tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHostess with the Mostest Ch. 09

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 09


Chapter Nine -- Come Fly With Me

Candi breezed through the remainder of the course; her five years experience as head waiter at one of London's leading restaurants gave her a distinct advantage over the others when it came to providing personal in-flight passenger service.

Candi was so good at it that the instructors used her as an exemplar for the other students. In the mockup of the First Class section of the plane she demonstrated how she was a master at place settings and table decor, an expert in describing every dish on the menu and which wine to pair with which dish.

She demonstrated how to greet the very important first class passengers at the door, seat them, make them comfortable, and take care of their every desire whilst remaining discreet and tactful. It was an art in which she was mastered.

"You girls could learn something from Ms Candace Pops," Megan DeVille announced on the last day of training.

"Teacher's pet," Mandy McDonald stuck out her tongue at Candi playfully.

"Well I suppose a lifetime of servitude makes one suited to be a flying waitress. I'm more used to sitting in first class seat rather than serving someone who is," Porsche Berkinsdale sniffed.

"Which is one reason I came today. To dismiss those of you who have not met our high standards. So enjoy your seat in first class Ms Berkinsdale; you won't be working for Goldwing, and please hand in your uniforms at reception when you depart this afternoon," Megan smirked viciously at the snooty trainee.

"But! But! But!" Porsche could not believe she had been sacked.

"That's all," Megan DeVille cut off her blubbering.

"The following persons have also failed and can leave now," Megan read out four more names, none of whom came from Candi's little group.

"That's all for them. And now the list of those who have passed their Flight Steward training," Megan DeVille began to read aloud a list of names.

"Peter Snodgrass, Katlain Jones, Mandy McDonald, Millicent Walker, Brian Brinsmead..." Candi didn't hear her name called and felt uneasy.

Had they found out her secret? Were they going to out her in front of everyone?

"And the dux of the course is Ms Candace Pops," Megan DeVille led them all in applause.

There was a graduation party that evening and Candi invited Michelle and John to attend. Everyone drank too much and they danced and caroused late into the night and then Candi invited everyone to her place for the after party.

Candi woke late the next day and thanked god it was a Saturday; her head felt like it was on fire and her mouth tasted like a birdcage. She was still dressed in panties and brassiere and the burning in her bum and stickiness in her knickers indicated that she had not been a good girl. She noticed that she was also wearing stockings but they were tattered and she pulled them off and threw them across the room.

There was a lump in the bed beside her which she presumed was John Benstead. Candi rolled over to look at the clock on the bedside table and this must have woken John because he rolled over and snuggled up to her.

His cock was hard and pressed in the crevice of her behind.

"You've got no chance!" Candi reached behind her and extracted John's erection from her crack.

"Ow," he moaned.

"Shut up! If I'm feeling better this afternoon you can shag me senseless but right now I feel like shit!" Candi gingerly sat up on the side of the bed.

John rolled back over and pulled the covers around him while Candi sorted through the detritus on her bedroom floor and found her negligee and flats. She went into the ensuite and had a tinkle and brushed her teeth, changed into clean knickers and padded downstairs.

The place looked like a bomb had gone off.

There were overflowing ashtrays, half-empty glasses of booze and empty bottles of wine and liquor on every surface, and spilled snacks on the floor. For some reason there was a pair of pantyhose hanging from the doorknob to the downstairs toilet.

On the lounge was what appeared to be a pile of clothing covered by throw rugs and blankets until Candi got close enough to see that it was Millie Walker fast asleep. Her dress was up around her waist and Candi was amused to see that she was wearing white nylon panties with little pink hearts on them. Candi leaned over and pulled down Millie's dress and nearly jumped out of her skin when a creature arose at the other end of the sofa.

It was Michelle; and if Candi felt like shit Michelle looked like it.

Candi told her too; and then she woke up Millie who was very sheepish. Millie brushed her teeth and fixed her makeup and left to go home to her mother.

Michelle stayed for coffee and later, when they were all feeling better they went our for dinner and did it all over again so they slept in on Sunday too.

Candi arrived at the Academy on Monday morning dressed in her uniform but she was no longer a trainees; she was a fully fledged fight stewardess. She sat in the small auditorium with Millicent Walker, Peter Snodgrass, Brian Brinsmead, Katie Jones, Mandy McDonald, and the other graduates.

