tagBDSMHorizontal Dance Ch. 02

Horizontal Dance Ch. 02


I gasp for air, carried away by the feelings shaking my whole being. The head of his cock has forced itself the whole way in, stretching the tight walls open so they hug around him. I’m being pierced on Him, my cunt spread wide to let the muscles lock Him inside of me. As He slowly starts moving, His shaft is covered with my juices. There are few things I love more than feeling His hard body pressed against mine, and when He caress the palms of my hands with His thumbs I can enjoy all the warm skin rubbing against mine; feel His weight holding me down against the mattress.

The silence is only broken by the sounds from our bodies, my fast breathes and Masters groans.

“Mm…you are exquisite.” From somewhere far away I hear the voice, it is gruff and dark. I open my eyes to find my whole filed of vision filled with His face, and His eyes staring down at me. My lower lip starts shivering, as answer He leans forward to bury His teeth in it.

“Please…faster” I breathe out the words, lifting my hips up against Him the same time.

He takes my hair in his fist and look at me so closely His nose is being pressed against mine.

“You want it harder, precious?”

I wink a few times, nodding while staring up at him. My face is the self-image of a hopeful, obedient sub with the spread lips, wide open eyes and begging expression.

“Very well then.”

Without any warning Master pulls Himself out, and I groan in disappointment and disapproval. Jerking my hips up in the air, I try to encourage Him to thrust back in. He doesn’t answer my body’s wish, instead He free my ankles and grab them. Infinite slow He places them on His shoulders. Then He looks down between us, on His throbbing cock swinging slightly back and fore; then over to my well exposed cunt. While laying helpless, waiting for his next move, I feel my juices run out between my lips and find its way between my as cheeks down on the mattress. Groaning impatiently I start jerking my hips again.

That doesn’t give much of a reward as He leans away from me to pick something up next to the bed. With an almost demonic smile on His lips, He is holding a couple of nipple clamps in front of me. I lick my lips, pushing my breasts up in the air.

“Yes, yes, please! Ah, don’t make me wait more, please!”

He laughs at my obvious frustration as He opens the first clamp and inspects it carefully just to tease me. In my head I’m already picturing how it will dig into my nipple and make me whimper.

“Tristan…” I whisper His name; it is a pray, a promise, a wish, a love declaration.

He moves His attention from the toy in His hands to my face, and then down to watch my nipples grow stiffer just under His eyes. With a callused finger He starts playing over one, pulling it back and fore over it before He rolls it between two fingers. Helpless I squirm in the bed as I continue to beg Him.

I’m about to start crying when He takes the same nipple between his teeth and bites it hard. The pain goes through my body like a flash, and I throw my head back against the mattress. Then the familiar cold from the clamp close around my nipple. My hands over my head turns to fists as I wait, welcome the coming pain. Slowly I feel it being closed around the tender, pink flesh. The pain comes gradually, growing almost unbearable during the next 10 seconds.

Master is quietly watching my face, the expressions running over it, before He repeats the same process on my other nipple.

When He is pleased with His position, He lays down over me and rubs His cockhead over my clit. Of course I start groaning louder, for other reasons. It feels way too good for my ability to control myself; he is so talented and knows exactly how to play with my body, knowing what source to pleasure my clitoris is.

“I can’t…”

“Yes, give it to Me.”

My eyes grow bigger when I get tense and shake in an intense orgasm.

I’m still living through the cramps, loving how the hit me and demand my surrender, when He slam His whole cock in; deep, almost brutal, thrusts makes the orgasm even stronger, my Master is taking advantages of the extra tightness from my orgasm as He move in and out in a furious speed. I loose breathe, sobbing as my inner walls are almost being torn open to let Him in.

“Mm…thank You” I sob in His ear, “I love when you fuck me roughly, I…” My sentence dies out as the respond is an even harder thrust, all the way up so I squirm in pleasure mixed pain.

“Ah…so incredible tight!” He begins to move faster; meanwhile He reaches for my neck and starts to violate it with his teeth – scratching, biting, nibbling as if He was about to eat it up.

All the savage thrusts are making my cunt sore and it starts aching, the inner walls feel even more sensitive and my clitoris is pulsing from the orgasms; just the lightest touch on it hurts.

For a second it feels like I leave my body to see us from outside, with me lying tied up on the bed with my cunt and ass up in the air. Master is standing over me, pumping for His own pleasure, using His devoted toy. My breasts, squeezed in under my thighs, bounce on each thrust, just like the rest of my body would if He wasn’t having such a strong grip of me.

Then an animalist sound from my Master makes me come back to reality, as He starts to grind my clit with His pelvis bone each time he thrust in. I stare up at Him in shock and disbelieve.


“Oh yes…” A cruel smile is on His lips. The touch over my clitoris is both arousing and painful. I feel weak, drained with powers. Added to that is the pain from the clamps and His teeth. “…and if you are good, licking me clean after you might deserve spanking. You know I can make you cry.”

With moves proving He have done it many times before, knowing exact which second to do it, He removes the clamps. I scream in pain as the blood rush back to the nipples, tears rising in my eyes. That and the words takes me over the edge and I shake hard as the waves hits me, over and over, so all muscles in my body tense. Master closes His hands around my hips as He makes His final thrust and cums deep inside of me. Dizzy I let my muscles cramp around Him; milk every little drop out of him.

After He looks at me and gives me a passionate kiss, I answer with everything I have left.

“Do You want me to clean You now?” I whisper, breathless from the kiss. My lips are swollen and wet; He looks at them with a grin. Then He pull himself out, and I somewhat miss the feeling of Him inside of me. But the emptiness is compensated when He holds His cock over my face. Slowly He places the head against my lips and rubs it over them. I stick out my tongue to lick in the taste, want to feel how it fills my mouth. His cock is soft and smooth when I suck it in, taking it the whole way and let my lips replace the juices with saliva.

“Good girl, that is enough.”

He pulls back again, and I lick my lips carefully while I look up at him with an adoring expression in my eyes. The feelings are there, but I miss words to express my love and devotion for Him, how grateful I am to be the one He has chosen to dance between the sheets with.

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