tagNovels and NovellasHonor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 06

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father Ch. 06


Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember, this is a NOVEL!


18. Winners and Losers and Winners

"He is losing too much blood; we have got to get him to the hospital."

"Bull shit, William; your primary job is to get Stephano, the girls and yourself out of here, and back to Washington. The police can take me to the hospital."

Susan cried, "I am not leaving you."

"You are carrying my child. You will do what I tell you to do, or I will have them put you in handcuffs and drag you onto that airplane. I will be fine, as soon as they get me to the hospital. I will have enough police around me that the Valentinos' will not get close. I need to be able to relax and know that you are safe. William, get a move on it, we do not want to make a run for the airplane at daybreak."

William asked the officer if there was any chance of getting another patrol car to help them on the way to the airport

The officer checked in with his captain and found that all units were involved in other duties. It would take at least an hour before he could get one to them.

Allen said an hour would be too long. The sun would be up just enough to let everyone see who was driving and where they were going. They had to make their move now, or it was going to be too late.

William agreed, and told the girls to get ready to go. He looked at Stephano and said, "I know you told Patricia that you would testify against your father, and I believe you. However, if you cause a problem while we are on the way to the airport, I will kill you."

"William, I will cause you no problem. After I learned what my father did to those college students, I cannot defend any of his actions. It turns my stomach just to think about it."

"Get ready to go, once we are in the aircraft, I will take your handcuffs off and allow you to walk around."

They took Alan out first, and put him in the back of the police car. Patricia and Jemma bracketed Stephano in the back seat of the Range Rover. William and a very reluctant Susan got into the front. The police car led the way down the winding mountain road of the development, until they reached the intersection of Highway 179, and alternate 89A. The police car turned on its lights and siren and they sped off Southwest in the direction of the airport, and the hospital.

William hit the speed dial on his cell phone, and a woman answered. He said, "We are on our way, six minutes out."

She replied, "Roger."

The huge C-130 Hercules started up its engines, one at a time and the ground crew removed the chocks from under its wheels. The loadmaster prepared to receive the car and had the cargo netting ready to stop it before it went too far into the aircraft. His men were not in their normal tie down positions on the aircraft. They were strapped in 6 feet above the floor, just in case the car came into the aircraft, under less than optimum condition. The airplane itself could withstand a bump here and there, but a man would get crushed by a car coming in at 140 miles an hour.

As the police cruiser was speeding down 89A, Allen's hands started to itch, and his itch was never wrong. He leaned up on his elbow and said to the officers, "There is trouble coming, be careful."

The words were not out of his mouth, when an automatic weapon opened fire, from an SUV they were passing. The officer in the right front seat was killed instantly, and if Alan had not been lying down, he would have been killed also.

The officer driving the car turned into the SUV knocking it off the pavement and into the scrub grass on its right.

William saw what happened and increased his speed passing both cars, as Susan screamed at him to stop, so she could help Alan.

William saw another SUV make a U-turn behind him. He knew it was going to come after them. He increased his speed and twisted in and out of traffic, and turned sharply on to Airport Road. He lowered his window to hear the roar of the aircrafts' engines. He had to know which end of the runway the C-130 was waiting for them, when he got on to the airport property.

The back window of the Range Rover shattered; and the girls screamed.

He yelled, "Get your heads down, and stay down."

He hit the speed dial on his cell phone again. "We are taking automatic weapons fire from a dark color SUV 6 in our o'clock position. We are one minute out."

She replied, "Roger, the aircraft's rolling."

William could hear the change in the pitch of the aircraft propellers and the power being applied to them. He turned onto the access road and saw the big Hercules on Runway 21 slowly picking up speed. He turned onto the taxiway with the blue SUV about 1000 feet behind him.

He turned onto the runway and put his foot to the floor, asking the Range Rover for everything it had.

