tagNovels and NovellasHonor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 05

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 05


Note: This is a work of FICTION. Although the areas this story takes place in are real; the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you, are NOT REAL. As you read this story try to remember:


15. A Meeting of the Minds

"Stop pacing around the house like a caged dog, Alan, or leave. You are getting me nervous."

"It is too early to leave, and I do some of my best thinking, while I am walking. I am trying to remember what the area is like, without having to use any aids. If I had a computer it would help "but I left mine behind."

"Why don't you use mine?"

"I did not know you had a computer."

"You probably don't know I have a living room either, because we've never made it that far into the house. It is the kitchen, the bedroom, or the bathroom. I do have six other rooms you know."

Alan smiled at her and said, "The next time I come back we will christen each one of them."

"That is big talk for a man who needed a three-hour nap today. A 42-year-old woman made a 27-year-old man whimp out."

"I have a joke which would fit perfectly for this situation. However, if I used it, you will chase me all around the house, and I will not be able to use your computer."

"You see Alan, you are learning. Let me show you where the computer is."

There was an old roll-top desk in the living room, and when she opened it there was a relatively new computer, surrounded by stock, bond, mutual fund trading forms and prospectus' from several well-known multinational companies.

Susan logged on to her computer and used her password to get Alan access.

He asked her to leave the room, while he did what was needed.

Susan said to him, "Do not play with my portfolio."

Alan asked, "What is a portfolio?" He ducked just as her hand went over his head.

Alan Googled up a map of Sedona in a large-scale satellite view and zoom down, until he could grid the position he needed, on Alternate 89A. He found the spot, and was not particularly happy with it. He would have preferred a meeting place a little further from Sedona, but he understood its purpose, from the other car's point of view. It would be logical for anyone seeing this car make a U-turn, from that point, that it had missed a turn onto Rolling Hills Road, and they were returning to it. He deleted the map, and called Susan so she could turn off her computer properly.

Susan sat down, and signed off her computer. She looked at him with a smile. "Well are you going to ask me or not?"

"It is not my business to mess in your affairs, Susan."

"Where is that fucking muzzle? We are married everything we have, we have together. You have never asked me a question about money, and you have told me everything concerning you. Don't you think it is about time you know about the woman who is going to have your child?"

"I know everything about her I need to know. I love her and she loves me. We would do anything for each other. Is there anything more important than that Susan?"

"Alan, we will talk about this when you get back. I don't want to add anything to your mind now, because I know how overloaded it is right now. Go, do your job, and do as you promised me; come back healthy, and come back to me soon."

"Remember, I was recalled to Washington, and that was the last you heard from me. If those people come back and say anything different; I went to Washington. I want Sergeant or one of his men or women to pay a visit to you, at alternating times of the day, every day, including weekends, while I am gone. Tell him it is very important. If he needs money to cover this expense, the government will cover it. No marked cars, just plain folks visiting you, because your husband had to leave town suddenly, and you have not heard from him since. Okay."

"I understand Alan. I will call Sergeant first thing in the morning. Now please go to work before you are late."

He walked out the front door, after kissing her goodbye. He licked the tear that fell from her left eye away, also. He said, "One day soon this will be over. I will quit the Bureau for you; and I will never leave you again. I promised you I would do anything to keep you happy. It is among the promises you can count your apples on."

When he turned his back to her, Susan had a grin on her face, so large, she thought it might crack.

He turned to her once more; and said that word again, so he could keep the grin on her face, until he came back; "ANYTHING!"

Susan put her arms around her chest and hugged herself joyfully. The smile did not her leave face, until she finally fell asleep.

Alan was too early, even for the 15 minutes plus time frame. He drove to the outskirts of Sedona, past the first circle towards the downtown area. He stopped to fill up his fuel tank, and get some water at the convenience store. As he finished paying, he saw a black Range Rover driving Southwest on 89A. He turned out of the gas station and fell in line behind it. He was a little less than 1500 feet behind the Rover, but unfortunately there were no cars in between them. There was no traffic on the road, at all, this night, in either direction. He varied his distance, getting closer, and moving further back; trying not to make the driver in front of him wary.

