tagNonHumanHorror on the Beach Ch. 02

Horror on the Beach Ch. 02


The abused teenager slowly uncurled and turned onto her tummy. The once pristine beach towel she had spread so evenly on the sand just hours before was now crumpled and twisted, spattered with gobs of nasty, foul-smelling, gray monster spunk. She stared at it dully thinking how much like the towel she was now. In her devastated mind there was only one coherent thought; escape.

Juliette's delicate fingers dug into the loosely packed sand beneath her and she tensed her legs, her firm buttocks pushing upwards. Her young body was still trembling when she started to crawl away from the beast. Her back side glistened with sweat and sand in the late afternoon sun.

Krakon felt his spent cock already beginning to harden again. Sitting in the warm sand he watched his little playmate slowly attempt to creep away. Using all of his tentacle-arms to support his wobbly legs, Krakon rose to his feet and walked after her. Already he had learned to better manage his footing on the shifting sand, lifting his feet high and spreading his toes wide to avoid plowing them through the sand. Juliette managed to move a couple yards away from her assaulter before pushing herself to her own feet to run away. As she burst into a frantic run, Krakon leaped after her using all of his arms to push himself swiftly across the beach.

Juliette felt a hard jerk at her right ankle and tumbled forward onto the hot, dry sand. She shrieked as Krakon's tentacle brought her down, writhing and fighting him madly. When she turned onto her back, she saw the monster bending over her, his disgusting, malformed face leering lustfully down at her. The teen pushed herself up on her elbows and managed to squirm her ankle free as Krakon loosed his grip. Once both her athletic legs were unencumbered, she pulled them in towards her chest and then kicked out at the creature's skull with all her strength, shouting at him furiously.

Taken by surprise at the determined fury of her attack, Krakon took the blow full on his face, temporarily stunned as he was knocked down onto his backside. He shook his head and raised one tentacle to his face as the other five splayed out wide at his sides, writhing aimlessly. Juliette seized the opportunity to jump up and try to flee again. Her breasts heaved and her heart hammered in her chest as she broke into a run, moving as fast as she could.

Krakon recovered quickly, more surprised than injured by the small girl's valiant attack. A spark lit deep in his black eyes as he ogled the movement of her pert buttocks. He loved the fighting spirit in his little playmate. Before she had gotten more than a few feet away from him his two lower tentacles shot forward like the lash of a whip and wrapped around her ankles. Once again, she crashed down onto the white sand.

Krakon rose up to his feet and pulled his prey by her ankles towards the sea. Juliette futilely tried to hold on to the fine sand as it slithered away between her fingers. Screaming and struggling the whole way, the curvy brunette beauty was mercilessly dragged across the dry, white sand, then the darker, wet sand and finally into the water as Krakon waded into the sea. The massive creature never slowed his pace or so much as glanced behind him as he surged smoothly into the water. Juliette's struggles to escape changed as her body hit the water and she had to fight madly just to keep her head above the surface, her delicate arms flailing and paddling about. Krakon finally stopped moving forward when the water level reached his massive chest. A third tentacle slid behind his body to coil around Juliette's slim waist, another two capturing her wrists. Without even looking back at her he plunged the struggling girl completely under water for a few moments, swishing her around until every last remnant of cum, sweat and sand were washed off of her. Only then did he lift her back up into the air and turn to calmly regard her.

Juliette screamed and thrashed around, bucking and jerking against her unrelenting bonds. Krakon carefully positioned Juliette in front of him, ignoring her maddened attempts to pull against this hold. His tentacles spread her legs wide apart and tilted her body backwards until the ends of her wet, dark hair nearly brushed the surface of the water. She was held at a 45 degree angle with her crotch pulled up nearly touching Krakon's face. With her legs widespread and her arms bent up until her wrists were next to her shoulders, Juliette's lithe little body was almost completely immobilized. The monster looped another tentacle-arm firmly around her waist and pulled her recently-deflowered honeypot to his eager mouth like a hungry elephant uses its trunk to feed itself.