The gaping hole in the back of the C-130 kept it from gaining the speed needed to take off, but it was going fast enough to make it hard to gain on it. The Rover was doing 120 mph and the aircraft was doing about 80 mph. The runway was only 5100 feet long, and that did not leave a lot of room for this big bird to get off the ground, or enough speed to do it.

William was gaining ground on the Hercules but was getting ready to write a letter to Range Rover, because the Jaguar engine that was in this beast was getting nowhere near the 140 miles an hour that was listed as the top speed it was supposed to reach.

He was comforted in the knowledge that he was outrunning the SUV on the straightaway. However the bullets, being fired at them, were still coming fast and furious.

He was closing in on the strobe lights that were emitted from the back of the Hercules ramp. He saw men with flashlights waving him on; begging him to hurry before they ran out of runway. Finally his front wheels hit the ramp. Then, the final bump and his rear wheels hit the ramp. Then, the fun began. He was doing 120 miles an hour, inside a moving airplane. He jammed on his brakes, pulled the handle on his emergency brake, and skidded into the crash net. Everyone inside the vehicle breathed a sigh of relief.

The C-130's Loadmaster was now sure he had seen everything.

The rear ramp was still coming up when they felt the aircraft float downward off the end of the runway, into the chasm at its end, instead of lifting off. Everyone held their breath hoping that the pilot could recover from the lack of airspeed on takeoff into the thin mountain air. They could hear the engines clawing for airspeed, when finally they grabbed just enough to pull the giant bird up and gain altitude, a little at a time. The Loadmaster yelled for his men to tie the car down, before it started rolling out the back of the aircraft. The men loosed themselves from the sides of the aircraft, and worked like army ants; crawling all over the car with chains and cables to keep it where it belonged. When it was fastened in place, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, the passengers were allowed out of the car to get a breath of air.

William asked to speak to the communications officer.

He was sent forward to the flight deck to meet her. They shook hands and he asked, "Where did they get all these extra people."

The communications officer said, "They were not extra's. When they got out of court in Prescott, the men the judge required to stay in town stayed. Those that did not have to stay, quietly rented other vehicles, and slipped out of town after dark. The sheriff did not find out about this until very early morning. He was so angry with his men; he put his fist through a door, and broke his hand.

He called the Sergeant, in Cottonwood and told him the news. These thugs had already gone by Cottonwood, and were in Sedona. It put the total burden on the police force there, and they were not prepared for it. Sgt. Sherwood is on his way with men to help out. Three Sedona police officers are dead, and two are not answering calls.

William asked, "Is there any word about Alan Robbins?"

"As soon as they got him to the hospital, they rushed him into surgery. He still has one officer guarding him, and the hospital is on lock down. That was the last update I had, and that is as of five minutes ago."

"His wife is on board this aircraft. She is going to be a basket case, if we do not keep her informed about him. Do your best to keep us updated, please."

"I will do my best Mr. Zabo."

William walked into the back of the aircraft and went straight to Susan. "Susan, they took Alan straight into surgery, as soon as they got to the hospital. The communications officer will keep us updated on his progress."

"Is that all they said William? They didn't say if he was just hurt, or if he was critical or anything like that?"

"Susan, he was talking all the way to hospital. He was talking in the hospital. I would definitely say he was not critical. He might have been badly hurt, because they would not have taken him to surgery otherwise. Do not make it more than it is. He wanted to make sure that you would relax, and not hurt the chances of the baby being fine. You were more important to him than anything else. He needed to be sure you were safe. You are safe and we will make sure that he knows it. Your cousin is on his way to guard him. Everything will be fine. Try to relax."

Stephano was released from his handcuffs and allowed to walk around the aircraft freely. He heard this conversation and walked over to Susan. He sat down beside her and said, "Mrs. Robbins, I cannot tell you how sorry I am in all of this is happening. I know that it is all about me, and my father's desire to get me back. Alan always treated me well, and under the circumstances, much better than I deserved. I sincerely hope that he is returned to you in good health."

