Today had been the pits. It has just been one thing after the other going wrong and causing problems. At home, on the way to work and at work.

Tess and really thought that things had hit a new low when that nice man had smiled and then pulled a gun. He had politely requested that she gather up all the money from the tills, and for all his formal politeness the gun dictated the rules.

So she'd gone along the tills, gather all the cash for him with everyone giving her killing looks, as if it was her idea. Then, when she'd handed the money over to him, things got worse.

She was a hostage. A frigging hostage. He'd told everyone not to come out and try to chase him or she might get shot. From the look on the manager's face, he seemed to think it'd be worth it.

Tess was hustled over to a car that was parked nearby with its engine running.

"You drive," she was told. "I'll give directions."

"I can't drive," she'd told him, to be answered with a flat "Bullshit," and a wave of the gun. She'd remembered how quite quickly at that.

Now she was driving away from the scene of the crime, expecting cops to start chasing her at any moment and bullets to be whizzing past her head.

Following directions she was off the main roads and going along a number of side streets, when the robber calmly informed her, "The place with the white fence on your left. Turn in and drive into the garage."

Tess turned into the nominated place and saw that the garage doors were rolling up. She drove smartly under them and saw the robber press the remote control that lowered the doors.

He then laughed and got out of the car, indicating that she should do the same.

"The owner of this place is at work, so I thought I'd borrow his garage for a while. I'll depart in a short while and be long gone before the cops are around. I'll be back home interstate before you know it."

Tess gave him a sour look. "If I'm lucky, you'll be pulled over and the cops will see all that stolen money," she snarled at him.

"Won't happen," she was calmly told. "I've made arrangements for the money to travel separately to me. Even if stopped, the cops will have no reason to suspect me. Now, to some personal business."

Tess watched, puzzled, as he took out his wallet and extracted a small wad of notes that he fanned out for her to see. It looked like a thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills. He also pulled out a small envelope, complete with stamp, but no address. While Tess watched he tucked the thousand dollars into the envelope, sealed it and slipped it back into his pocket.

"Before I leave," the robber told her, "I'll have to tie you up and leave you here, so you can't go running and calling the cops too fast. Plenty of sharp objects around, you will notice, and with your hands tied in front of you, you should be able to get free after ten minutes or so.

You'll find that there's a couple of small shops just up around the corner, with a public phone and a post box. Once you're free, you can do one of two things.

You can head for those shops, hop on the phone and call the cops, and they'll come running.

Alternatively, you can write your name and address on this envelope," tapping his pocket where the envelope of money rested, "then head for the shops, drop the envelope in the post box and then hop on the phone, etc. etc."

The robber paused in his little speech, and smiled at Tess.

"Now, you're wondering why I would give you a thousand dollars, aren't you? And it was my own money you will have noted, taken from my own wallet. Not part of the generous donation your employer has just made to my retirement fund, so you're not aiding and abetting the robbery if you accept it.

The way it works is quite simple. I grabbed you as hostage because you were the prettiest woman there, and I get terribly horny after a little coup like this. The thousand dollar question is, will you drop your panties and bend over while I give you a farewell present before tying you up and leaving?"

Tess paled. "You mean you're going to rape me?"

"Those are harsh words," she was told. "I admit I want to, let us say, make your deeper acquaintance, but I never said anything about rape."

"You just said you wanted to have sex with me?" Tess protested.

"And I do, but I also mentioned the thousand dollars worth of co-operation I expect."

"Oh. So if I want the money I have to bend over and let you do what you want. If I don't take the money you'll just tie me up and then probably take me anyway."

"Don't be like that," the robber protested. "I can't give you an assurance that I will accept your refusal, because I'm a crook. You can't trust me. It's a chance you would have to take."

"What's to stop you snatching the money back afterwards?" demanded Tess.

"Why would I?" asked the robber with a shrug. "I didn't need to offer it to you in the first place. If I just wanted to ball you, I think the gun would be a good persuader. No, if you say no, I'll accept no, believe it or not. I can use the thousand to enrich the life of a lonely waitress or two on my way home."

"Then why me?" asked Tess.

"Because you're pretty, you're here, I'm horny and I get a kick out of bonking my hostages," she was bluntly told.

"A thousand dollars," mused Tess. "And no-one would know."

"What would I have to do exactly," she asked.

"It's quite simple. I give you the envelope, you tuck it away in your bra, you lower your panties, turn around and lean onto the back seat of the car with your dress hitched up around your waist, leaving your pretty bottom shining in the light. I'll then make your deeper acquaintance, as I mentioned earlier. Afterwards, I just tie you lightly and depart for places elsewhere."