When the Rover passed Rolling Hills Road, Alan turned on to it, which he hoped made the people in the Range Rover relax. 5 minutes later, he moved back onto Alternate 89A, with his lights off, and stopped 500 feet behind the car. He flashed his lights and put on his emergency blinkers. Alan exited the Dodge Ram and put both hands on his chest, where they were visible. He walked up towards the other vehicle, and when he looked in the passenger side window, it was empty. A voice said "Do not move; identify yourself."

Alan replied, "Alpha."

William lowered his gun and replied, "Beta." He walked toward Alan, with the two women following close behind him.

William spoke for more than five minutes explaining what things were going to happen; and how they were going to go about it, when they got to his hideout.

Alan now knew, as long as William was with him; he was no longer in command of the overall operation. He was only in charge of the protection and resupply details. As far as he was concerned "Things were getting curiouser and curiouser."

William explained that he had a GPS with instructions to the cave, but Alan insisted that he follow him for the first time, because it was very tricky. He also told him Stephano was going to be very anxious when he heard other voices, and a second car coming into the cave. He would go in first, and disarm him, before they showed themselves.

Alan backed into the cave as far as he could, in an attempt to hide the Range Rover, from being seen from the outside.

Stephano heard the second car backing up, and he was not happy. He lay flat, behind the Kevlar box, wondering if anyone was going to start shooting at him.

Alan shouted, "Stephano, it's Alpha. As you have probably figured out, we have guests. I am coming out with my hands up so you can see me. The second person joining us will be someone you know. If you do not put down your gun and move away from it, with your hands in the air, she will be shot, and it will be your fault. Do you understand?"

"Let me see you Alpha, and we will go on from there."

Alan moved along the far wall from where Stephano was laying down. Alan told him to turn all the lights on in the cave so he could see who was coming in next.

Stephano turned on all the high-intensity lights, which lit up the entire inside of the cave.

Alan said, "Uncover her head, and send her to me. If he makes one false move, shoot her."

Stephano could not believe his eyes, when Patricia was thrown, stumbling, at Alpha.

He yelled, "Patricia, what are you doing here?"

"Stephano, are you sure you graduated college and graduate school, with a 4.0 GPA. I walked here, can't you see that. With my bare feet, and my hands cuffed behind my back; I walked across the George Washington Bridge and two thirds of the United States just to see you. They kidnapped me you asshole."

"You do not know how I missed that mouth of yours. It is like a breath of fresh air."

Turning to Alpha, Patricia asked, "Would you take these handcuffs off me for a minute; I want to take that rifle from him, and shove it up his ass."

"Stephano put down your rifle and walk away from it, before this pretty young thing dies where she is standing."

Stephano did what he was told to do, and walked back towards the wall of the cave. Alpha picked up the rifle, and called the all clear.

A man and woman came into view, and Stephano did a double take, when he saw Jemma.

Patricia snarled, "Should I leave you two alone?"

"Give me a break, Patricia. I have been alone in this cave for 7 weeks, and she is a gorgeous."

"What am I shredded wheat?"

Stephano stood there, without a reply on his lips.

"I guess you just figured out when your next kiss is coming."

"Come on Patricia that is not fair."

William laughed and said, "Well that answers one of the questions I had on the airplane."

Patricia looked at her father, with daggers in her eyes. Jemma poked him sharply in the ribs, with her elbow.

Jemma said, "Wasn't it enough for you to steal this girl out of a hospital bed, in front of the FBI, just to get even with his father. You abused her on the airplane, and are joking with her now, in front of her boyfriend."

Patricia screamed, "He is not my boyfriend. He will never be my boyfriend, even if he is the last male on this planet. Let him go fuck an ape, like Cain did, and start a whole new species. He is never going to fuck me."

