tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHorsemaster's Captive Pt. 02

Horsemaster's Captive Pt. 02


Hey y'all. So after writing this latest installment using some feedback I got from the last, I wanted to thank everyone for the comments and critiques. I am neither a sadist nor Master, so the encouragement was appreciated. Please keep it coming whether it's a comment or DM, I always have something to improve upon!


Shani woke to stiff muscles, a sore jaw, and a salty, gummy taste in her mouth.

It took a few minutes of sleepy blinking for his presence to register. As soon as she locked eyes with that patient gaze, everything came back to her: her capture, the piercings, and the way he used her mouth. Her body ached all over, muscles stiff and tingling, breasts and the nub between her thighs burning and throbbing.

And the arousal from his touch that hadn't dimmed throughout it all.

At that thought, Shani turned her head and tried to roll away, surprised when her legs bent and stretched at her will. She managed to sit with some effort and refused to look at him as she wiggled her legs. Pins and needles shot down her legs, making her groan, but to her dismay, her arms were still bound- behind her back this time. And she was still naked.

There was nothing she could do about any of it, a fact that sent her from sleepy to furious in 3.2 seconds. And, as her bladder cramped, embarrassment scorched her, driving the lesson home. He could do as he pleased with her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Despite the fresh terror, Shani stood slowly, just because she could, and let out another groan. She would not let him see just how afraid she was of him or what else he might have in store for her. It was too early for hysterics.

Instead, she focused on how wonderful it was to stretch her legs, even if she couldn't feel her feet and the effort to stand hurt. Movement in her peripheral made her freeze, even though she hadn't been doing anything but trying to get the blood circulating in her muscles. Her captor had though, and picked up the chain still attached to her neck.

Without a word, he turned and walked until the chain was just tugging at the back of her neck, urging her forward. Shani, if she had been able, would have leaped on his book, looped the chain around his neck, and rode his dead body to the ground. But, bound wrists prevented her from fulfilling her bloodthirsty wish.

Instead, she dug her heels into the ground, refusing to follow him wherever he intended to take her.

Her captor turned around and raised an eyebrow, but didn't say a word, just stood, looking rather relaxed as he held steady pressure on her chain. Shani had a sudden sense of deja vu, and it took her a minute to place the memory. When she and the Horsemaster broke a new horse to the halter and taught it how to follow around its rider, they would spend hours just like this, waiting for the horse to take just one step toward them.

Anger blazed through Shani, and she forgot herself. "I am not one of your horses!" She stomped her foot for emphasis, and the motion set her off balance, stepping toward him anyway.

"No," he agreed, twitching the chain to tighten the slack in it. "You are more like an ass: a stubborn beast of burden and not worth breeding to boot. But," he added, eyes narrowing, "asses are at least quiet."

Her cheeks flamed as her mind raced with her options. She'd seen him spend hours standing in this very position with a number of horses. Her bladder cramped again and she knew she didn't have that kind of time. Next request, she promised herself. She'd fight him next time.

Shani regretted her concession a second later when he praised her for taking a step, but she kept moving, hoping he was leading her to the pot.

"Good girl." He did, leading her to the privy while she quietly fumed. She knew his strategy when it came to training difficult horses and it worked every time. Eventually, they came around. She'd have to balk at random orders to keep him off balance. Next time she would fight him no matter what the request, and the desert damn the consequences.

Shani went to the privy, then looked at him, an eyebrow raised. She'd gotten away with speaking a few seconds ago, but didn't want to test her luck while in striking range. Her captor stared back like he had while leading her around. He couldn't mean to watch her, could he?

But when his gaze didn't falter, embarrassment flashed through her. Shani ducked her head to hide frustrated tears. No matter how much she gave in, no matter how often he got his way, it was never enough. It was never going to be enough. He would take and take and take until he had her right where he wanted her and wouldn't let up until he got her there. It was what made him such a good horse trainer, and it would be her downfall.

Despite her cramping bladder, it took Shani a minute to actually go. She could feel his gaze on her, completing her humiliation as the loud sound of her stream hitting the metal pot echoed through the silent tent. Her fingers clenched and unclenched behind her back as she fought the urge to scream and lash out, however she could.