Tess chewed on her lip, trying to think. A thousand dollars was a thousand dollars. And no taxes, so it was all hers. More than a weeks' take-home pay. She looked at her captor. It wasn't as though he was an ogre. He really seemed quite a nice man, apart from his penchant for robbery.

A thousand dollars.

She suddenly sighed and held out her hand. She was promptly given a large smile and the envelope was extracted and slapped into her hand. Tess looked at the envelope for a moment and then, almost defiantly, she slipped it inside her bra.

Now she hesitated, while her would be lover waited patiently. She gulped, lifted up her dress and, hooking her thumbs over the waistband, she slid her panties down and stepped over them.

"Hitch your dress up over your waist before you turn around," came the quiet request and, swallowing again to try to ease a dry mouth, she did so, putting her pussy on display.

"Very nice," came a soothing murmur, while a twirling finger indicated she should now turn around.

Breathing slightly harder now, and feeling that first rush of heat and dampness below, Tess did as indicated. She slowly turned to face the car and then leaned forward so she was bent across the seat, her lovely bottom now exposed for admiring eyes. She could feel warmth on her bottom, and realised that the sun coming through the window on the side of the garage was shining directly on her tush, highlighting it for her Romeo.

Tess waited nervously for that first gentle touch.

Gentle touch, hell!

Before she fully realised what was happening, two rough hands were holding her labia apart and a flag pole was being ruthlessly inserted.

Tess screamed indignantly. "What the fuck?" she cried. "What are you doing?"

"I told you I was horny," came the retort, as the flagpole seemed to morph into a jack hammer, barging its way in.

Tess screamed with shock again, desperately twisting and wriggling, trying to find some way that would allow this monster assaulting her to have room to play.

She gasped with relief as she felt her internal juices rapidly flooding her, trying to ease the passage, but gave another scream as Romeo hammered home even harder.

Finally it appeared that he was in, and Tess lay there quivering, wrapped around this THING he had. She would NOT call it a cock. "God," she wondered, "just how big is he." She strongly suspected that if she'd seen him before agreeing, fifty thousand wouldn't have tempted her.

"If you've finished wriggling around, maybe we can get down to a bit of fun?" came an amused suggestion.

Tess promptly thought of several appropriate answers, but suspected giving them might get her killed. She shut up and waited, breathing hard.

Romeo made his first definite stroke, pulling back to her utter relief but then eliciting another scream from her as he came back in.

"Don't be such a baby," she was told, as the jack hammer started up in earnest. "Anyone would thing you'd never had sex before."

"Sex I've had," she retorted. "A lightpole inside me, no."

There was a laugh. "I'm not that big," she was told. "Maybe a bit more than average, but you should see my brother."

That was a pleasure she would defer, Tess decided. For an eternity or more.

"Can you slow down a little," she begged, trying to match the constant battering.

"Don't be such a wuss," came the reply. "Try to adjust and you'll find you'll ride along quite nicely. You're probably just feeling a little tense. Relax and enjoy."

"That's what Confucius said," she muttered, but at the same time finding she was starting to adjust. It had been the sheer unexpectedness of his hasty entry as well as his larger size that had thrown her.

Now that she was adjusting, Tess found herself able to handle him in fine style. She mentally downgraded him from lamppost to large cock, and started to meet his thrusts with some gusto. So what if he was bottoming out and stretching her to the limit, she could handle him.

Romeo kept thrusting into her, picking up speed. He'd paid his money and as far as he was concerned that entitled him to his pleasure. Her pleasure was her problem.

Tess was breathing hard now, but no longer screaming, starting to enjoy the sensations being drawn out of her. She could feel Romeo picking up speed, but she was matching him, humping her bottom up to accept anything he could throw at her.

Breathing harder, knowing that it wouldn't be long to her climax, Tess shouted in anger as she felt him exploding deep within her and starting to slow.

"No," she wailed. "You can't finish yet."

"Bad luck, sweetheart," she was cruelly informed. "Time's up and I need to be on my way. Maybe you can check out with your boyfriend later."

Ignoring anything else she might have to say, her captor efficiently tied her hands and feet. "Don't worry," he told her. "You can use your teeth to pull the knot loose and you'll be free in no time. By the way, don't spend your money for a while. The cops will be watching to see if you suddenly have extra cash."

Tess watched him leave via a side door, fuming bitterly. The day had gone from bad to worse to worse. And she didn't even get to finish off her screwing properly, not to mention that he'd probably stretched her vagina totally out of shape. She noticed him scoop up a bike helmet and gloves just outside the door, and smile grimly. That was one item she'd be able to tell the cops and the thousand dollars counted as a plus.

Driving away the robber was feeling quite satisfied. He had his extra cash, he had had some interesting sex and the woman would be telling the cops that he was probably on a motorbike. He idly wondered how she'd react when she finally checked the envelope and found the monopoly money.

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