Juliette watched with horrified eyes as his thick, slimy tongue began to lick her tight slit. Krakon licked slowly but thoroughly, his slithering tongue laving up and down her pussy lips and sliding between them and then lightly flicking over her clit. The captive teenager wailed and jerked her hips, futilely trying to dislodge the monster's tongue. Krakon only nuzzled his face in closer, deeply inhaling her intoxicating scent while he eagerly feasted. At last he was able to bury his face in the source of the glorious scent that had led him to her and the combination of that scent and her taste had him nearly delirious with sensory overload. As his large mouth opened to fully engulf her mound, his thick tongue pushed more deeply into her narrow, wet slit.

Moaning loudly, Juliette let her head loll backwards. Her sleek abs stretched as her full, firm breasts heaved towards the sky, her pink, swollen nipples jutting out stiffly. Krakon pushed slightly inside, then retracted his slimy tongue only to slowly push it deep into the girl again. Juliette's tight vagina was becoming wetter and wetter beneath the ministrations of the creature's mouth as his tongue twisted around upon itself and thrusted into her juiciness. Her monstrous tormenter slurped at her flowing honey hungrily. The girl's nubile body squirmed helplessly in the late afternoon sun, her tender skin glistening with sea water and sweat. Against her will, the helpless damsel felt the unfamiliar sensations heralding her first orgasm begin to build up inside of her. Krakon felt the shudders of her body and the quivering of her vaginal walls and increased the speed of his tongue fucking.

In a last desperate attempt, Juliette weakly tugged anew at her bonds. Her big brown eyes looked at the endless sky as her innocent, angelic face began to contort. The nostrils of her cute little nose flared, her eyebrows squeezed tightly together and her sweet, red lips formed an 'o'. The pleasure caused by the stimulation of the disgusting monster slurping and sucking at her sex finally overpowered the stubborn resistance of her mind. She was defeated. Juliette closed her eyes and shrieked out loudly as a powerful orgasm smashed through her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh! Aaaaaaaaaaah!"

The overwhelming pleasure drowned her senses and swept her mind blank. Her petite body helplessly spasmed again and again. Her pussy clenched tightly while the beast's slimy oral muscle continued fucking her relentlessly throughout the duration of her orgasm, extending and renewing it interminably. Krakon continued to ravish Juliette's honeypot without pause. Over a period of several more minutes, he forced the girl to experience multiple orgasms with his highly mobile tongue. At long last, with a loud smacking sound he finally moved his mouth away from her dripping snatch. He could feel from the way her sweet little body trembled and shuddered helplessly in his grasp that he had finally broken her will to resist.

As Krakon carried her limp form back to the beach, Juliette whimpered and moaned softly. She didn't even try to struggle anymore. Her limbs felt heavy and drained, each shuddering breath almost more than her exhausted body could manage. As for Krakon, he felt energized and imbued with strength. He was nearly drunk on pleasure and victory. For the first time in his life he had stalked, pursued and claimed his prey. Now the spoils were his and he was enjoying them immensely. His hard cock bobbed and twitched between his legs. He was just as horny as the first time he had seen her.

The monster carefully laid his captive down on the fine, dry sand. He grabbed the wrists of the weakly whimpering girl with two tentacles and pressed them solidly into the sand on either side of her head, pinning her firmly. Another two of his arms wrapped themselves around her lower legs. He bent her knees, pushing her legs up towards her torso and spreading them wide apart at the same time to best expose the rosy pink folds of her beautiful pussy. Dinner was served.

While the eel-like, slimy ends of his last two arms coiled around her youthful, fleshy breasts, Krakon began to lick all across the trim, tanned body of the 18-year-old. He started at her neatly polished toenails and slathered his squirming tongue along the smooth curves of her calves, up over her inner thighs in turn, and then once again dipped into her dripping pussy. Juliette slowly rolled her head from one side to the other as she continued to moan faintly. Her beautiful eyes were half closed and her long dark lashes fluttered fitfully.

Krakon carefully licked her moist rosy lower lips and caressed her clit. His tentacles at her breasts began to knead and pull at her soft orbs and toy with her sensitive nipples. Although Juliette was barely able to think straight anymore, she reflexively tried to protect her breasts from further molestation by covering them with her hands or arms only to discover that she couldn't move them at all. The horny monster slowly crawled up her body, continuing to lick at her tender skin with relish on his way up. His long tongue slithered across her tight abdomen and the wet tip pushed into the oval dip of her bellybutton. Juliette's abs flexed as she bucked and wailed in disapproval. Krakon continued to slide his tongue up further, deeply inhaling the fresh, arousing fragrance of her soft skin through his nostril holes as he licked along the valley between her full breasts.

