tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 03

Hoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 03


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy/fiction. While some of the characters resemble those in a double-episode of Star Trek Enterprise, most of them are purely fictional. THIS SERIES IS AN EXTENSION OF MY 'ENTERPRISE-THE OTHER SIDE' SERIES, set in the time following the coup by Hoshi Sato when she took over leadership of the Terran Empire as its Empress.

Hoshi's Empire - Chapter 3

Trip and Malcom go on a Field Trip

Empress Sato had ordered Defiant to proceed at Warp 5 to the Rigel system in order to meet with the two brokers and make the selections for the first pool of women to satisfy the officers. While Mynka had paired two of the women with two men, that still left eighteen male officers without any outlet for the testosterone. They needed to expedite the procurement process to maintain order. "Time to Rigel 3?" Mynka asked the helmsman. She could have checked for herself; but decided to let the young Ensign feel useful.

"At present speed, two hours thirty-eight minutes ma'am" he said.

She turned to her terminal, bringing up the agenda for the afternoon's meetings. She would be meeting with Jahruh Djan representing Rigelian Pleasure Brokers, followed by a meeting with Kir Maku representing Galaxy Pleasure Center, both on Rigel 3. Depending upon the outcome of those meetings, Reed and Tucker might be conducting interviews at one or both locations. Mynka had specific criteria from the Empress regarding broker selection, and Hoshi herself had conducted brief comm discussions with all five brokers proposed by the men. Her selection of these two was based on inputs from others and her own experiences. Sato trusted Mynka to make the correct call, get the agreements signed, and have pool selections made in the next two days. Her notes downloaded to pad she would take with her, Mynka waited for T'Pol to relieve her on the bridge.

Trip and Malcom looked over Mynka's overview of the two potential pool sources, researching the two brokers as they prepared for what could be a very busy two days. They knew the Empress was counting on them to make good choices for the men, and dared not disappoint either the officers or the Empress. There attention turned to the 'current inventory' of Rigelian Pleasure Brokers (RPB), consisting of more than a hundred females from a dozen systems. The listing included photographs, sizes/measurements, and even preferences and specialties for each girl. They began the process of listing the girls they wanted to interview; but the choices were many and varied. Finally they ended up with twenty of them from that broker, and moved on to Galaxy Pleasure Center (GPC) and found the inventory numbering nearly four hundred girls, the vast majority from Risa. They both knew that Risa was well known as a pleasure resort, and the women were schooled in the art of carnal satisfaction. Rigelian women were also on their radar as prime choices, as their culture seemed to breed women whose focus was pleasing males of any ethnicity. For this broker they narrowed the list to fifty; but would pare that down further should they end up at GPC.

Trip's comm unit chimed, he glanced and noticed it was Mynka. "Tucker" he answered.

"Trip, I'll be heading down to do my evaluations in an hour. Have you and Malcom done your homework on the girls?" she asked.

"Yes my lady. We are ready with a short list from both of the sources." he replied. "When should we expect to be moving on these interviews?" he asked her.

"Glad you're ready. If things go well I will have a decision on the source by the end of the day, and you can schedule interviews starting tomorrow morning." Mynka replied. "I will keep you posted via the comm" she added, terminating the call.

"Alright Malcom, I'll give you a call as soon as I know anything." Trip said. "Let's get back to our ladies, eh?" he chuckled, slapping Reed on the back.

"Right sir. I'll check in with you at fifteen hundred if I haven't heard anything." Malcom said.

Trip made his way to T'Pol's suite, finding the place empty. She left a note to let him know she'd been called for bridge duty. Damn, and I was hoping for some sweetness. he thought. He headed down to Engineering to check on things after a quick call to T'Pol.

Malcom arrived at his quarters, finding Kelly relaxing with a book. "Hey there." he said, walking by her and giving her shoulder a squeeze.

"Hey yourself, lover." she replied, reaching out to swat his butt as he walked by.

"Watch it now girl. That kind of thing could mean trouble." Malcom laughed, continuing into the bedroom to change into something less confining than his uniform. He was about to pull on some workout pants when Janet snuck up behind him and reached around to tug on his flaccid member as her lips kissed his neck. "Mmmm... seems you need some attention, eh crewman?" he chuckled. Her fingers gently ran along his penis, bringing it to life.

