tagIncest/TabooHostile Family Takeover

Hostile Family Takeover


Tony knew his lust for the women in his family had started with his younger sister. It was on her eighteenth birthday, as she fooled around with her friends at the lavish party their mother and grandmother had thrown for her, that he began to look at her as someone other than his annoying kid sister. She was wearing a very small bikini, as were many of her friends, but it was when he noticed her climbing out of the pool that he saw her as a woman for the first time.

Her white bikini had almost disappeared when it got wet and as he stared at her drying herself by the poolside, he could hardly tear his eyes away from her round breasts and prominent nipples. His cock was already stirring but when she turned around, bent over and began to dry her legs, he really thought he was going to cum on the spot.

The bottom half of the swimsuit had disappeared between her plump cheeks and he was sure he could make out the outline of her pussy as she opened her legs a bit wider. Only then did she spoil his dreams. She turned around and smiled a knowing smile at him, fully aware of the effect she was having on him and enjoying her power.

Tony knew, there and then, he wanted her but he would never have given her the satisfaction of letting her know she had got to him. He trudged back into the house with the sounds of his sister and her friends laughing uproariously, probably at his expense.

It hadn't stopped there, of course. Once the flood gates had been opened he began to look at his mother and grandmother in a new light too. The strange thing was that he hated every one of them. Ever since his father had died just after his sister had been born, his mother and grandmother had taken over the family business and taken over his life. They never missed an opportunity to remind him who was in charge and that he owed everything to them.

Even so, it was still their laundry hampers he raided. It was still his sister's tiny thongs that he stole and held to his face. The scent of the tiny strip of material that had been pressed against her pussy all day was exquisite to him. It was still his mother's panties that he wrapped around his cock, loving the feel of the soft silk as he rubbed it up and down. And it was still his grandmother's large knickers that he emptied his cum into most nights once everyone else had gone to bed. He always had to be careful when he replaced each of the items, of course, but none of these women would ever condescend to do laundry so he wasn't overly concerned. He knew they considered such mundane tasks as beneath them and left such things to the maid.

However, all of that was about to change. When he had received a phone call from the family lawyer on his twenty first birthday he had presumed he was due some small inheritance from his father now that he had come of age. The three women in his life had chosen to ignore his birthday but what his father had bequeathed him was about to change his life forever. And it was about to change the lives of his family too.

Marching into his grandmother's office on the top floor of the company building, he ignored the efforts of her secretary to stop him and strode up purposefully to her large desk. She was on the phone when he entered and greeted him with her customary scowl but Tony knew he now held the upper hand. Realising that he wasn't going to go away, she said her goodbyes and replaced the phone on her desk.

"That was a very important client, young man. Who do you think you are, marching in here in this manner, as if you own the place?"

"Read these," Tony said, totally ignoring her complaints, and throwing down two documents on to her desk.

"The first one is my father's will which I believe you have seen before. The second is a statement to the Stock Exchange that our lawyer and I finalised today and will be published at the end of this week. The last one is an alternative version which will be published if you do not agree to the first one."

Elizabeth Ingram had been dreading this day. In fact, she had done everything she could to prevent it from happening and she still wasn't going to give up without a fight. Snatching up the first of the two Stock Exchange releases that Tony had presented her with, she began to read. There was no need to read her late son in law's will because she knew every word of it and had spent over ten years trying to make sure it never saw the light of day. When she looked up at her insolent grandson she knew the game was up but she still tried to bluff it out.

"You'll never be able to do this. I'll have you tied up in the courts for the next ten years, you ungrateful bastard. Then we'll see what's left of your precious father's company. It was nothing when I took over. I've built this company to what it is today and I'm not going to let some insignificant rat destroy what I've built."

