tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 01

Hopeless Situation Ch. 01


Who's in control? We all think we're the ones that are. But are we?

A story of non-consent, six chapters long, with a twist in the tail.

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Thank you slickNick2412 for your helpful suggestions.


Chris sat watching the girl squirming in front of him, his hands resting on his flat stomach as he leaned back, feet crossed at the ankles lying against the shiny patina of the dark wood coffee table in front of him.

He saw see she was scared, her green almond shaped eyes seemed to dart from man to man around the room, looking for sympathy on each face and finding none. Her mouth slightly open as she took small fast breaths, her heart shaped face flushed with fear.

So she should be.

Frightened and wary.

But not of the four men surrounding her.

No. Her main worry was the tall man deceptively lounging opposite her on the large brown leather sofa, his ice blue eyes pinning her to the high backed wooden chair where she sat, shaking and unsure of what was to happen to her.

Slowly uncrossing his ankles and placing his feet on the floor, Chris leaned forward, never taking his eyes off the frightened women, his arms resting on his splayed out thighs as he asked her in a deceptively quiet voice, "I'll ask you again, where is your boss, and what has he done with the money?"

Tears started to flow gently from her eyes as she looked across at the dark haired man that until today she had seen only a couple of times going into meetings with her employer, a high priced Lawyer to the rich and famous. She knew of Mr Landsman, some kind of powerful business figure that her boss was doing some work for, but had never spoken to him until today.

Tall and charismatic with a lean face, thick well styled black hair and ice blue eyes, he was watching her as if she was a rabbit trapped in a snare and he was the fox.

"I told you I don't know where he is. I haven't seen him in over a week, and I don't know what you're talking about. Please believe me, I don't know."

Chris sighed, shaking his head. The money wasn't a lot in the big scheme of things, after all he was a multi-millionaire, and the money could be made up in a couple of days through the businesses in his empire. It was the principle that mattered. That and not losing face. Being ripped off by that pompous shit of a Lawyer that was supposed to be acting as middleman in a shady deal was not good for his reputation, nor his ego.

"Miss Williams I am out of pocket to the tune of five hundred and fifty grand and I am not in a very good mood right now. I suggest you think very carefully before answering me this time. Now where is your fucking boss?"

"Please I don't know. I came into work on Monday and his desk was cleared and I haven't seen or heard from him since. Glynis has disappeared as well. I promise you I'm telling you the truth. Why don't you believe me?"

Leaning his right elbow on his thigh he rubbed his chin with his hand, feeling the two day old stubble rasp against his strong fingers. He had noticed the young woman the first time he had gone to the offices of the fucker who had run off with his money. Admiring her slim frame and sweet face surrounded by the soft brown shoulder length hair as he had passed through the outer office to the inner sanctum of her boss.

She was a pretty little thing, not his usual type, but something inside of him had taken notice of her every time he had visited. Each time she had shyly glanced up at him through her long eye lashes and then bent her head down to carry on working on her computer, trying hard not to be noticed, as Glynis, Bowman's secretary, had escorted him in through the solid oak door and away from the soft rose scent that had wafted across to him from where she sat. He dragged his eyes away from the terrified girl sitting with her hands shaking in her lap, he looked up at Dave, his right hand man, standing slightly behind her to her right, and they caught eyes, with a look passing between them.

"I think we should give Miss Williams a little time to re consider her answer, and maybe come up with a suggestion where we might be able to locate both that bastard and my money. Dave, escort Miss Williams down to the basement room where our last guest that forgot important information I required spent some time."

"You want I should make her comfortable and safe Boss?" Dave's left eyebrow raised in enquiry, making sure he totally understood the hidden message in his boss's request.

"Yeah Dave," as he gave an ironic smile to his friend, "comfortable and waiting for me, I've got a few phone calls to make first. Miss Williams, I will see you soon. Please don't disappoint me when we next meet."

With that he dismissed her, getting up and walking out the room as Rebecca felt a large hand settle heavily on her shoulder.

"This way Miss."

"Please let me go, I don't know anything. Please don't hurt me."

Rebecca started to panic as the four men closed in around her and she started to scream and struggle in real terror as they dragged her from her chair towards the open doorway, her body rigid with fear of the unknown.


The sounds of the woman screaming and begging as she was dragged across the hall and through the door leading down to the mansions basement reached Chris as he settled behind the large antique desk in his airy study. Smiling to himself he picked up the phones handset, and leaning back against the dark blue leather of his chair, dialled the number of one of his most trusted security men.

After a short conversation outlining what he wanted done with regards tracking down the errant Lawyer and his money he replaced the handset, and then sat back thinking about the young woman now ensconced in the small concrete room below him.

