tagRomanceHorner Springs Retirees #06

Horner Springs Retirees #06


When Lester invited Maureen over to his apartment above the bakery for dinner, he had it all planned. The Veal Scaloppini was from the Purple Rose, a fine French Restaurant down in the Village, to be delivered at quarter to eight precisely, in fine china, that matched the table service and candle sticks that 'Robare,' aka, ex-Sergeant First Class Robert Swartz, the owner and chief of the Purple Rose, had loaned him, since they had both served in the same Fourth Infantry brigade, in different years, together. The brotherhood was funny that way.

The wine was Staggs Leap chardonnay from California, highly recommended by the manager of the Knight's Market, a very friendly 40ish, brunette who had told him, "If a man serves me Staggs Leap," she nodded and winked at him, "I know I'm in for a good evening," then she chuckled and rang up four bottles.

He had bought new sheets and pillow cases, so smooth and luxurious that he got excited just thinking about Maureen's skin sliding over them, as he put them on his new queen sized bed. It was fortunate that the apartment was fairly large, but there was no way that a king sized bed would work.

So eight o'clock came and Maureen rang the lower door bell, right on time. Lester ran down the back stairs and opened the Horner's Alley door, painted in a peeling sea green with a small sign the read, "Nuehousen Apartments," crookedly screwed to it.

Maureen smiled at him and stepped in out of the Alley, which was now a foot/bike zone, filled with restaurants, tea shops and the like, in summer and a path way through town off the slush filled streets up to the University, in winter. The Mayor had pushed it for years to open up the town center, three blocks of the Alley were now developed and Maureen had worked on it as a civic duty, and made a few dollars off it, doing financing to help the shop keepers attract more business in the down town area of Horner Springs.

"Welcome to my world," Lester said as he let her in. The smell of cinnamon rolls and fresh bread permeated the hall. Maureen took a deep breath, mostly to show off the bodice of her dress, as she took off her light wrap, but also to smell the aroma of Heidi's bakery. Murphy was smiling as he took her wrap and escorted her up the narrow stair case to his second floor apartment.

Maureen preceded Lester to allow him to appreciate her tight skirt and perhaps a glimpse of her stocking tops as she bounced, elegantly, she hoped, up the stairs glancing back to see what Lester was up too. She swore she felt his hand on her fanny more that once, but she liked it, so she just giggled and hurried up the stairs.

Maureen loved the veal from the Purple Rose and Lester had hinted at a surprise on the phone. She had purchased this blue dress for another occasion, but felt secure that it would suffer no damage from Lester. She had bought this dress as a "Closer" for a major deal. It had been an investment on her accounts, and she felt that Lester could verify it's potential.

She smiled at him as she surveyed the wasteland that he inhabited. "This man needs a woman," she thought as she turned and kissed him. The room was very dark, in one corner was a table draped with two starched table cloths over lapping, topped with tall white candles and a silver wine cooler, other than that it was a mix of vaguely popular furniture and a set of plank and block shelves.

The smell of the hot veal on the table in candle light and the elegant table, with three kinds of glasses and silverware that sent sparkles of candle light, attracted her. She pulled Lester to the table and held his hand as she looked at it. So white and pure, she turned and kissed Lester, a tear in her eye. "Les, this is beautiful."

From the stereo the sound of a classical guitar began to play softly.

Lester smiled broadly and ushered her to her seat, saying, "My Lady, it is less that you deserve, but as much as I can afford." He kissed her cheek and adjusted her chair. "Wine, cold and smooth?" he said, removing the covers from the dishes on the table and sat opposite her, pouring the wine, the bottle elegantly wrapped in a napkin and held by the bottom as he poured the wine without a error, to just two thirds full on the tulip shaped crystal.

Maureen smiled and took the proffered glass. "Beautiful," she said looking at Lester pour his own glass precisely two thirds full and held his glass up to her.

Maureen suppressed her giggle and touched her glass precisely to Lester's, the crystal rang. She was shocked by the purity of the tone, the glitter of the light on the glass, Lester's clean good looks in his fitted shirt and black silk vest. His cuffs were French, with gold links and his cravat of shimming Black silk, with a ruby the size of her thumbnail, pinned in it. She hadn't noticed the details, at the door, only that he was different. She had been so excited at her own image in the sapphire silk dress that she hadn't really noticed his apparel. She sipped her wine thoughtfully.