Today they would be given their first assignments. Marjorie Deakin read them out while Megan DeVille sat to one side looking very officious. All the graduates were allocated to short haul flights for their first assignments where they could hone their skills as junior flight stewards under the supervision of more experienced cabin staff. That is everyone except Candi and Millie.

The others were all asked to leave and to proceed to Heathrow Airport to take up their assignments. Candi and Millie sat there looking confused.

"Ladies. You look bamboozled," Megan smiled at them both.

"I want you to watch this," she clicked her fingers and the lights went out.

A screen at the front of the auditorium lit up as a film projector began to clatter.

'Welcome to luxury! Welcome to paradise! Welcome to utopia! A world of luxury awaits you when you fly first class on Goldwing Airways new Boeing 747 Skyliner. The most modern aircraft ever built. The first of the class has just been released; right now in winter 1975.

Only twenty first class passengers embark in a Skyliner, and each passenger has an individual sleeping pod with a double bed, a selection of Transcom eight millimetre movie cassettes to watch and a stereophonic sound system. The whole top floor of the 747 is a bar-lounge-restaurant where our delightful hostesses are available to wait on your every whim.

Welcome to luxury when you fly London to Singapore non-stop in Goldwing Airlines new 747 Skyliner'

The camera panned through the Skyliner first class cabin, into the sleeping pods and followed a pretty hostess up the spiral staircase to the bar, ensuring that her long legs and pert backside were in shot the whole time with a quick panty-flash before panning around the bar-lounge-restaurant.

The accompanying music was loud and vibrant.

Candi and Millie watched the performance with their mouths open, absolutely stunned.

The lights came back on.

"Candace, Millicent! You both look even more bewildered or should I say overwhelmed," Megan smiled at them both.

"Well as dux of the course and also by my own personal selection you will both be cabin crew on our inaugural Skyliner flight.

"Oh my god!" Candi and Millie sprang into each other's arms and hugged.

"Don't get too excited, there will three other silver wing stewardesses in first class with you and I personally will be the purser on this inaugural flight; Goldwing Airlines wants the Skyliner to be the foremost in luxury air travel. You two will be the junior cabin staff on this flight but it's still an honour and privilege for you both," Megan explained.

"You will be issued special uniforms for the Skyliner. They are a little more...shall we say revealing. I personally find them a little demeaning but management wants their 'hosties', god I hate that word, to ahem, 'look like they are available' to the flying elite," Megan held up a photograph of a woman dressed in the Skyliner uniform and looked at it with distaste.

"Blimey! What are the blokes wearing, Speedos and string vests?" Millie giggled.

"There won't be any male flight stewards in first class on the Skyliner you silly girl!" Megan DeVille admonished her.

Candi and Millie were directed to the clothing issue room to be supplied with their new uniforms. Marjorie Deakin was there to personally issue the new uniforms to the girls.

"Oh my; you two are so lucky," she gushed.

"Megan DeVille decided on the pair of you only late last week so the tailors have been working all weekend to make your uniforms so you need to try them on now because we will have to make any alterations today. Your first flight is Wednesday. Today and tomorrow you are undertaking familiarisation of the Skyliner at Heathrow," she gushed.

Laid on the counter were two uniforms for each of them. The new Skyliner uniform consisted of a light blue A-line skirt, with a very short hem; a matching form-fitting jacket with red piping along the lapels and a long sleeved white satin blouse. A pair of four-inch heels sat beside the two full uniforms and four blouses. Next to their uniforms was a box containing expensive lingerie. There were four pairs of white satin panties and matching brassieres and five pairs of sheer-to-the waist fifteen-denier flesh-toned pantyhose.

"Blimey! That skirt looks like it won't even cover me arse and where is the hat and low heels?" Millie asked.

"The uniform is designed to...ahem, accentuate your attributes. There is no hat as it would spoil your hairstyle, which is where you are both heading next; to the hairstylist to get a bob with a fringe. There are no low heels for this uniform," Marjorie quipped.

"You can leave on the knickers and bra you are wearing, just try on the skirt, blouse, jacket and heels to make sure it all fits."

