tagIncest/TabooHorrible Night Set Right

Horrible Night Set Right


It was once again another night of tossing and turning. No matter how much I tried I still couldn't remove the pictures from my mind. It had been almost a year to the date of my sisters' accident but I could still easily and vividly replay every account of what happened that morning.

It was a Friday morning and we met up early to have breakfast, as by some strange occurrence, we were both summoned for jury duty on the same day. She looked stunning as usual, standing 5'8", she definitely had legs that went on forever. She had started working out more often and was looking like a very fit 140lbs. Her hair was long and flowing. It was red hair that stopped just shy of her butt. Her pants were filled out quite nice in the back as she was one that never lacked the ability to fill out clothing. She wore a low cut blouse that was accented by a few freckles and her shapely 34C chest.

Dani didn't know how to get to the court house in the city so she asked if she could follow me that morning. I still remember looking in my rear view mirror to make sure she was still behind me when I saw her truck sliding off of the road at a sharp turn. I had to look twice to make sure I was really seeing this and as the truck hit the grass it flipped multiple times. I parked my car on the side of the highway and ran across 3 lanes of traffic to get to her. As I got up and over the hill I couldn't believe my eyes as she laid 50 feet from her truck, being thrown from it due to it rolling several times. I thought she was dead. There was no way someone could survive what I had witnessed. Within minutes people had surrounded her trying to aid in any possible way they could. I was kneeling down next to her when she finally came around, which was miracle in itself. There was blood all on the ground due to a deep cut she suffered on her head. She kept calling for me even though I was kneeling right beside to her. The EMT's arrived and ushered me away so they could attend to her. All I could do was stand there helplessly and watch them attend to my sister.

At the time it happened I felt as though a piece of my soul was being taken from me. I remember hearing the nurses walk by making comments to each other about how lucky she was to be alive still. After months of intense physical therapy she was able to start to get back to her normal life. Unlike me, Dani didn't remember what happened that morning. She continuously asked me over the passing months to explain what happened but I didn't want to continue reliving the day's events and would always keep it brief, no emotions involved at all. She eventually stopped asking since I would never go into great details, the vivid memory always painful to relive.

I checked the alarm clock to see what time it was, as it felt like I had been tossing and turning for hours on end. "Jesus, its only 1:30am! This is ridiculous! Why can't this ever happen on a weekend!" I rolled out of bed and threw on a T-shirt and headed downstairs into the kitchen. "Maybe a beer or shot of Patron will help the situation." I reached into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer and the Patron. "On second thought, a little of both really couldn't hurt much." I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV hoping to catch a glimpse of what the following day's weather might bring. "Snow again! I'm so sick of this crap! I'm moving south the first chance I get, I can't take this anymore."

I had just turned 20 and found the working life awful. I went back to college full time and because of that could not afford moving at the moment. I've always had idea of moving to a southern state and finding a nice place near the beach so when spring break came the opportunities would be endless. Unfortunately, like most of my life goals, this one had fallen to the wayside for the time being.

As the weatherman was droning on about the upcoming storm we were about to be hit with I heard a vehicle pulling up to the house. Seems Dani was still living up her 22nd birthday, her first since the accident, for the 4th time this week and second chance at life by hitting up a club in the city. As she fumbled with her keys outside of the door I turned the TV off and headed for the stairs. The door swung open as if it had been on springs and Dani bolted right past me and into the bathroom. Being the caring brother I am, I knocked on the door to make sure she was alright.

"You ok Dani?" As the door slowly opened I saw her kneeling by the toilet. She was trying to hold her hair back as it seemed round 2 was about to start. I crept into the bathroom and sat down on the tub next to her. "Here, let me hold that for you." I grabbed her hair and held it up for her as she placed both of her hands on the toilet.

"Oh my god! This is so gross! I'm sorry Mike! I thought you would be asleep by now. Why are you still up? Are mom and dad home yet?"

"I couldn't sleep. It felt like I was in bed for hours and when I looked at the clock it was only 1:30 so I got up and grabbed a drink, hoping it would settle me down. Mom called from Aunt Marie's house and said they would be spending a few more nights there. I guess Uncle Tom still isn't doing well and she could use the help taking care of him a little longer."

She grabbed some toilet paper from the roll and patted down her face to make sure she had cleaned herself up a bit. "Are you still having trouble sleeping at night because of me?" she said with sadness in her voice. "You know the story has a happy ending. I'm still here and I don't plan on going anywhere for quite a while longer."

"I know, I know! But when I close my eyes sometimes all I can picture is the truck flipping and than you lying on the ground. It kills me seeing that. I just wish I could forget the whole thing ever happened."

She got to her feet with a little assistance and asked if I could help her get to her room as the walls still seemed to be spinning. Once we got to her room I laid her down on the bed. She looked so helpless laying there with her eyes half closed sprawled out on the bed. All I could hear was her screaming "Take me!"

"Well!! Are you going to just stand there and stare at me or are you going to give me a hand?" she said to me, which snapped me back in to reality. In my quick day dream I hadn't noticed her struggling to get her jeans off. I sat down onto the edge of the bed next to her to help undress her. It wasn't until she was in her bra and panties that I really noticed how turned on I was getting. Not wanting my sister to notice the ragging hard I had at the moment I tried to cover myself with some of her blankets.

