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Horsing Around


After Jodi Malenger and the rest of us in his gang had had our fun with a female school teacher we wanted to do it again.

Not at first, to tell the truth, because we thought that Mrs Dunkley was going to cause us trouble over what we'd done with her and that javelin. Only Jodi was sure that the photos we'd taken would keep her under control. And, as always happened, he was right. From then on Christine Dunkley just about shat blue lights every time we even looked at her. It seemed like there was nothing she wouldn't do for us to keep those photos safely locked away, and that turned out to be God's own truth. By the time she'd finished doing all the homework Jodi gave her our nicely respectable teacher was ready to have an orgasm at the sight of a banana being peeled. If there was anything about group sex we didn't teach her it was because we didn't think of it ourselves.

So, once we knew that Ma Dunkley was going to be no problem, our thoughts started turning towards another likely poser for some hot photos. A search which didn't take long at all because about then a young teacher turned up who was just what we wanted. Her name was Miss Sarah Bailey, 'Bristols' Bailey as all the kids called her called her because she had a great pair of knockers and the sort of arse you could stroke for five minutes and not cover the same area twice. She was only twenty or so, kind of dumpy I guess but with a nice smile, long blonde hair and all those sexy curves that car designers wish they could copy.

The first thing was to get her on her own after school ended, so we forged a note from the headmaster and left it on Miss Bailey's desk. The note asked her to go to the sports storeroom after school to look at some damage that the Head thought her class might have done. So she came in but there was no Headmaster. Just five of us guys hiding behind the door with a big pillowcase. As she came in Mark and I grabbed her arms and the other guys pulled the pillowcase over her head.

Now, have you seen any of those wooden vaulting horses? The ones that come in sections, and are triangular, broad at the bottom and getting narrower towards the top, with the leather strip on the topmost section. We'd put two of them together, side by side, so there was a V shaped gap between them. And we pushed that struggling teacher right up against the horses with her back to the gap. Then we grabbed at her legs and tipped her over between the horses with her hips just clear of the edge of each vaulting horse. By the time she couldn't slip down any further, she couldn't get up either, not without her hands to hoist herself up with, and I was holding them down at the other end of the horses.

True, Miss Bailey kept on trying to make a lot of noise but somebody else held his hand over her mouth and nose until she was half choked, and then she became quiet. Will and Jacko pulled the pillowslip up clear of her mouth and nose and then tied all the loose folds down over her eyes with a scarf. So there was Miss Bailey, every delightful inch of her, on her back, jammed in as tightly as a pound in a Scotsman's wallet, feet flat on the floor and her dark blue skirt pulled up almost to the top of her short though nicely shaped legs. But the first thing the lads did was to lean over the top of the horses and give her tits a good squeezing.

Of course by then young Sarah had nutted out where we'd put her and that she was going nowhere until we decided to let her go. She'd also realized we could keep her quiet very easily: easily for us, not so much fun for her to be gasping for breath. So although she said a lot it was more begging than ordering: in fact it was pretty much all begging as soon as she started getting her big udders tugged at like a cow in a dairy shed.

"No, please, no, boys, no, you mustn't . . . no, please don't do that . don't touch me there . . Oh! No, don't undress me, you mustn't!"

Apart from everything else, Jodi had ordered us not to say a word near Sarah, and I think the silence from her attackers worried her almost as much as everything else. What I thought was interesting was how she'd only had a couple of buttons on her dress undone before she was talking about being stripped. An even more interesting fact had her handlers grinning. Maybe it was the pervading smell of all that male sweat hanging around the gym equipment, maybe it was the knowledge she was at our mercy. Whatever, the teacher certainly knew that every guy fondling her knew she was getting turned on, and they knew it because they could feel her tight nipples even through her shirt and bra.

So Will and Mark decided to investigate further. I guess they weren't too gentle about it because a couple of Sarah's buttons popped off and they had to cut her bra straps with a knife to get enough slack to finally pop her big titties out of their cups. By God, it was worth the effort though, once the guys had wrestled the huge fun bags out into the open for a good pawing.

"Oh God, you dirty devils . . . don't hurt me, please don't hurt me, I won't tell anybody about this if you let me go . . . Ooooh!"