"Yes, the lawyer said you might try to do that but he assures me the will is water tight and all you will succeed in doing is losing everything you've got not. Take me to court; see if I care. You've never cared for me or given me anything but scorn and abuse. I've got nothing to lose but you stand to lose your home, your money, your fancy friends and exotic holidays. How do you think society will see you then? And what about my mother and sister? Are you prepared to take them down with you? Do you really think they'll stand by you?"

Elizabeth stared at the boy in front of her and realised that he was a man and that he meant every word. She couldn't give up everything she had ever worked for and start again; not at her age. Her shoulders slumped and, although her face was contorted in hate, she asked him what he wanted.

"Just what it says on the statement. You will resign as head of the company, naming me as your successor. You will maintain your seat on the board but as a non-executive member with no voting rights. You will be paid a monthly allowance which I will control and, providing you do what you are told, nothing else need change. Life will go on; you will still have all the perks that I allow you but none of the power. All you have to do is sign the statement and promise that you will do as I tell you. Remember, your ongoing comfort and that of your daughter and granddaughter depend on it."

Elizabeth didn't like the fact that her grandson had twice referred to her doing as she was told. She was always the one who was in control. She was always in charge but she decided she would play along with this upstart until she could find a way out of this mess. Lifting her Mont Blanc fountain pen from the desk she scribbled her signature on the bottom of the page and practically threw it at her grandson.

Tony picked it up and smiled his most pleasant smile at the woman who had looked down on him for as long as he could remember.

"Thank you, grandmother. Now for the second part of the deal. I want you to take off all your clothes."

"What! Are you mad? We're in a busy office! I'm your grandmother! That's just sick!"

All of her protestations did nothing to shake Tony's desire or self belief. He had imagined moments like this every time he had filled his grandmother's knickers with his cum and now it was finally going to happen in reality. The fact that it was going to happen in her own office, at the very centre of her power, simply made it even more sweet.

"Not a good start, grandmother, but if that's the way you want it then so be it. I'll call the lawyer and tell him to release the second document instead. Say goodbye to your comfortable life."

Elizabeth knew she couldn't allow any of that to happen. She would be too ashamed to be stripped of her power and wealth; much better to be stripped of her clothes for a few moments and to give her perverted grandson his moment of triumph. She vowed to herself that she would get her revenge on him and that he would never recover from what she brought down on him.

Pushing back her chair and standing up, she walked round her desk in her usual imperious manner, determined to show this boy that she was still his grandmother, that she was still the one with power. He may have the upper hand at the moment but she was determined that that would not last. Standing no more than a foot in front of her grandson, she stared him straight in the eye and removed the jacket from her expensive business suit. Then she stopped. Despite steeling herself for doing this she couldn't quite bring herself to undress in front of her grandson.

"That's better grandmother. Now I've decided to make things easier on you. I'm going to undress you myself."

Suddenly Elizabeth realised he was being serious.

"No, you can't! You can't undress your own grandmother. It's not right."

"Now, grandmother. You were doing so well. Do I really have to remind you of what's at stake here? I'm going to strip you naked whether you like it or not and the more you try to stop me the greater the chance of us being disturbed. You wouldn't want Mary to walk in here and see you naked, would you?"

The thought of her secretary seeing her in such a compromising position horrified her but so too did the thought of being undressed by her nephew. Elizabeth decided it was the lesser of the two evils and hung her arms by her sides. She was wearing a white satin, tight-fitting blouse and shuddered when her grandson suddenly reached for the top button.

Tony couldn't believe how easily she had succumbed but his overriding emotion was pure delight that he was finally going to see his dominant grandmother in a position that was anything but dominant. He started at the top and began to open the five buttons, one by one, slowly, enjoying every moment as he made the most of the experience, knowing that it may be the first time but it most certainly wouldn't be the last.

As each button was opened a little bit more of his grandmother's succulent body was revealed until, finally, he had them all undone. Sliding her blouse back over her shoulders and down off her arms, he dropped it to the floor, standing back to admire the vision of her bra enclosed breasts.

