tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHostess with the Mostest Ch. 07

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 07


Chapter Seven -- Pool Party Panic

"You are more likely to die crossing the street than in an airline accident," Marjorie Deakin said.

As usual she was dressed in her navy blue stewardesses uniform, legs clad in sheer black stockings and her feet shod in four-inch black patent leather high heels; her blonde hair and heavy makeup.

"But we take safety serious here at Goldwing and today we will be teaching you how to operate the safety devices on all of our Goldwing aircraft," Marjorie continued.

"Check out Peter and Brian; they haven't taken their eyes off Deakin's tits, legs and arse since she walked in," Katie Jones whispered to Mary McDonald.

"Yeah; those two know they can't touch us girls with the red wings while we're in the Stew Zoo," Mandy replied.

"So I want you to open your exercise books to chapter seven: cabin doors and escape slides," Marjorie said.

Candi opened her book and then snapped it shut in horror.

Inside the book, tucked into one of the pages was a cartoon that had been torn out of an X-rated magazine. The cartoon was of an airline hostess reclining in a chair with her legs open and her skirt hiked up. Sticking up out of her pink frilly panties was a huge erection. Written in permanent marker at the bottom of the cartoon was written: 'I know what you are!'

Candi was pale and started to shake. Who had done this and why? Candi looked around the classroom staring suspiciously at everyone; they were all heads down in their exercise books.

"Fuck!" she hissed.

"Yes Miss Pops?" Marjorie asked.

"Nothing," Candi replied but her mind was racing.

They spent the morning going over the procedure for locking the main doors and crosschecking and then opening them normally, then opening them in emergency mode and the same routine for the over-wing emergency exits.

"This afternoon we're going over to the pool area to activate the escape slides, slide down them and then practice in-water lifesaving techniques," Marjorie announced.

"We used to let students conduct this module in bathing costumes but airline regulations now require that to be certified in the procedure you must be dressed in your uniforms because that's what you'd be wearing in a real emergency."

"Excuse me Miz Deakin. Does this mean one of our brand new uniforms is going to be ruined when we jump into the water. That seems a little excessive," Porsche Berkinsdale asked in her snooty whine.

"Well excuse me Miss Berkinsdale, as a matter of fact we have spare uniforms for you to wear over at the on-water training facility. They are old uniforms that we use for training purposes only, but they do the job. Hope you don't mind wearing your own knickers and bra and I suggest an old pair of pantyhose too," Marjorie clipped back at her.

Brian Brinsmead shot up his hand but Marjorie waved it down.

"We have some male uniforms too, so you two gentlemen will be looked after," she anticipated his question.

Candi looked around at the other trainees over lunch looking for any suspicious behaviour but there was nothing obvious; no one was staring at her or appeared to be taking undue interest. But someone had put that cartoon in her book and that someone knew or suspected that she was a transvestite.

For the afternoon training session they went over to Goldwing's on-water training facility which was basically a heated pool that had a mock up of an aircraft fuselage running along one side. There were life rafts, life rings and other life saving devices floating on the water; where a miasma of steam rose from the warm water in the cold air.

"Thank fuck the water is heated," Katie Jones commented as they filed past on their way to the change room.

In the ladies change room there was a rail running along one wall with clothes hooks. Hanging from the hooks were flight stewardess uniforms; although they were dry they had obviously been soaked many times as they were unironed and faded.

There was also a stack of fresh towels and a box containing tubes of moisturiser

"Ok ladies; select a uniform. It doesn't need to fit that well; its going to be soaked soon anyway," Marjorie said.

"You are going to be in the water for a while ladies and gents; I recommend you use some moisturiser before and after you get wet."

The girls all grumbled; they were not looking forward to getting wet. The women self-consciously started to strip down to their underwear. They kicked off their shoes and undressed down to knickers, bras and pantyhose, pulled on the wrinkled blouses, skirts and jackets and followed Marjorie in their stockinged feet to the aircraft fuselage.

Peter and Brian were waiting for them dressed in wrinkled suits.

They spent an hour going through practical emergency door exit techniques including launching the slides and life rafts. Then it was time to jump down the slides. No one was wearing shoes but other than that they were fully dressed. Peter Snodgrass and Brian Brinsmead thought the whole thing was a hoot. Candi had to take Millie by the hand to encourage her for their first attempt. They slid down the slides and landed in the life rafts at the bottom which wasn't too bad.

