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Horse Photographer


Caroline was driving around the country side, looking for some horses to photograph. She absolutely loved horses but had never really been around them, growing up in the city. But now that she was all grown up, had a steady job and could afford a car, she could drive out of the city and go see some horses other than at the zoo.

Caroline had been told that about two hours out of the city, there were several farms that had horses, even one that was renowned for breeding good work horses for farmers around the area. So she headed that way with her newly acquired camera.

Caroline found this beautiful farm that seemed so isolated and saw a few horses in a fenced pasture. She pulled over, grabbed her camera and her tripod and went up to the fence. There, she took quite a few pictures of the six horses that were kept in this enclosure. She was lost in her picture taking when a deep male voice startled her "Can I help you ma'am?"

Caroline whipped around and was face to face with the farmer, a man of about 45, dressed in a pair of bib coveralls and a t-shirt. The man was big and muscular yet had this sweet look about him that made Caroline feel totally at ease.

"Hi, I'm Caroline. I just saw your horses and wanted to photograph them. Is that okay?"

Caroline held out her hand and the man shook it.

"Jake. Why would you want to take pictures of my horses?"

"Well, I've loved horses since I was a little girl but never got a chance to be around any and just wanted to take pictures for my computer screen saver. I hope that's okay! I mean, I wasn't going to sell the pictures or anything!"

"In that case, sure it's okay. These are the young ones, born in the last few years. The bigger ones are in the corral behind the barn. Would you like to see them too?"

"Could I?"

"Sure! Just come with me."

Caroline followed the man and on the way to the barn, made small talk. She learned that he was the farmer that bred horses for other farmers and that he had over 40 of them in various enclosures.

Jake led her to the corral behind the barn where a group of 3 mares were lazily eating. Caroline immediately started taking pictures of the beautiful horses. Jake whistled and one came over, allowing Caroline to take close up pictures.

Jake watched this young lady taking pictures of his horses. She looked to be in her early 20s, with long brown hair up in a pony tail. The irony of it made him smile as he continued to examine her. She was wearing tight jeans and a peasant shirt that strained against her rather large bosom for such a small frame. The shirt was made of this cotton and allowed him to make out the outline of her bra. It had been a while for Jake and he couldn't help but feel himself reacting to such a beautiful young lady.

He let her take pictures to her heart's content. Then, she asked "Why is that horse over there by itself? It looks like it's kind of lonely." Indeed, Jake had kept his main stallion in a separate enclosure, a move meant to whet the stallion's appetite and get him to want to mate with the mares that were in heat.

However, Jake played innocent "Do you really think he's lonely?"

Caroline nodded "Look at him, he's pacing at the fence, whining. He really looks like he'd like to play with the others."

"Do you think I should let him in?"

"I think so. Don't you think it's kind of cruel to keep him away from his friends? Were you punishing him for some reason?"

"No. But just for you, I'll let him back in." Jake headed over to the fence door and opened it up, letting the stallion in with the mares. He quickly went back to where Caroline was.

She kept taking pictures. Meanwhile, the stallion was busy sniffing the mares, trying to find the one that was the most ready for him. His cock was now pulling out but Caroline wasn't noticing.

She asked "Why is he sniffing all the other horses?"

Jake stood very close to her and replied "He's figuring out which one he likes best."


Just then, Caroline noticed the cock. "Oh My God. Is that...?"

Jake smiled and said "yes, it is. That's why he was over there, he's the stallion and they're the mares. You're in for quite the show young lady."

Jake looked down at the front of her blouse and saw her nipples now straining against the fabric of her bra and shirt. He grabbed her hand and pulled her "Come over here, you'll get a better view."

Forgetting her camera, Caroline went with Jake and leaned against the fence as the stallion sniffed one particular mare with more insistence.

Jake stood behind her and, over her shoulder, pointed to the mare "See how she has her tail up? She's inviting him."

Jake lowered his arm and put both his hands on her hips. Mesmerized by the horses, Caroline just watched. The stallion rubbed his nose against the side of the mare and Jake said "he's seducing her." As he said so, Jake slowly moved his hands up her stomach to just below her breasts and held her like that. Caroline was still mesmerized and said nothing but unconsciously, she arched her back, rubbing against him behind her.

As the horse got behind the mare and up on his hind legs, Jake reached up and caressed her breasts. Caroline gasped but Jake couldn't tell if it was from feeling his thumbs on the flesh above the blouse or from the sight of the stallion reaching the mare with his cock. As the stallion pounded the mare, Jake pulled down on Caroline's blouse and exposed her nipples, playing with them as he kissed her neck. Sighing, she let her head rest on his shoulder and leaned against him, allowing him to caress her.

When the stallion got off the mare, Caroline finally spoke "That's it? Poor mare, that was kind of short."

Jake kissed her ear and said "Just wait, there'll be more." And he continued to play with her nipples. Caroline watched as the stallion approached a second mare. Jake let one hand go back down her stomach. As Caroline watched the stallion nudge against another mare and sniff her, she let Jake undo the button on her jeans and slip down her zipper. By the time the stallion was onto the second mare, Jake had his hand inside her panties and found a very wet shaved pussy.

"Mmmmm, this is turning you on, isn't it?"

Caroline could only nod as she watched the stallion take his second mare. She ground against Jake's hand and moaned as he drew circles around her clit with his fingers. As they watched the stallion fuck the mare, Jake focused on her clit and really got Caroline wet.

Caroline groaned in disappointment when the stallion got off the second mare. Jake said in her ear "Don't worry sweetness, he's good for another one." And he pushed his fingers inside her, making her moan loudly. "Would you let me do the same to you?" Jake asked as he moved his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

Caroline could barely answer "Yes."

Jake withdrew his fingers and pushed down her jeans. He bent her over so she could still see the horses from between the top and middle crossbars of the fence. Caroline steadied herself by gripping the middle crossbar firmly. As the stallion approached the third mare, Jake pulled out his own hard cock and pushed it against Caroline's pussy lips, teasing her up and down as the stallion prepared to mount the mare. Caroline was pushing back against his cock but he held it outside her pussy. As they watched the stallion miss the mark a few times.

At the same time as the stallion finally got his cock into the mare, Jake pushed his cock inside Caroline's pussy, making her gasp and moan. "You ready to be fucked?" He asked. Caroline replied "Oh yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard." Jake pounded her from behind, holding her by the hips, just like the stallion was doing to the mare.

"Oh my God, this is so hot! Keep going Jake, I'm going to come!"

Hearing Caroline say this made Jake really pound her, neither of them paying attention to the horses anymore and simply focusing on their own pleasure. Soon, he felt her contract her pussy around his cock and moan her pleasure loudly. That was his undoing and he let go also, spurting his cream inside her hot pussy.

They stayed like that a few moments, unmoving. Then, Jake pulled out his cock and tucked it back into his coveralls. He then gently helped Caroline straighten herself up. He turned her around and gently kissed her and said "You're welcome to come take pictures of my horses any time."

Caroline smiled, knowing she'd be back. Watching horses was hotter than she'd ever imagined.

A/N: Thanks to "tellstory2jake" for the inspiration!

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