tagErotic CouplingsHospital Stay Ch. 01

Hospital Stay Ch. 01


Chapter One.

I was lying in a hospital bed staring up at the ceiling. I was taking inventory of my life and circumstances. Sometimes that helps me get my thoughts organized.

Almost thirty years of age, I had served three hitches in the Navy. I had seen most of the world as a result and after getting out I was ready to start college. A little older than most, I know, but I thought I was finally ready for it. I had been pretty immature as a teenager, for sure!

I had been accepted at the State University. First evening in town, I was going from bar to bar and BAM! I got mugged! Lost my memory for a day or two but other than that I was fine. Well, some bruises, of course, but really, just fine. Well, broke, too. All my money was gone. All my travelers checks, my license, my ID; it was all gone.

I had regained my memory within 36 hours. But the doctor wanted to keep me for a while under observation. The hospital Social Worker was helping me do the paperwork to get my papers re-issued and the Traveler's checks cancelled and re-issued thru the local bank.

"Urgle! Glomph! Huh, huhmph"

The sounds brought me back to the present. I looked down at the blonde head that was bobbing up and down over my crotch. The candy-striper had come into the room at an awkward time. But rather than shocked she had been intrigued. In fact she had been downright quick to volunteer to help me in my 'time of need' as she put it.

She wasn't all that talented, but she was eager! Before she dove on me with both hands and her lips she had exclaimed, "I love big dicks. And you've got the biggest dick I've ever seen!"

And that was probably true. For in addition to what I have been told are ruggedly handsome features and a slim, muscular five foot eleven inch frame, I have a big dick. A really big dick.

At a whore house in Bangkok the house madam had measured me personally. Then she had offered $100 American to any girl who could take me all in her mouth and throat. No one collected the money. But I got some fabulous blow jobs. Too bad the madam also charged me 10 dollars American for each one! Business always comes first she told me. At least it was half the usual rate!

And the experience taught me a lot about control and that some women really LOVE a big dick. (And no, I don't know how big it is! I never could get the hang of metric conversions and only gay men measure themselves.)

This candy-striper claimed to be a big dick lover. And I believed her! Over-matched as she was, she was giving it her all. She never got more than about three or four inches down onto it. She choked every time she tried to go further. I was just too thick for her. But her lips and tongue danced all over the head and shaft while her hands both pumped up and down rapidly on the rest of the shaft.

I had two fingers buried in her pussy and was frigging her slowly while my thumb caressed her clit. My other hand was cupped under a firm B-cup worth of tit.

"FUCK!" she cried, "I'm cumming all over your hand again. God you do that soooo good!" Her hips shook uncontrollably while she moaned and groaned. Then her lips returned to their task. I caressed her head with my other hand, encouraging her to do her best.

Suddenly the door swung open. Before I could even twitch the candy-striper was two steps away from the bed and the sheet was floating down to cover my rampant erection. I raised my knee under the sheet to conceal the swollen head of my cock which was throbbing somewhere north of my navel! She might not have been the best cock-sucker I'd ever met but her reflexes were second to none!

I slid my sticky left hand under the covers and wiped her pussy juice onto the sheets.

"Julie, you are needed at the nurses station," said the new arrival. Julie looked like a girl who had been caught giving a blow job! Her lips were puffy and red. Her skin was flushed and her cap was askew on her mussed up hair. She nervously stammered something and headed out the door without a second look at me.

The newcomer watched her go with a stern gaze and then started to putter around the room. She straightened up the items on the dresser. She checked the towels in the bath. She re-tucked the sheets on the empty bed next to me.

I was really hoping she would get out! I was going to have a serious case of blue balls if I didn't get off soon! I had been on the brink of my first orgasm in almost a week when Julie had pulled off me! Despite the surprise entrance and the Nurse's fussing about I was still rock solid!

I had picked up a magazine and was leafing thru it but I found myself watching my new visitor. Slowly something percolated thru my brain.

This woman was BUILT! I mean, she was stacked out to HERE! And beyond! She was wearing the standard Nurse's uniform with a cardigan sweater over it. But even so, it was obvious that this angel of mercy had two of the biggest breasts you could imagine. When she stood up straight, her boobs stuck way out beyond the sweater. I wondered if she could even button the sweater over those puppies!

