When the Robert called, Diane prepared herself for the evening. After a long bath she dried, powdered, and spent the afternoon getting her make up just so. She then put on a silky white blouse and a dark skirt that didn't quite reach her knees. No underwear, no bra, per instructions. Stockings, heels, a necklace and earrings were her only other accessories. Even with the clothing it felt awkward without underwear, almost naked. She then spent some time inspecting herself in a mirror trying to tell if her breasts sagged too much and if it was noticeable through the blouse.

When she checked the time she saw that she had little time to prepare the picnic basket.

Instead of worrying about her appearance she forced herself to concentrate on preparations for the afternoon. She placed bottles of brandy, vodka, and whiskey in a basket and waited for the car to arrive.

The limo arrived a few minutes before six. Diane checked her lipstick one last time in the mirror next to the door then left.

The driver waited by the back passenger door for her, opening it as she approached. He smiled at her but she looked away, embarrassed to have someone serving her. She climbed into the long passenger cabin and pushed the basket up toward the front of the car. The wet bar was stocked with ice and glasses, enough for the evening. As the car eased forward she buried each bottle half in the ice making sure the labels all faced forward and could easily be read.

When the car stopped Diane took a deep breath. She waited patiently near the front of the cabin within arms reach of the ice bin, glasses, and bottles of alcohol. The carpet on her bare knees itched, making her want to stand and scratch, but that was impossible. Inside the limo she had no other choice but to kneel, there was no room for anything else. She knew that wasn't true, she could sit on any of the seats, or even lie down across them or the floor, those were simply not choices available to her. To clear her mind she closed her eyes and repeated a phrase in her mind. "As you desire. As you desire."

The door open and the businessmen entered. She lowered her gaze but counted four men, two sliding in along the bench running the length of the driver side and two in the back seats.

"Very nice." One of the businessmen said. The others agreed. While Diane couldn't be certain she suspected they were commenting on her and not the car. Butterflies tumbled in her stomach.

Robert cleared his throat. "Gentlemen, this is Diane our hostess. She's here to attend out every want. I'll start with a screwdriver."

Diane's reply was simple, a demure, "As you desire." It was the response Robert had instructed her to say, in nearly every situation.

He'd once explained that the word desire should be used by her as much as possible. She recalled vividly his hand in her hair, her head tilted back, throat exposed, as he whispered the word in her ear until she wanted to melt. "Desire, desire, desire."

Robert's attention turned back to the businessmen. "Now if you don't mind, lets get started on the Highland's property."

Diane blanked out the rabble of business talk as she poured vodka then orange juice into a lowball glass full of ice. To deliver the drink she had to shuffle to the back end of the car on her knees while taking care not to spill. A much more difficult task than she'd once thought, given the confines of the limo and its motion.

She kept her eyes on Robert's crotch as she offered the drink. He took it without a pause in his conversation about depreciated values. It didn't take much effort to imagine what lie under the slacks, she'd had him in her mouth countless times before. Just staring there made her ache and wish the others were gone, leaving her alone with him, and his desires.

Diane served drinks as the humdrum of business chatter continued. Mind blank she served drinks. Mind blank she sat on her heels. Mind blank trying not to worry if the skirt had ridden lewdly up her thighs. She waited as was expected of her.

"Well, let's see her." One of them finally said.

The comment made Diane feel small. She was nothing more than an object to this man. Possibly little else to the others as well. And most frightening of all, possibly merely just an object to Robert as well.

Robert cleared his throat. "She's here to serve. Tell her what you want."

An awkward silence descended in the cabin. Men were thinking about sex. Diane could feel it hanging in the air, all these men thinking of her, the lone woman in the car. The four of them wanted to use her creating an oppressive air in the car.

"Take your top off." The man said after a long drink. It was said simply and without question, the way Diane might tell a grocery she needed her bread sliced, or espresso served with soy instead of milk. There was no question in the statement, just a simple command.

"As you desire." She said, her tongue thick and dry. Reaching with trembling fingers she began unbuttoning the blouse. Aside from the steady rhythm of vehicle noises the quiet in the car was maddening. She didn't dare look up but knew all eyes were on her.