"I want you." she whispered in his ear. Malcom grunted his response, turning around to press his lips against hers. His hands ran down her back, fondling the full cheeks of her bottom as she ground her hips against him. Janet pushed one hand between their bodies, finding his growing organ with her fingers. In a flash she dropped to her knees, taking his slender meat stick into her mouth to suckled and lap at the sensitive flesh. His hands pulled her head to his groin, pushing his dick as far into her face as he could as her tongue lashed at his shaft. "Mmmglphhhghhh" came her muffled grunt, her lips working at the root his organ. She pushed his hips away, letting his cock slip from her mouth with a lewd PLOP and looking up at him with a smile on her face. "I want you in my butt, Malcom." she told him, standing up to turn around. She moved to the dressing table and bent forward. "Put it in my ass." she said hoarsely, reaching back to hold her cheeks apart.

Malcom dropped to his knees, working his tongue into Janet Kelly's anal ring as she moaned. He pushed two fingers into her soaking wet cunt, gathering as much natural lube as he could before slipping his index finger into her rearend. "ohhhhyess.." she moaned, her asshole clenching on his digit as he moved it in and out. "Come on lover... put it INNNNNN" she groaned, writhing her hips against his hands. He stood back up and positioned the head of his dick against her willing wrinkle, applying pressure until the head slipped past her sphincter. "nnYAHHHHOHHHHH..." Janet groaned, her hips back to capture a couple inches of his cock. Her anal ring spasmed around his meat, pushing him back out. "OHHHHHH... PLEEEEASE..." she whined.

He pressed his cockhead against her hole again and grasped her hips. "Ready baby?" he asked, not waiting for a response. His hips jerked forward, his fingers pulling her hips back as his cock buried itself in her rectum. She howled as he began pumping into her backside, reveling in the buttery-smooth flesh of her asshole. "Yeah baby... such a beautiful ass..." he grunted, leaning back so he could see the point of entry. Although Janet was a slender girl, she did have that distinctive round black booty he found so seductive. That she seemed to enjoy receiving sodomy as much as he enjoyed giving it was icing on a very tasty cake. He established a nice, easy rhythm with his penis, sliding deep inside her mucky chute and pulling out until just the head remained inside her. "Your ass is so hot Janet... so fucking hot.." he grunted.

Janet Kelly never expected to enjoy anal intercourse; but Malcom's long, slender dick just felt right back there. It reached deep into her rectum, touching nerves she didn't know she had until now. "Ohhhhhh Malcom... please me with your cock in my tight ass" she mewled, letting her hips writhe in gentle circles as her bottom was fucked deep. "Ohfuckkkk... sonnnYYYAHHHGOOD.." she howled, her loins superheated by raw lust. "I'm going to CUMMMMMMMM" she squealed. "FUCK MEEEEE"

Malcom grabbed her hips tight and pounded his organ up into her seething rectal chute, close enough to his own climax that other things didn't matter. Other than the paid escorts he and Trip had spent their time with he'd never been with a woman who would let him sodomize them. Add to that his penchant for black girls and Janet was his perfect woman. She squealed with each thrust, her body responding to every twitch of his organ. His balls bounced against her clit on each inward stroke, pushing her over the edge before he had arrived. The convulsions inside her butthole quickly had his load spraying into her bowels, and both of them trembled and shuddered as their orgasms blended into a single intense event. "Oh Janet... so fucking hot..." he moaned, grinding his hips against her buttocks. One final blast and he leaned forward to nuzzle her neck. "So wonderful Jan, just so wonderful." he whispered.

"I just don't want you to forget me while you're interviewing all those hot girls on Rigel." she laughed, clenching her sphincter around his cock. "And maybe I'll just keep this here with me."

Trip took a shower, just in case they got a call to start the interviews early, and headed to Engineering to check on things. All systems were nominal, so he called Malcom to meet him in the officer's mess to go over the 'plan'. When Malcom arrived the two grabbed a small table and took out the notes they'd collected earlier. "You know, I would think RPB offers us the best chance to keep everyone happy." he suggested.

"I don't know man, all those Risan girls at Galaxy sure look good." Malcom replied. "And the Rigelian babes...."