Elizabeth was determined not to show her grandson how embarrassed she was to be standing in her own office like this. The thought that Mary, or anyone else for that matter, might come in, filled her with horror. She dreaded what he might do now but, at the same time, willed him to hurry up and finish what he had started.

Tony, however, was in no rush and let his eyes feast on his grandmother's gorgeous body. Her bra was white, lacy, and obviously expensive. Having said that, he was sure he could see her nipples poking through the lace and wondered if his grandmother was becoming aroused with her increasing exposure.

Deciding not to rush things, Tony left her bra in place for the moment and walked round his grandmother to undo the button on her black skirt. Suddenly she spun round and tried to grab his hands.

"Please, Tony," she pleaded. "Please stop this now."

It was the first time his grandmother had addressed him by name since he had entered her office and the first time she had used his name in a very long time. Most of the time when she spoke to him she merely addressed him as "you" or "boy". But now he was in charge and he smiled when he thought that maybe his grandmother was beginning to realise this. He had known she would never abandon the finer things that she had become accustomed to but, even so, he could never have imagined her being so submissive.

He shrugged her hands away and opened the button, pulling the zip down all the way. He eased it over her full hips and allowed the skirt to fall to the floor. Taking her by the hand, he helped her to step out of it and stepped back once more.

His grandmother stood before him, dressed only in her bra, matching black knickers and an old fashioned suspender belt to which were attached her sheer black stockings. Tony had often fantasised about seeing her like this but the reality was even better. What shocked him, however, was that he was sure he could see a small damp spot at the front of her knickers and was even more sure that he had caught the faint scent of arousal as he stood over her.

Elizabeth knew her knickers were damp and was ashamed when she saw her grandson looking at them with a smug smile on his face. She couldn't stop her body from responding in this way, nor could she stop the tingling in her pussy. It had been so long since she had felt anything like this that she was totally confused by what was going on.

"Now close your eyes, grandmother."

Tony had planned his every move on the way from the lawyer's office and he couldn't wait to strip off his own clothes and to release his straining cock from its confines. Practically tearing his clothes from his body, he didn't even think his grandmother would have noticed the delay as she stood there with her eyes closed awaiting her fate.

Silently walking round the powerless woman, he reached up to unhook the clasps of her bra. He had opened many women's bras but this one belonged to his grandmother and his fingers trembled just a little. Elizabeth flinched when she felt his touch but she knew it was pointless to protest or to try to resist in any way. She thought about holding the cups to her chest but that would only prolong the agony and she took a deep breath as she prepared herself to allow her hated grandson to view her naked breasts. As he tugged her bra off her arms and dropped it to the floor, she couldn't hold back a small sob as she heard him walk back round to face her.

She knew what was coming but the knowledge did nothing to calm her. She knew her grandson was about to pull down her knickers. She knew her grandson was about to see the ever increasing damp spot in the crotch, if he hadn't already done so. She knew her grandson would be able to see the moisture on her pussy lips which would be undeniably there. And she knew there was absolutely nothing she could about any of it.

Pulling down his grandmother's knickers was exactly what Tony had in mind and, kneeling down before her, he did just that. Once again brushing away her interfering hands, he slowly peeled them down; he peeled them down over her hips, he peeled them down and away from her sticky pussy and he peeled them all the way down her legs until she stood there in her stockings and patent leather high heels.

Tony stood up and admired his grandmother's sexy body. He couldn't deny that, even in her early sixties, she was still an a beautiful woman, curvy in all the right places. Her breasts were magnificent with hardly any of the droop that he had expected to see after removing her bra. Her nipples were standing erect and proud, just like her. Her pussy was hairy without being bushy and Tony thought it was just perfect.

Elizabeth still kept her eyes closed tightly and she would have been delighted to have kept them that way until her repugnant nephew ordered her to open them. He seemed to know just what buttons to push to humiliate her as much as possible but, even though she had steeled herself to stand in front of him naked, she was not prepared for what she saw.