Of course there was the highjinks you expected when you get a gaggle of women flopping about in a large rubber raft, but that was soon put a stop to.

"Time to get wet ladies," Marjorie yelled from poolside.

The stewards were ordered out of the rafts to conduct in-water survival. It was uncomfortable being fully dressed in the water but at least the water was warm.

"Ok ladies and gents. If this was to happen for real and you were outside the raft you would have to huddle together to keep warm and preserve your body heat, plus as a group you are easier for the rescuers to find," Marjorie yelled over the noise from the pool.

Oh course the highjinks continued now that they were in the water; they splashed and dunked each other playfully.

"Ladies! Ladies! Gentlemen!" Marjorie yelled trying to take charge.

"There are three rafts in the pool I want you to break up into groups, find a raft, then hang onto it and perform the group huddle as I have described," Marjorie shouted.

The noise and highjinks tomfoolery in the pool wouldn't stop so Marjorie moved on to the next test.

"Ok you won't shut up and do what you're told maybe this will work. You are also required to be able to conduct survival at sea at night. Hit it James!" she yelled and the huge overhead lights went out one at a time until the whole area was in total darkness.

"Jeez! Fuck! Oi!" and many more expletives came from the pool.

"Ok students. I told you that if the plane lands in the water at night and you find yourselves out of the life rafts and separated, try and find other survivors and huddle," Marjorie yelled at her charges.

"That'll shut the fuckers up and keep them busy for a while," she chuckled and ducked out a side door and lit a cigarette.

Candi found herself alone in the dark dog paddling around calling out for the others. The trouble was they were all yelling and their voices echoed around the huge indoor arena and it was almost impossible to tell where anyone else was.

Candi was a poor swimmer and hated going to the pool or the beach but of course she hadn't put that on her application. She had lied on the application form and said she was a good swimmer who had attained her Bronze Star swimming certificate at school. Another document that John Benstead had forged for her.

Eventually Candi found the side of the pool where she clung to the safety rail and caught her breath. She looked around but it was pitch dark and she couldn't see even an inch in front of herself. She knew she needed to leave the side of the pool and swim over to others. She couldn't make out individual voices over the general raucous but she had a vague idea where they were. She was wet, tired and more than a little bit scared.

Suddenly Candi became aware of a presence behind her. A body pressed against her and the person's arms gripped the rail on either side of her, trapping her against the tiled surface.

At first she thought it was another student looking for someone to join up with as they had been taught to do. But then she felt the man's body press harder against her. He grunted in her ear.

"I know who you are bitch. Don't move and don't scream."

"Did you like the cartoon I left you?"

The voice was emotionless which was terrifying.

"Who are you?" Candi whimpered.

"Never mind who I am. I know who you are and more importantly what you are," the man hissed, his voice disguised and unidentifiable.

"Turn around bitch," he ordered.

Candi turned around in the dark. Letting go of the rail she had no choice but to grip the man's shoulders to stay afloat.

She felt the man's lips on her neck; he nuzzled and licked at her.

"You smell nice and taste nice; just like a real woman. God you even feel like one," the man pressed harder against her, rubbing his groin into her belly.

Candi had no choice but to hang onto the man's shoulders and wrap her legs around his. It was either that or drown.

"Yes that's right bitch; use me as your lifesaver. You know what happens to lifesavers?," the man asked.

Candi shook her head but realised the man wouldn't see it in the dark.

"No?" she blubbered.

Although the water was warm, she was shivering.

"Saviours get rewarded. You know what I want for my reward?" the man grinned in the dark.

"Nnn No?" Candi snivelled.

"Well first off I want a kiss. Not a kiss like you kiss your mom; a proper kiss," the man smirked.

"Nnn No!" Candi shook her head violently.

The man placed his hand on Candi's scalp and pushed. Her head bobbed below the water and as it was pitch black she immediately became disorientated. She scrambled against the stranger and gripped him tighter with her arms and legs. The man let her head rise and she drew in lungs full of air, gasping.

