She had almost all of him inside when someone knocked on the door. "Must be Jim," Bill said before pulling out his prick and moving over to open the door. "We started without you," Bill grinned as Jim moved inside.

"Damn!" Jim said when he saw Cindi's head between his wife's legs.

"Hi....hon...ney," Brandi moaned as her eyes rolled up into her head. "She's good........really...........GOOD!"

"I'll take the video so just jump in wherever you want," Bill laughed as he aimed the camera at his wife's tongue licking up and down Brandi's hairy gash.

Jim quickly stripped and looked at all the possibilities. He could fuck Cindi doggie style or better yet have his wife give him a blow job. He knew it would look better on the video.

Brandi turned and lifted her head to suck in her husband's cock. Cindi's tongue was doing things to her down below never before done and her body was on fire. She saw Bill moved the camera down for a close up of her mouth on Jim's prick and slid it back until it popped out. She looked into the camera while her tongue licked up and down his bronze sucker. As Bill moved closer Brandi's fingers found his hard-on and started jerking him off.

Brandi decided to pull her mouth away. "Fuck Cindi." She instructed her husband. Her mouth turned and sucked in Bill's joy stick.

Cindi was so involved in getting Brandi off she did not know Jim was behind her ass until his hard tip pressed up under her and into her dripping pussy. "AHHHHH!" She moaned into the dripping slit under her. Even doggie style he seemed like a log going into her.

Bill managed to keep recording as Brandi brought him off. "I'm cuming," he said to give a warning but she gulped down his spunk and went back for more and more.

Jim saw Bill's cock getting limp and smiled. He was lasting longer this time and Cindi was moaning with each inward thrust.

"OH GOD!" Cindi cried out when she exploded. Her body trembled. When her body landed back on Earth she fell forward.

"What about me?" Brandi asked frustrated. She was almost there. But her frustration was gone as Cindi moved off and her husband moved down. He commenced to fuck her like never before. "OH GOD BABY FUCK ME!!!"

Cindi and Bill moved back and watched their perfect union. It was Brandi who came first and a minute later as she hung on Jim emptied his load. "That was unbelievable," Brandi gasped.

The four of them now lay naked on the bed when the phone rang. Bill picked it up and smiled after listening. "It's June and May. They want to come and visit."

"Who is June and May," Jim looked up.

"Don' worry you will definitely like them," Bill laughed. A few minutes later they knocked on the door and Bill answered it.

"Naked?" May laughed when she passed him. "Are we missing a party?" They all moved into the bedroom and stopped when they saw Jim's naked black cock lying dormant across his thigh. "OH MY!"

June glanced at Brandi's caramel breasts. "Are we too late?"

"I'm not," May giggled as her fingers pulled off her dress and then her bra and panties. "Hi.......I'm May," she whispered to Jim before picking up his spent dick.

"I'm Jim," he grinned. His buddies will never believe the white ass he had this honeymoon.

"I'm June," she said as she undressed and moved around the bed to Brandi.

"Call me Brandi," she giggled when the young woman moved her head over her stomach and then lowered her lips to her moist bush.

Cindi and Bill moved off the bed and watched as May sucked Jim's cock to life and June's tongue had Brandi's hands grasping at the sheets. He filmed for a while and realized Cindi had walked naked out onto the balcony. It was dark outside but the lights from the pool below would show her nakedness. "What are you doing?"

"Making new friends," she giggled as she looked down at the young blonde man and his small brown-haired wife below looking up at her. "Come on UP!" She yelled as she opened her legs slightly.

The couple talked for a few minutes and then the girl looked up. "What is your room number?"

"233!" she yelled back.


Note from Slick: I could keep this story going on for ever but some of you would bitch that it was too long. Don't you wish your honeymoon was this good?" Don't forget to vote and send me an email. Thanks...Slick.

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