There was a kind of squawk there as Sarah felt her skirt get hauled back to show off what was underneath. Would you believe silk French knickers, purple, with white lacing around the waistline and the thighs? This was a school teacher? Every guy around the horses laughed at the sight of her plump bum wrapped up in that kind of gift packaging.

All we had to do then was to take them off her, but we kept the teacher in suspense for as long as we could. She tried to keep her thighs clamped together when Jodi's fingers burrowed down between them but that last line of defense soon surrendered. A few quick rubs and she admitted defeat by opening her legs for everybody to see the damp patch right there in the gusset of those fancy knickers. Some more hard fingering on that patch, right between her quivering legs, and the heels of her shoes were clicking against the wooden floor as though she was tap dancing. I could feel her fingers digging into my hands as I kept her held down and she was still begging, but not to be released. . . not then.

"You bastards . . . it's Jodi, isn't it? You little shit, I've heard about you. Are you going to keep me down here while you all fuck me? Come on, at least tell me what you're going to do . . ."

She soon found out. By then every guy in the gang had a hardon he could have poked holes in a rockface with. Will and Micky hoisted up Miss Bailey's ankles and held them so her legs were pointing straight up in the air. And it was then she felt those nice French knickers being hoisted aloft for everybody to look at. Not that they were, of course, everybody was looking at her cunt now that it was on display and watching Jodi give it some friendly strokes even before the knickers were lifted off over her shoes. Somebody grabbed the purple passion panties, for a souvenir I guess, though nobody had any pockets available by that time. Except me, and I was stripping off as well because the teacher was firmly under control now with her legs still being firmly held -- only now they were being firmly held and also wide open. Will and Micky kept her in the fucking position, Jacko and me were pulling on her tits and Jodi began humping away at the teacher's tight little cunt like a runaway pile driver.

God, but she was a noisy bitch once she had a cock inside her. We had to hang a whole lot of clothes over the top of the horses to muffle the sounds Sarah was making without choking her. I guess she had plenty of reasons to sound off though because she seemed to be coming at least as often as her partners. So a good time was had by all, and it was only the beginning.

After we'd all taken the edge off our appetite we lifted our well fucked prisoner out from between the horses, still with her eyes bandaged over but wearing nothing but her shoes. We made a pile of clothes on the floor, knelt her down on it and began playing a game that keeps even a teacher from talking. Lots of cock sucking, lots of fun, she gets to swallow everything that comes her way, and we even took the pillowslip and the scarf off her face so the teacher could look up and see how well she was getting the lesson across to the pupil she was working with. The first trick she had to be taught was to do a very good job of cock sucking, but that's easily learnt when the alternative is a broken finger. The other trick she had to master was how to smile with a full mouth every time the camera flash went off.

When she'd been a good little teacher and learnt her lessons properly we let her rest her sore jaw by dropping her face down between the horses and giving it to her doggy style. About then every one of us was starting to buckle at the knees. I only managed to finish off my last fuck by trying to imagine all the things we could do with two teachers both terrified by the photos we had of them. The idea of sharing a bed between a nude Christine Dunkley and a naked Sarah Bailey, both of them taking turns to suck on my cock while the rest of the guys watched them . . . well, I came, but I was so sore I could barely piss for a week, let along fuck any girl.

Fortunately, we all made a fine recovery, even Sarah, though we left her lying between the gymn horses like a dead fish on a slab with a year's supply of spunk leaking out of her cunt. Oddly enough she turned up bright as a button the next day, smiling at everybody, and especially at Jodi. It turned out that not only was she a very satisfied girl, she was a very apprehensive one in respect to a certain roll of film. Jodi gave her the straight word: do as you're told, or else.

Miss Bailey fluttered her eyelids when she was given the message, sighed deeply enough to strain her boobs against her dress and agreed. What she didn't know was the sort of party tricks she was going to have to learn, or the kind of parties where she was going to show them off. The only teacher who could have dropped a hint or two about that was Christine Dunkley, and she was too frightened to say anything to anybody unless Jodi told her to. Jesus, I couldn't wait for my prick to get back into full working order again

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