Hospitality to the Last Degree


Again we were very near the resort and were soon in Selina and Peter's room. I had asked Greg earlier how he felt about Stephanie getting fucked by the black men but he simply said, as before, it was up to Stephanie! Selling's night was just like Stephanie's except that this time Carl was in her mouth first, then John in her cunt and later in her asshole and Sam was the one to fuck her cunt. Stephanie was the most excited of the rest of us because she was seeing what had happened to her the previous night! Selina came and came, one after the other, and she was certainly enjoying herself. She, too, was exhausted when the fucking finished and she stayed on the bed naked whilst we had our drinks before returning to our rooms.

Sandra was really turned on by this exhibition and was really ready to fuck as soon as we closed our door. When I was embedded as deeply as I could get into her cunt, she absolutely surprised me by asking me if I would be able to fuck her in the ass? She had never even hinted at that before and had told me on lots of occasions that it was dirty sex! I was only too pleased to try and we found our tube of KY and I lubed up her asshole liberally before I attempted to push my cock into her ass. It was certainly a struggle for her but she soon learned to relax and eventually my cock head plopped through her sphincter and I was in her asshole. I tried to go as deep as I could but she said it was hurting so I slowly pulled my cock out until it was only in about halfway. I then began to fuck her asshole but only entering about 6 inches. It didn't take me long to cum and I shot my load of cum into her ass. She was crying when I pulled out and she told me it had hurt her too much to try again. I was able to play with her clit and soon had her cumming and screaming out loud.

Nothing much was said about meeting the three black men the next night but we turned up anyway and were pleased to meet them again. After drinks we went off again on our tour of the city and saw more wonderful sites of interest. Absolutely nothing sexual was said on the whole sightseeing tour and when we reached the resort we all moved to our room for drinks and to thank the three guides. The only difference I had noted this evening was that for the first time Sandra was wearing a short mini-skirt and a thin blouse. Although I didn't know it at the time, she wasn't wearing a bra and this was a first for Sandra.

As the drinks were partaken Stephanie asked what we were going to do for entertainment tonight. It was obvious no body was going to suggest Sandra should try the black men! To our surprise, Sandra moved over to Carl, undid her blouse and pulled it off! She was standing naked to the waist in front of a black man and I was truly shocked to see her standing there. She then took Carl's shirt off and then moved forward and began kissing him and at the same time she was rubbing her pointed nipples against his bare chest! She hadn't turned to me for permission and I hadn't even thought she would even think of doing something like this. She then unhooked her skirt and when it dropped to the floor I had my second surprise of the night, she wasn't wearing any panties - her red pubic hair was showing clearly to anyone looking and it was possible to see her exposed cunt lips underneath. She soon had Carl's jeans off and they were both naked. She quickly dropped to her knees and took his huge cock into her mouth! She managed to get more in her mouth that the other girls had and she was sucking with obvious delight. I was totally shocked because I had never seen her do anything like this before and this was my wife who was sucking this black man with her mouth.

Just as the other sisters had done, she moved back onto the bed and lay there with her legs apart while Carl climbed onto her chest and again stuck his cock into her mouth. Sam moved between her legs and began sucking her clit and licking and fingering her cunt lips. She was soon cumming and, just like her sisters, she was squirming on the bed in pure lust. Sam then moved his body until his absolutely huge cock was pressed up close to her cunt and, with a bit of maneuvering her managed to get his cock inside her. He pushed until he was completely inside her and she was totally filled. He didn't pump her for very long before he did as the others had; he pulled her up, laid on the bed and then positioned her asshole above his hard cock. When she was lowered on to his cock by the others, it took some time before it was able to penetrate her asshole but eventually it did pop in and then he began the slow entry until his whole cock was in her asshole! She hadn't screamed once and, although she was crying, it was for joy not for pain! There was something completely obscene about the way the three black men had positioned each of the girls so far. With them lying on their backs, with a cock up their assholes, on top of the man underneath, and their legs spread so widely exposing their cunts so wantonly. My Sandra's cunt was glistening from the excitement so far and she looked beautiful lying there on Sam's body, her pretty red pubic hair framing her cunt.

Carl then pushed his cock into her between her widely spread legs until he was completely inside her. John then moved up to her had and placed his erect cock in her mouth. She was getting the same treatment as her two sisters. Selina was sitting closest to me and when I pulled my cock out to jerk myself off, she reached over and took my cock in her hand and she stroked me instead. When I could see Sandra was beginning to cum as a result of the three men also beginning to cum, Selina leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. In no time at all the three men came in Sandra and I came in Selina's mouth! This time it was Sandra's time to lie exhausted and naked on the bed. Usually she is too modest to even think of being naked in front of other people but this time she just didn't care. If it hadn't been for Selina sucking me off I guess I would have been shooing everyone out of the room so I could fuck my darling wife.

As it was, as soon as the others had gone and the appropriate thanks had been given, and we were alone, I moved over to Sandra and rubbed my hands over her sweaty body. She was quite wet and the cum was running out of her cunt and her asshole just as it had with the two sisters. She was a totally fucked wife and I still hadn't fucked her myself this night! I had a raging hard-on and wanted desperately to fuck my wife but I wasn't sure about sloppy seconds! I asked Sandra if she wanted me to fuck her now but she said she was very sore because of the size of the black men but she offered to suck me off! This was a first with me and so I enjoyed my second head job for the evening. She swallowed my cum just the same as she had with the black men and I guessed we might have turned a corner with our sex life! I certainly hoped so.

Sandra confessed to me she had wanted to be fucked by another man ever since we had married but had never been game to suggest it. She also told me she had never even thought about a black man until our holiday but now she hoped there were other black men at home. She said, and I regretted hearing this, "Well, it is true, once you have a black man's cock you will never be satisfied by anything less!" I wonder whether she will be wrong about that! Again, I hope so!

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