tagIncest/TabooHook, Line, and Sinker Ch. 02

Hook, Line, and Sinker Ch. 02


Note from Slick: Things got pretty hot at the fishing cabin last time and now Helene wants to bring the other women of the family into the incest web. You should read "Hook, Line and Sinker Ch. 01" first. All rights reserved.


Donna was just about ready to jump into the shower when she heard the doorbell. Paul had already left for work so she walked cautiously to the door and peeked out. "Helene," she said after opening the door.

"Good morning," Helene giggled. She smiled and forced herself inside.

"What are you so happy about?" Donna asked as she followed her younger sister-in-law into the den.

"The fishing trip."

"I think you are nuts going up there with them," Donna said. "No running water and plumbing."

"Well, it did get interesting," Helene grinned. "Since it was only one room I got some peaks at the brothers and father."

"Really?" Donna asked now sitting forward. "Did you see them naked?"

"It rained really hard one day and Jed and his dad got soaked. They stripped in front of me and stood in front of the fire to get warm."

Donna laughed and moved closer. "You saw Pops naked?"

"Yes, and I know now where Jed got his manhood from."

"Wow...you saw Pop's wienie...and that was it?"

"No...but you have to promise not to tell them I told you," Helene whispered.

"Sure...OK...yes...please go on."

"Don't be mad but I also saw Paul and I must say you are a lucky woman."

"Yeah...real lucky...he hasn't touched me in months. Did you see Ben too?"

Helene nodded and smiled. "Donna he's not the little brother."

Donna felt her body heating up. "He's...big?"

"Huge," Helene grinned.

"God, I wish I had gone with you."


"Yes but it's an annual thing," Donna frowned. "Maybe next year."

"What would you say if I can set up another fishing trip soon?"

Donna was just kidding but realized Helene meant it. "But, Paul would never allow me being there...you know...with his brothers and father?"

"They all saw me naked too," Helene whispered.

"NO WAY!" Donna cried out. "Naked!"

"Yes, we all just stopped worrying about it after a while."

"Oh my God," Donna gasped. "I could never go naked in front of Pops and little Ben. Oops, I mean Big Ben. Was that all that happened?"

"Well..." Helene grinned.

"No way..." Donna stared into her sister-in-laws eyes to see if she was kidding. She wasn't.

"Geez...Helene...you fucked one of them?"

Helene nodded. "When I saw how big Ben was I had to have him."

"And Jed doesn't know?"

"Nope. He was too busy fishing."

"Next week is his wedding," Donna said looking disappointed. "It's going to be a while before he's available."

"He's outside in my car," Helene smiled. "If you want I'll call him and ask him to come inside."

Donna jumped off the chair and ran to the window and peeked out. "I don't believe it," she said before turning. "How did you know I would be interested?"

"We've talked before about how bad our sex lives have been," Helene grinned. She picked up the phone and held her finger over the numbers. "Well?"

"How big is he?" Donna asked feeling faint. She watched as Helene held her hands about nine inches apart.

Helene thought Donna was going for it until the woman stood and walked towards the stairs. "Do you want me to call or not?"

Donna made it to the top of the stairs before pulling the robe from her nearly naked body. As she pushed down her panties she yelled back. "Yes but give me a few minutes."

Helene smiled and called Ben's cell phone.


"Donna..." Ben said while tiptoeing into her bedroom. The curtains were closed and only the small candle on the night table projected down onto her body on the bed.

"Hi Ben," she whispered. "I heard about the fishing trip."

Ben smiled and moved closer. He saw her in a white teddy that clung to her body. "We didn't do much fishing." He sat on the bed next to her and dropped his hand onto her knee.

"I know," Donna grinned as his fingers moved up closer and closer to the snaps just under her damp pussy lips. "I hear you are not the 'little' brother."

"Why don't you find out for yourself?" he smiled as his fingertips pulled up on the snaps. They popped opened and he saw his sister-in-law's pink vulva. Ben moved his head down towards her feet and his hips towards her head. He felt her fingers fumbling to let out his shaft and knew when she did from the cooler air and her gasp. "OH MY GOD!" It was his cue to move his mouth to her hairy gash. Her mouth engulfed his knob and sucked it as deep as possible without choking herself.

