tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHopeless Situation Ch. 02

Hopeless Situation Ch. 02


A journey that neither one thought they would go on, please enjoy and feedback your comments as my journey as an author has only just begun.

For those who love a little humour and a twist in a tale, I write for you.

Thanks to slickNick2412 for his helpful suggestions.


Slowly she swam up through the fog in her brain feeling slightly nauseous. She started to try to move towards the side of the bed, her eyes still closed, her shoulders and arms aching as if she was suffering a strong bout of flu, only to find they would not move away from behind her back.

Suddenly the memories flooded back into her brain. The men in the car sweeping her to the large mansion, the questions that she couldn't answer, and finally the terror of hanging by her arms from the ceiling and being assaulted by that hard persistent man, and the quiet and scary way his eyes seemed to bore into her as he caused her pain and humiliation.

Pulling frantically at her arms she felt the cuffs holding her wrists together behind her, jerking them to try to make them move. But to no avail. All she felt was the sting around her wrists and a tug of leather around her waist as she realised that the cuffs were attached to some kind of belt cinched tight around her middle.

Laying uncomfortably on her side, she looked down at herself, finding herself completely naked, the thick wide brown leather pinching in her waist, sitting tight under her rib cage and down to just above the point of her navel.

"Oh my God someone help me. Please." escaped her mouth in a shrill plea as she started to roll onto her front, her legs scrambling against the white cotton sheets below her, struggling wildly.

"Nice to see you're awake Miss Williams."

The smooth voice of the man came from somewhere behind her and made her lay still in fear.

"What are you going to do with me?"

"That depends on you Miss Williams. As I told you before, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. All I want is some information and a little entertainment."

Looking round over her shoulder as she lay there on her stomach she tried to see the owner of the deep voice, but was unable to lift her head high enough, the feeling of hard leather cutting into her neck where her shoulder and neck met stopping her. She suddenly became aware of the leather collar encircling her neck, hard and confining. Her hair falling across her face, some of it in her mouth, she collapsed her head back down to the bed, starting to cry softly.

"I don't know where Mr Bowman is, or your money. I really don't. What are you going to do to me? I haven't done anything to you. I don't have your money. Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I can Miss Williams, and I do believe you when you say you don't know where Mr Bowman is, but I also believe you might have some idea where he is most likely to run to, and whilst I extract that knowledge from the deep recesses of your memory I intend to enjoy the delights that your body offers me."

Lifting up her head she spat out at the disembodied voice, "You bastard, you fucking pervert, what kind of a man are you that you have to tie up a woman and rape her to get your rocks off?"

In the ensuing silence all Rebecca could hear was her heavy breathing as she lay there helpless and scared, her nerves stretched tight as she waited for the man to say something in response to her outburst.

Chris stood back from the end of the bed, looking down at the naked woman, her pert bottom sitting high on the top of long slim limbs, her small feet pointed towards him. The lovely pale skin of her slim back broken up with the line of the thick brown belt around her waist, and her wrists pinned to it by the cuffs linked to the D ring close by the belts buckle. Her slim arms twisted behind her, hands facing outwards, fisted in a sign of defiance..

Peeling off his black 'V' neck cashmere sweater over his head and dropping it on the antique leather chair behind him, he eased his feet from the expensive hand made shoes and reached for the fastening on his black jeans,

Rebecca could hear the movement behind her and when she heard the sound of the zip as it slid down, she started to struggle again, begging in short gasps, "Please no, please don't do this, please don't!" her legs working against the bed, scooting her up towards the pile of large white pillows in front of her. "No, please no!"

Feeling the heavy dip in the bed behind her she struggled more wildly, her face entangling in the pillows her breathing coming in large gulping breaths.

Suddenly she felt strong hands grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs apart, and then the hard warmth of his knees as he knelt between her thighs, pushing them wider still, making her struggling more difficult. "Please no, Oh God someone help me, please."

A hand tangled in the back of her hair pulling her head back off the nest of pillows, arching her back, causing the muscles in her neck to stretch, the leather around it biting in across the top of her shoulders as her head was roughly wrenched back.

Chris leant over, one hand in the woman's hair holding her still, his knees spreading her legs wide, and the other hand reaching for the bedside drawer. Rummaging around until he felt what he was looking for, he pulled out the length of chain and pushing aside her hair at the back of her head he clipped the end of the chain to the D ring, then running the chain down to where her hands were fixed to the leather belt, attached the other end to the D ring there, effectively holding her head leaning back, her chin raised up, her body slightly arched, breasts thrust forward.

"Here's the deal Miss Williams, to be able to breath and not strangle yourself you are going to have to arch your back. I am going to pick you up in a moment and you are going to bring your knees up to kneeling position each side of my legs. I am then going to position you on my cock and we are going to fuck nice and slow. If I am happy with your performance we will then have a nice conversation about your boss. If I am not satisfied with your performance I will tighten the chain holding your head back even further, and you will slowly find yourself unable to hold the arch of your back long enough to be able to breathe and will strangle yourself. Do you understand?"

Gasping, trying to maintain her position to allow herself not to choke, she tried to answer yes, only to make a small garbled sound.

"Good girl, I'm glad we understand each other." and two strong hands lifted her up straight from under her armpits before shifting down to around the leather belt and her waist, holding her steady.

Scrambling her legs to bend and get into a kneeling position each side of the strong spread out thighs below her, she felt herself being positioned and then lowered until she could feel the end of his hard male organ pressing up against her vaginal entrance.

One hand left the side of her waist, moving down in front of her to between her thighs and rubbed back and forth across her clit, his nail scrapping against the sensitive hard nub, the spread of her legs exposing it from its protective hood, the moisture inside her starting to lubricate her.