"Yeah, yeah; but we have a mix of guys to please, and I'm thinking a mix of women would be a better option." Tucker responded. "RPB has a better mix." he added. His comm chimed. It was Mynka. "Tucker" he answered.

"Okay Trip, I don't think there's much difference from a business point of view. Both would agree to our terms without changes, so I need your input to make the final call." Mynka said.

"We were just talking about that, and we recommend going with RPB" Trip told her.

"Consider it done. I'll have the signed agreement back to the ship in an hour, and I'll have them setup for the interviews first thing tomorrow if you can send me the short list." she said. A few moments later she said "Got it. See you at dinner." she added, ending the call.

"Well alright then." Malcom said. "I guess we have our work cut out for us now."

"Let's get to it. May as well spend some time going through our short list, get more details if we can." Tucker suggested, getting a nod from Reed. The two men gathered details on each of the twenty girls, discovering that their guesses had been very close. They would have tough choices to make.

"I'm thinking the first thing we do is just get a look at them." Reed began. "Let our eyes get a first impressions."

"Okay, that's good. Maybe all the girls at once, walking around with clothes on." Tucker added. "Then we have them remove the clothes and continue the parade."

"They can get close; but no touching." Malcom added.

"Yet." Trip concluded. "For the next round we have each of the girls spend a short time blowing both of us. You know, thirty seconds on you, thirty on me, then the next girl gets a turn." he went on.

"I like the sound of that; but what happens if one of us..." Reed began.

"The girl on the cock gets a nice protein drink, then keeps sucking until it's hard again." Tucker laughed at the thought. "I mean these girls are all paid cum receptacles. They drink our stuff every day, and that is what we will expect them to do if we select them for the pool, so..."

"True enough." Malcom responded. "Okay, so once we've gone through them all with the oral exam, we fuck their cunts?"

"Not yet." Trip replied. "If I were one of the guys, I would want at least a closeup look, if not a quick taste." he said.

"Whoa... I guess getting a whif might be okay; but..." Malcom objected.

"What? You are forgetting what you and I did just a few months ago. We both ate pussy that we know had been fucked a hundred times by somebody else." Tucker pointed out. "These girls are pros, man. They know how to make themselves fresh - and I want to get up close with that pussy before my cock gets anywhere near it." he added. Malcom nodded in acknowledgement. "Okay, so after we've checked them out with our noses with maybe a lick and suck thrown in, we spend some quality time in there with our dicks." he continued.

"Any particular positions, or...?" Malcom was trying to picture how they would accomplish this in an 'interview' setting.

"We can play that by ear." Trip suggested. "And we play anal by ear as well, but we make sure they all know, their back doors are all part of the game. No holes barred. While not all of the men want anal sex, the girls must be ready to take it up the ass whenever it is requested." he went on. "I think for the final interview round we let the girl choose how she demonstrates her suitability. Basically they can show us their specialties."

"Okay, good." Malcom said. "I think we have a plan."

Trip's comm unit chimed, and a glance told him it was the Empress. "Yes Empress?" he answered. He listened for a minute, then put the unit away. "Hoshi wants the six of us to meet over dinner this evening. Nineteen Hundred." Trip reported, glancing at his watch. "Time to go." he added, ending the sessions on his terminal, downloading them to his pad, and clapping Reed on the shoulder. "I'll let you know what happens." he added, knowing Reed and Kelly were not part of the core group.

Mayweather prepared the table for the group of six as Hoshi prepared herself, selecting a particularly revealing oMutfit for no particular reason. I just feel I need to look the part she thought, eyeing her reflection as she made the final adjustments to her garments. The door chimed just as she appeared in the living area. "Enter" she said, walking over to Travis. Mynka and Ross Burke walked through the door, followed by T'Pol and Tucker. "Welcome" Hoshi said politely, waving them into the sitting room. "Drinks all around?" she asked, not waiting for a response. "Travis?" she called, her Consort appearing to provide the service.

Hoshi joined them around the large table, everyone kneeling on the comfortable pads as was the custom in her native Japan. She took her glass and raised it in a toast. "To a successful mission on Rigel." she said, watching all five of the others nod in acknowledgement and take a sip. "Alright, first I would like Mynka to report on the meetings today, and on the agreement we have made with Rigel Pleasure Brokers" she said, looking to Mynka.