She got under her blankets and turned away from me. I felt this would be my best opportunity to make an exit without my sister noticing my bulge. I started to stand up as she turned back to me and said "Are you going to join me under the covers? It's a little chilly right now, another person in the bed would help keep me warm tonight." "I have to be up early tomorrow in order to get to class so I don't want to wake you up that early if I stay." I said, trying hard to hide my excitement.

"Well, could you least stay with me for a little while, until I fall asleep at least?" She lowered her head to the pillow and pulled me by my hand back on to the bed to lie next to her. I was having trouble hiding what had turned into one of the hardest erections I had ever had. My left arm was trapped under her head and my right arm was enclosed around her body. I was unable to shift my movements very easily. It wasn't long before she made herself comfortable and nestled her perfect ass right up against my groin. I knew for a fact that she could feel what was going on in my shorts. She seemed well aware of it too by pushing her ass harder into me ever few minutes. I felt like every sensation I could feel in my body had tripled in magnitude. The softness of her skin made me want to rub her from head to toe and the smell of her skin made me want to consume her. It wasn't very long before I didn't care who I was in bed with. I wanted her and I wanted her now!

I started to slowly move my hand from her stomach up the middle of her body. As my hand reached the center of her chest she let out a small gasp and a faint moan. I could tell she wanted the same thing I did. Her body was responding to the slightest movement of my fingers. I used this to my advantage and worked my fingers around the outline of her chest. I paused momentarily between each heaving mound of flesh for her to take another deep breath of air. She helped herself by reaching around and unclasping her bra. As she removed her bra I pinched her nipples lightly and she gave a small undeniable moan. I continued to run my hand over each breast, paying close attention to rub my thumb over each nipple, every pass I made. Dani's breathing had become more labored and I could feel the response of her body. She was now pushing back hard against my still raging erection.

"Mike, that feels so amazing! I can't believe how excited you're making me. Is it wrong to feel this good from my brother touching me?"

"I don't know", I said, "but I don't know how something could feel so amazing and be considered wrong. You're an unbelievably attractive woman and I am a guy who cares about you and loves you. How could that be wrong?"

As I said that I moved my hand down her stomach and into her panties. I could feel the heat and moisture of her pussy radiating out of it. I ran my finger along the outline of her pussy, making her gasp and squirm as my finger moved over her opening. I spread her lips open with two of my fingers and slowly started moving my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her breathing had intensified into heavy gasps of air and soft grunts that seemed to grow louder with each penetration.

"Jesus Mike! Don't stop.....this feels so......uhhhhh, ohhhhhh, Oh my god, right there!" I moved my thumb over her clit and started rubbing it in small circles. She pushed down hard on my hand as her body became rigid. "Fuuuuuuck..... Jesus....... Ohhhhhhhhh don't fucking stop!! I'm Cumming..... Holy sh..........it." After her intense orgasm started to die down she turned over and looked at me in the eyes. I could see the lust and love coming from her stare. She leaned in and we embraced in kiss that brothers and sisters don't embrace in. She was no longer my sister; she was turning into my lover.

"I've been trying to think of a way to make up for everything you did for me last year. I couldn't bring myself to just buy you something as that couldn't express how I truly feel about you."

As she finished her sentence she started to make her way under the covers. Stopping on occasion to kiss my chest, than my stomach, and stopping above my rock hard erection. She fumbled for the opening to my boxers and pulled out my now 8" cock. I could feel the warmth of her breath enveloping my dick. She ran her hand down my shaft and caressed my balls. The sensation I was feeling was running from my toes to my hair. It was a euphoria that I had never felt before with any other woman.

"I hope you enjoy this as much as I did" she said as she kissed the tip of my dick and enclosed the head with her full sensual lips. As she was lightly gliding her tongue over the tip she started to stroke the entire length with her hand, cupping my balls with her other. I could already feel the excitement starting to rise from my toes. She started working her mouth down the entire length of my dick, inch by inch sucking me further into her warm, wet vacuum of a mouth.

"Dani, when did you become such a pro at sucking dick? I can't believe how good this feels." At that moment she completely buried my dick in her mouth and the sensation was almost more than I could take. I could feel myself hitting the back of her throat. "Wow, you can take it all too! You keep this up and I'm not going to last very long. Do you like this?" I said. I could feel the vibration in her throat as she responded with a short "um hum." I looked down the bed and we made eye contact. Her big beautiful green eyes staring back at me. It was the first time we had seen each other in such a compromising position. The pure erotic look of seeing my sister with my dick in her mouth as she continued to stare at me was incomprehensible. She gave a long slurp and buried my dick in her mouth again and I couldn't take it any longer. I thrust my hips forward trying to get every last bit of me into her mouth. "I'm cumming! Holy shit Dani.... I'mmmmm cummmming!" Wave after wave ran through my body. I could feel eruption after eruption of cum coating the back of her throat. She continued working my shaft seemingly not happy until she had drained every bit of liquid from me. When she seemed satisfied enough with her work she gave my one last taste and started to crawl back up to the top of the bed. The satisfaction on her face reaching from ear to ear as she knew how amazing she was.

"Mmmm, and you swallow too! I have to say, I think that was the best blow job a brother could ever receive."

"I'm glad you liked it" she said with a devilish smile on her face. "It seems that since mom and dad won't be home for a few more nights we'll have time to see how good I really am."

With that said she curled up in my arms with her body nestled up to mine and shut her eyes. I couldn't help but wonder what the next few days might have in store but I did know one thing. I couldn't wait till morning to find out!

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