"Mmm. You seem to want to hold me very, very close; does that mean you're starting to like me?" the man whispered in her ear.

"I think you are?" he listened to Candi get her breath back.

"So...about the kiss...or?" he placed his hand back on her scalp.

"No! Don't! I'll kiss you!" she screamed.

"Shush now baby we don't want anyone else to spoil our fun now do we?" the man shut her up by pressing his wet lips against hers.

Candi allowed him to kiss her; she remained emotionless in his arms.

"That's not the deal baby; you're supposed to kiss me but if you don't think I've earned it well," the man put his hand back on her scalp and began to press down.

Candi scrambled against him and smashed her lips against his. She kissed him hard and passionately; driving her tongue into his mouth.

"Is that ok?" she gasped, getting her breath.

"Yeah I kind of like that. Who told you to stop?" the man closed his lips on hers and Candi had no choice but to respond to his kisses.

The man pressed her back against the side of the pool and she soon felt an ominous bulge growing in the front of his pants.

"Look what you've done to me," he whispered.

"Oh! Of course you can't see. Feel what you've done to me," the man took one of her hands off his shoulder and placed it outside his trousers against his erection.

He kissed her harder, driving his tongue into Candi's mouth.

Candi tentatively squeezed the man's cock through his trousers. She didn't know how long the lights would be out for but she was hoping that if she didn't antagonise the man too much she could string him along until the lights came back on and find out who this arsehole was .

The man broke the kiss and whispered in her ear.

"Right about now I'd start playing with your tits if you were a woman. I know you've got little titties inside that bra but nothing worth taking my time over. And as you don't have a cunt that only leaves me one thing to play with. Besides; time is running out sweetie," the man panted in her ear.

"Unless you want to see how long you can hold your breath underwater you better take out my cock and treat it right," he gasped.

Candi was pragmatic. It's not like she hadn't been forced to relieve a man before and she had no interest in drowning. She figured if she could masturbate this guy to orgasm he would lose interest in her and leave her alone.

She opened the man's flies and reached inside his Y-fronts and found a semi-tumescent penis. It quickly distended as she wrapped her fingers around it. It had plenty of heft and girth and Candi hoped that all she had to do was wank it off. It was strange stroking the cock underwater, the precum washed away pretty much as soon as it leaked from the eye of the cock.

"Mmm that's nice but it's a bit rough not having any lube on it," the man groaned into Candi's ear.

"Let's try this," the man reached into his coat pocket and extracted an object.

"See I'm a Boy Scout' I came prepared," he chortled in Candi's ear as he shoved a tube into her hand.

Candi wondered what it was the man had put in her hand but soon realised it was a tube of moisturiser from the box in the change room. The man had obviously planned this well in advance.

With no other option Candi unscrewed the tube and squeezed a gobbet of the viscous cream onto her fingers and returned to masturbating the man.

"Mmm that's better," he moaned and started kissing her again.

Candi felt the man's penis swell and begin to pulse as she stroked it, ensuring her fingertips massaged his fraenulum to induce maximum pleasure and hopefully invoke a quick orgasm. The man kissed her harder and fucked her fist as she clung to him.

He snatched the tube of moisturiser back and squeezed more into his fingers and then applied it to his shaft as Candi stroked his thick hard member under the water.

Candi was kissing him frantically and squeezing his cock, sensing he was close to climax.

"Nice try sweetums but I'm not coming that way," the man hissed into her mouth.

"Noooo!" Candi cried out as the man lifted her buttocks.

Candi struggled and squirmed and tried to break out of his grasp. She'd take her chance in the pool rather than let this man defile her. The trouble was she couldn't extricate herself from his grip. She tried pushing away from him and he held onto her legs and pushed her down and she inhaled a mouthful of water.

He let her rise to the surface still hanging onto her legs and Candi spat water and struggled, splashing around with her arms so she wouldn't go under again. The man used his strength and pulled her to him and she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life.

"Now that was silly wasn't it," he growled in her ear.

He felt her nod her head vigorously and clung to him like a limpet.

"Now. Where were we? Oh yes," the man began to kiss her again and Candi took a deep breath and reciprocated.

"Better; but use more tongue," the man chuckled.

Candi complied and French kissed him. If anything his cock had got bigger and it was stabbing at her belly.

