tagNovels and NovellasHorror at Hellmund-Winchere Ch. 1

Horror at Hellmund-Winchere Ch. 1



Lilian entered the dark basement. She didn't want to, but knew that she had to. Mrs. Antonia had ordered her to go, and everyone knew what happened to those who didn't do as the teacher told. The stairs into the basement was made of a creaky old wood which moaned as if in pain every time Lily stepped on them. Dust covered these wooden planks, and cobwebs lined the downward sloping ceiling. Lily swallowed her agitation, and descended.

At the bottom of the steps, she turned on the electric flashlight she was carrying. A sneezing fit suddenly took hold of her, caused by the dust and mold in her surroundings. She glumly acknowledged the dust and grime covering her school uniform; the blue blazer and plaid skirt was covered in the stuff. Mrs. Antonia was going to have a fit when she saw her dishelved state.

Lilian pressed on, wanting to get the task over with. She followed the long, dark corridor towards the school's storage area. All she had to do was get there, find the projector bulbs, and get back upstairs. She quickened her pace, eager to get back to class.

The corridor seemed to stretch for an eternity. Lilian was in complete darkness now, the thin beam from the flashlight remained the only source of light. On and on, the corridor seemed to go. What if it never ended? Lily felt the first signs of panic build up within her. She walked more briskly, almost running down the dusty passageway.

At last, she reached the end of the hall. Her light shined on a blank wall, marking a dead end. Funny, thought Lilian, there's supposed to be a door here. She suddenly wondered if she had taken a wrong turn; but that was impossible, there were no turns to make: just one long, narrow, confining corridor from the steps all the way to here. The dust seemed to be thicker here, and Lily fell into another fit of frantic sneezing. Sweat beaded her body, she had trouble breathing. Her heart beat faster, her legs shook with panic.Was it just her or were the walls closing in? She had to get out of here!

She turned to run back down the corridor when a noise alerted her of someone coming towards her from that direction. She let out a sigh of relief. Mrs. Antonia was probably wondering what was taking so long and sent someone else down to help her.

"Hello?"shouted Lilian."Who's there?"

No one answered her. She aimed the light's beam forwards, into the darkness, but the dust was so thick it blocked most of the light. All she could hear was the other person's footsteps, in front of her, coming down the corridor.

Lilian suddenly realized that there was something wrong with those steps. They weren't the loud taps of shoes on wood, but the soft pat of someone's bare feet. Who in the school would walk around without any shoes on?

"Who's th-there?"repeated Lily. The steps were much closer now, maybe less than a hundred feet away. Lilian could now distinguish the sound very well: it was the soft pat-pat of bare feet, but with some other sound mixed in.


It was a squelching sound, as if the person's feet were wet. Lilian became panicked again. What if it was some madman who came in outside from the rain? She dismissed this theory quickly since it wasn't raining outside. Who could it be then, someone who just came out of the shower?

Lilian's breathing quickened as whatever it was came nearer. She backed up, pressing herself against the dusty wooden wall behind her. Her knees felt weak and she felt at the verge of tears.

Suddenly, the flashlight beam flickered off. She tried to scream, but her dry throat didn't permit it.

Lilian stood in the darkness for what seemed like hours. All the while, the wet footsteps kept a steady approach. Only when it was within a few feet of her did the noise stop.

Lilian waited, too afraid to move. She could hear heavy breathing coming from the person in front of her, if it was a person. Tears of fear fell down her cheeks, mixing with the dust in the air. She waited and waited, but nothing happened.

Suddenly, something cold and wet brushed by Lilian's left knee. Her leg flinched, almost causing her to fall to the dusty floor. She was crying now, fear and panic taking hold of her completely. What the hell did it want?

As if in answer, Lilian felt the same cold, wet sensation, this time on the inside of her right thigh. She gasped as it went up and down her thigh, as if in some perverse carress. Lily made a grab between her legs for whatever was touching her; her fingers enclosed around a long, slick object, much like a stalk or a tentacle. As she did so, the thing in front of her moved forward, encircling her in several other similar masses.

Lilian screamed, but one of the tentacle-like structures went inside her open mouth. Lilian tried to expell the foul thing, but in it stayed. It tasted rancid, and had a mushroom-like bulb at its tip. It started to move in and out of her mouth, squirming around her tongue. She felt bile rise from her stomach, but for some reason, she couldn't vomit.