It had been a while since he had felt this urge to make a woman so aware of him, of keeping her for himself, to play with as he wanted. The last time was almost two years ago. Consensual; it had lasted six months before they had called it a day. Since then he had the usual short term relationships with woman that knew the score, but did not excite him in the slightest.

But now he was feeling that buzz, knowing that he was going to enjoy every moment he spent with her, that even now she was probably hanging scared and terrified from the ceiling by her wrists, waiting, unsure of what was going to happen to her.

Reaching again for the phone and dialling, he called up his personal clear up squad to ensure that no trace of Miss Williams or any trail that would lead the police to him could be found.


Rebecca hung, her wrists encircled by leather cuffs that bit into her flesh, her weight supported by the chains attached to the ceiling, the balls of her feet touching the concrete floor below her. Her shoulders ached as the muscles pulled, stretched tight, and sweat trickled down her back into the waistband of her skirt where her blouse had become un-tucked from the struggle as the four men had dragged her down the stairs into the dark basement, and through the metal door into the room she was now alone and scared in.

Trying to move her head around to see behind her, it would only move a few inches left or right, her risen arms preventing much leeway. Her mouth ached from the ball gag pushed roughly in by one of the men, the leather cutting into the side of her mouth that held the ball tightly in the small cavity, her tongue tasting the nasty tang of the rubber ball.

Tears dropped from her eyes, and her nose, the only method of breathing, was filling up as she tried to sniff to clear it.

Time passed slowly, her brain pounding with terror, unable to fathom what was going to happen to her, to be able to think rationally. Sobbing behind the gag Rebecca waited for her fate at the hands of the lean faced man that until today she had thought was just another of her bosses clients.

She had been walking back from the local shops when the dark car had pulled up next to her and a heavy set bald man in a black suit had gotten out of the back, and with a knife against her side, quietly in a gruff voice told her to get in without making any fuss or else. Scared she had done just as he had told her, and after an hour's drive, during which none of her questions were answered by the three stoic men sitting in the car with her, they had arrived at a large mansion in extensive grounds, in which basement she now hung.

Suddenly the sound of a key turning in the doors lock brought her attention from her thoughts back to the present, and as her fear intensified she started to struggle, pulling at her already sore wrists, her hands now numb from the position of her arms, her muscles screaming in pain from the movement of her body as she wriggled in panic, watching the door slowly opening.

Chris walked into the room, his eyes alighting on the hanging female, her white blouse un-tucked, a small expanse of soft velvety skin revealed between the blouse and the waistband of her tight black skirt. His cock hardened even more and his eyes drifted up from the tantalising strip of exposed skin, past the small pert breasts stretched high up on her torso under the white blouse, to her lovely green eyes, wide with fright and bright with the tears welling up in their depths.

"Why Miss Williams you look a trifle uncomfortable hanging around waiting there for me. Let me make you a little more comfortable."

And taking the few steps from the now closed door to where she hung lifted his hand up to her face and gently wiped away the tears on her cheek before brushing back the hair that had fallen in her eyes.

"There that's better. I hate to see a woman looking messy and unkempt." and disappearing behind her she heard a scraping noise before he returned with a wooden chair and placed it with the back towards her. Sitting down astride it, his arms leaning crossed along the top, his jean clad legs splayed apart, a calm look on his lean face, he sat staring up at the hanging woman in front of him. Her scared green eyes stared wide and unblinking back into his ice blue ones, minutes passing in silence before he spoke.

"Now Miss Williams we can do this the easy way or the hard way, which do you prefer? The easy way is you tell me all you know, and I promise you a minimum of pain and a lot of pleasure, or the hard way, which involves a lot of pain and a minimum of pleasure. The choice is yours."

Small whimpers erupted from behind the stifling gag, and her body started to jerk against the chains holding her.

"Yes I know, you can't talk to tell me which you would prefer. You see I only think it's fair to give you a small taster before you decide." And rising from the chair and pushing it aside he walked up to the hanging girl and started to undo the buttons on her blouse, all the while talking quietly to her in a deep quiet voice.

"I really love the smell of you Miss Williams, roses mixed with terror, quite a turn on. I can smell your terror you know, very enticing, very sexy."

Pushing the blouse open, Chris stared down at the soft mounds of her breasts straining up trying to escape the confines of her small white lace bra.

"Mmm you have such nice breasts, soft and inviting, here let me release you from the confines of this tight little thing." And undoing the small catch between the two curved cups her two milky white mounds fell forward, released from the confining material. The small perfectly formed round breasts ended in dark pink circles tipped with hard dark nipples, pointing forward.

Two large hands engulfed the mounds of flesh, squeezing gently as Chris's eyes raised up from admiring them and looked back into her frightened eyes, the small whimpers increasing as she pled for mercy through the hard acrid tasting gag.