The tips of his tentacles were massaging her mounds in an increasingly demanding fashion. His mouth sucked at her delicate cleavage before moving even higher to devour her slender neck. His toothless gums engulfed her tender flesh, creating a powerful seal to intensify the sensation of his sucking. The overpowered girl moaned and thrashed her head from side to side defenselessly as he pulled back slightly. The mutant's hungry slurping and smacking sounds filled the air as he moved his gross caricature of a face to and fro to lick and suckle at the soft skin of her angelic face and neck.

After having mauled her young breasts almost painfully during the last few minutes, he retracted both of his tentacle-arms and wrapped them tightly around the girls fragile shoulders to establish an even more unbreakable hold on her body. Krakon lowered his head and greedily sucked on her delicious tits. Juliette's rosy nipples stood up like little pebbles on her golden-brown flesh despite her revulsion. Groaning loudly, the girl closed her eyes and tried to distance herself from the monster's merciless treatment of her helpless body. The session of licking, engulfing, sucking, and smacking sounds carried on for a while. Despite the lack of teeth, the creature's gums were hard and quite capable of capturing and tugging on the rosy peaks of her engorged nipples, turning them into reddened pegs that both ached and sent exciting tingles through her body to her core. Juliette's young body was on fire, her pussy was aroused to unbearable levels and her juices flowed constantly.

Just as Juliette began to feel like she couldn't bear any more, Krakon suddenly let go of her breasts. He pushed himself up a little and looked straight into Juliette's glassy eyes. She slowly turned her face towards his wondering what horrors he had in store for her next. She blinked her long lashes at him and tried to focus on his face. Krakon had the same lascivious look on his face as he had when she had first seen him. His tongue writhed out and he licked over his lipless mouth.

She lifted her head and caught sight of another intimidating thing between her thighs. Krakon was kneeling on the sand between her legs and leaning forward slightly. His four arms, which gripped her wrists and shoulders, also upheld his massive torso, towering above her. The last two arms held her legs wide apart. At the monster's crotch, his massive 10-inch rod eagerly pointed at her and she gulped in foreboding. The glans looked inflated like it was about to explode. Her mouth opened wide in shock, her big, dark, innocent eyes stared into his ebony orbs, pitifully pleading wordlessly for mercy.

Krakon shifted his hips, moving his enormous cock towards her unprotected pussy. Juliette vainly tried to move away but was firmly held in place. The hard glans pushed against her hot, wet slit. Krakon carefully watched Juliette's face, enjoying every expression that flitted over her soft features. He pushed down on her shoulders to make it easier to impale her and his hips increased the pressure at the same time.

Juliette gritted her teeth and whimpered loudly as her tight rosy lips parted reluctantly at the forceful prodding of the big cock at her entrance. Her tight, nearly virginal slit opened like a blooming flower to expose the slick, darker pink folds and then was stretched wide around the swollen pink glans of the monster cock. The groaning girl turned her head from side to side, her eyes tightly closed. As soon as her body yielded and allowed the fat head of his cock to enter her body Krakon pulled it out with a soft "pop" and then slowly pushed it into her again, eliciting a loud cry from the pinioned girl. He gradually increased his speed and left the bulbous head of his cock just inside her tight lips as he penetrated her a little deeper with each thrust. Juliette's chest heaved with her soft cries of protest and her heart was racing like mad as her tight little hole surrendered to the monster's driving cock.

His slimy tongue caressed her neck and face again and again but she kept determinedly turning her face away from the relentless attempts of his tongue to invade her mouth. This time he was too preoccupied with his own pleasure to force the issue. His animalistic lust was taking over completely, clouding his mind to any deeper thoughts or softer feelings that might have intruded. His powerful hips thrust forward with a hard surge to drive his cock as deeply as possible into the warm, wet depths of the tight little pussy beneath him. He retracted his tongue and lifted his head to watch his girl's pretty face.