The other vines encircling her writhed, squeezing her body to the point of suffocation. Suddenly, most of the tentacles removed themselves; only those which ensnared her arms and legs remained. They pushed her up against the wall, with her feet barely touching the floor.

Lilian suddenly felt the warm air of breathing on her neck. She heard a hissing sound, much like that of a snake. She struggled vainly as she heard the creature's mouth open, fearing an impending bite. All she felt was the sick sensation of a giant tongue licking her neck and face. She tried screaming again, but the writhing mass in her mouth prevented it.

The other tentacled structures began to carress parts of her body. Three were rubbing themselves onto her legs, covering them with sickly slime. One of the foul things had gone down the front of her blouse and was squirming in between her breasts. Two were pressing against the sensitive mound between her legs, massaging it through her panties. She tried to ignore the filthy things, but , to her disgust, she began to enjoy the pleasure they were causing. She didn't want to, but her body began responding positively to the sensations wracking it.

No, No, she thought as her hips bucked forwards to feel the vines' touch. Her nipples involuntarily became taut as the tentacle inside her blouse wrapped itself around her breast and squeezed. Her thighs felt warm, her stomach tingled, and she even found her lips were sucking at the vile organ in her mouth. What was happening to her?

Lilian wanted to beg the creature to stop, to plead with it and make it let her go. She whimpered fearfully as she felt small, strong hands grasp her breasts through her sweat and slime drenched blouse. They squeezed her ripe breasts, releasing, only to apply pressure again. Lily felt them about to explode when the hands ripped the flimsy blouse off her besieged body to fondle her bare. She felt the hands lift up her breasts to its mouth, where its warm breath caused her bare nipples to harden even more. When the giant tongue licked at the sensitive aereoli, Lily moaned.

She was not the only one aroused. She felt the tentacles of the creature stiffen, its bulbous tip enlarging like some disguisting carricature of a penis. The vine in her mouth began to thrust into the oraface harder, the soft, flexible construct now a rigid male organ. Another vine entered her mouth then, this one thrusting in while the other thrust out.

The tentacles ensnaring her legs, which remained soft, began to spread them. Lily felt a twinge of panic, not wanting what was coming. Her hands began to strugle against their bonds, but they held. She was screaming through the vines in her mouth, praying for this molestation to end. One of the creatures hands touch her womanly core; she stopped screaming as a wave of pleasure rushed through her body. After several minutes of rubbing the area, the hand ripped off Lily's soaking underwear.

Lilian whimpered, knowing what was to follow. She braced herself as one of the tentacles shot into her vagina, blazing a trail of intolerable pleasure with it. She cried out as an orgasm rocked her body. The tentacle thrust into and out of her body slickly, its wet slime providing its own lubricant. Lily's head rocked back and forth, unable to take the piercing sensations. She almost cried when two more of the tentacles entered her, causing wave after wave of orgasms.

Lilian told herself to remain calm, as the creature had to become finished with her soon. She had lost her virginity over the summer to Tony Wilson, who came in less than a minute. But as more time passed, the creature's thrusts seemed only to grow more and more desperate. Lily had lost count of her own orgasms, yet the creature didn't even have one. She prayed desperately for it to stop, to come already. But it didn't. Its thrusts kept increasing in pace and force, making Lily delirious with pleasure. Hours seemed to pass, but the damn thing wouldn't stop. She felt desperate, wanting more than anything for the beast to stop. But it didn't, its pace increasing with each second. Lily felt that she'd go mad if it didn't stop soon.

"Please," she wanted to say, "stop this. I can't take it! Please, I beg you, STOP! Just for a minute, five seconds, one, only please stop! It's too much, too much, TOO MUCH! Stop it, stop it, Stop It, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT!!!"

But she could not speak these words, as three of the tentacles were thrusting in and out of her protesting mouth. She shut her eyes trying to escape into the safety of her mind, but all that was there was the hellish, unyielding pleasure caused by the beast's unending thrusts.


Jackie arrived at the Hellmund-Winchere School for Girls three hours early. The taxi she had taken dropped her off in front of the rusty steel gate which led into the school grounds. Jackie peered through the gate, taking in the view of the vast gardens and imposing building which made up the boarding school. Even though the plants in the gardens were bright green, the whole place had a sense of dreariness to it. The gray stone walls surrounding the school, as well as the grey school building itself, made the entire estate a sorry looking sight. Even the sky seemed gray.