He led her back to the post when she was done, but Shani balked just outside the chain's reach of the post, refusing to move. She could almost feel his amusement; feeling out and breaking a new horse was his favorite part of the training process. He would not be easily deterred. As a matter of fact, her captor approached her, coiling the chain as he did so. He wet a cloth on his slow approach that dripped on the carpet, marking his trail from the wash basin to where she stood.

Shani held her ground, fighting and failing to hide the tremors as her limbs tensed to flee, fight, whatever was necessary. She briefly considered running, but knew he could trip her up at any time. And the last time that happened, she got three new holes in her body. She wouldn't run again unless she knew escape was assured.


Her legs locked even though her limbs were wobbly as a newborn foal's. Her jaw clenched, mostly because even now, she knew it was useless to fight him. Useless, useless, useless. The word drummed in her mind in time with her racing heartbeat and her breathing came in short gasps. How was he going to punish her disobedience now?

Black spots spun in her vision, and her world tilted, knees hitting the ground with a muted thump. "Better," he crooned. Shani's chest loosened as his fingers combed through her hair, the breath coming easier as her panic lessened. "Spread."

Her head was still spinning when she obeyed, or that's what she told herself. Her captor's hand kept stroking and soothing, bringing her from the edge of panic. When she was finally calm enough to realize she was leaning into his touch, soaking up the kind gesture like a wet rag, she tried to jerk away, but his hand twisted in her hair, holding her still. Shani flailed, scalp burning from the pressure, but she was finally able to glare up at him.

He smirked back, and Shani itched to claw those smug brown eyes from his skull.

The wet rag touched the skin above her breast and she jumped, hissing at the cool water. Shani stopped breathing as the rag dipped closer to her sensitive breast. Some of the liquid trickled down to her piercing and the resulting sting made her yelp. Her futile struggles renewed as his hand moved closer, finally touching the jewelry, crying out when he moved it around.

She tried to jerk away again as he played with the ring, bringing tears to her eyes. "It's healing well. No unusual redness or swelling. If that happened, I'd have to take the rings out, let them heal and repierce you." His hand repeated the process on her other breast and between her legs. The last one burned so fierce she let the tears fall. "You don't want me to do that, do you?"

Shani didn't respond. She was too focused on willing the stinging pain to pass. Her legs tried to drift shut when he was done, but her captor's tsking made her freeze. Then, remembering her rebellion, Shani slammed her thighs shut. His hand shot out and grabbed a nipple, just barely squeezing, but it felt as if he'd taken a hot poker to her breast. Her legs flew open as he'd taught her and she flung herself backward, trying to escape the pain.

Except he never let go, and her scream from the agony in her breast pierced the quiet morning. The pain overtook her thoughts and spurred on her struggles, which only increased the pain. And on the cycle continued.

"Be still!" Her master's raised voice startled her out of the fog of pain, her body reacting to his tone before her mind could process the words. He let go of her angry red nipple, and Shani tried to jerk again when the blood recirculated to the abused flesh, but his hand moved to her shoulder and kept her in place. "Breathe through it. You can do that for me, can't you?"

Shani jerked again, angry with how her body betrayed her by calming at his soothing voice. She sniffled and tried to buck away from him, but his fingers dug into her shoulder in warning.

"Come." He rose and tugged on her chain, heading across the tent. "Stay on your knees."

Shani paused mid-crouch, face flaming with both anger and humiliation. She could see it in his face though, he expected her to fight him on this. Since he was walking away from the post, she awkwardly followed, albeit warily. Crawling without the use of her hands rubbed her thighs against the piercing, which sent both pain and pleasure through her, and made her breasts jiggle. She felt ridiculous. "Very good little filly. You'll get your reward in a minute."

Her jaw clenched, wanting to spew the flow of angry retorts but her breast still throbbed in warning. Not that she could have found the breath to curse him. Her awkward crawling was difficult. Her body coated itself in sweat rather quickly and her breath came in heavy pants. That didn't stop her from mentally calling him every unfavorable name she could think of as she followed along quietly.

