Hot Air


When I left school I got a job in a small electrical shop. Mostly we did repairs to household items, such as washers, TVs and the like. Apart from the boss I was the only full time member of staff, though there were a couple of part-timers.

After I'd been working there for about six months I went through a bit of an emotional upheaval when I split up with my fiancé and moved out from home and into a flat which I got with a girlfriend. Financially it was a bit of a struggle, but my parents were very helpful and that made a big difference.

I was only 18 years old, but I liked my job and after three months my boss, Steve, had said that he was pleased with my work and attitude and had given me a raise. He was a pleasant man in his forties (to me that seemed really old!). I certainly didn't fancy him, but there were a couple of occasions when I'd caught him looking at me. Still I didn't think too much of it because I might have been young, but I knew that men like to look at women, and anyway I'd met his wife and as far as I was concerned they were happily married.

Late one Friday I went into the back workshop to look for something. Steve was in there working on a washer, and a fan heater he had repaired earlier was running on test. As I walked past it the hot air caught my skirt and wafted it upwards. For a brief moment my skirt was up around my waist then I caught hold of the hem and, blushing furiously, I pulled it down.

I glanced at Steve and he was stood transfixed - it was as if the sight of my red knickers had hypnotised him. Trying to carry on as normal I picked up the part I was after and went back into the shop.

Ten minutes later I had to go back into the workshop again. As I rummaged through the shelves Steve joked that he hoped I was going to walk past the fan heater again. When I said that I wasn't going anywhere near it, he said, "Go on, be a sport, make an old man's day."

Although his tone was light and bantering I realised he was actually quite serious.

"Sorry," I said. "No way."

"Go on," he said. "I'll make it worth your while."

Intrigued I asked him what he meant. He said that if I gave him a proper flash of my knickers he would treat that as the first payment on the washing machine I had said I was after. Rather to my surprise I was tempted and after a bit of thought I agreed and said OK as long as there was no touching and it was done in the back room after we had locked up for the day.

So fifteen minutes later at 5.30 prompt Steve locked the shop door and we went through into the backroom. While Steve sat at his desk I lifted my skirt and did a slow twirl with my knickers on full display.

True to his word he got out a new payments book and marked down the first payment on a new washer. He offered to deliver it and plumb it in, in exchange for another flash in a week's time; that would obviously save me the hassle so I agreed to it.

That set the pattern and every Friday after closing time we would go through into the back room, I would give Steve a quick flash of my knickers and he would mark off another payment in the book. One week he asked if I could show him my bra for a change, so I unbuttoned my blouse and let him have a look at my bra.

He never tried to touch me and I don't know what I would have done if he had tried. I must admit that although I didn't really fancy him (he was old enough to be my father) the situation was a bit of a turn on and I found myself buying nice underwear (nice, but not tarty!) with Fridays in mind.

One Friday I had a bit of an accident just before I left to catch my bus to work. A coffee stain on my blouse made that unwearable, so I quickly changed into a dress which buttoned all the way up the front.

At closing time we went through into the back room as usual. Sat on his chair Steve said he would really like it if just this once I would unbutton the dress completely and give him a flash of my bra and pants.

Feeling rather fruity I slowly unbuttoned it all the way down the front. I was wearing a rather see-through black bra and pants set, so he could get a tantalising glimpse of my nipples and pubes. It was definitely getting to him and he was squirming in his seat.

"God," he said. "Your tits look gorgeous. Take your bra off and we'll call it a double payment."

"For that I want quadruple payment," I said and he hurriedly agreed. So I told him to close his eyes, then I slipped my dress off and removed my bra.

To be honest and without being vain I think my breasts are my best feature, and it's not just me that thinks so. Several of my girlfriends say they wish they had a bust like mine - not big and gross, but nice and curved and definitely not flat chested. My ex fiancé was always telling me what fabulous tits I had.

I think that was the main reason why I was happy to take my bra off - it gave me a chance to show off my best asset. I took a step towards Steve and told him he could open his eyes. For what seemed like ages he just stared at my breasts. I could see the bulge in his trousers and the situation was definitely getting to me - I knew I was damp, if not downright wet, between the legs.