Tony stood only a few inches from her. She saw immediately that he was naked and couldn't deny her instinctive urge to look down. When she saw his erect cock pointing straight at her, she gasped in terror. It looked huge and threatening although she didn't have much to judge it against. The only other cock she had ever encountered had been her long departed husband's and that had been under the covers of the bed sheet. She had never stood naked before a man like this and no man had ever stood naked before her.

"No, Tony, we can't do this. We can't be naked together. This is so wrong! You must stop this now!"

"I'll stop when I want to stop, grandmother, but I suggest you stop making just so much noise or Mary will certainly be wondering what is going on."

The threat of being found naked in her own office by her prim and proper secretary silenced Elizabeth, just as she knew it was meant to.

"That's better, grandmother. Now bend over your desk. I've got a question to ask you?"

Elizabeth knew that bending over her desk in front of her grandson would give him a perfect view of her most private of places but, once again, she realised that she would have to comply with his wishes if she was ever to escape from her predicament. And what did he mean by a question? What on earth could he want to ask her right now? Knowing that the only way to find out was to do as she was told, she grabbed the edge of her desk with both hands and bent forward.

"We both know that you revel in your position in society, grandmother. You enjoy being seen as the pillar of society, regular church goer every Sunday, matriarch of the family, owner of a very successful company but is that the real you? Or are you secretly a submissive whore who strips for her grandson and shows of her naked body as soon as he asks?"

This was too much for Elizabeth. She bolted up from the desk and wheeled round to slap her insolent grandson across the face. Tony was ready for her, however, and much too strong. He caught her hand in mid flight and twisted her arm behind her back, pushing it up to almost breaking point.

"So you deny you're a whore, do you, grandmother? Why then is your cunt dripping?"

Elizabeth had always hated that word and hated it even more when she heard it coming from the filthy mouth of her grandson, referring to her own body. Worse still, she knew that he was right; she had never been so wet between her legs and all she could put it down to was the way he was treating her and the way she thought he was about to treat her. Even with her arm pinned behind her back she tried to struggle away but Tony soon put a stop to that. As her legs thrashed about, he brought his other hand down the front of her body and found her pussy.

She knew what he would find and she nearly burst into tears at the shame of it. She could smell her own arousal and she knew he would too. But Tony intended to increase her humiliation yet another notch. Plunging two fingers easily into her soaking cunt, he moved them around inside her for a few moments until they were soaked in her juices.

Pulling them out, he brought his hand to her face and held it there for them both to see the evidence of her lust. Tony laughed behind her back.

"Since we both know what a whore you are, grandmother, it's time to treat you like one."

With that he threw her back down over her own desk, in her own office and held her there.

"I was going to punish you, grandmother, for all the years of torment I've suffered at your hands but I don't think we really have time for that just now. There will be plenty of time later for you to learn just who is the boss from this moment on. For now, though, I'm going to fuck you."

Her grandson's words sent shivers throughout Elizabeth's frightened body but also sent a tremor of anticipation through her pussy. What was wrong with her, she wondered. Was she really a whore? Her shame knew no bounds when she felt Tony pressing against her but she told herself she was only doing this because she was being forced to. Wasn't she?

Surely it was the cold leather inlay on her desk that was making her nipples throb as her grandson forced her down onto it. Surely it was only a physical reaction that was causing her pussy to leak in a way it had never done, not even with her husband. Surely it was only fear and not anticipation that caused her body to tremble when she felt Tony's hands moving down to her ample hips. Wasn't it?

Briefly he ran his hard cock down between her cheeks and she suddenly was afraid that he would try to force himself in there. She had certainly never done anything so disgusting but she had heard of such depravity. For a moment the memory of her best friend flashed through her mind as she remembered shunning the woman and making sure she was ostracised from decent society just because she had admitted to enjoying occasional anal sex.

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