"I must say that you look lovely tonight, Maureen. Please eat its getting cool." Murphy smiled and picked up his utensils, looking at her, "How was your week?"

Maureen grinned and said, "Very productive, if not immediately lucrative, How was yours?"

Les cut his veal and said, "Wonderful, nothing more exciting than Heddy Murchison, finding out that she's to be a grandmother. That caused some excitement down at the office." He began to eat as Maureen took her first bite of the veal. She liked to eat, Lester saw, and remembered her saying that she had to work out three times a week to keep her figure. Lester smiled as he watched her; she was doing a good job.

Maureen paused and picked up her glass to look once again at Lester as he ate. He had surprised her, he had told her the menu, and had hinted at a surprise, but she was frankly appalled at this apartment. Lester deserved better. She did like the effort that he had evidently put in to make dinner nice. It made her feel valued, she liked that.

Lester was happy, so happy that he could barely contain himself. The meal and timing had come off beautifully, and she was eating his food and sipping his wine! This vision of loveliness, in this beautiful dress, her make up perfection, and her smile at seeing the table, made the effort worth it. "Everything from here on in is gravy," he thought and savored the food, "Sgt. Swartz is one fine cook."

"I'm wondering what the surprise is?" she said innocently

Les grinned and offered the wine. She tipped her glass for him. "It won't surprise you if I tell you."

She grinned and said, "Well I was surprised at the table. So elegant and pure." She reached across the small table and took put her hand on his. "Was that the surprise?"

"No, Maureen the surprise is yet to come." He smiled and asked, "How's the veal, didn't Robare do an excellent job?"

"He's teasing," she thought "He's so intriguing," she decided. She patted Lester's hand and said, "As good as I ever had. The man is a genius with veal, and so discrete on the capers. I like that. The potatoes were very good too." and finished her meal, slowly savoring the passage of each moment.

Lester picked up his wine glass by the stem, "I like the wine, you?"

"Yes what is it?" she said.

"Staggs Leap, from California. I thought it very good with the meal, but," he sipped the glass, "perhaps lacking the substance for an after dinner, aperitif.

She leaned over across the candles and opened her eyes wide, "What appetite were you planning to stimulate. I'm pretty satisfied now."
She blinked slowly, knowing that to be a primitive signal for sexual congress wanted.

Lester sipped the last of his wine and laughed, "I thought that you might like to look out my bedroom window." His face feigned innocence, but his body said something entirely different.

"Why would I want to do that?" She was gratified when he flinched a bit. She considered that she might have been too hasty, as she found several reasons to want to look out his bedroom window. He wasn't unprepared though.

"Well you invited me to look out the window out at Dick's and so I thought you'd like to see what I have been looking at ever since I came here." He blushed and said, "And I'd like to make up for my rudeness, you know."


"Yes, up in the bedroom at Slippery Dick's, on the desk?"

Maureen said, "Yes that was rude, but you've been the perfect gentleman, ever since." She sipped the last of her wine and took his hand, blowing out the candles.

He escorted her on his arm into the bedroom and she saw it was not as bad as the front room, it was freshly painted and more of the furnishings matched, the bed was beautiful. There was an off white comforter s-folded at the foot and freshly pressed sheets of what looked like fine linen, she ran her hand on them as she walked to the window. "Very nice Lester," she thought and looked out the window as Les dimmed the lights.

Lester's bedroom had two wide windows on the northeast corner of the building, the lights of the Alley and the passing of the people below were interesting to Maureen, even though she suspected that Lester was luring her into his web for purposes she could only hope were erotic.

Horner's Alley was laid out for two blocks, blocked by a few buildings down the way but it was a vibrant place on that Friday night. She could hear the music from a few places, thru the open window blending with buzz of the nearby café. She turned and found Lester at her elbow with a glass.

She accepted hers and said, "It is quite a view Les. You know I've put in a lot of time in the alley." She looked up at him, "It was the Mayor who had the idea, and it seems to be paying off. I can see Millie's Tea Terrace from here. She was so excited to open the first business on the Alley two years ago."