He asked me to come closer, so I took another step forward and leaned towards him slightly. I guess I came a bit too close, because he grabbed hold of me and pulled me to him. His head went down and he began to kiss and suck at my breasts in a feverish manner. Meanwhile he was using both hands to pull me onto his lap.

Even through his trousers I could feel the rigid heat of his prick pressing against my knickers. I rubbed myself against him, which made him groan, so I did it again.

"For god's sake woman, get him out," he growled. So I tugged at his fly and then released his prick from his underpants. As soon as it was out he began to push it towards my pussy.

I didn't want any preliminaries, I was soaking wet and I knew I could take him, so I reached down, pulled my knickers to one side, then guided his prick towards my cunt lips. As soon as I felt him start to penetrate me I bore down with all my weight and his prick pushed deep into me. He thrust up into me and I rotated my hips and pushed back against him. At that time I had only had sex with three boys and two of them were one night stands (though my ex fiancé had fucked me on many occasions). So I wasn't vastly experienced, but it was clear that Steve's was the biggest prick I had taken. It wasn't so big it was painful, but boy did I know he was inside me!

We bounced around on the chair for a while, and then Steve gasped for me to go across to the desk. I stood up and slipped my knickers off. I didn't know whether Steve wanted me to bend over the desk or to lie back across it, but being taken from behind is my favourite position, so I bent over, rested my elbows on the desk and presented my cunt and bottom to him.

Without any messing about he slid into me and began to shaft me with deep, slow strokes. With his right hand he rubbed my clit and within seconds I felt a searing orgasm rack through me. He continued to shaft away at me, then gasping that he was going to come he asked whether I was on the pill. I told him I was, so he pushed deep into me and I felt his prick jerk and jerk and that lovely warm, wet feeling as he pumped his sperm into me.

That was the first time it happened and from then on I was a bit more cautious. If I wasn't careful I could see myself just being used and dumped. So despite his protests I rationed the knicker flashing and refused his requests to expose my breasts.

Then one Friday I was feeling a bit fruity and Steve had hinted that he wanted me to flash my knickers later. So shortly beforehand I went to the loo and took my knickers off. For the next half hour I walked round with an airy feeling under my skirt and a heightened sense of anticipation.

At 5.30 Steve locked up and we went through into the backroom. He sat down and I moved into the middle of the floor and slowly raised the hem of my skirt. His chin nearly hit the floor when he saw I wasn't wearing any knickers. Instead of doing my usual twirl I just stood there. It must have been quite a sight - I'm not one of these girls with wispy pubes, I've got quite a furry pussy.

For a while he just stared, then, recovering from his shock, he got up and came towards me. I parted my legs a bit further and his hand went between them and started to stroke my pussy. Then he ran a finger along my cunt lips, before sliding first one finger, then two inside me. I was soon very wet, so I bent over the desk and he slid into me.

Maybe he hadn't had sex for a while, but anyway he came disappointingly quickly. I was still pretty hyped up, so I went down on him and got him hard again. Then I bent over the desk again. He took the hint and slid back into me.

As he screwed away at me, he said I was very wet and obviously in need of a good fucking. He ran a finger along my clit and round the edge of my cunt.

"You're really juicy," he said, and with that he took his finger and rubbed some of my love juices up and around my asshole. I tensed when he did; this was unknown territory to me, as none of my boyfriends had ever tried this. He used his finger to get more cunt juice and worked on me until my asshole was nice and slippery. Then he slid a finger into me. I gasped when he did that and he asked if I was OK. I could barely speak, so I just nodded my assent.

He worked on me some more, and then suddenly his finger was gone. I tensed because I know what was the obvious next step. So I wasn't surprised when Steve pressed his bulbous prick end against my asshole and slowly, carefully he began to work it into me.

"Oh God that hurts," I said. "Go very gently."

So he went even more carefully and the pain was replaced by a marvellous full feeling. Steve said he was sorry, but my ass was so lovely and tight that he couldn't hold back much longer and did I prefer it if he pulled out. I told him of course I didn't want him to pull out, what I really wanted was for him to cum. So he gave a couple more pushes and then erupted inside me.

For a while we lay there gasping, then Steve withdrew. I straightened up from my position draped over his desk and for the first time felt a man's come trickling out of my bum. I was no longer a back passage virgin and thanks to Steve's gentle initiation I came to love the sensations caused by a man pleasuring my asshole.

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