"Like that baby?" he growled into her ear, "can you feel me. See what you do to me baby, you make me nice and hard, hard and ready to fill that hot tight hole of yours. Hard enough to teach you just who owns you now."

And with one long sweep upwards he entered, impaling her, making her unable to avoid the total domination of her body by the man hard up against her back.

Panting with the pain the upward thrust had caused, Rebecca stared up at the ceiling with unseeing eyes, her head fixed by the chain holding her in position, her breasts thrust out as her back arched trying to relieve the pressure of the leather collar as it pulled against her throat, her hands held useless behind her, nails digging into her palms in desperate panic.

His fingernail continued rubbing back and forth against her sensitive nub, and the position she was in made her feel totally exposed and at his mercy. Slowly he started to move his hips in a rocking motion causing her to yelp as the hardness inside her hit against her cervix.

Stretched tight, she felt his cock filling her up, each movement rubbing against her inner nerve endings; following the movement of the hardness embedded inside of her as it slide back and forth. He rocked under her, with each backwards movement the instrument of her torture slid almost out of her, before being slammed back in, hard and deep, banging up against the entrance to her womb. The speed slow and steady, and with each forward thrust her grunts became louder, the dull pain deep inside of her body the focus of all her attention. Her juices slowly building making the movement of the cock sliding back and forth inside her easier and more fluid.

She felt his hands move up to cup her breasts, and suddenly the searing pain returned to her nipples as he ruthlessly pinched and twisted them, growling into her ear as he did so, "You want the pain to stop baby, start moving on your own, remember you need to please me if you want to avoid any more pain."

Pressing down on her knees Rebecca lifted up slightly and then moved down, trying to rock her pelvis, and squeeze her muscles around his cock. Repeating the movement over and over she fucked the man behind her, gritting her teeth with the effort it was taking, perspiration dripping from her body as she kept up the momentum, hearing him grunt and pant into her ear as he started to build towards his orgasm.

"That's it baby, faster, move faster,"

The fingers pinching at her nipples softened, and started to rub them, rolling them around before letting go and returning to her clitoris where the fingernail started to flick quickly, sending the heat in her loins to build, the pulsating tightness taking hold, her stomach feeling that familiar pull as her own orgasm started to build.

"Yeah baby likes it rough and deep. Move baby and let me feel you cum."

Gasping for breath, she felt herself move higher and higher towards release, when suddenly she felt his finger leave her nub and both hands grip her tight around her waist as he lifted them both up high onto their knees, as he pounded harder, faster and deeper into her, bringing her over the edge as he joined her falling over into the pleasure that release brings, pumping his hot thick cum into her womb.

Settling the panting woman down again on his thighs, Chris's hands swept up and down her sweat soaked torso, his body feeling replete and satisfied. He heard her gurgle a little as the collar pulled tight across her throat, and reaching between their hot sticky bodies he unhooked the chain at her waist, releasing her head so that it fell forward, her damp hair falling to cover her crying face, the curve of her shoulders calling to him so that he leant down and placed small little kisses across the space between her shoulder blades where the chain now hung down loose.

"Good girl, you did well, and now we talk."

Snaking his arms around her waist tighter and pulling her back to lean against him, his soft cock still inside her, he leaned his cheek against hers and softly said, "So where do you think Bowman has run off to?"

On a sob she replied "I told you I don't know. All I am is a typist. I don't know much about Mr Bowman and what he does."

Whispering into her ear he asked "Where does he tend to go when he goes on holiday, long country breaks that kind of thing?"

Sniffling, Rebecca turned her head slightly back towards his where it rested over her right shoulder. "He has a flat in Spain somewhere. I think it's in the south, near Peurto Banus, not far from Marbella."

"Well done baby, now that wasn't so hard was it?" his hand moved back between her still spread thighs finding the hard and now very sensitive bud and started to gently circle it with the tip of his finger, Whispering in her ear he said "I told you I work on a reward and punishment system. You gave me some information and now you deserve your reward."

The finger flicking her already susceptible clit moved faster, whilst his other hand moved down. Easing his cock from her he replaced it with two fingers, moving them rhythmically back and forth, each time he moved them down he bent them, rubbing against the most sensitive spot on her vaginal wall, causing the muscles to start to tighten again, the warmth flooding back between her thighs, little tremors of pleasure mounting as the butterflies deep in her stomach started to beat faster and faster behind the tight belt at her waist.

"Please don't, please stop. I don't want to." Her head lolled back as she started to pant again, her hips moving in rhythm to his clever fingers.

"Oh yes you do baby, your body tells me you do, even if your head tells you otherwise." And slowly he drew her back up the long slope of ecstasy against her will until she exploded into a strong orgasm of pleasure, her body unable to stop itself.


Chris lay next to the sleeping woman, his hand gently stroking the hair from her face as she lay with her head towards him, her hands still cuffed into the small of her back against the wicked leather belt.

Leaning up on one elbow he looked down at her hands, checking that there was a healthy colour to the skin.

Smiling to himself, satisfied that her circulation was OK, he turned towards the phone by his bed and picking up and dialling the head of his security team he told them about the information Rebecca had disclosed about Bowman's flat somewhere in the South of Spain. Replacing the receiver and settling back down to sleep himself, his long naked body curling possessively around the sleeping woman's, his hand resting on the right hand cheek of her bottom in an intimate gesture, he sighed deep in his chest. For the first time in a long while he felt happy and complete, and this small scared woman sleeping in complete exhaustion next to him was the source of his contentment.

As he drifted off to sleep his last thought was what he was going to do with her and how he was going to train her to be his little sex toy over the next couple of months.

After all he felt it a fair exchange for his missing money.

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"what kind of a man are you that you have to tie up a woman and rape her to get your rocks off?"

Easy answer... "Loser."

"For the first time in a long while he felt happy and complete, and this smallmore...

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