tagIllustratedHosting a Lingerie Party

Hosting a Lingerie Party


I rang the door bell and waited. In a moment I hear, "Be right there." and a few seconds later the door opens. "Hello, How can I help you?"asked the man. "Hello, my name is Maddie."

I am trying to work my way through college by asking people to host lingerie parties."

He responds. "Maddie, I'm Todd. I am sorry but I run my photography business out of the house no one actually lives here."

I say "I know but I was hoping the models you work with might be interested in the lingerie and that you would let me throw a party here."

Todd warmed to the idea the more we talked about it, especially when I told him he would get a 20% commission on whatever is sold. I was excited to learn Todd would contact 30-40 models and invite them. I dug in to my backpack and took out a bunch of postcards for Todd to fill out and mail to the model.

"Those won't work." he said. "I usually contact the models by email and phone."

Things started to go down hill. I only had 3 printed catalogs and the post card invitations. The company I worked for had nothing on their web site we could use. "I have a couple sample items with me, could you take pictures of them to send to the models?" I asked.

"Are you going to model them?" Todd asked.

That took me by surprise and asked if he could just photograph the lingerie. Todd told me that will make the lingerie look like cheap stuff from an online auction. He told me we needed decent pictures if we want the models to show up. We eliminated getting someone else to model since they would want to be paid.

I was reluctant having never modeled before especially lingerie in front of a stranger. But I agreed to try one outfit after Todd suggested most lingerie wasn't much different from a bathing suit I probably wore in pubic.

I selected what I thought was the most conservative outfit from my back pack and put it on. A short time later I emerged from the dressing room in a nice purple corset styled top, panties and white lace thigh highs. I went to the mirror and checked how I looked.

I thought to myself how nice I looked in the lingerie. I had not pulled the ribbon at the front tight but instead left a gap that revealed a bit of skin. We worked a bit as Todd instructed me on how to pose. He told me we needed to make people want to buy the lingerie and the only way to do that was make it look sexy.

Todd coached me step by step. Soon I was pulling on the side strap of the panties and leaning forward to show my cleavage.

Once that image was captured Todd said we had enough of the outfit. I asked to see the images. I was surprised with the results, I didn't realize I could look so hot. Todd seeing I was happy suggested we try another outfit and I agreed. From what I saw of the photos I looked much sexier that I thought I did.

The next outfit was a sheer baby doll with matching panties. I was a bit hesitant to wear the shear low cut outfit. I came out of the dressing room with my arm over my chest and my bra underneath.

"It is just like wearing a bikini with a see thru cover up." Todd said and asked me to drop my arm.

The panties were just as sheer as the top and left little to the imagination.

When Todd asked me to sweep the loose part of the top aside and let the straps on one side fall from my shoulder, I knew little would be hidden from the camera.

Todd complimented me on how well I was doing and asked if I wanted to see more of the images. Again, after seeing them I was happy with the results and asked what Todd thought. He told the lingerie would look better without the bra underneath. All I could say was "Hmmm" and paged though the images again then asked if the images were usable. He said they were. Then I asked if I should go change again. While I changed I wondered if he had said the images weren't usable would I have removed the bra and tried again?

The next outfit I pulled out had a half cup sheer bra... I sat for a minute to get up the nerve but I couldn't. The only other outfit I had was like a maid's outfit. I put it on and discovered the top was sheer and I probably shouldn't wear my bra again.

"Cute outfit" Todd says with a smile. I took my place on the set but couldn't make myself move my arm from over my breasts knowing if I did my nipples would visible.

"Let's do this outfit like a pin up, have some fun and tease the camera." Todd suggested then noticed I was still covering up. "You are going to need that hand to pull up the hem of the skirt in the back." I hadn't expected to have to pull the skirt up and had to look in the mirror to see how much would be revealed when I did.

Once I relaxed I found I enjoyed being a pin up model and liked to show off my sexy body. When Todd asked me to pull up the side of the skirt and reveal the garters I turned and raised one knee at the same time.

Todd caught me by surprise again, when he wanted to me to pull on the ties that held the holes closed over my breasts. When I didn't react immediately he said since the top was so sheer it wasn't like anything was hidden anyway. I was shocked to realize he was right and numbly tugged on the tie pulling it open and letting my breast fall through.

In a way it was a relief to break this boundary. I lifted the hem of the skirt and went back to being the pin up model I enjoyed being.

In a moment I undid the tie over my other breast. I discovered I liked to showing off the sexy body I didn't know I had.

I stood there with the ties on both sides undone, my breasts at most barely covered. It was a thrill to let Todd and his camera see my naked breasts and nipples.