"Alan never mentioned you by name. He never told me anything about you; or what was going on. He kept me totally in the dark, to keep me safe. What type of man is your father that he has no regard for innocent people's lives, as long as he gets what he wants?"

"That was the question Patricia asked me, and when I could not come up with an answer good enough to satisfy me, I decided to testify against him. No one has the right to do what he has done, and get away with it. For most of my life I turned a blind eye to it; and lived a good life because of it. I can no longer do that. It is against everything that I am, and everything I believe in. If the government can keep me alive long enough I will tell the entire world about my father and his friends that run the mobs in New York City."

"What do you mean if the government can keep you alive long enough?"

"The mob has people in very highly places in the government. They know almost as much as the President of the United States knows. It is nearly impossible to keep anything from them. If they know where I am staying, they will try to kill me, before I am able to take the stand and testify."

"Is that really possible Stephano? Do they know that much about the inner workings of our government?"

"Susan, do you really believe an organization that makes over $5 billion a year, in one city, could survive without inside information about what is going on inside the halls of Congress. They may not own the senators anymore, but congressmen do know where their bread is buttered every time there is an election."

"If a mayor wants to clean up his city, it is not the police that do it; an arrangement is made. The girls are moved off the street, and into houses. Police are informed where to look for drug dens. Drug busts are made against independents, which are in competition with the organization. Murder rates go down, because the police are informed before the gangs get involved in their wars. Robberies go done. Bank and armored car robberies go down. Everyone is made to look good, and everyone makes money. The bottom line is money, Susan. What a good business does is make money; LOTS OF MONEY!"

"Stephano, what you described, is a very scary movie scenario. It's like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and the Godfather 3 all put into one. Everything is about control. They control the judges, the politicians, and the police. The public has no say in anything."

"It is not all that bad Susan. The underworld controls a small part of a very large economy."

"How can you say that when you have just said you may not live to testify?"

"It is easy, because I am threatening that part of the small economy they live off. They do not like trouble. They like to be hidden in the shadows. The light blinds them. The truth sends them to jail."

"Did you like his lecture Susan," Patricia said. "Every word he said is true. He was not raised to be a part of the underworld. He was raised to be a good decent human being, by a mother and a family who adored him. Unfortunately, he is the only son of a man who heads one of New York's families. He did not know it, but from the day he was born he was destined to lead his family. I do not know if it is because of what his father did to my friends at school, or not, but his good part came out in time to save his soul."

Stephano turned around, smiled, and asked, "But not in time for you to reconsider marrying me."

"I cannot do that Stephano. I told you before, I like you very much, but because of your father, and what he did to my mother, and to my friends, I could never become a part of your family."

"I am unhappy about your decision Patricia; however, I understand it."

"You can take this as a consolation prize Stephano. You are the first man I ever kissed, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

"You do know how to make a man feel wonderful Patricia. However, another part of him reacts at the same time, and that is not so wonderful."

Her father said, "Patricia, would you leave the poor man alone. He has not been with a woman in almost 3 months. He would love to take your virginity right now."

Every man onboard the aircraft turned to look at her.

Patricia screamed, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad!"

William grinned as he turned and walked back towards the flight deck. A shoe when flying by his head, and missed him, by a whisker, or less. He turned to remind his daughter of her boast in the aircraft on the way to Sedona, when he was struck in the middle of his chest by the second shoe.

"Did your mother teach you that, also, Patricia."

"No father, I learned it playing horseshoes."

"You are lying to me again Patricia. That is your mother's throwing motion. I would recognize it anywhere."

"If you knew I learned it from mom, why did you ask me?"

"When your mother threw something at me, I would go to her, put her over my knee, and spank her. That is exactly what is going to happen to you young lady; right now."

"You wouldn't dare lay a hand on me."

"You are out of control Patricia, and someone has to put you back on the right track."

William closed the distance between the two of them, and Patricia did not move.