Candi was relieved that she didn't have to take her knickers off and try on the new panties because she would have had to have found an excuse to do so privately so she could hide her gaff.

The girls stripped down to knickers and bra and put on their new skirts, blouses, and the new high heels. They buttoned up the tight jackets.

The jackets and blouses had plunging necklines and the skirts were so short that they barely covered their bottoms when they moved. They were both led to over to a hairstylist who had been bought in especially to cut their hair.

"All the hosties on the Skyliner are going to have the same hairstyle; collar-length bob with an eyebrow level fringe," Marjorie explained as Candi sat in the chair to have her hair done.

She was followed by Millie.

They stood looking at each other in their new micro-miniskirt uniforms with their fresh new bobs.

"Fuck! We look like we belong on Moon Base Alpha!" Candi squealed.

"I think we look sexy," Millie giggled.

"Let's hear you repeat that after you've been up and down that spiral staircase a dozen times in those heels and that skirt," Candi said.

"Ok girls. You look great, now get out of that kit and put your old uniforms back on. We are unveiling the new uniforms when we have the gala opening of the Skyliner just before the maiden flight," Marjorie said.

"When you're changed, get your arses out to Heathrow and report to Goldwing reception; there is a car out front waiting for you. They'll issue you with staff access passes and get you out to H Hangar so you can start becoming familiar with the Skyliner."

Candi went home late that night having spent all day and some of the evening familiarising herself with the Skyliner. It was basically a Boeing 747 but the whole first class cabin and top deck had been modified. The first class cabin had been divided into twenty small cubicles with a large seat that folded flat to become a bed. There was a small television screen on the front wall of the cubicle with the latest technology Transcom 8mm movie cassette player underneath and a jack for the stereo headphones. There was individual lighting and air conditioning controls and of course a hostess call button.

The deck at the top of the spiral staircase had been converted into a small dining room and a lounge with full service bar. There was mood lighting, a state of the art music system, and a pull-down screen to show matinee movies.

Candi and Millie had spent the day going over the safety systems, emergency procedures and galley familiarisation. The galley was capable of pushing out cordon bleu quality meals and hot and cold snacks at any time they were requested. There were even two showers on board next to the toilets and passengers were provided with their own satin pajamas care of Goldwing.

"This thing is a flying palace John!" Candi squealed with delight when she got home.

John had pretty much moved in full time, although nothing had been formally agreed to. He'd even cooked dinner for them both and opened a nice bottle of wine.

"To the Skyliner," Candi offered a toast.

"And to us," John clinked glasses.

Candi looked over her glass at John and gave him a brooding look.

"What?" he asked.

"What does 'to us' mean?" she asked.

"Ah fuck here we go...what do you mean, 'what does to us mean'?" John was a little exasperated.

"Well does it mean: 'to us' because you get to fuck the hot tranny any time you like...or 'to us' because you really like the hot tranny and you want her to be more than just your fuck buddy?" Candi mused.

"Well it actually means: to the girl I'm totally in love with and want to spend the rest of my life with," John replied.

Candi leapt out of her chair and jumped into John's lap.

"Really?" she looked deeply into the eyes.

"Really," he replied and kissed her.

"But I didn't know if that's what you wanted. I wasn't sure if you were going to...you know go back," John explained.

"You silly boy. I ditched my plan to expose the airline industry as discriminatory pretty much as soon as I became Candi and started at the Flight Steward Academy. I am now and will for henceforth always be, Candace Pops."

"I have spoken at length with Michelle who lives full time trans and I'm comfortable with the concept. When I get enough money I'll likely get my breasts enhanced and possibly a tracheal shave, just to make me more femme and convincing but I'm keeping what I've got down there. At least for now," she extrapolated.

"But how are you going to deal with living with a trans woman as your partner?" Candi asked.

"Candace Pops I love you for what you are. You are my heart's desire. If you want to make some minor alterations to your body that's fine but I think you absolutely perfect and I love and adore you," John kissed her tenderly.

John carried Candi upstairs and lay her on the bed. Their kiss remained unbroken and Candi put her arms around John's neck and pulled him to her. He lay on top of her, gently kissing her and stroking her face.