Jackie fixed the loose strands of her long blond hair and straightened her thin glasses, hoping to make a good impression with the students and faculty. She pushed the call button on the gate's intercom service, causing a loud buzzing sound. A thin, electric voice erupted from the intercom, asking for her name and purpose at being there.

"Jaqueline Pierce, I'm a new student." Jackie heard a clanking sound coming from the gate, and the warm phrase of "Come in, deary," erupt from the intercom. The gate then opened mechanically, allowing Jackie and her suitcase to enter.

She was met at the school's front entrance by Ealenore Savins, one of the school's administrative secretaries. Mrs. Savins was a pretty young brunette, who spoke with a slight British accent. She was extremely nice and helpful, showing Jackie around the school grounds before showing her to her room. Mrs. Savins told Jackie that she was to share a room with a girl named Elizabeth Hills, a daughter of some foreign dignitary. After a few minutes of conversation, the secretary took her leave, sighting work to be done elsewhere.

Jackie unpacked the contents of her suitcase. The clothes she placed into the empty drawers of a cabinet near her bed, while her personal nick-nacks were piled on top of the writing desk assigned to her. The empty suitcase, along with her heavy wool overcoat, were placed into the closet.

Jackie's room mate showed up several minutes later. She was a tall, strikingly attractive blond. Jackie thought, somewhat enviously, that the girl may have once starred in movies; she did have the face and figure for it.

Elizabeth struck Jackie as a somewhat care-free soul. She had jumped onto her bed after the opening greetings, and easily struck up a conversation. Her manner put Jackie at ease, and she felt comfortable with the girl as though she were the closest friend Jackie had ever known. Jackie also noticed that Elizabeth's breasts were very large for her age. She could make each of them out perfectly as her room mate lay at ease on her bed, arms over her head, her tight red sweater accenuating each curve. Jackie suddenly became aware that she was staring at her room mate's chest; she turned her head and looked out the window, slightly embarrassed at her perverted mind.

Two weeks passed in the school. Jackie fit in nicely with everyone, and she thoroughly enjoyed each of her classes. She had made friends with two students: Clarrissa from her science class and Joanne whom she met in the room next to hers. Clarrissa was a pretty brunette who wore her hair short, due to her swimming interests. Joanne was also an attractive girl, with long red hair and bright blue eyes. She was probably the horniest girl Jackie had ever met; her room was decorated with pictures of good-looking movie stars, most had comic balloons drawn onto them containing racy dialogue directed at Joanne. She bragged about all her boyfriends back in her home town of Pasadena, California, and how she was just using them for their bodies. No one ever takes her seriously, and there was a rumor that the girl was still a virgin.

A strange question kept bothering Jackie. Why was everyone in the school so good looking? All the students, teachers, and staff were attractive, even the janitors were cute. It was like a boarding school for models here. But the people were nice to her, and that was all that counted. She put the quesion out of her mind, believing it to be nothing important.

Stacy was alone in the garden. She was enjoying the afternoon, when Mrs. Antonia sauntered by and told her to fix the flower beds in quadrant C. Stacy had voulunteered to keep the flowers healthy until a replacement for the gardener who disappeared, Mr. Sims, could be found. She sighed and headed over to quadrant C, stopping by the tool shed to pick up some shears, gloves, and a spade.

Stacy wondered why on earth she had voulunteered for flower duty, she absolutely detested gardening. The soil always stained her uniform and leggings, and the work always chipped her nails. Although Stacy hated her present situation, she didn't complain for fear that Mrs. Antonia might overhear.

The quadrant C beds seemed fine to her, but the teacher had to have sent her here for some reason. Stacy bent down, resting her knees on the soft grass. She tied her long brown hair into a pony tail, and donned the large work gloves before working.

Stacy checked the flowers, but each seemed alright. After much inspection, none seemed the least bit damaged. Why would that bitch Antonia send her here then? Her answer came when she spotted something green wiggling on one of the flowers' leaves. It was a large slug-like creature, about as long as Stacy's middle finger, with a knob-like head at one end.