Lester nodded, and looked out, "I know most of the people around here from delivering the mail. The Saloon keeps me awake at night, sometimes but only when I have the window open."

Maureen hadn't thought about the noise pollution a Honky Tonk saloon might have, she lived in a different neighborhood. She considered that and other alternatives. She didn't turn from the window, "You know, I bet I can tell exactly what you are thinking, right now."

Lester looked down into her bodice and then up into her eyes and smiled, "What"

"Your thinking about how to get this dress off of me, aren't you?" She grinned and put her hand on his cheek.

"I swear you're psychic," he said and put his hand on her bare shoulder very lightly and caressed her arm.

"I was thinking almost the very same thing. As it happens it's only a hook and a zipper." She turned and showed him.

"Oh, my, May I?"

"Please, the dinner was filling and this dress is tight. I'd like to be more comfortable."

Lester helped her out of the dress and and hung it on a hanger, as Maureen fretted about it; Lester smelled the inside of her bodice.

"Why do you smell my dress?"

"To capture the moment, the smell of your skin, the look in your eye right now, All these things are fleeting and I intend to savor them. Besides you won't smell like this in the morning."

He was serious and unapologetic, Maureen was flattered and yet she sensed that she had touched something profound about Murphy. It was more than the smell of a woman. Maureen unfastened her bra and pressed her fragrant breasts against his silken vest, the cool fabric made her nipples harden and she liked that.

"I can't stay the night, I have to be in the office by ten, and I can't wear that dress into the office."

Lester smiled and drew a tailored navy suit out of his closet. The double breasted blazer that was fitted she saw, and the skirt was pleated. A colorful silk scarf was draped around the neck.

"What's that?" Maureen asked as she ran her fingers over the fine wool.

"Your outfit for tomorrow, I hope."

Maureen smiled, "You bought me a suit?"

"Well I thought you might dress up tonight and I figured you'd want to wear something else to the office, so I got you this. Like it?"

Maureen checked the label and saw it was Donna Fastener, and her size. She had seen the line at the Klappers Department store and knew that it was expensive. She smiled at Murphy. "Perhaps we should draw the drapes?"

Maureen couldn't help herself she took the jacket off the hanger and slipped it on, leaving it unbuttoned as she felt the cool soft lining slid over her skin. She didn't try on the skirt. It was her size and loosely fitted; besides the navy jacket matched her panties which were sapphire colored and she was thinking about Les.

Lester closed the drapes, turned and said, "Can I take your picture?"

Maureen closed the jacket over her breasts, "No, you'll have to savor this moment in your memory."

He was insistent. "Oh, just your face, Maureen. Here try the scarf." He began to button the jacket and Maureen smiled at him. He was playing dress up with her. She grinned as he wrapped the scarf around her neck.

She said, "No, I'll not be a trophy."

Lester frowned, "I didn't intend it to be a trophy shot. It's just that at this moment you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. But you're right, it only be a reminder of this night. It would tantalize me for years."

Maureen laughed and hugged him. "Les, is that the surprise?"

"Yes, part of it anyway, what about the bed, come feel the sheets on your skin." He removed the jacket and hung it up in the closet, then drew her by the hand to the bed and helped her to slide her feet between the cool sheets, holding the top sheet up until she had moved to the center of the bed, then he lowered the sheet and draped it so it was just over one of her breasts. He had a look of anticipation that amused Maureen.

She felt the silky sheets and smiled as the coolness of them made her skin react and her nipples got even tighter. She was amused at watching Lester's face as he positively drank in the view of her. "Aren't you going to undress?"

"In a moment." he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. He smiled and began to remove the ruby pin from his cravat.

She said, "May I see that?"

Lester handed her the pin and continued to remove the cravat. "I got that in Bangkok. A guy I knew was in gemstones and he said it was a good stone. Pretty isn't it?"

Maureen looked at the stone and it was clear and bright red, the simple surrounding setting of gold was merely an accent to the stone which glowed in the subdued light of the bedroom. "A jewel in itself is only a setting for a memory, I've heard it said." She smiled at him and handed him the pin, "what's your memory of the stone?"