He reached the table and sat. "Kneel." Her captor pointed to the spot to his left, laying her chain in his lap. Shani glared at the metal linking them, but her stomach rumbled loud enough for him to hear. "Kneel as I taught you and I'll attend to that need."

Grumbling under her breath, Shani arranged herself as best she could and stared at the ground even though she wanted to look up at the table and see what he was doing. She could hear soft clinking and scraping, smell something sweet and yeasty.

"Open." Her master held a bite of fruit in front of her lips, just like the night before.

Shani's mouth twitched, ready to do just that, and then she remembered her goal to resist him. Inwardly cursing herself, she turned her head away. The bite followed her as she turned her head again, the sweet smell flooding her mouth with drool.

"I know you're hungry. You'll eat from my hand, little filly, or not at all."

The threat was almost enough to make her comply, but Shani had been hungry before. It wouldn't kill her to suffer for a few hours without food. She tucked her chin to her chest and kept her mouth shut.

Her master's hand brushed her cheek, and Shani's teeth snapped the air in warning.

In a blink, he hauled her across his lap by her hair and bound arms, and brought his hand down on her bottom, peppering the fleshy skin with sharp blows that had Shani flailing and bucking, trying to dislodge herself from his lap. "You will not bite me." His hand punctuated each word with a harder smack, moving from one cheek to the other, before bringing the stinging pain down to her sit spots and her inner thighs. He was never this cruel to his horses!

No matter what she did, Shani couldn't escape the blows, or the hot sting pulsating from her bottom. When she realized this, her body went limp. The only thing she could do was endure it until her master was done.

Instead of stopping, the blows increased in speed and intensity, leaving no spot on her bottom and thighs untouched. Shani yelped and sniffled, but bore her punishment as best she could. The pain soon turned to heat, burning her from the inside out until she thought she'd combust. The heat seemed to center between her legs instead of her rear, which she would find odd if she had the facilities to think about her reaction. She could only feel, and her hips unconsciously sought out more stimulation, more heat, but he never touched her where she wanted, leaving her aching and needy.

It took Shani a few minutes to realize she was no longer being spanked, but stroked. She trembled quietly on his lap, afraid to even breathe, sure he was about to unleash upon her abused bottom again. A hiss escaped her when fiery claws raked up and down her buttocks, making them clench. It took effort to lie still and endure, but she didn't think she could handle another round of spanking.

"I can see your cunt quite well from this position. Why is it so wet?" His fingers inched up her thighs, lightly brushing her lips. Shani tensed, but couldn't dislodge his hand. "Does your naughty cunt like being spanked?"

Shani shook her head no, and after sliding his fingers through her slick folds, the touch making her tingle and clench, he dumped her back on the ground. The pressure against her reddened bottom hurt, so she got into his preferred position without prompting. Kneeling on her abused thighs wasn't any better, but again, she didn't have a choice.

The morsel of food appeared in front of her mouth again, but it smelled different. There was a musky spice to it. Again, Shani turned her head, refusing him.

"If you don't eat from my hand, you'll have the same thing you got at supper last night."

Shani blanched but her jaw tightened. This was yet another test. She was hungry, she wanted to eat, but she didn't want to give in. She also didn't want him finding pleasure with her mouth but she had a feeling he would use it at will anyway. She wasn't losing anything by refusing his feeding her.

For the last time, she turned her head from the offered bite. Her captor's chair scraped noiselessly across the carpet, and she trembled when he stood, her muscles tensing to run. He kept her chain in his hand, letting out slack as he crossed the tent to fetch the hated piece of leather and metal. If he had set the chain down, she would have run and he knew it. The thought reaffirmed Shani's decision to fight him on random things, keep him guessing. She would take her chance when it presented itself.

The gag dangled threateningly from his fingertips as he returned, stopping in front of her. "Open."

Shani's jaw clenched in response. Her hair tickled her ear from her captor's sigh. "It doesn't have to always be hard for you."

Yes, it did.

He took her jaw in his hand, squeezing her cheeks until her mouth popped open with a gasp. His thumb pressed between her teeth, the other sliding the gag into her mouth.