"Eew." Stacy picked up the slug in one gloved hand. It squirmed about between her fingers, a white fluid slowly oozing from a slit on its round head. The thing reminded Stacy of a small green penis. She laughed and said jokingly, "Dickbug."

She flung the disgusting creature away, satisfied that nothing was wrong with the flowers. Before she could leave, she suddenly noticed several more of the slugs squirming around on the flowers. On closer inspection, she discovered that the flowers were covered in them. Stacy cursed, discovering the reason Antonia had sent her there. Pest cleanup.

Not wanting to kill the poor things, Stacy looked around for something to place them in. She remembered that she had a plastic bag in her jacket pocket, leftovers from her sandwhich lunch. She took out the small plastic pouch and began to deposit the little creatures into it to be released later. After gathering the last one, she tied the opening of the bag into a knot and placed it into her pocket. She gathered the tools and stopped by the toolshed to return them.

Stacy opened the shed's rusty door and turned on the single electric light. The door automatically reshut as she entered, creaking softly before banging loudly as the door hit the frame. She placed the tools exactly where she found them , not wanting to anger Mr. Sims if he ever came back.

As she was about to leave, Stacy felt a tingling between her legs. It began as a mild itching, but began to intensify as the seconds passed. The sensations were like those of her fingers rubbing against her clitoris whenever she masturbated. Except there were no fingers here, and she felt a solid lump inside her, as if a small animal had crawled...

"Shit!" Stacy reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out the plastic bag. A large hole was ripped into it, and all the creatures had gone. Her panic was furthered when the rubbing in her private area increased in pressure. She tried to ignore the waves of pleasure which were running through her as she lifted up her skirt. Her entire abdomen was covered in the slugs, each sticking to her skin, covering it with slick, white slime.

Stacy screamed and tried to pull off the foul things, but they held on, squirming against her flesh. The slug in her vagina began to crawl deeper into her, carving a trail of ecstasy with it. Stacy cried and ran to the door, hoping to get help. She pushed against it, but it stayed shut. Try all she might, her strength could not budge the door. Worse still, she felt the slugs climbing up her body.

Stacy ripped open her blouse and saw that one of the slugs had crawled under her bra and was squirming on the underside of her breast. Three more were climbing up her belly, leaving a trail of white slime up her body. She tried again to pull them off, but on they stayed.

Stacy screamed for help, but none came. She picked up a spade and tried to pry one of the creatures off, but this effort failed. She started to reach for the shears when she felt more of the slugs begin to enter her vagina. Stacy pulled up her skirt and peeked under her panties to see three slugs beginning their entrance. She tried to grasp at them in order to pull them out, but their bodies were too slippery. In they went, and she pushed her fingers inside herself in order to get them, but her wriggling fingers only added to her pleasure.

"Get out you fucks!"she screamed. A scream of a different kind left her as her body became wracked in an orgasm. When it passed, she tried to ram the door open, but the thin tin door held. She cried aloud, and slumped to the ground in exasperation. Stacy furiously clawed at her mollusk oppressors, but her attacks failed to yield results.

The slugs on her breasts began to rub her nipples , which ,to her disgust, hardened into two long peaks. Stacy ripped off her bra and desperately yanked at the perverse slugs encircling her breasts. They seemed to hold onto her tits, each tug on them lifting the breasts themselves. She screamed in anger and lifted one of the breasts to her mouth. She bit into one of the slugs, and to her surprise, it let go of her flesh. Unfortunately, it then squirmed into her mouth. Stacy tried to spit the foul tasting slug out, but it stayed inside rubbing against her tongue. She tried desperately to vomit, but nothing came out.

Stacy whimpered slightly as another orgasm shook her body. The slugs inside her vagina squirmed happily, rubbing their bulbous heads into her most sensitive of areas. One had begun to massage her clitoris, softly at first, then harder and harder until an orgasm rocked Stacy once more.

Stacy felt her strength beginning to wain; she was exhausted and the slugs were winning. Her body was covered in the slick, white fluid oozing out of their penis like heads; her clothes were caked in sweat and slime. The slug in her mouth began to poke its head out of her lips, while its tail end played with her tongue. If someone was there to see her, Stacy looked like she had a green penis sticking out of her mouth. A fountain of the white fluid flowed steadily from the slit at its mouth to cover her neck and chest.

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