"Both of the initial meetings went well. The two brokers were agreeable to our proposal, and were able to support our interview process and the rotation clause." Mynka began. "I spoke with Commander Tucker for guidance on which of the two brokers might better serve our needs, and he recommended Rigel Pleasure Brokers." she continued.

"Trip, I would like some clarification on that recommendation." Hoshi said, looking at Tucker.

"Yes Empress. Lieutenant Reed and I had reviewed the inventories of both brokers and compared those to what we saw as our needs." he began. "What we perceive from our discussions with the men is that we wanted the broadest mix of women in the pool." he continued, catching nods of agreement from the Empress and her court. "While Galaxy (GPC) had a much larger inventory of candidates, a vast majority were either Risan or Rigelian; whereas RPB had a mix ranging from those two to Andor, Mars Colony, and even Earth and Vulcan." he said. "We made the recommendation based on that variety." he concluded.

"Very good Commander, and I agree." Hoshi said. "Ladies?" she requested consensus, and got it in the form of a nod from both T'Pol and Mynka. She looked back to Tucker. "And you have a list of candidates you have forwarded to RPB for tomorrows interviews, is that correct?" she asked.

"Yes Empress. We forwarded our list to both RPB and to Mynka, and RPB has confirmed." Trip replied.

"Excellent" Sato said. "I would like to finish the discussion regarding the agreement before we learn more about interviews and selection criteria. Mynka, please describe the agreement for us." she added, nodding to the Andorian woman.

"The agreement we decided on amongst ourselves two days ago is the same as the one signed by myself and Jahruh Djan this afternoon." Mynka began. "We will interview candidates of our choice at their location on Rigel 3, with this process taking one day. At the conclusion of that day our selections will be provided to the broker, and the girls will be available for transfer the following morning." she continued. The agreement calls for compensation in a currency to be determined, to the broker, at the completion of each month of service aboard our vessel."

"There is no payment up front?" T'Pol asked.

"No. I was very clear that we would not be making any payments other than for services actually provided." Mynka replied. "The agreement states that we will provide room and board for the girls at no charge to them, and that each girl is to be allowed a 24 hour rest period once each week along with the 8 hours of rest each day." she added.

"That's fine. I would like to hear about the rotation clause." Empress Sato said, liking what she was hearing so far.

"Of course Empress." Mynka replied. "In general the rotation will be handled on a monthly cycle; but rotation will only be used if a girl is either not performing to expectations or has a personal reason to leave. In either case we will interview replacements, make selections, and execute a swap on our next visit to Rigel. In special cases the broker can arrange to transport a replacement elsewhere if Defiant is out of the sector." she told them.

"Good." Hoshi told her. "Now I would like to hear about the proposed interview and selection process. Commander Tucker?"

"Yes Empress." Trip responded. "Malcom and I have gone through the personnel records for the candidates we will be interviewing to determine the histories and specialties of each girl, so we know going in what to expect." he began. "The interview process will be four rounds, with the first being a simple parade of the girls, beginning fully dressed and ending with all of them nude. From this we will be able to sense the attitude and interest each girl has." he continued. "The second round will be the oral test, with each girl performing fellatio on both Malcom and myself for a brief period." he said, getting a raised eye from T'Pol. Trip hurried to move on. "Next will be an inspection of each girl's vaginal region, including taste and smell as well as response, and followed by normal intercourse with both of us in turn." he stated. "The last round is somewhat loosely defined, as we will ask each girl to demonstrate their favorite sexual acts or their specialties." he concluded.

"So there is no anal test?" T'Pol asked.

"Nothing specific, although since all of the girls have already been told that this is a 'no holes barred' assignment, they know to expect anal intercourse on a regular basis." Trip replied. "And fully half of the girls list anal activity as a specialty, so I expect there will indeed be some rear entry included in the interviews." he added, trying to suppress a grin.

Hoshi nodded and smiled. "Very good Commander. I wish you and Malcom a productive day; but how will you make your selections?" she asked.

"To begin with, each girl will receive scores from both of us for each round of the interview." he replied. "At the end of the day we will tally those scores and - if there are no ties we have our selections. In the event of ties, which frankly we expect, we will discuss between ourselves the merits of each girl and make our call." he concluded.

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