tagBDSMHorsing Around

Horsing Around


My name is Jack Ridge. My wife, Amanda, and I own Ridgewood Stables in a small southern town. We started it a few years after getting married and love working with the horses, and love that we can make pretty good money, working together throughout the day. We have a bunch of stalls for animals, a great office and several storage rooms for tack and all the other equipment we use to keep the place running like a well oiled machine.

A few years back Amanda was helping me put away some equipment in one of these rooms when my wrist got tangled in a strap on a piece of gear I was hanging on a hook. As I was trying to untangle myself, Amanda grabbed my ass and said "This could be interesting."

We kissed and I said "Anytime you want, I'm game."

Amanda got me free and the conversation stopped there. Later that night in bed though the subject came up again when Amanda asked "Were you serious earlier when you said I could tie you up sometime."

I kissed her deeply and said "Yeah. It seems like it'd be fun." Secretly I had fantasized about Amanda taking control. Every girl I had been with, including Amanda, had expected me to take control. It seemed like I always was the one calling the shots.

We fucked that night like never before, both of us I later found out dreaming about me being dominated.

I few days later, Amanda tied me to a couple hooks on the wall and took complete control over the situation. It was a little awkward and clumsy but she came several times before allowing me to empty my balls and when I did it was huge. We both knew that night that we had found something wonderful and we would be doing this again and again.

Things have only got better since that first time. I now have leather straps that lock onto my wrists and or ankles and we've figured out several different ways to bind me so that I am held in different positions at Amanda's whim. We've also got an assortment of other devices Amanda uses and the nice part about an Equestrian Center is the straps, riding crops, and other items are hung on hooks, or stored on shelves right out in the open for anyone who walks into that storage room to see. In fact no one notices the extra iron rings I mounted in the ceiling, and I have spent many hours bent over the stand I had originally built and still use for repairing saddles.

One day I was feeling pretty horny and made sure Amanda was aware of it. When the last of our employees had left for the day, Amanda grabbed me by the wrist and led me to our what all our employees call the Saddler's room since during the day that's where I do most of my repair work on the tack.

As soon as we were in the room Amanda let go and said "Strip."

I quickly complied and as I was getting naked Amanda was getting the straps and running them through the rings in the center of the ceiling. As she worked she noticed I was completely naked and my cock was standing straight out. "Hobble yourself." she commanded.

I grabbed a horse hobble (a leather device designed to keep a horse from running off) and cuffed my ankles together with them. This device would hold me legs about 8 inches apart.

Next she stuffed my bit gag in my mouth and secured the straps behind my head. Then the leather straps were cuffed onto my wrists and pulled extremely tightly through the rings and tied off. Amanda managed to get the straps tight enough that if I stood on my tiptoes I could take a little stress off my wrists, but that was it.

Amanda smacked me on the ass and said, "There that's better."

Walking around in front of me, Amanda dropped to her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times sliding my cock in and out of her mouth then took me deep, my cock hitting the back of her throat. Then she released my cock and looking up at me said, "You like that don't you?"

"Mmm Hmmm" was all I could manage around my bit.

She ran her tongue in circles around the head of my dick and then took me back into her mouth. With one hand she began playing with my balls, which she knows drives me crazy as she started bobbing her head on my cock again. I felt like I could shoot my load at any second, but knew after many times of doing this before, there was no way Amanda would allow that. No, on nights like this she would cum many times before allowing me to reach the peak.

After a minute or two, Amanda started taking me deep into her throat again then sliding out till only the head was in her mouth only to take me deep again. I felt my balls start to tighten in her hand and thought she might actually screw up and let me go too far. Just then she released my cock from her mouth and stood up looking me straight in the eyes and saying "You seemed to be enjoying that a little too much."

Stepping back from me Amanda untucked her denim shirt from her jeans and seductively began to unbutton it. Just as she started on the third button down and a little lace from her bra began to show. The phone in the office rang. She looked back over her shoulder as it rang a second time, then buttoned her blouse back and quickly said "Be right back." as she turned and headed out.

I could only watch her sway as she left the room, me hanging there unable to move. The few minutes she was gone seemed to take forever and all I could do was watch my cock go limp, waiting for her return.

Moments later she swung around the corner and said "I have to run up to the house for a minute. I'll be right back." and then as she turned to close the door she added "Don't go anywhere." and closed the door leaving me alone once again.