The blouse parted as she undid each button. Without a pause she slipped the silky material from her shoulders feeling a ripple of goose bumps as cool air caressed her back and breasts. She folded the blouse quickly, not wanting errant creases, and set it on an unoccupied seat. Her hands went to her knees palms up. One person made a short whistle, otherwise the men were quiet. She imagined their eyes crawling across her skin, evaluating her like they might one of the properties they sold and traded. Property. She wondered if she would be more valuable than one of their buildings.

"Not bad for her age." The one said. The other men broke out into argument. Some chastising his lack of taste, others agreeing. She hated him for it. It was one thing to think of being judged so basely in her mind, to hear it spoken aloud however made her flush. She really was property to these men.

Diane took a deep breath, not wanting to continue with what was expected of her. She said the words anyway. "Is there anything else you desire?"

A flicker of quiet. Killed once again by the same pig of a man.

"Yes." He said. "Come closer."

Diane exhaled and cleared her mind. The motion of the limo made walking on her knees difficult so she leaned forward on hands and knees. She crawled to him, although in her mind it wasn't really crawling, it was simply the reality of the circumstances, being inside such confining quarters. As he continued talking about real estate He spread his knees apart in anticipation.

When she was close she tried to rise up on her knees but he reached out and placed a hand on the back of her neck. Struggling in a half rising half held down pose her hands went to his knees. She relaxed back into her bent position as he pulled her face to him. Knowing exactly what was expected she squeezed his knees and pressed her face to his crotch.

She was Robert's property. His to use, to keep, or to give away as he wished. He chose to share her tonight and she knew it would dishonor his ownership if she didn't provide for his chosen guests as she did for him. She imagined the repulsive creature she held was him, her owner. With closed eyes, and the mental image of Robert watching, she glided her hands up along thighs and began working at the zipper.

In time she imagined Robert would someday value her so greatly he would keep her all for himself. Until that day however there was nothing she could do but prove her devotion to him. Prove it through unquestioning use. She worked the man's cock out and sucked it into her mouth. Eyes still closed she imagined it was Robert's, that she was pleasing him. And in a way, she thought, she was doing exactly that through this surrogate. Showing Robert exactly how she'd take care of him were it his prick inside her.

As the stranger's cock filled her mouth she slipped into what felt almost like a meditative trance. Her fingers delicately stroked the underside of his dick, squeezing it firmly as her mouth descended on it. She pressed down letting it touch the back of her throat then pulled away sucking. Far off she heard a groan, and distant chuckles. She was in another place, her mind, hands, and mouth focused only on giving the man in her as much pleasure as possible. The carpet burning her knees, her tits exposed and hanging, the crude comments from the other men all faded away. She existed for only the task at hand, throwing every once of her being into it.

In the motion of the car she found her rhythm. Her head descending, fingers squeezing, lips locking in a tight seal to suck as she withdrew. Again and again, slowly, languidly. This was how it was with Robert. She could almost imagine them together in bed, her performing the same task to please him.

Diane felt the hand on the back of her neck press as she went down on him. Once his cock touched the back of her throat she tried to reverse direction, but the hand was firm, pressing on her. There was a moment of panic as she gagged but she fought it off. That would ruin Robert's moment, prove that although she said she would do anything for him she wasn't truly able. And so she choked, only for a moment, a long eternity of a moment. Her stomach convulsed but she fought it off and his cock was sliding out of her mouth again allowing her to breath. She renewed stroking him with her hand, pleasing him with each stroke as she drew in air and prepared to choke again. This too soon became meditative. She lost herself in it almost as if she were beside herself, looking down on another girl gagging on cock.

As the business talk continued around her the man in her mouth grunted. She knew he was finishing and prepared herself. Soon enough his body tensed, both of his hands clutched at her hair, and he stabbed himself as deep as possible into her. She focused on sucking him dry knowing that if any of the foul briny fluids were to leak from her mouth Robert would be disappointed. She rode him with her mouth desperate to ensure that not a single drop escaped. When he relaxed she knew she was finished with him. He pushed her away and stuffed himself back in his slacks.