Helene waited about fifteen minutes downstairs before sneaking upstairs and peeking inside the bedroom to see Donna's legs wrapped around his waist. She saw Donna's eyes look over at her and then her mouth silently say 'thank you'. Helene smiled and moved back downstairs to call Pops.

The whole house shook slightly when Donna climaxed. A few seconds later Donna and Pops heard Ben's groan. "I think you're up Pops." She laughed.

As Ben walked out of Donna's bedroom Pops walked in. "Did you get her warmed up for me?" He asked his youngest son.

"She won't even know you are in her," Ben chuckled.

"We'll see," Sr. laughed.

Donna's eyes were closed as she lay there in total bliss. She didn't know a body was on the bed next to her until a hand moved to her bare butt. "Back for more Ben?" She giggled.

Pops didn't say anything as he stripped and moved up behind her. When her fingers moved back to grab his swollen cock he figured she would know but she just stroked him against her damp butt crack. "I was hoping she would call you Pops," Donna giggled. She turned and kissed his forehead. "I've always wanted to fuck you."

"Holy shit," Sr. said when Donna's wide lips found his hard prick. As her lips moved up and down he said, "Why didn't you say something?" His fingers cupped her small but firm titties and toyed with the hard small nipples. A few minutes later as she climbed over his hips and guided his tip up to her hole she said, "Paul fucked Helene didn't he?"

"What? Oh shit...put it in..."

Donna held her hips up. "I know Paul fucked Helene so just tell me."

"Yes...we all fucked her," Pops moaned just before his second daughter-in-law dropped her hot sex down his pole.

"Good," Donna grinned. "Since Paul did it so can I."


Helene heard the bed squeaking again and then opened the door for Paul. "She's upstairs with Pop. Ben's already fucked her."

"Shit, I didn't believe you that she would do it," Paul said before pulling off his shirt and pushing down his pants. She matched him until they were both naked. "Come to me baby," Helene giggled as she moved onto her back on the long leather sofa.


It was a month past the wedding when Donna and Helene talked everyone but Jed Sr. and Joan to go fishing for a long Labor Day weekend. Renee was the last to agree but only after they all stayed on her. The parents had to visit her sick sister and said they would try to make it by the last night.

"I don't think she will do it," Ben whispered to Helene as they stood outside of the big SUV. He looked over at Renee who stood in her sweat shirt and sweat pants looking half asleep.

Helene glanced at the tiny woman with short blonde hair. She was short but her breasts and hips were nice and round. "Let's put her with Paul in the back." If any of the men could break her down it was Paul.

"OK, everyone in," Helene said. After Renee crawled in to go into the back she whispered to Paul. "Switch with Ben after she goes to sleep."

Paul glanced over at Ben who smiled. "My pleasure."

Renee moved over to the rear seat and grabbed the blanket. She was cold and tired from getting up at 4:00AM. She didn't even look at her husband as he climbed into the seat next to her. She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.

Paul sat next to Helene and Donna sat upfront next to Jed. Helene had told her it was her job to seduce Jed so she purposely wore loose cotton shorts and when she climbed up in the passenger seat next to him she made sure to pull the shorts as high as she could.

Renee dozed off finally when the vehicle made it to the highway and off the city streets. While she was out Ben switched with Paul so when she leaned towards the window and pushed her ass back it was Paul she pushed it against. Renee was still angry for her husband insisting for her to go and stay in the wilderness with no water or utilities. Besides she really didn't know his family that well. She felt his hands reached down a grab her ankles before pulling them up onto his lap. He was trying to make up. Again she dozed and thought she was dreaming when she felt fingers moving up her inner thigh. Without opening her eyes she turned her body over until her ass was pushing back into him. "Leave me alone," she whispered before closing her eyes again.

Paul grinned and continued to caress and massage her young tender legs and thighs. He figured she had to be asleep when his fingers moved up over her buttock. He gently caressed and explored her softness.

"God," Renee thought when his touches woke her up again. He was crazy if he thought she would mess around with him under a blanket on the way fishing. But, his fingers did feel good as they gently massaged her butt.

Paul traced along the outline of her panties up over her hip and then back down to the crack at the base. His cock was rock hard now as he tried to push his middle finger up under her ass. He wanted to rub against her pussy.

Her body's need prevented her from stopping him because he was turning her on. Since they were under the blanket none of the others could see so she slowly lifted her top leg to let him underneath.