Our house was only a couple hundred yards from the barn, but I knew it would be more than a minute, and I just hoped it wasn't too long since my arms were going numb above my head.

Listening to the sounds around me I realized since I never heard the truck start up, Amanda must have walked to the house. This would take her even longer. I resigned myself to just hanging there listening to the occasional movement of one of the animals and straining to here Amanda's footsteps as she returned.

Shortly I heard something but it certainly wasn't Amanda coming back. It was a car coming in off the highway. God, what a time for business to pick up. Soon I heard the car come to a stop, and two doors open and then bang shut, and voices outside. They were not loud enough for me to make out but they were definitely headed for the door down by the office.

I thought I would just stay perfectly still and they would wait at the office until Amanda got back, or get mad that no one was here and leave. Either way I wouldn't be discovered.

When the voices entered the door up by the office they became loud enough, I could here what they were saying. I also could make out who the voices belonged to. It was the Addison twins. Denise and Danielle. I have been giving these two girls riding lessons since they were in junior high. Even back then these girls were pretty and believe me they knew it but as they progressed into and through high school they developed into beautiful young women and, as I understand it world class cock teases. Now they were both juniors in the local college and drop dead gorgeous.

"Mr. Ridge." I heard Denise call out.

Danielle said "Looks like no one is here."

"Their Truck is parked right there. Someone is here." Denise snapped, then called out again "Mr. Ridge, Mrs. Ridge is anyone here?"

Their voices lowered to a point where I couldn't make out what they were saying but I could tell they were slowly working their way closer to where I was.

Panic started to set in as I thought about what would happen if they opened that door and saw my hanging here. They would probably run off and tell their rich bitch of a mother. A woman who truly hated me, though what I ever did to her I'll never know. I'll deny it. I'll say it wasn't me they saw. Wait these two never put down their cell phones. They'll probably take pictures of me and have them posted on the internet before they even get to their car.

About then I made out Danielle saying "We can't go back there. That's 'Employees Only'."

All right they will stop there. I thought

Then Denise said "Relax Danielle. None is here to stop us, and besides we're not gonna mess anything up. We just need to find Mr. Ridge."

Oh God. They aren't gonna stop after all I thought. Thoughts of the newspaper headlines and what would happen to my business flashed through my mind as the voices lowered to unintelligible whispers again.

They were getting close and I was getting scared. Damn scared. But something else was happening too. My cock was back to rock hard. I couldn't believe it, fear was turning me on. And why not. What if these girls see me and decide to take advantage of the situation. They could lift their Catholic school skirts and back onto my hard cock shoving me deep into their tight pussies. Shit like this happens in penthouse all the time right. Wait they graduated from those uniforms 3 years ago, but hey they gotta be wearing something right.

I was snapped back to reality by Denise's voice right outside the door.

"You ever wonder what the Ridges do here when no one else is around?" I heard her ask.

All I could think is "Don't open that door or you might find out."

Then Denise struck fear in my heart when I heard her say "This is where Mr. Ridge spends all his time. Let's go in and take a look around."

"No," Danielle said "someone's gonna yell at us for snooping."

Thank God a voice of reason.

Then Denise called out again. "Mr. Ridge? Mrs. Ridge? Is anyone here?" then in a lower voice she said "See. Relax. No one is around. I'm gonna go have a look."

I almost passed out as I watched the door knob slowly turn and the door start to open.

"Danielle, Denise?" I heard my wife call out as the door stopped moving, open about an inch. "What are you girls doing here? You don't have a lesson set up for today do you?"

I could see both girls through the gap in the door and thank God they were looking toward the office or surely they would see me.

"We were looking for Mr. Ridge." Denise stammered. "We aren't going to be able to make it this weekend and wanted to see if we could reschedule."

"Mr. Ridge is a little tied up right now. You girls come up here to the office and I'll reschedule you."

The girls stepped away. And I breathed a sigh of relief. For the next few minutes I could vaguely hear my wife talking with the two girls and I fantasized that she was telling them all about me and convincing them that the three of them should come in and ravish me. My cock remained rock hard.

A few minutes later my fantasy was put aside when I heard 2 car doors open and shut and then the sound of the two coeds driving away. A moment later Amanda opened the door and walked into the room saying "That was a close one."

Then she noticed my hard cock and teasing it said "But it looks like you enjoyed it being a close one."

She gave it a stroke or two then grinned up at me and added "Or were you fantasizing about what they would do if they caught you."