"Is there anything else anyone desires?" She asked, still on hands and knees. She didn't dare look up. She couldn't bare the thought of seeing Robert's face while another man's scent filled her mouth.

"Yes here." Robert said. She stiffened, wondering if she'd done something wrong. Usually he waited until everyone else had been served.

"Well?" He demanded.

"As you desire." She whispered as she crawled to him. And this time it was crawling, she was belonged beneath him, lower than him, under him. As she pulled him from his trousers she yearned for him to sweep her up, take her on his lap with her arms around his neck as she stared into his face. She wanted nothing more than for him to show these others how she was supposed to be used. Instead she kept her eyes closed and wrapped her lips around him.

A hand touched her thigh, tracing its way up her stockinged leg. She moaned around Robert's cock as the hand touched her cunt. The fingers roughly explored her, then the owner announced that she was soaking wet. The shame of it made her die inside. That wetness was for Robert, not these others. It was a crude thing for that to be shared so commonly. She hated them for it. And she hated Robert for sharing her. Then the guilt set in. It was more shameful for her to hate him than for others to announce how she ached for him. In repentance she sucked harder, gripped him more tightly, worshipped him completely. His hands wound their way in fistfuls of hair, as they should.

Her skirt was pulled up, flipped up over her waist exposing her to the others. They appreciated her lack of panties and commented on it loudly. More clinking glasses, a high five, she hated them. Still, she kept her knees parted as expected, enduring their comments about her neatly trimmed muff.

One of the men slipped off the seat behind her. She felt him waddle up, a metallic sound as he unfastened his belt. She redoubled her effort on Robert, as if focusing on the cock in her mouth would make her forget everything else. She felt the man behind her press his burning cock between her cheeks, even though it felt as if it were happening to someone else. She was sucking Robert's cock, and that was all that mattered in the world.

Her grunt as the man behind her entered surprised her. Robert gripped her hair harder making her moan yet again. She tried to ignore the man behind her but her body simply wouldn't allow it. Speared on the two cocks she was thrust back and forth between the them, riding waves of revulsion and pleasure. All talk stopped as she became the focus of every attention. The other men not wanting to be left out touched her, one mauling her breasts, the other running fingers through trimmed thatch down below.

It was simply too much. All the sensations, all the hands, cocks, mouths, she lost herself in it. Her body battered and used, bucked as if controlled by another person altogether. She slipped away to a small dark space, a tiny light surrounded by warm fleshy sensations. Far, far away, she heard herself moaning, gasping, and then crying out. Hands held her down as bodies continued to use her. She spun out of control her heart fluttering as light exploded spiraling her away to float among the clouds.

When she returned she found herself lying on her back on the carpeted floor, her skirt wrapped around her waist leaving her exposed, her skin slick and sticky. Her cunt ached. But in a delicious way that caused her to flush in shame. What woman does this? What woman in her right mind could feel so full, so content, after being used so basely? She kept her eyes closed as the car travelled onward and the men finished their business deals.

As the conversation wound down Robert announced they'd be finishing the trip in a few moments. Hand were shook, thank you's offered to Robert for his hospitality. And Diane, without looking at any of the men rose on her knees and pulled her skirt down. Her blouse seemed unwrinkled as she buttoned it up. It took monumental effort not to sneak a glance as Robert chatted casually with the others.

The car stopped and she glanced up just once as Robert exited. Busy still in his conversation with the others, he never saw her look. One of the men thanked her, but the stinging pain at the back of her throat prevented her from answering.

Outside the smoked windows Robert shook their hands and sent them happily on their ways as the driver stood by. Diane sat on her knees wondering what more she could have done to please him.

When the door opened again her heart skipped a beat. Robert leaned in and she looked up making eye contact. He smiled and she felt exhilaration.

"Don't forget to take care of the driver." He said.

She could only sit and stare blankly as the driver climbed into the cabin and shut the door.

Through the dark window Robert walked off to his car and Diane's fingers moved up to the top button of her blouse.

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Ugh. This is one of those stories that reminds me there are many abusive people in the BDSM community. This is abusive at best and "rape" at worst.

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Great Story

I am going to need to adapt it to real life for my sub! Thanks for the inspiration!

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