Without taking his eyes from hers Chris slowly took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and started to pinch, slowly increasing the pressure, watching her eyes as the pain started to register, pinching tighter and tighter until the whimper changed to a moan and then a muffled scream behind the gag as her eyes closed in pain. Holding her for a couple of minutes, her nipples pinched hard between his fingers, he pulled them slightly towards himself and away from her body, watching fascinated as she started to arch her back to relieve the pressure, and then finding that she couldn't arch far enough and tried to hold herself as far forward as her position would allow.

"Does that hurt Baby?" he crooned in a soft voice, "Like the pain? Want some more?"

Suddenly her nipples were released and as the blood that had been squeezed from them returned a new pain ran through her throbbing flesh, causing her to gasp deep in her throat.

Moving behind her Chris let his hand slide up her thigh under the skirt, feeling the silky texture of her stocking as it slid under his palm.

"I think we need to get rid of this don't we?" And undoing the catch at the side of the skirt, slowly unzipped the garment and pulled it down her legs, letting it drop around her ankles, revealing the hold up stockings with their lacy tops, clinging to the shapely thighs.

"Oh Baby, I just love your ass." Stepping back to admire the hanging woman he took in the round derriere half covered by the small white cotton pants, the flare of her hips curving into a gentle slope to her small waist, the line of her spine rising from the small of her back until it was hidden by the hem of her blouse. "I am really going to enjoy myself with that!"

Walking back around to face her front, he reached up and with the tip of his finger stroked the line of her nose, stopping at the tip where he patted it gently.

"Miss Williams I am going to remove the gag from your mouth. I do not want to hear you begging to be let go; I do not want to hear you pleading with me. What I do want to hear is what you know about the disappearance of your boss and my money. Do you understand?"

Nodding her head slightly, Rebecca could not take her eyes from this man who was causing her so much distress.

"Just one more thing Miss Williams, I work on a reward system. You give me something and I will reward you. My guess is right now your arms are screaming out in agony, your wrists are painful and your shoulders are killing you. I am willing to relieve that pain and let you down if you give me the information that I need, if not you will hang there whilst I take a whip to that lovely backside of yours and then you will really know the meaning of pain. Do I make myself clear?"

Again a quick nod of her head and a muffled whimper as her torturer walked behind her to unbuckle the gag, before reaching round her head to remove it from her tired aching mouth.

It took a few moments before she was able to move and close her mouth, and Chris watched fascinated as her small tongue darted out to lick her dry and trembling lips, before disappearing behind the small white teeth that bit down on her bottom lip, trying hard to keep the begging words from escaping.

"OK let's start again. Miss Williams, do you know where Bowman and my money have disappeared to?"

She tried to speak, to give him an answer, but all that came out of her dry mouth was a small croak.

Chris looked at her mouth, trying to form the words to speak, red lines where the leather strap from the gag had been, radiating from the corners of her mouth and across her cheek.

Moving to the door and opening it a crack he stuck his head out and she could hear him asking for a glass of water to be brought to him. Closing the door and returning to stand in front of her, she felt his hands move to her hips and her pants being slid half way down her thighs. Then his finger easing in between her legs, and moving slowly rubbing over her small hard nubbin, through the small folds of her labia, until it arrived at the entrance to her womanhood. Gasping she tried to close her legs tighter, but was rewarded by a quick pinch to her right nipple and the quiet instruction from the man who seemed to take enjoyment in tormenting her.

"Uhh uhh, keep those legs apart. Remember I work on a reward or punishment system, you be a good girl and keep your legs apart and I'll reward you with a drink for that parched mouth of yours. You keep them clamped and I will strap them open, wider than you would think they could ever go."

Slowly Rebecca relaxed her legs and let them part a little, whilst the man looking deep into her eyes, pushed his finger up into her, deep and hard.

Gasping with shock and discomfort she squirmed as the finger inside her started to move in a come hither movement, pressing against her G spot, causing her belly to tighten in tingling warmth against her will, her juices starting to flow, moistening her between her legs, her face flushing with both embarrassment and fear.

"Please stop." She croaked through her dry lips, only to be met by a deep rumbling laugh from the man, who stepping up his assault leant down his head towards hers and after a gentle and long lick across her parched lips whispered into her mouth.

"Baby I am really going to enjoy hearing you scream under me tonight. I can smell your musky scent from here, and when I've finished with you you'll ache from a mixture of pleasure and pain in every part of your lovely body."

Just then a knock on the door was followed by it opening and Chris slowly removed his finger from her vagina and walking towards the door took the glass of water from the hand holding it out towards him.

Turning back round he came up in front of the hanging woman and held the glass of cold water up to her mouth so she could have a sip, and she could smell the musky scent of her own sex on the hand that held the glass up for her to drink.

Taking a long sip before it was removed; Rebecca looked up at the tight smile of her captor and could see his intention in his eyes, before plunging down in to the sweet oblivion of a dead faint.

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