tagBDSMHostile Takeover Ch. 03

Hostile Takeover Ch. 03


Barry and Cecile relaxed in what Casey chambers, now Cecile's.

He lazily traced the curve of the blonde's breast as she stroked him to hardness.

"I want to be fucked by you," she announced.

He climbed on top, "Let's see how talented you are, my bitch."

"Yes, the new Mistress cried. "I want to be your slut!"

Barry trusted in while grabbing her head. "Whose your Master?"

"You are Master!" She giggled, "At least right now, remember I save your pretty butt."

"I haven't forgotten,: as he flipped her over. "He started spanking her. 'But you need to remember to be a good girl."

Cecile grabbed his hand and twisted. "I am not a good girl! I am a Mistress." as she regained control of his cock. " Don't you forget."

Barry stuck two fingers in her throat, "I won't be now we have to finish our interrogation."


Casey and Donna were still entwined where they had been left. Cecile came over and pulled out the dildo. "Lick my foot slaves."

The beaten woman began their servitude to the new Mistress. "How are we going to torture them? Cecile asked him.

"Casey over here," he instructed. "The problem with physical torture is we never can be sure.


"This will be your first lesson in mind domination."

Donna was putting in a bondage chair with a vibrator stimulating her pussy. Her head was in a cage which forced her to stare straight ahead. Cecilia has restrained Casey in a pony position and sat on her, while watching with interest.

Barry took out a crystal and began spinning in front of Donna. "Relax my pet."


"You must relax" ,he started adding sensation by squeezing her tits.

"No.. but Donna voice became weaker.

"Yes my slave you can't resist.'


"You wish to a loyal slave again."


"Who do you obey."

"You Master Barry."

"Who helped you in your rebellion?"


"Why slave."

"I promised he would have first shot at all of your female straight clients and could dominate all the other female employees.."

"Anyone else?"

"No I wanted to keep the plan simple."

Cecile was skeptical, "How do we know this is not an act?

"Ye of little faith, " he untied Donna . "Stand up slut." Punch her in the stomach he instructed.

Cecile stood up and threw a quick right. Donna made no attempt to defend and bent double.


"Now Donna, I want you to spank Casey."

Robotically, Donna obeyed.

They let Casey be humiliated for a few minutes, "Now go on the X frame and secure yourself.

Fascinated, Cecile watch Donna obey every command.

"Now you know why I need mentoring."

Barry snapped his fingers, Donna slowly opened her eyes.

"Master Barry, I didn't ."

He gripped her chin, "Yes you did. Neither talk nor your sexual ability is getting you out of this." He held up her pager. "David is going to be joining this party."

"May I have him, "Cecile asked.

"I'm hurt."

She kissed him, "I meant I don't have any male submissive in my collection for clients.

"Lets see you break him."


David, a tall blond haired man entered the reception area of Casey lair. The first dividend of her portrayal was going to come. Casey had offered a new girl who was sexually talented and other than permanent injury, she was a gift for his to use and abuse.

The slave was on her knees, head down in subservience. Totally nude. On the table near her were plenty of toys.

He gripped her chin, "Very tasty."

"Yes, " a familiar voice said behind. "But you won't get to enjoy her."

As David turned he saw Barry than felt a pain in his balls as Cecile kicked him hard.

Catching his breadth, he now only saw Barry but two restrained woman in bondage he was holding by a leash: Casey and Donna!

"I am out of here."

"You aren't going anywhere," Barry informed him; handing the leash to Cecile.

"Try and stop me," he challenged the slimmer man.

Barry just waited. Finally David charged. V stepping Barry gave him two shots to the ribs.

"Come on Davy" he taunted.

David roared, I'll break you in half."

Ducked his absurdly high kick, Barry reversed wept his enemy to the floor. Quicker than anyone expected, he locked in a triangle choke.

"I give up,!" David screamed.

Barry kept it on.

"Wait, " Cecile said.


"Because you said he was going to be mine. Don't damage the goods."

True, why don't you taut your new acquisition in bondage.

"Gladly, "Cecile grabbed some leather cuffs and put her slave arms behind him securing the cuffs. Grabbing a pod. "On your knees.

Davey screamed.

"Weakling" she sneered. She began ripping off his tailor made clothes. "I want my toys naked." Grabbing Casey's leash she lopped around David's cock and secured. Then did the same with Donna forcing both woman to their knees.

"I was very impressed, she kissed Barry. "My champion."

Barry looked at her, "Now lets see you dominate a man and a woman."

To be continued...

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