Paul held his breath when she raised her leg because his finger quickly moved down her ass crack to the space between her pussy and anus. Before she could stop him he forged ahead until he traveled up into her newly married pussy.

"Oh," Renee moaned when the fingers rubbed over her swollen clitoris. She now wished she had worn shorts so he could touch her bare burning flesh. Her leg was now raised about a foot to allow his fingers to caress and massage her lips, pubic mound and even an inch or two up into her wanton pussy.

Paul was happy touching her covered pussy and figured she didn't know it was him next to her. Since she was so willing he decided to go for it.

Renee was disappointed when his finger left her covered pubic mound. She sighed and lowered her legs just when she felt him pulling down on the back of her sweat pants. "Shit, he wants to pull down my sweat pants," she thought before reaching back and grabbing his fingers. "Stop," she whispered.

Paul frowned and moved his hand from hers before she felt the difference. He returned his fingers down under her ass and again felt her raise her leg. "So it's OK for me to touch your pussy through your clothes," Paul thought as he once again found her raised clitoris.

Helene and Ben could hear the whispering behind them but not what was being said. Her fingers were wrapped around his hard-on as they listened and waited to see how lucky Paul would be.

Renee was now wide awake and almost ready to cum when he once again pulled his fingers away. She really needing a release and since there was a blanket on them no one would see her pushing her sweatpants down.

Paul had just about gave up touching her bare pussy until he felt her sweat pants moving down over her hips which she had raised. He grinned realizing she wanted to cum. His fingers quickly helped her move the sweats down to her knees and then reached up to pull down her panties.

Renee thought about stopping him from lowering her panties but wanted to cum more. She lifted her hips again until her undies were down to her knees as well. After letting him caress her ass for a few minutes her leg raised again to invite him underneath.

Paul was breathing hard now when his fingers moved down her ass crack over her tiny rear hole. The fingers were wet with sweat and her pussy juices when they dove into her hot boiling pussy lips.

Renee was again ready to cum as he touched and toyed with her whole slit. When his middle finger moved all the way into her she gasped and moaned. She wanted to cum and he was not getting her there so she moved her left hand down to her pussy and rubbed the clit.

Paul felt her masturbating and continued to finger-fuck her. Less than a minute later her body tensed up and she climaxed. "Ohhh," She moaned loud enough for both Helene and Ben to hear. Her teeth bit into the blanket to keep her immense pleasure inside.

It was time just right because Jed was pulling the vehicle off the exit ramp. "Time for breakfast," he yelled.

Renee panicked when she felt the SUV pulling off the interstate and then into the parking lot. She tried to pull up her panties and sweatpants but realized the others would see her doing it even with the blanket over her. She instead pulled the blanket over her head. "I'm waking up," she announced through the wool blanket. "I'll be inside in a few minutes."

Ben and Helene smiled as they climbed out of the SUV and wanted to see Renee's face when she realized it was Paul instead of her husband who had just finger-fucked her. But, they didn't want any confrontation just yet.

"Are they gone?" Renee asked who she thought was her husband under her legs.

"Yes," he whispered softly not wanting to give away his identity just yet.

"Good, help me pull up my panties and sweats," she giggled. Suddenly she was thinking that maybe she could spend some passionate times with him on this trip.

Paul put his head under the blanket and as she lifted it up he got to see she was a true blonde. Her neatly trimmed golden bush glistened from her feminine moisture and her pink folds were opened enough for him to see her satisfied clitoris.

Renee felt his head moving up her thigh. "Ben STOP!" She giggled when his tongue licked from the bottom to the top of her gash. "We don't have time."

"Too bad," Paul laughed as he raised his head and upper body up until he looked into her baby blue eyes. "I can't wait to eat your delicious pussy."

"PAUL!" She gasped before she kicked him and the blanket off of her. "OH MY...YOU TOUCHED MY...AND LICKED MY...TURN AROUND...DON"T LOOK!" She saw his smiling face turn.

"I should tell Ben what you did," she snapped at him while pulling the panties up over her wet pubic mound.

"And tell him how you touched your pussy while I fingered you?"

"I...HEY I THOUGHT YOU WERE HIM!" She said feeling totally embarrassed and flushed. "YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME!"

"Yes and you loved every minute of it. Come on lets go get something to eat," he held out his hand but she slapped it away. Paul moved ahead of her into the restaurant wondering if she was going to stop the fishing trip at that point but suddenly saw her head to the ladies room. A few minutes later she walked up to the table and sat down like nothing had happened. Paul looked at Ben and winked.