"I really do love you Candi and I want to spend my life you. You are gorgeous and vivacious, you light up a room when you enter it and you light up my life. My heart skips a beat every time I see you and when you smile my heart melts," John said between kisses.

"I love you too John and I want you to be my lifetime lover too," Candi kissed him.

Candi reached for John and found him erect and ready. She struggled with his belt and fly and John became impatient and pushed his pants and underpants down his hips. Candi lifted her bottom off the bed and John brusquely pushed up her skirt.

John eased her panties aside and his erect member found her sphincter pre-lubricated and ready. He slid inside her and the couple moaned and kissed passionately. Candi lifted her legs up and John put them over his shoulders so he could fully penetrate her. Candi smiled up at him, her face a mask of devotion and lust. John smiled back at her and lowered his face so he could kiss her as he eased his hard cock fully out of her anus and then pushed it back inside her.

"Ohh! I love you John," Candi sighed.

"Fuck me baby! Fuck me!"

John slid his tongue into Candi's mouth and began to fuck her with slow strokes and she reciprocated and pushed back against him, grinding her buttocks against his groin.

John increased the tempo; he drove his cock inside Candi harder and deeper. He gripped her ankles and lifted himself up so he could watch her pretty face as he fucked her. He kissed her ankles, nuzzling at the wrinkles in her stockings. He rubbed his cheek on her nylon-clad calves and drove his cock in and out of the stunning transvestite.

"Oh yeah baby! Fuck me baby!" Candi moaned.

John felt his orgasm approaching and so did Candi. He let go of her ankles and fell on her. She wrapped her legs around him and held him close to her as the kissed. John pushed himself deep inside her and ejaculated.

"Oh god I love you!" he gasped.

"I love you too darling!" Candi cried.

Her ejaculate was scalding as she erupted against his taut belly. He ground himself against her as his climax bloomed. They kissed and held each other tight for what seemed like an eternity.

Later John slowly extricated himself from Candi's embrace and stripped naked. Candi kicked off her heels and slipped out of her skirt, blouse and bra but left on her stockings and knickers. She knew John loved the feel of her stockings against his bare skin and she hadn't finished with him yet. She padded downstairs and bought back wine, glasses, and cigarettes.

Candi and John drank, smoked and fucked the night away, making plans for the future and working through problems that they thought would likely arise. They fell asleep in each other's arms in the early hours.

"So today is my last day here before I take the Skyliner to Singapore. I'll be gone for four days because we have a two day promotional in Singapore before we fly back," Candi said leaning over the sink and spitting out toothpaste.

"Listen to my girl talking like she's some high flying international hostie," John joked and smacked her playfully on her pantied derriere.

"No time for fucking around John; Megan DeVille will be testing Millie and I today to make sure we know everything we need to know about the Skyliner. It's a big break for two junior hostesses," Candi said, slipping into stockings and pulling up her skirt.

"I'm proud of you babe. Go and knock them dead today. You and Millie," John kissed her cheek.

They went down to the kitchen for coffee before they left for work and John found an envelope on the mat inside the door. Someone had pushed it through the letterbox during the night. It was addressed to Candi. It read:

'To the Hostess with the mostest, my best wishes to you and John I hope you will be happy together and to a successful endeavour on the inaugural Skyliner flight and for your future as an airline stewardess.

Yours truly,

Tony Carlotta'

A fifty pound note fluttered out of the envelope with a small note clipped to it with a red ribbon.

'Some spending money for Singapore'

"Oh how lovely of Tony to think of me!" Candi gushed.

"Yeah," John tried to disguise his concern and hid his troubled frown.

The big day arrived on Wednesday and Megan had the cabin crew line up with the pilots, co-pilots and engineers outside of H Hangar at Goldwing's base at Heathrow. Because the flight was direct, the fight deck crew was doubled up to meet rest requirements. As the girls were about to find out, these rules did not apply to the flight stewards.

"Fuck these skirts are so short and I can hardly balance on my heels," Millie whispered into Candi's ear.

"Yep this uniform was not made for comfort or practicality, but we were told that," Candi replied through her fake smile.

The girls had been directed to stand shoulder to shoulder with one leg extended, one hand on the hip and to smile; which they did. Despite the fact that the slightest puff of wind blew up the hems of their skirts exposing quite a bit of thigh and in some cases panty.

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