"Let's try again shall we?" the man lifted her buttocks and tore out the crotch of her pantyhose.

"Mmm! Nice," his finger, lubricated with the moisturiser, slid inside the gusset of her panties and explored her puckered sphincter.

"Oh!" Candi yelped into his mouth.

"You like that huh?" she could feel the man grin as he kissed her.

She felt him fumbling with the moisturiser and then she was lifted into what was obviously a more comfortable position for the man.

He pressed her down and she felt pressure on her sphincter. This was no finger. This was the lubricated glans of his penis and it began to stretch her tight little hole.

"Oh god that hurts!" Candi cried into his shoulder.

"Shhh sweetums; it will only hurt a bit until its inside," then he pressed her down harder and thrust up.

Candi wriggled and kicked her feet against him and hammered her fists on his back but the man kept pushing and his huge cock slowly penetrated her causing her the most excruciating pain.

"Shhh, shhh sweetums; we're nearly there," the man pushed harder.

Candi sobbed but she had no choice but to hold onto his shoulders as he gripped her buttocks and pulled her down onto his hard, hot cock. It felt like a red hot poker.

Finally his fully engorged penis was buried inside her and his groin pressed against her buttocks.

"Nice," he whispered in her ear.

"Ok here comes the good bit," he grunted and Candi was filled with dread.

But the man surprised her. He eased himself partially out of her and applied more moisturiser to his shaft and to her anus until eventually his enormous phallus was deep inside Candi but was not causing her any pain.

If anything it was just a little uncomfortable and Candi wriggled her bum until she got his cock sitting comfortably inside her.

"See it's not too bad is it?" the man chuckled.

"You're a pig!" Candi spat at him.

"I suppose I am. But I'm going to fuck you anyway," he said.

And he did. Slowly pulling his cock out nearly all the way and then pushing it back in just as slow. Try as she might Candi could not stop the lust building inside her. The way the man was holding her, or more to the point, the way she was holding onto the man, supported by the water, it was perfect! His penis was precisely angled to push against her prostate.

The man held her buttocks and lifted her slowly up and down as he kissed her. Candi kissed him back and her kisses became more passionate. She was so aroused and she wanted to be fucked, harder, faster and deeper but the man just gently caressed her buttocks and slowly eased himself in and out of her.

"Oh fuck this!" Candi growled.

She gripped his shoulders and wrapped her legs tightly around him and rode him. She bounced up and down on his cock, driving it inside her as far as it would go, ensuring it pressed on the special place.

"Fuck me!" she grunted.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she howled and pressed her lips back against his and drove her tongue into his mouth.

She wriggled like a fish on a hook and climaxed.

He climaxed too and she felt his semen flood her back passage. He fucked her hard; really hard. He pressed her against the wall of the pool and fucked her relentlessly hard and fast. She couldn't believe it but she orgasmed again!

She held onto the man exhausted after they had both finished fucking.

"Oh my god!" she moaned.

The man pulled his cock out of her and disentangled her arms and legs from his body. He helped her find the handrail on the side of the pool.

"Who are you?" she gasped, trying to get her breath.

"Never mind who I am. Just be aware that I know who you are and what you are and that I'll be seeing you again," the man said sardonically


He swam away in the dark.

Suddenly there was a loud clanking sound and the lights came back on in a series of banks. The first thing Candi did was look around for Peter Snodgrass and Brian Brinsmead; it had to be one of those two men who had ravished her.

But they were both over the other side of the pool clinging to a group of four or five others.

"Candace Pops! Get your arse over to others! I told you that you all need to huddle as a group for protection. What are you doing over there by yourself you silly girl!" Marjorie admonished her.

"So who the fuck was it?" she whispered to herself.

That night she snuggled up to Millie again in her bed. There was nothing sexual involved, it was a mutual comfort arrangement. They liked sleeping in each other's arms.

The first week was over quickly and the trainee flight stewards were allowed to go home for the weekend if they wanted to.

Michelle Murphy came to pick up Candi and she also offered Millie a lift home.

Millie was starstruck.

"So you're really Cherri Pops from Transvixen?" she gushed.

"Yes I am babe," Michelle smiled back at her in the rear view mirror.

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