And they were mounted high on her chest. Often, women with big tits are blessed with great saggers. This did not seem to be the case here. Nurse whoever-she-was looked like she was carrying basketballs under that uniform. Her tits were high, wide and rounded! The magazine lay forgotten, watching her was making my dick harder and harder.

Now she was at the foot of my bed looking at me critically. I gazed right back at her. She looked to be in her early thirties, a few years older than I. Her russet hair was tucked neatly under her Nurse's cap, a pen just peeking out from the pocket high up on her left bosom. Her name tag was hanging from the left side of her sweater. I couldn't make out the name from here but I wasn't looking at the name tag all that closely, if you get my drift!

Those were really some big fucking tits! Without thinking, I let my knee drift down so I could check out the rest of her. Which of course revealed to her the stiff tube of man-meat that was still twitching over my stomach.

Her eyes flicked downward and I saw her take a quick gasp of air. With her eyes moving back and forth between my face and my crotch she slowly came around the end of the bed toward me. Her lips glistened as her tongue wet them nervously. Her boobs jutted far out over the bed as her thighs hit the side of the bed level with my hips. Her tits looked like they stuck halfway over the bed!

"Well, my. You do seem to have a problem here," she husked. "A big problem, too!" Her breathing had become more rapid. I was surprised she could even see my dick from there, her bosom was so far in front of her!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I said to myself and I cupped a surprisingly firm butt cheek in my left hand while she slowly drew the sheet off me.

"God, it's even bigger than, than I tho..." her voice trailed away as the entire shaft was made visible to her gaze. Using one hand she squeezed the shaft several times from the base to just under the head. Then her other hand joined in, caressing and squeezing the head. Gently she lifted the shaft up. She bounced it in her hand a couple of times, like a shopper gauging the weight of a piece of fruit.

"I didn't think it was so..." again her voice trailed off as she glanced at my face. "I can't get my hand around it!" she said in amazement.

My hand slid down to the hem of her skirt and then started back upward, this time under her skirt. I caressed her white pantyhose-clad thigh from the back of the knee to almost her butt cheek. Her pantyhose was wet clear through several inches below the crotch.

Her eyes were locked on my dick as her hands softly worked up and down the steel hard length of my cock.

"You were watching," I said softly.

"Huh?" She was distracted from what she was doing.

"You were watching," I repeated. "You were standing at the door and you were watching that candystriper and me."

"N-n-no, no." She stammered. Her eyes were again dancing back and forth between my eyes and my stiff dick.

"Oh, yes," I chuckled. "There's no other explanation for you being this wet! You're soaked in pussy cream practically to the knees!" I emphasized this by gently squeezing her pussy. I wanted to give her the same treatment I had given to Julie but the damn pantyhose prevented it.

"That's disgusting, how can you say that?" she demanded. She might have been trying to act upset but her cheeks were flushed and her hands were working more urgently than ever.

"Okay," I said. "What ever you say. Just don't stop what you're doing. That feels really good!" I was not about to argue with her. Not when I was rapidly getting to the point of explosion!

"I'm a Nurse," she said proudly. "I know what to do to relieve patients in a time of need." She had said almost exactly what Julie had said.

"Uhhhhh!" I groaned.

Her thighs had parted a little and I was rubbing her pussy with my two middle fingers.

Her hands stroked up and down. The insides of her upper arms jostled and squeezed her boobs. Her sweater had fallen away from her huge tit-shelf which jutted forward massively. Her name tag read Nurse Erika.

I reached over her arm and squeezed the tit nearest to me. My whole hand barely cupped the end of that huge ovoid. I squeezed and caressed with both hands. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I thought I could feel a hard nipple with my other hand but it was tough to be sure through the starched front of her uniform and the stiff bra she was wearing.

My hips were flexing in response to her ministrations, thrusting against her strokes.

"That feels good, doesn't it, baby?" she inquired. "You like that, don't you? Yes, I can tell you do."

Her hands picked up the pace. I had leaked so much pre-cum that her hands were wet and slippery with it.