Lester laughed and said, "Mostly the hangover after." He unbuttoned his vest and said, "Me and a buddy had flown in for R&R and we ran into a guy he knew from Central America. Honduras or somewhere, Anyway we had a good time and spent all our money and I ended up with this stone and a few others. We ate and drank and slept mostly."

"I'll bet!" she said, "I've heard about Bangkok, a den of iniquity in some opinions."

"Well, Patpong is wide open and the Thai's have a different view of things. Germany is just as bad, but they control it better." He unbuttoned his vest and stood to remove it, laying it on the bedside chair.

Maureen posed for him, her elbow on the bed and her hand held her head, one pale breast was exposed and she was smiling at him as he undressed slowly and watched her. She thought about how gentle and considerate he was, and how his cock was always at least half hard. Maureen thought of stud horses, ram's, genetics, the next generation and she smiled as he slid next to her.

As he slid over the cool sheets, her nipples got very stiff and she captured the scent of his neck and his firm thigh between her legs. He kissed her very softly at first. She signaled him permission to go further and the roller coaster ride started. He was so slow but before she could react to his kisses, on her neck, it just a counterpoint to his worshiping her breasts and then her thighs and she had melted to his fingers and lips and his weight as he rolled her over and began to operate on the edge of control.

Maureen was very pleased with the development he had shown. He was much more physical now and confident in his skills, that if she hadn't known better, she would have thought it love.

She pushed him back and kissed him softly, "Let's take our time, Les," she said as she snuggled under his arm and stroked his chest. Les groaned softly, but lay back and ran his hand down her back and pressed her hips to him as she laid one leg over his and rubbed her crotch against his thigh.

"You know I like the way you feel." She kissed his chest and ran her hand over his ribs feeling the taunt skin, and the hard muscles of his arms. "I wanted to cuddle a little."

Les smiled and rubbed her fine smooth ass, "Is that allowed in cuddling?"

Maureen rose up and kissed him on the cheek and said, "If you like it, I like it. I can be very liberal when I'm not teaching."

Les smiled and put his hand behind her head . ran her hair through his fingers and kissed her.

She responded by pressing him back on the bed, crawling on to his chest, her pubic regions pressed against his hipbone and both arms around his neck, she returned the kiss.

Les held her fiercely and let her crawl his frame. Her skin was satin and her lips were hot and his hipbone was getting damp. He was not thinking much except for an overwhelming sense of serendipity at letting life happen.

Maureen slowed down and pulled her head back, she smiled and said, "Now look what you done, Lester. You've made me lose control." She got onto her hands and kissed him, her leg crossed over his belly and she was rubbing her right knee on his left thigh and her breast tips were feeling his chest hair as she leaned in to kiss him, then resumed her place under his arm and stroked his chest. She looked up at him, "I like the more aggressive style, but I'm too full after that magnificent dinner and all the surprises. You don't mind if we take it slow, do you."

"Maureen, not too slow, I have to get up at five." Les smiled. "You understand, don't you?"

She smiled, "I do understand, how much sleep do you think you'll need." Her eyes wide open and her expression was so innocent.

Les said, "At least three hours?"

Maureen looked at the bedside clock and said, "It only a little past ten, we've plenty of time."

Lester was operating right at the edge of control. At any moment he was going to lose control and just butt fuck her. The woman was liquid sex and willing! How had he won this lottery? "Don't fuck up now, Murphy" he cautioned himself and tried to remember the stages of arousal and making a change every 10-15 seconds, duplicating those moves that got the best reactions. Every woman is different every time. That was the first lesson.

Maureen seemed to respond when he had man handled her, not violently but firmly and overwhelmingly, for a few seconds and then he could be so hard and firm against her as his tongue was not to be denied.

"This man was getting very good," Maureen thought as she squirmed in his grasp, to rub her pubis on his hard thigh that rhythmically pressed against her as she rubbed her clit over the bulging muscles and felt the press of his penis against her abdomen Maureen slipped off her panties and said, "Condom time, I can't wait forever!"

Murphy was quick and had it slipped on and slipped in before she could say "Oh, My! Mister Murphy!"

He had her on her back and he was moving every which way, Maureen was trying to breath and kept catching her breath as his onslaught continued to build and she just had to submit to the pleasure. She groaned and slapped her hips against his.

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