I slipped the straps off my shoulder and let my top fall. As I stood there topless, Todd stopped taking photos for a moment.

"I thought we were doing a lingerie shoot" he said, before starting to shoot again.

I said, "Oh, yeah I guess I should be showing the lingerie." and lifted the front of the skirt and petticoat to reveal my panties and garter belt.

The excitement I felt was quickly lost as my courage failed. I covered up and ran to the dressing room wondering what I was doing.

It was a couple minutes before Todd knocked and asked if I was OK.

I answered, "I'm sorry I don't know why I did that."

"Don't worry, if you want I can delete any images you decide you don't want." Todd offered.

I told him, "No, don't, Let me get dressed, I want to see them first."

We looked at all the images together. I really liked many from the last set. I looked more relaxed and looked to be enjoying what I was doing. I asked Todd what he thought of the images. He told me I was pretty and the images were very sexy. Todd asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wasn't sure but, I enjoyed modeling but didn't want everyone to see me naked. He said we had enough images for the models to see the lingerie so we could stop if I wanted to. I told him I had one more outfit and if it was ok with him I would like to use it. He agreed. I asked if before I changed again could he take a few more pictures, this time posing me. I went back to the set and tossed my robe aside leaving me wearing only panties, garter belt and stockings but much calmer.

I put on the last outfit, the one with the half cup bra top. I can't believe 30 minutes ago I didn't think I could wear something so revealing, now it was going to cover far more than I just was photographed wearing.

I fell back in to posing like a pin up model. It was fun and easy now that I had no fear of revealing too much. My nipples were barely under the top edge of the bra as I teased the camera by pulling on the straps of the garter belt.

Next I pulled the bra strap off my shoulder.

The other side came away too, letting my nipples peak out more.

Since the bra wasn't really hiding much I turned around and opened it. I am sure my ass looked pretty good to the camera.

Remembering to tease the camera, I tossed the bra over my shoulder and looked at the camera.

"Very nice Maddie," Todd said, "keep teasing the camera."

I turned around letting the bra dangle from my fingers while my other hand and arm almost hid my breasts. My nipple between two fingers.

Todd suggested we try some poses kneeling or laying down. I kneeled, my knees several inches apart, leaning forward so my breasts are accentuated.

Moving to my stomach and leaning on my elbows I posed with my arms in front so that nothing really showed but it was obvious I had very little on.

A slight change to the pose and the fullness of my breasts could be seen.

I rolled on my side and leaned on one elbow. I could imagine how the curves of my body would excite anyone who saw the image.

How could I take this further... I decided to remove the garter belt. I stood and started pushing the garter belt down slightly.

First I unclipped the garter belt from each of the stockings then unhooked it from behind me.

Wearing only my panties and stockings I kneeled down again my knees apart and my ass resting on my heels. I felt like a model from a men's magazine. No longer nervous I was simply enjoying being nearly naked in front of the camera.

I wanted to go further so asked Todd if I could take off my panties and pose naked. He suggested lying down and sliding them off but keeping my legs positioned to not reveal anything.

I was lying on the floor of a photo studio holding my panties in my hand. I love modeling especially with little or no clothing on. I felt beautiful and sexy.

I asked Todd how I should pose. He suggested an old style pin up pose, legs up with one knee bent.

I told Todd I wanted to do some more sexy pictures without lingerie. He asked "in other clothing or nude?" After a moment I answered "Yes." He suggested I remove the shoes and stockings then use a fabric drape.

While the images with the drape were nice I wanted something more modern. Todd suggested a man's shirt from the dressing room. When I got back Todd had a stool on the set. I sat on the stool, my feet on the rungs wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt over my shoulders.

Eager to reveal more I let the shirt slip from my shoulder and breast.

"Since you want to show off your breasts, turn and face the light better." Todd requested.

I get up, the shirt falling below my elbows as I move around to the other side of the stool and sit down again. I leave the shirt at my waist and hips.

"I have an idea, lets use the white shirt" Todd suggested.

I drop the blue one and walk totally naked to the dressing room, wondering if Todd was watching or not. I return with the white shirt hanging open. Todd poses me leaning on the stool, my breasts hanging free.

"I think that is it Maddie, we have plenty of images to send the models plus a bunch for you." Todd announced.

"I'd like one more image please" I said while removing the shirt, "I want to try being totally naked." I stuck a pose.

At the moment the lights flashed I felt a wave of excitement wash over me. I knew that by having this final picture taken while completely nude I would always be more confident in myself.

I did well at the lingerie party, but better yet, Todd has offered me a chance to do some paid modeling work.

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