"God, honey, you're so thick and fat, I can't get my hand around you! It takes two hands to do a good job on this big, fat, stiff hard-on!" She was getting more excited as she spoke. Her cheeks were flushed as was her throat and her upper chest, what I could see of it. From my vantage point I could mostly see the underside of her tit shelf. And the side of her uniform-encased breast. It looked as large as the world globe at the library in my home town!

I was groaning now, sounding as if I was in pain. Pain was the farthest thing from my mind. Several times she loosened her grip when she sensed I was about to come. She was really enjoying her work, getting me worked up, letting me cool down, then building me up again toward the peak. Finally she began to bear down, faster and faster! Her hands raced up and down my dick.

I was squeezing the hell out of her tit and rubbing her pussy as fast as I could in time with her movements. Suddenly I tensed as the feeling peaked! Every muscle in my body seemed to clench at the same time. I could feel my gonads swell and release as a massive surge of jism roared up the swollen tube on the underside of my dick.

I let out a loud groan. She was panting out load, murmuring encouragement to me as she stroked my spasming dick. My back arched and a jet of cum two feet long just leapt from the tip of my dick to arc into the air above the bed. In a flash Nurse pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and used it to catch the successive spurts. Two, three four times I ejaculated, each almost as strong as the first. Her handkerchief was soaked with cum. Her other hand was still stroking in time with my spasms. Without looking away she grabbed a handful of tissues from the night stand next to the bed and used them to catch the last four or five emissions.

Finally, I was done. Exhausted, I sank back into the bed, looking up at Nurse with a tired, grateful smile.

She smiled back at me as she cleaned up the residue from the first mighty spurt that had landed all over the bed. Finally she pulled the sheet back up to my chest.

Patting the now spent bulge of my dick she said, "Now, that ought to help you get some rest. You have to get better you know!" There was a twinkle in her eye as she said this.

"I don't think I could get much better than this," I replied with a chuckle. "Unless it was by returning the favor. I haven't been that well treated in a long time. I hope I can return the favor some day!"

"Just remember, I'm your Nurse," she said firmly. "Nothing more."

But I noticed as she went out the door that she had not thrown the soggy mass of tissue and handkerchief away. Instead she had slipped it into her sweater pocket.


Chapter Two

It was several hours later. Dinner had come and gone. Several time I had seen Nurse pass by the open door but she hadn't even glanced my way.

I was watching The Wheel of Fortune when the door swung shut.

Nurse was back.

"And how are we feeling now?" she asked. She was leaning back against the door, her hands behind her.

"Well, this half of we is feeling fine," I responded. Her pose really emphasized how big her tits were. Her uniform was filled with tit. From just level with her armpits her uniform swelled alarmingly outward, almost straight out. Then it slowly arced downward and rejoined her body almost a foot below where it started! Christ!

"I'm glad to hear that! I just wanted to stop by and make sure you're okay." She twinkled a smile at me that seemed to hold more than just professional concern. I hoped!

"Oh, look," she said, "your pillows need adjusting".

With a small smile she approached the bed. I noticed the smile. I also noticed the rocking of her hips and the subtle rise and fall of her gargantuan bosom which seemed to grow larger with each step she took toward me. With each step her bosom shivered and shook. The rise and fall of that titanic protrusion was subtle but magnificent!

Reaching the bed she leaned over me to fluff and poke the pillows. As the starched white field of her uniform descended I involuntarily took a deep breath. Men had been suffocated in smaller tits, I was sure.

Her bosom-filled uniform engulfed me. She was wearing soft perfume which filled my senses while she worked on the pillows under my head.

For many long seconds she stayed there. I felt her warm breasts against my face. God they were huge! They pressed into the pillows on each side of my head. I was loving this. She could stay there all day, I thought!

Finally she drew back a bit. Still smiling that small smile she pulled my head deep into her bosom again as she flipped the pillows over behind me.

I took the chance to press both my hands against the outer slopes of her tits. I caressed and stroked. I pushed those huge tits against my face. I moved my head back and forth, rubbing myself against the rough starched material of her uniform. She didn't seem to mind!

"There, that's better," she said as she finally released me. As I settled back into the pillows I smiled up at her grinning face. Her eyes were twinkling and a blush had come to her cheeks.

"Well, there IS another set of pillows that needs to be adjusted," I said to her.