Renee never glanced over at Paul as she finished a healthy serving of eggs, bacon, biscuits and toast. She kept asking Jed about the cabin and the lake. Suddenly her interest in the fishing trip was very high. As everyone was finishing she again excused herself to go to the ladies room to make sure she was dry down below before getting back into the SUV. When she came out Paul was waiting for her in the small dark hallway.

"Excuse me," she said sharply as she tried to squeeze by him. But he grabbed her arm and pulled her back up against his front. She immediately felt his swollen passion. "Stop it or I swear I'll tell Ben."

"I don't think so," he whispered as his hands moved around her waist to the top of the sweatpants. Before she could react his fingers dove under the tight elastic and then under her panties. "I think you like what I did."

"Ohhh," Renee moaned when his middle finger once again found her moist slit and pulsating clit. "Stop...please," she whispered. "Someone might come." Her body went limp as she leaned back against him. For some reason she couldn't say no to this older man.

Paul nibbled on her ear and pulled his finger slowly back up her slit until it escaped over her soft pubic mound. "We have all weekend."

Renee was disappointed and also angry at herself for giving in to him. "Don't ever touch me again," she said as he turned and moved into the men's room.


Ben had seen his wife go to the restroom and a few minutes saw Paul follow her. He was wondering just how far his older brother had gotten with his bride so he too decided to go to the restroom. Paul was just zipping up when he walked in. "So what happened?"

Paul grinned at his little brother. "She's not going to be as difficult at you thought."

"Shit Paul...tell me what happened."

He laughed. "In the SUV she thought it was you who was fingering her."

"You fingered her...I mean inside her..."

"Pussy...man it was dripping," he grinned.

"What happened when she found out it was you?"

"She acted pissed at first but shit...you saw her in the restaurant. I think she can't wait to get to the lake."

"Yeah but she thought it was me touching her," Ben said.

"Not a few minutes ago here in the hallway," Paul whispered before turning and walking back into the restaurant.

"What? Wait...You touched her here..." But Paul was gone.

For the last half of the trip Ben jumped in the back seat because things were going too fast for him. He really thought that Renee would balk at his brother's advances but it seemed he was wrong. During the last part of the ride she was giggling and joking.


Donna had made sure to flash Jed her panties a few times during the first part of the trip. Once when she opened the glove box and the light projected down on her loose shorts she knew he could see her nearly sheer panties and dark bush. Especially since the SUV moved off the lane. "Keep your eyes on the road," she whispered with a giggle.

"Shit," Jed thought. "She's flashing me on purpose." He had always had a thing for Donna ever since her wedding day when he was the one who caught the garter. He had put it on one of the girls in the wedding party later but had gotten it back. When he danced with her later he had enough to drink to whispered to her that he wanted to put it back on her. An hour later when most of the guests were gone she found him alone on the terrace. "Well?" she laughed. "I thought you wanted to put the garter back on me." She knew Paul was inside talking to relatives.

"I...uh...was just kidding," he said nervously.

"I don't think you were," she whispered as she pushed her hand down into the very loose pocket in the tux slacks. As she fished around for the garter she touched the side of his growing penis. "Ummm...you like your new sister-in-law don't you?"

"Jesus," Jed gasped as her fingers curled around his prick. It measured his length before giving him one last squeeze. She pulled the garter out and held it up. "Here it is." She said while handing it to him.

"Donna we...shouldn't..." Jed said as he watched her slowly lift up her long white wedding gown. The garter shook in his hand as he dropped to his knees and pushed it up over her foot, up her ankle and calve to her knee. He waited until the dress moved up over her garters and then her panties which were white lacy mesh. His eyes never left her dark bush as he pushed the garter higher and higher until it was inches from her covered pussy. It was then she dropped the dress.

"Sorry...," she giggled as she pulled him up and gave him an open-mouth tongue lashing. "I'm going to like being in your family."


Renee snuggled up to her husband but couldn't sleep as her body remembered the touch of the man now sitting in the seat in front of her. She had never really had any serious sex with anyone but Ben and didn't really think it mattered until now. Suddenly her body was alive and wondering how it would feel with another man's hands and lips on it. Her pussy was once again wet when the Vehicle finally pulled down the dirt road to the cabin.

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