tagNonHumanHormonal Surges Ch. 10

Hormonal Surges Ch. 10


I walked into the lab and saw that Lorchan had set up the space for a movie. He had moved the computer to the ground and he had brought cushions for us to sit on. I smiled as I walked over to him and placed everything on the counter. I leaned up to him for a kiss. At first our lips gently brushed and then he caught my bottom lip between his and began to lightly bite and suck on it. Slowly his tongue came out and licked along the seam of my lips. I opened for him and he slid his tongue in. Our tongues dueled each other until we had to pull away to catch our breaths, or my breath I should say since Lorchan seemed to be having no problem and stood staring at me with a smoldering gaze.

"If you keep that up we'll never get through this movie." I told him with a smile.

"Would that be so bad?" he said while his gaze slid over my body.

"Yes, now let me set this up and you keep your hands...and tongue to yourself." I said while stepping over to the computer to turn set up the DVD and activate the subtitle translator. We sat back on the cushions and got comfortable. Lorchan had himself seated behind me cradling my body, the ultimate pillow. I had the bowl of popcorn on my lap and our drinks of to the side. Along with a bag of gummy bears, my favorite candy. He wrapped his arms around my waist as the movie began. I had chosen to watch The Notebook because I figured romance was the best thing that he would be able to understand. Comedy would go over his head and action or horror would probably think we were terrible people. The Notebook was one of the few chick flicks I could stand to watch, plus who doesn't like Ryan Gosling?

We settled in while I fed him pieces of popcorn over my shoulder. He wasn't very fond of the soda because of the fizziness but he loved the gummy bears since he liked sweets but he really took a liking to the popcorn. He said there was nothing on his planet that had that texture.

I tried my best to pay attention to the movie and get him to pay attention but every few minutes he would start nibbling and sucking on my neck and I would lose my concentration. Then I would tell him to stop and to just behave and watch the movie. This would work for about ten minutes until he slowly started sliding his hand up my thigh higher and higher. Until I would take his hand off and once again tell him to be good. He would just be still for a little longer and then his fingers would start traveling up to my ribs "innocently" brushing against my breasts. He kept up doing things like this for the entire movie and I could feel his erection pushing into my lower back. By the time the movie was over and I felt feverish and was ready for him to take me right there on the lab floor.

Even though I knew he was aroused Lorchan acted completely relaxed as we packed everything up and put the computer back in it place. He grabbed my hand stroking circles on my wrist while we walked to his room. I knew he could sense my arousal and I didn't care I just wanted him inside of me as soon as possible. We walked into the apartment and dropped my bag on his couch and pulled him into the bedroom. He had a smirk on his face the whole time.

"I don't know about tonight honey, I'm little tired," he said to me with an evil little gleam in his eye.

"You think your funny don't you? You didn't seem tired when you were teasing me to death. Take your clothes off." I said demandingly, I felt like I was on the verge of bursting into flame from all of his touches.

A shocked look crossed his face for a moment. "Oh you're going to boss me around are you?" The evil gleam had returned and I felt my panties grow wetter.

"I can't be held responsible for my actions when I'm this horny" I said sensing danger.

"You don't get to be the boss I'm the one who is in charge here," he said glaring at me. Oh this is how it is? I don't think so.

"If you think you have the right to_" I didn't get any more words out because he grabbed me and forced his tongue into my mouth. Instantly my anger melted and my horniness quadrupled. I started sucking on his tongue as he fucked it into my mouth. His hand reached the collar of my t-shirt and he split down the middle. His mouth never left mine and I gasped into his from his actions. In the back of my mind I thought I should be scared but my heart knew he would never really hurt me. I started rubbing my body sensually against his wishing there were fewer barriers between us. Suddenly I felt my feet lift from the ground and the air rushing by as Lorchan carried me to his bed. Then we fell to it with him on top of me landing gently. He slid my sweats and panties off at the same time. He then took his hands and split my legs wide and settled himself between my splayed thighs. It felt so naughty being completely nude while he was fully clothed and rubbing his cloth covered erection against my overly sensitive mound.