She turned around and worked the button and zipper on her jeans while looking over her shoulder. Then she pushed her jeans and panties down around her ankles and backed her pretty ass back against my cock. Still looking over her shoulder and rubbing her ass up and down on my raging hard-on she said, "Maybe one of them would back up to you and use your cock like this." With that she reached down and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. With just a little movement she slid my cock deep into her pussy.

All I could do was hang there and enjoy the sensations as Amanda controlled the pace speeding up and slowing down her strokes to satisfy herself. I couldn't help but fantasize about Denise's tight pussy being the one using my cock while Danielle sat in one corner playing with herself.

The fantasy and Amanda riding my cock had me getting closer and closer but I had to be careful not to cum before Amanda. If I dared to do that there would be hell to pay and with me tied the way I was, I knew that meant serious pain.

After a few minutes I could tell Amanda was getting close to orgasm. Her strokes were getting long and deep the way I know she likes it as her orgasm hits. A moment or two later she let out with a moan and began humping back even harder as her orgasm hit her.

Amanda continued to fuck me as her orgasm rocked on. Her vaginal muscles pulsing and milking my dick was more than I could take and I blasted my load deep into her pussy. We came together for what seemed like an eternity as I unloaded shot after shot in to her.

As soon as her orgasm subsided she looked over her shoulder and said, "I didn't tell you that you could cum did I?"

All I could do was shake my head no.

"You gave me one orgasm for Danielle," She continued, "but you still owe me one for Denise." With that she pulled off my dick with an audible pop.

We have played these games many times before and I knew one orgasm was not going to be enough for her, but she never failed to come up with new ideas on how to use me to please herself (and me).

This time she turned around and after pulling her pants and panties off her ankles she reached up and and undid the straps from the hook above my head. She had me lay on my back and then tied my wrists to new rings securing me on my back on the floor.

To my satisfaction she removed the bit gag from my mouth. I stretched my jaw as best I could and enjoyed the ability to move my mouth a little.

My pleasure soon turned to shock as I saw where Amanda was moving to. She was positioning herself to straddle my face. Now, I enjoy eating my wife's pussy, and giving her pleasure, but I just finished busting a nut in there. I had never eaten her pussy after cumming in it and now she was moving into position over me where my cum was bound to just run out.

As she lowered her pussy she reached back and grabbed me by the balls. Giving a little squeeze she said, "You better open that mouth."

I quickly opened my mouth before she did anything I would regret. She shoved her pussy down on my face and ordered me to "Get to licking". I did as she wanted tasting my own saltyness on her on her pussy. "Mmmm" she moaned beginning to grind her pussy on my tongue and using my nose to stimulate her clit.

I felt her tense her muscles and pushed cum out of her pussy into my mouth. The taste was not pleasant, even mixed with her pussy juice, but I knew better than to stop licking. She continued to push my cum out of her pussy and into my mouth but also smearing it onto my face.

"Taste good?" She asked knowing I could not answer.

As her breathing started to get faster and she was grinding her pussy harder onto my face, she reached back once again and grabbed ahold of my cock which was once again hard enough to drive nails.

She continued rubbing her clit on my nose as she smeared my face with the mixture of my cum and her pussy juice. After a few more strokes of my dick Amanda let out a moan and came hard on my face pumping the last of my cum out of her pussy. She stopped stroking my caock and rode my face hard as her orgasm rocked her.

As her orgasm passed she slid down my body until her pussy was near my aching cock. She bent down like she was going to kiss me but stopped inches from my lips and said with a sly smile, "I'm not kissing that. It's all covered in cum."

With that she reached up and untied my hands. Then she said, "You better get dressed. Danny from the feed and seed will be here soon with a load of supplies. That's what the phone call earlier was about."

Just then the sound of his truck coming up the drive could be heard. She smiled and said, "Sounds like he got here in a hurry. I think he likes me." and climbed off and started getting dressed.

Getting up myself and dressing quickly I patted Amanda on the ass and said "I think he likes your tight jeans. Besides, you flirt with him the entire time I'm unloading the truck."

"Be careful," Amanda said with a grin, "or maybe I'll tie you back up and let him fuck me. Then make you eat his cum out of my pussy."

"Oh yeah." I said "Maybe I'll tie you up and get Danielle back out here, Fuck the hell out of her and then make you eat my cum out of her pussy."

As she turned the corner heading out to meet Danny she looked back and said, "OK but make it Denise. She's always been the cuter sister." and left me standing there wondering if she was serious.

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