Everyone in the aircraft moved to take a better vantage point of the upcoming struggle.

Jenna said, "William, you had better not enjoy yourself."

He did not take his eyes off Patricia but he said, "Jemma, this is for disciplinary reasons only."

William reached Patricia and grabbed her by both arms. He said, "Daughter, you lied to me, and then you hit me. You are going to be punished."

With venom dripping from the corners of her mouth, Patricia said, "Go ahead dad; try to catch up on your parental duties. You left mom and me over 20 years ago. We never heard a word from you, not one word. Now you expect me to treat you like a father, instead of a stranger. Mom cried for years over you. I cannot tell you how much I hated you for abandoning her. Every time she cried, I cursed you, yet she defended you. She would tell me how much you gave us, and I would tell her how much you took away from her. You robbed her of her life, and because of you she is dead. Go ahead hit me. I hate you for what you did to my mother."

William staggered back. He never expected to hear anything like this from his daughter. Laura knew why they had to be apart. She must have explained this to Patricia 100 times or more.

Jemma grabbed him, and took him to a seat so he could collect his thoughts. They could not afford a fight like this. They could not be torn apart from the inside, and expect to work as a team to take apart the Valentino family. It just would not work.

Stephano stood by Patricia. He wanted to hold her, but was unsure what her reaction would be. He said, "Patricia, let me take you to the back of the aircraft so you can sit down."

She leaned her head against his chest, which allowed him to wrap his arm around her shoulder, and walk her to the seats he indicated. She looked up at him and said, "I am sorry I had to get you involved in this thing. You did not deserve it. Two or three more weeks; that is all I needed and everything would have been over. No one had to get hurt. The information would have been transferred, and no one would have been the wiser. One accidental meeting blew all of that part. I am sorry Stephano, I am really sorry."

"Sorry enough to marry me?"

"Men, will they ever understand women?"

Stephano replied, "No, but we want to spend our lives trying."

"Stephano, you are going to be a big success in life. It is not going to be because of your ties with the mob. It is going to be because of who you are and how smart you are. People are going to flock to you, and your wife is going to be center stage. It cannot be me because of what your father has done to the people I love."

"Can we go to bed so I can change your mind?"

"What happens if we go to bed, and I don't change my mind?"

"I have been told I am very persuasive in bed."

"As my father informed everyone on this aircraft, I have never been in a bed with a man. How would I know if you were being persuasive, or not Stephano?"

"Trust me on this one, Patricia, you would know; you would definitely know."

"It is that good?"

"It is even better than that."

"I guess I will find out on my wedding night."

"I want it to be me."

"No more, Stephano; please no more, it will never be you."

Six Cottonwood police cars were speeding Northwest on Alternate 89A towards Sedona, when Sgt. Sergeant Sherwood received the news that Alan Robbins was in Verde Valley Medical Center being operated on for a bullet wound to his back. Susan was safely in the air, on her way to an unknown known destination, being guarded by the FBI.

"Sheriff Walberg, this is Sergeant Sherwood, we are on your doorstep, where do you want us?"

"How many did you bring Sheriff?"

"I have six cars, with four men each."

"Thank you Sheriff; drop one car off at the hospital, two men off at the airport. I have four confirmed dead police officers and one still missing and presumed dead. Shoot before you talk to these people. We will let the lawyers figure it out later. I don't think they know your friend is in the hospital. I believe they are between you and me. Set up a roadblock at Sunset Drive on 89A. If they are coming your way, they will try to go around you using those vacant lots, on both sides. Use your shotguns and blow their tires out as they try to go by. I do not know what they are shooting, but they are killing people. Stay behind something solid Sheriff, I do not want to lose anyone else today."

"Okay Tark, I am splitting my people up now. Three cars are going are going directly to Sunset to set up the roadblock. One car will drop two men off at the airport, and double back to join them. Two cars are going to stop at the hospital. My car will only be there for a moment to check on Alan. Then I will be back out in the field."

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