A quick look of confusion crossed her face. "Oh, where?"

"Here," I said as I reached out to fondle her massive breasts. My hands could not begin to cover those mounds. I could palm a basketball in each hand, but my hands looked so small in comparison!

I pressed inward against the fronts of her boobs. I squeezed them against each other, lifted them from below, weighing them in my hands. Finally I gently raised first one and then the other. With a mock frown I went back and forth, back and forth.

"Jeez, this is hard to do. I can't seem to get your pillows even," I exclaimed. "Of course, I could do this so much better if you didn't have this uniform on," I pointed out.

"Sorry, honey. That wouldn't be proper. But you have really nice hands, I like what you're doing."

"Well can't you just drop the front for me? I've never seen such beautifully large breasts!"

"No, I can't unzip and drop the front. What if someone came in? I could never get back into it in time. Oh, yeah, keep doing that" My hands were roaming all over her front.

"Well, wear a uniform that buttons up the front!" I exclaimed as I felt her hand start to caress my bulging cock through the sheet.

"Oh, I don't think..." she started to say. Her thought was interrupted as her attention shifted to what her hand was doing. "Gee, Mr. Smithson, it seems you are having a relapse of your condition from this afternoon. Should I take care of it for you?"

"Well, I don't know," I said. "Do you think another treatment is called for? I do trust your professional judgement." I assured her.

"Oh, I'm quite sure! Now you just lie there and let Nurse take care of your condition for you." Her eyes were locked on the now exposed dick that she was caressing.

Again, my hand crept under her skirt and within seconds I was stroking her pussy through the pantyhose and panties. They were dry and clean, I guess she must have changed.

By now I was at full staff! Her rhythm was strong and constant. Occasionally she would add a twisting motion to her strokes. Sometimes she used an overhand grip, sometimes she would link her fingers and using both hands would encircle the thick shaft. Some times her grip was firm, at other times it was loose. She seemed to be in no hurry to get me off.

"Here, honey, play with this," she said as she guided my unoccupied hand to her bosom. From my position I could not reach her far breast so I contented my self with playing with her incredibly massive right boob.

"God," I said, "I'd love to see these huge beauties swinging unfettered under a tight, low-cut red sweater! That would be awesome!" The thought made my dick even stiffer!

She just flashed me a smile while she continued to stroke me. My hand continued to play with her breast while the other one worked on her pussy. Her thighs had parted slightly, offering me better access to her clit.

"You've got good hands," she complimented me while she focused on my dick. "And you've got a huge dick. Bet a lot of girls couldn't handle all of this log! You're so long and thick. The head seems to be as big as a billiard ball! God!"

"I just wish my hands could get at what all you've got hidden away in here," I said as I hefted her breast. "If you wore a buttoned up uniform I could do a lot better," I promised.

"You're doing just fine," she reassured me. "I like holding you in my hands like this. Does this feel good? Do you like the way I stroke and pull on your big hard dick? Can you feel how hard I'm squeezing you? Does that make you want to cum?"

"Yeah, keep that up. I like it when you talk to me! I wish I could drive my fingers up into your pussy. It feels so wet and hot! I bet you've got a tight little cunt, don't you, Nursey? You like big dicks like mine, don't you? You like to feel them get hard! You like to make them shoot off all over like I did this afternoon!"

"Oh, yeah," she groaned. "I like that a lot. And a big one like yours is the best! I think big dicks shoot off more than little dicks. Particularly when the balls are as big as yours are. They look like a pair of tennis balls." She took a moment to cup my sack in one hand before returning her attention to my dick.

"OH, honey, you got me on the brink," I moaned.

"Golly, I don't have a handkerchief with me," she exclaimed. "What shall I do? I don't want to get the sheets all messy again." She didn't really seem too concerned, she was smiling as she spoke.

"Gosh, I don't know," I replied. "What does a professionally trained Nurse do in a situation like this?"

"I'll just have to do the best I can!" She smiled down at me. "Let me know when you are about to cum!"

"Any second now, any second now!" Again my hips were churning on the bed and I was thrusting against her hands, trying to speed up her pace.

As soon as I stopped speaking she leaned over and, with her head almost touching my dick she turned to look at me.

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