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Hospital Exposure


My wife Jessica and I have been married for 12 years. She is a beautiful girl, an athlete, about 5'3" and 105 pounds with long brown hair, blue eyes and a tight, tight body. Despite my description, she is super shy. She thinks her breasts are way too small (A cups) and her "booty" is too large. I disagree, but she is a one piece swimsuit kind of girl and she never goes out without her wonder bra. She works hard a the illusion of a B cup.

One night we were sitting around after dinner, having a bit of wine when she started to feel ill. First, she had pain in her abdomen, then nausea, vomiting. I bundled her up to go to the ER. When we got there, she was told to change into a short (open to the back) hospital gown. The nurse told her to "take everything off".

Jessica and I were left in ward with 8 beds with a privacy curtain between us and the world. The room had young, old, men and women in it. I pulled the curtain as best I could, but there was an inevitable opening. She was too sick to care, stripping nude quickly and struggling with her gown as the inhabitants of the two beds across from us got the whole show. I looked over at them, actually recognizing one. The first was a flushed faced boy of about 19. The second was my wife's boss. I knew the man well, a youngish boss of around 50. They worked at a small company and there were several yearly parties where we would chat with him and his wife. I looked from him to my wife as he stared at her and saw that Jessica was having trouble. She was facing the gap in the curtain with the gown lowered as she tried to get her arms through. Her tiny boobs were standing on display with her small pink nipples pointing directly at her audience.

I hoped that she just wouldn't notice and he would never mention it. She would be forever mortified. She got the gown on and dropped to the bed without noticing the show she had put on. Soon, people came in for blood and then she had to shuffle bare assed to the bathroom to provide a urine sample. Here, she did notice the boss. He seemed to be getting a chest xray at the time, and she shuffled past quickly trying to hold her gown closed.

Then, in came the doctor. A man of about 40. He talked for a while about the possible diagnoses and proceeded with a quick "pelvic". He asked me to step out, which I did. At this point, her brother, who I had called when we went to the hospital, and my parents (who are like parents to her as well, all arrived) They moved to stand next to me where I was making small talk with my wife's boss. I noticed the man looking over my shoulder, actually I'd noticed Jessica's brother doing the same and looked over as well. There she was with her knees up fully on display between the gap in the curtain. The gown tented at her knees so she could not see us, but the doctor had directed a large floor lamp to illuminate her crotch and at this moment, he had moved aside with some slide for his microscope. Before my astounded eyes, lay my wife's brightly lit, spread pussy. We were no more than 8 feet away, and she had shaved for me just a few days before. Her inner lips were just slightly parted, her outer lips just a bit puffy. The light even exposed her tiny anus, just a little bit pigmented with a light ring of hair. I stopped speaking when I saw this and the group of us just fell silent. After about 30 seconds, the doctor moved back into view, and I thought to step between the gap in the curtain and the gawking boss and family.

Soon we were allowed back in to visit and we managed to do so without letting on to her that she had been so completely exposed.

The Doctor came back with the diagnosis of appendicitis and she was wheeled to surgery. We were directed to her new room to wait for her. I said my goodbye to her boss, hoping that he would not let on to her what he had seen. I don't think her modesty would let her stay in the job if she had that much exposure to a man she worked with every day.

We waited in her room for hours before she was brought back. She was tightly wrapped in warm blankets and seemed to still be sedated. The doctor was standing by the gurney and told us that he had gotten to her in time and that she should do well. With that, he stepped out and the the nurses came in to transfer her to her hospital bed. The older of the two closed the door and asked, "are we all family here?" I no sooner said yes, when she started pulling off the OR blankets while the other nurse readied the new bed. In no time it was apparent that her gown was removed for the surgery. In about 10 seconds the blankets were gone and my young, painfully modest wife, lay naked before us on the gurney. Her head has rolled toward us, eyes closed peacefully. Her tiny tits were flat as she lay on her back, making her look to have even more minute breasts than usual. Her little nipples were hard in the cold. Her feet were slightly spread, and her pussy, with only a two day growth of very light stubble, was fully exposed. The nurses grabbed her shoulders while asking us to lift her feet for the transfer to the bed. Her brother and my father each grabbed a foot and they moved her on the count of three. When she moved, her legs gaped and her little clit was exposed in the temporarily gaping vagina. Her little breasts jiggled for just a second. My father, being a bit older, was a little slow on the transfer and Jessica rolled when he didn't move his leg as fast as Jessica's older brother, Eric. Jessica flopped onto her belly, her beautiful rounded ass pointing skyward. At this point, she awoke.

She started to ask questions, "where am I? Eric, what are you doing here?" She then noticed her nudity, but in her post op pain, could not move. The nurses just methodically rolled her onto her back, slowly got her gown ready, sat her up and helped her into a new gown. My wife, shocked at her exposure, said nothing. For a girl of her modesty, this was not good. What they had seen could not be unseen. She would know that our family could call up her every detail to memory at any time.

Not good. Eventually, she was tucked in bed, and I convinced the family to go for the night.

A week later, she went back to work, and I held my breath hoping that the boss would say nothing. A couple of weeks went by without incident, until we were at the office Christmas party. He approached us and started talking about how he apologized for "invading her privacy" at the hospital. It seems he thought she knew that he had ogled her gaping vagina. Of course she had not, until he described the view in his apology. We quickly left the party.

I've been trying to convince her that the world did not end when some people had a look at her little tits, ass and pussy. She did agree to stay on the job, as her boss was a "gentleman" about it. That very night, we had awesome sex. She was impressively wet. I'm beginning to think my wife might not be a shy as she used to be. I'm gonna talk her into a bikini this year and see where that leads us.

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