Just from the slow grinding motions we were making I was on the verge on explosion. Before I could think he reached above my head and I felt a something tying around my hands. I broke my mouth from his and gazed up to see what he was doing. He had taken the pillow cases and tied them to the headboard and around my wrists.

"Lorchan don't do this," I pleaded. I needed to touch him. His response to my words was to slap my butt cheek gently.

"No talking," he said before sealing his mouth over mine again. His mouth then began to move down my body, his actions were rougher than they were last night but they weren't painful, just dominant and it was making me wetter than ever. Granted I was going to have to talk to him later about how he can't tell me what to do I would just enjoy it for now.

His mouth left dark hickeys all down my neck and collar bone. He began feasting on my breasts biting and tweaking the nipples and then soothing the sting with his tongue. He held my hips still keeping me from grinding against him and coming. I was gasping for air and begging him for more by the time he reached my pussy. His tongue deftly worked its way around my clit making me moan and thrash but never sending me over the edge. He gave my clit a few feather light laps before moving down to my weeping pussy. He rimmed the pussy until I was whimpering and then he slowly began to shove his tongue up into my aching channel. His thumb came over and started stroking my clit and I was getting so close. Right before I fell over the edge he pulled away and stopped all movements.

"Lorchan please," I begged.

"No this is your punishment for talking back to me," he replied as he flipped me over, untied my hands and placed me on my hands and knees on the bed while he stood behind. He gave me a warning slap on my left butt cheek when I went to touch myself.

"You can only do what I tell you to do, so keep your hands where I put them and I promise you'll come tonight, otherwise I'm just going to tease you all night long." I whimpered to that but kept my hands on the bed. I could hear him taking his clothes off behind me and then felt his hands settle on my hips. I felt him lean down and press a kiss to my spine before straightening and sliding into me with one long stroke.

I moaned low and loud while he set a pounding pace. I bucked myself against him forcing him deep and soon we were both dripping sweat. He leaned over as I got close to orgasm and began whispering my ear. "Who do you belong to?"

"Lorchan don't do this please" I didn't like the idea of him forcing me to give up my independence like this, I wanted to be with him but I was still my own woman. I felt like not being reliant on a man was an important thing in life.

"Who do you belong to?" he repeated ignoring my plea. He changed his pace so that it was erratic and I couldn't climax. He kept repeating his question and refused me to fall over the edge. When I refused to answer he slapped my ass, harder than the other times, and then rubbed his hand over it, soothing the sting.

"I can keep this up all night can you?" he said while he gave me teasing thrusts. I felt on the verge of tears. I wanted to tear him apart for this and at the same time I wanted to give in. "I'm not asking you to give up everything Kimberly, just in this bedroom you are mine and you need to know that, understand it and admit it." This made me want to cave even more, I did have a bit of a submissive in me and as long as he didn't think I was weak what would be the problem? But I didn't want to give in so easily.

My body made the decision for me a few minutes later; I couldn't take this torture anymore. "Fine, I'm yours, now fuck me." I gasped out. Immediately the steady pounding rhythm began and started stroking my clit and licking my back and I screamed and came harder than I ever had. I collapsed my chest to the bed and felt him pump in a few more times and explode inside of me with a groan.

He pulled out slowly and I missed his warmth inside me. He lay down beside me pulling me onto his chest.

"Are you mad at me?" he said and I could hear the worry in his voice.

"I don't have the energy to be mad at you right now ask me in the morning," I said as I snuggled against his chest.

I fell asleep and woke up a few minutes later to him moving off the bed. I drifted off again but then felt him cleaning me up and washing the sweat off of me. He moved me up the bed and under the covers a few minutes later. He turned off all of the lights, got into bed with me, spooned up behind me and I felt into a deep sleep.

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