William looked at Jemma and said, "Remember dear, love and hate are separated by a wet cunt hair. We may just use that against both of them. The thought of forcing him to have sex with her, may give her the impetus to give us the information we need. The reverse may be true for him. He may not want to have sex with her to prove that he is devoted to her. Either that or he may just have been out to get laid in the first place; as he was with Virginia DeMaio, when she was a junior at Penn, and Felicia Kahar in her first year of graduate school. He took both of their virginity's and paid for both of their abortions. Neither one of them has been the same, since those experiences. Stephano Valentino is a wonderful man, just like his father."

Stephano railed at the mention of those two names. "I don't know anyone by those names. I never got anyone pregnant, while I was in college or in graduate school. I most certainly never paid for anyone to get an abortion. You are lying; why are you lying?"

"We have affidavits from both girls, and their medical records. We have affidavits from their friends that say you are the father of the children that were aborted. What reason would they have to lie after the fact?"

"I don't know, but it was not me. If I got someone pregnant I would have stood up for her, and married her, if that was what she wished. I may not be the nicest guy you'll ever meet; but I would never do that to a young woman."

"Considering your batting average in high school, college, and graduate school Stephano, explaining that to a jury would be very difficult."

"It was not me, I'm telling you. I did not do that."

"Well that is not the reason we are here anyhow. Chain her up, and let's get about our business."

Alan unlocked one of the handcuffs from Patricia's wrists and went to locked it around the loops of Stephano's neck brace.

"Oh no you don't, I am not walking around tied to him; not after what you just said about him."

Stephano said, "Patricia it was not me."

"If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, IT IS A DUCK!"

William said, "Alpha, give her some room."

"Stephano, the kid gloves come off as of today. You will either give us all the information you have on your father's operations and the operations of the other four families in the New York area, or you will suffer the consequences. In addition to you, the young woman will suffer the consequences, also. We were told that she set up the computer system, in the Queens Office building. She will tell us how to break into it, without it shutting down or signaling that it is been tampered with, or she will suffer the consequences. It is a simple give and take. If you give us what we want, we will not take anything from you. If you fail to give us what we want, then we start taking away parts of you. We have found the use of drugs is only partially reliable. However, the use of medieval torture is completely reliable. We will start with simple beatings, though you will not find them simple. Miss Gallina is too frail to accept a severe beating. She will be subjected to mild beatings, sexual assault, and my personal favorite: bondage and sadomasochism. From what I am told she has limited sexual experience. This should be very exciting to watch. I will make sure that you have a ringside seat, while she is being interrogated, by Charlie. Charlie may not look like it, but she is an excellent dominatrix. When it comes to making a woman come to the edge of ecstasy and backing off, she is the best I have seen. What she can do to experienced women is amazing. What she can do to an 'innocent' will making her suffering 100 times more painful or pleasurable. We will find that out as the days go by.

We could have her do the same to you, but that would take too long, and for a period of time you would enjoy it. It would be counter-productive to our desired outcome. We are going to unload the truck now. Go lie down get some rest you will need it for tomorrow."

Patricia was leaning against the wall when Stephano approached her. She said, "Don't you come near me, or I will scream."

"Patricia, as God is my witness I did not do those things. I went to bed with a lot of women, during those years, but I never got anyone pregnant. I always used a condom. I was always responsible."

"What did they do, pull names and years out of thin air. They have affidavits, from other students, naming you as the parent."

"Did they show us any affidavits, or proof of any kind that I did these things?"


"I could walk into a class and say to them that your teacher is going to be Patricia Galina and she is 5 foot 11 and 600 pounds. You could walk in, tell them your Patricia Galina and they wouldn't believe you, because your 5 foot 3 and 110 pounds. They are accusing me of doing things that I cannot dispute, and I do not know why?"

"Maybe they just wanted to see how I would react if I thought you were a bastard. They should only know I think you are a bastard anyhow."

"Patricia, we have not seen each other in a while, and we are starting off on the wrong foot."