Juliette looked back at him, her angelic features contorting and her mouth opening with a shriek of pain as she felt the hard, hot length of his cock burying itself deeper and deeper inside her quivering flesh, stretching her more than she thought possible. The beast hissed into her face in satisfaction at the sweet music of her cries as his hips started moving in the instinctive rhythm of fucking. Each hard, deep thrust elicited another moan or soft cry of despair from the helpless girl squirming beneath his heavy body.

The mutant was gradually picking up his pace. Each hard drive of his pistoning cock came a little sooner than the last. The girl's body glistened with her sweat and the slimy substance that oozed from the monster's pores. His back was humped in an inhuman curve to keep his eyes locked with hers while his taut, muscular ass clenched and released as he shoved his member in and out of her tight little cunt. Juliette's full, sweat-slicked boobs jiggled madly about on her slim frame as her body rocked to his ravages. Soon, Krakon was fully plunging all 10 inches of his rock-hard meat into his victim. Her dripping cunt was stretched to the limit as his cock plumbed her depths, each jab bumping the tip against her cervix.

Krakon began to brutally fuck her with all of his animalistic fury. His big, strong body drove his cock into her again and again with unrelenting force. His fast moving rod violated her nearly untouched pussy with rough, brutal strokes and his big balls pounded against the lower curves of her ass until they were cherry red from the unforgiving slaps.

Although being painfully stretched, Juliette was being stimulated in parts of her body that had never been touched before and despite the brutality of the rough fucking, she was wracked with another powerful orgasm, her moans and cries of pain changing to those of ecstasy as her pussy clenched down on the invading cock convulsively. Waves of pleasure shook her athletic, young body. The spasmodic shudders that rippled through Juliette's captive form drove Krakon over the edge, too.

He clutched her shoulders even harder as he fucked her furiously, pummeling her soft little body into the sand, his enormous testicles slapping loudly against her buttocks. His mouth wide open, Krakon panted wildly. His slobber dripped onto Juliette's beautiful face as she continued to experience a series of trembling orgasms. Krakon lowered his torso down on top of her, nearly crushing her beneath his huge body. He penetrated her fiercely three more times before cumming with a wild, keening cry.

Juliette's eyes widened as his massive cock unleashed vast amounts of monster cum. Hot jets of goo splashed against her inner walls and washed over her cervix like molten jello. The poor girl was filled to overflowing with Krakon's repulsive but fertile seed. When he eventually finished, his tentacles released her tormented body and writhed out to either side like fleeing worms. He slowly dislodged his shriveling member with a sloppy slurp and a gush of hot fluids. The mutant rolled over onto his side and lay on the sand gasping for breath, awash in delightful sensations.

Juliette stared up at the sky blindly with wide brown eyes. Her naked body gleamed damply, her legs still sprawled wide apart in lewd invitation. Her soft, rounded breasts heaved up and down on her chest with each shaky breath. Her nipples were tight, stiff little nubs that jutted skyward as if begging for attention. Her limbs felt heavy and numb. She was hyper aware that gross, gray monster cum oozed out of her gaping, aching slit. Her mind whirled with her body's contradictory feelings of extreme sexual pleasure and revulsion. She didn't know how she could have orgasmed from sex with such a disgusting monster. She couldn't possibly want him that way so why did her body become so aroused?!

Krakon slowly recovered his breath. He knew he must find a way to keep his sweet, little playmate safely in his possession forever. Upon discovering the pleasures to be found plumbing the depths of her delightful body, it was going to be nearly impossible to not just fuck her constantly. He needed to find a place where he could live with her in safety.

All he thought about now was that the longer he stayed on this beach, the more likely his pursuers would be to find him. He was not nearly far enough away from the military complex where he had been created and held captive his entire life. His escape was much too recent for him to feel complacent about his freedom despite the distraction he had indulged in due to the demands of his body. Better to move as quickly as possible. The sooner they were safe, the sooner he could resume his enjoyment of his new toy's soft, curvy, little body.

With that thought in mind, he pulled himself to his feet once again. As he looked down at Juliette's naked body sprawled out all exposed and gleaming slickly on the sand, the corners of his broad mouth curled up and his black eyes shone hotly. His two lowermost tentacles slid rapidly out like striking cobras and coiled around her wrists as he turned and began dragging her back down the beach towards the sea.

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