Horsemaster's Captive Pt. 03


His other hand found the toy specially designed for her back hole and coating it in oil. His fingers withdrew and Shani looked over her shoulder, clearly wondering what was happening next. He showed her the toy and her eyes widened. "Trust me. Say stop if you hate it."

With that, he pressed the toy to her hole, watching raptly as it slowly disappeared inside her body. Much like he wanted to be soon. If all went to plan, he would be. "You're doing so well." He murmured more encouragement as the toy sank deep. Shani wiggled and groaned at the stretch but she never protested, panting as he finally seated it inside her.

Omar gave her a minute to adjust, then nudged her to hands and knees. "You're doing so well. Now I'm going to make you feel even better."

Shani moaned as she moved into position, jostling the toy inside her. Omar couldn't wait any longer. The base of the toy peeked from between the round halves of her ass, but it was the glistening pink slip he targeted, burying his face in her folder, filling his mouth with the sweetest taste, like spiced dates and honey.

They moaned together, Shani writhing, searching for friction as he speared her on his tongue. He wanted to push a finger inside, rub her sweet spot until she came undone but to do that he'd have to pull his mouth away and Omar couldn't. He was addicted to her taste, her sounds, the frantic movements as she chased release. She was so close he could taste it, filling his mouth with her essence.

Omar licked and sucked every inch of her he could reach with his tongue until his jaw ached. He sat back and she cried out, her protest turning into a moan when he pulled the toy from her body. The little pop it made as it exited her body. Three slick fingers replaced the toy while two from the other hand entered her slick channel, working opposite the other.

Shani's back arched, body shuddering and clenching around him, head thrashing as she keened out her climax. Omar let her ride it out on his hands. When she was still, he removed his fingers and oiled his cock, notching it at her back entrance.

"I'm going to claim your back hole now." He blanketed himself over her back, working his way inside with small strokes. Her back arched, wide eyes meeting his, pupils blown in what he hoped was passion, not fear. "Remember, I'll stop with a word."

With that warning, he thrust, claiming that last piece of her. Shani cried out, gasping at the sensation. He gave her a minute to adjust, then began a slow retreat and thrust, feeling her body give a little more with each stroke.

"This won't last long," Omar warned through gritted teeth. He'd been too worked up all day, and the way her body grabbed his, the heat and slickness had his teeth clenched in a battle to stay in control. His hips jerked wildly and release hit him like lightning, melting his bones until he sank to a heap beside her, their bodies still joined.

When they were able to breathe Omar untangled their bodies, already missing the feel of her around him. He could go again in a few minutes, but he had a feeling she would be too sore this soon. With a sigh of regret, Omar rolled to his feet. While he had the horses covered all afternoon, there was always something that needed to be done. He gathered their clothes, hoping the fabric would help put the necessary boundaries between them. If he stopped staring at her smooth skin, he might be able to concentrate on his job.

Not likely.

The feel, scent, taste of her was permanently under his skin, tormenting him with need.

As they mounted his horse to go home, Omar realized he'd made a mistake in his plans. He'd planned for her to fight him, for her surrender. He hoped she understood how good things could be between them now. He hadn't planned on losing himself to her. If she ever realized the hold she had on him, she'd hold all the power.

Omar didn't say this though, there was only so much emotion he could share in a day. He could only wait and see.

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heartWriterTheLyra, Missyfits and 7 other people favorited this story! 

by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/17/18


I don't usually like non-consent stories but I just knew this was going to turn out good in the end! WOW! What a writer!!!! I can't wait for more. 5 Stars and more if I could!

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by InnocentVenus07/16/18

Still good!

I like what you’ve written!! I really enjoy non-consensual stories so I wish she could have resisted anal a little more.
Humanizing Omar makes him seem like a different person but I didn’t hate it,more...

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by ReaderSofiaBlack07/14/18

He's not sweet - this is just a different kind of control

He still only thinks of her in terms of what he wants to do to her and what she can do for him, to make his life easier and to please him. It's ok or her to be happy as long as she's happy doing what hemore...

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by Anonymous07/14/18

He's still a selfish bastard.

Nothing he's done to her since he brought her back has been for her enjoyment - binding her, piercing her, forcing her to serve him, leashing her, starving her, choking her with his cock over and over,more...

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by GillianMayfair07/13/18


Thank you for continuing. I enjoyed the change of character voice. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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