Shani tried to snap her mouth closed to keep the metal piece out, but bit her cheek instead, filling her mouth with the taste of blood. Her tongue moved uselessly, trying to spit out the coppery taste, but with her mouth held open, it was impossible.

Just as it was impossible to dislodge the gag once it was buckled behind her head. Her captor knelt behind her, touching her ankles, and Shani took her chance, flinging her head back. The back of her skull connected against what she hoped was his nose.

With a muffled curse, one hand wrapped around her throat in warning. "You're going to regret that."

Shani swallowed hard, feeling her throat bob against his hand, and tried to cling to her fleeing satisfaction at hurting him. But it was quickly being overwhelmed by fear. It probably wasn't smart to antagonize him while he had the upper hand.

He was always going to have the upper hand, an unhelpful voice in her mind whispered.

Shani told that voice to shut up. Because if she followed that thought to its logical conclusion, she'd realize it would never be a good time to fight him. And that was something Shani couldn't accept.

While she'd been distracted with battling herself, her captor worked quickly, rebinding her ankles to her thighs, and her hands to her knees. Now that he'd stood up in front of her, the movement grabbing Shani's attention, she jerked in her bonds. She needed to pay attention to him! There would be time to plot and curse later.

His hands moved to part his robe and Shani shuffled backward. Her bindings only allowed her to move inches at a time, and he closed the distance between them with a short step each time she tried to shuffle away. In the back of her mind, Shani knew she was being ridiculous; she was naked, bound and gagged, with no way to free herself. This last attempt was only delaying the inevitable.

Her captor stalked her around the tent, a smirk on his face. "Is my little filly a shy slut?"

The question stopped her in her tracks and she looked at him, wondering how he could possibly think that. It wasn't a sense of modesty that kept her resisting him but the fact that she wasn't his and never would be.

"Good girl." When he tangled his fingers in her hair, she realized shocking her into stopping had been his plan all along. She was well and truly trapped now, and could do nothing but watch as one hand held her still and the other drew out his cock. Again, she was intimidated by the length and girth, even though she knew it fit in both her mouth and cunt... with some slight displeasure. No matter how many times she took his cock, Shani thought she'd always worry they wouldn't fit.

Instead of thrusting into her open mouth as Shani tensed to struggle against, he stroked himself from root to tip roughly twisting the dusky head until he groaned and a slick drop of liquid shone on the tip. She peeked up at his face, noting the pleasure and concentration on his face, as well as the swollen, red cheekbone. A headache was worth it.

The drool in Shani's mouth was just from the gag, she was sure. The need that never quite faded from between her thighs blazed to life at the sight and she didn't know why, but the reaction made her hopping mad. She didn't want him and never would, no matter how her body reacted to him.

His cock inched closer and Shani couldn't look away, could hardly breathe as she waited for him to close the distance between them in one brutal thrust. But instead of her mouth, the soft skin of his cock thrust against her cheek, leaving a sticky trail to mark his claim.

Shani's eyes clenched shut as humiliation washed over her so hot she was sure her entire body was bright red. His cock circled her mouth, bumped gently against her nose, even slid over her shut eyes. No inch of her face was untouched except her open mouth. His hand tightened in her hair and Shani's eyes popped open. What more could he do?


The wet head finally traced her painfully stretched lips, and between the smell of him on her skin and the feel, she could almost taste the salty musk of him. The little sound that escaped her surprised both of them, making his cock twitch against her lips. Shani wasn't sure if it was a wordless plea for him to stop tormenting her and get it over with, or if the hot arousal had finally baked her brain into useless mush.

When his cock finally entered her mouth he groaned and stilled, letting the tip sit on her tongue. Her breath came in short, hot pants that made him twitch against her tongue. He moved in shallow thrusts, slowly creeping to the back of her throat. Knowing what was coming, the awful gagging and choking was worse than anything he'd done to her yet.

Drawing out the anticipation was just cruel. And he was enjoying it, if he groans were any indication.

Even with the looming threat of discomfort, Shani was distracted by the other, smaller pains in her body. What he was doing right now gave her mind a chance to note her sore knees, hot ass, throbbing piercings, and aching jaw. She hated the damn gag.

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