"That is correct, and what is the first thing that you do when you see me? A gorgeous young woman walks in the room; your head turns to her, your mouth opens, and you start drooling. You tell me how pretty she is, and when I ask you what about me, you cannot even come up with an answer. If that is not an insult, I do not know what is."

"You can share my bed with me tonight, if you would like."

"Goldfish, do you ever listen? Did you hear a word that I said?"

"Yes dear, every one of them, and if I had a logical answer for any of them I would give one to you. However, you have used up all the logical questions, and I do not have an equally logical retort. So I was hoping we could go to bed together and work it out."

"I am not your dear; dammit. You are a perfect example of why I love numbers more than men. Numbers make sense, men never do."

William said, "Alpha, separate those two, before they kill each other, and we have no one to interrogate. Charlie you are with me, we have to finish setting up at the mouth of the cave."

The first thing the next morning William and Alan set up a huge desert camouflage net in front of the cave. Alan knew someone put a lot of serious thought into this, because it reached all the way across the mouth of the crescent shaped canyon, and had enough range to tie off to the rocks were it came to the end. The color matched the area identically. However, it also brought into stark realization that the tire tracks lead directly to their position. A low-flying airplane could see these tire marks, if they were looking for someone hiding in this semi-arid region. Something had to be done immediately to correct that deficiency.

Alan grabbed the tarp and heavy cord out of his truck, and laid it down by the edge of the cave. He started pulling it, by himself. William stopped him and told him he would give him help. Jemma said she would help also, but both men said no.

Jemma looked at both of them and said, "Do not treat me like a girl. My dad was a mason, and I used to carry bricks to him, when he was building houses. I may not be as strong as I was back then, but I can still carry my own weight."

"Move over, old man, and let me show you how a woman works."

Three people pulling that tarp made the job much easier. They were able to walk nearly a quarter of a mile away from the cave, before Alan said stop. It became apparent that an alternate way to the cave had to be found for the last half mile, instead of straight in. The tire depressions in the ground were getting so deep; attempts like this would be worthless very soon.

Jemma asked, "Is all our traveling going to be done at night?"

Alan said, "Yes, it is."

"Why don't we get some Day-Glo Marking Paint and mark some rocks during the day. We can make a wide, circuitous route, to get back and forth to the cave. When we have it down correctly, we can put it in to your GPS computer's and get rid of the rocks, so only we will know how to get there."

William hugged and kissed her. He looked in her eyes and asked, "Were you a Girl Scout?"

Jemma smiled at him, "Of course, weren't you?"

Alan laughed, but Jemma screamed as William slapped her ass. He said, "Remember young woman, that belongs to me and I intend to use it very often."

Softly, she whispered in his ear, "I missed it last night."

"I did to Jenna. However, tonight we will have our camping gear out, and we will sleep among the stars. I will point them out to you as we create new ones to join them."

"Will you two please stop. I just got married, and I had to leave my wife before we were able to seal the deal."

"How the hell did you find time to fall in love and get married on the detail as hazardous as this one?"

"It was love at first sight. I wanted that woman more than anything else in this world. I would walk through fire for her. When this job is over, I am leaving the Bureau to be with her."

Jemma reached over, kissed Alan, and congratulated him on his marriage. William also congratulated him. He also reminded him that they still had a big job ahead of them; and to keep his eye on the ball.

When they returned to the cave, Stephano and Patricia were still going at it.

"Turn around so I can use the toilet."

"I will not turn around. You will not let me see your rear end under normal circumstances, so I will take advantage of you, while you have to answer natures call."

"You want me to believe that those girls are telling a lie. You will not give me the common courtesy of a little privacy, while I use the toilet. That says a lot for your character, Mister Valentino."

Alan said, "Charlie, put a bag over his head, if he touches you kick him in the nuts."

Jemma grabbed a canvas bag, from the back of the Rover, and said, "On your knees and face the wall, pretty boy; one bad move and you will be minus 1 out of 2, while you are awake."

Jemma put the bag over Stephano's head and tightened it. She turned to see everyone looking at her, and applauding silently.

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