tagErotic CouplingsHot and Bothered

Hot and Bothered


I really didn't want to have sex with Tracey and fuck up her marriage but she kind of forced me into it...

We've been working together at the post office for two years and she was on me from Day One! I was standing there in my shorts, minding my own business when all of a sudden I feel a little tickle along the backs of my knees. That's how I first met Tracey... running her fingers up and down my legs with a lascivious smile on her face.

It kept escalating from there.

She would come right up to me anytime we were in the same room and press her chest hard into mine. I could feel her hardened nipples poking out from underneath her shirt. She would constantly put her hands on me... on my shoulder, on my hip, on the back of my neck. I didn't mind so much at first... after all, she was super attractive... a light skinned black girl with long, reddish-brown hair. She was kind of short but so well-proportioned, with luscious breasts and soft, shapely legs. I was totally okay with her attentions until she told me she was married.

Apparently they were having some major disagreement and she was "cutting him off" until he came to see things her way. She made no secret of the fact that she found me immensely attractive and was determined to have me... all to herself... one night only...of passionate, low-down, dirty sex.

Like I said, I had no interest in messing up her marriage but she was relentless. She said she would book us a room in the swankiest hotel in town... or anywhere in the world... she'd wine and dine me with the finest food and drink...and all I had to do was spend one night giving her orgasm after orgasm.

I told my work friend, Steve, "Damn, she is not going to leave me alone until I do this thing with her. I guess I have to give in."

"Don't do that!" he warned. "It's a trap! Once she gets a taste of you, it's all over. There will be no getting rid of her. It will be her and you and her three screaming kids. You want that?"

"Uh, no... but I've got to do something to get her off my back!"

"Whatever you do, do not fall into her trap!"

But, of course, I did.

I was weak. I was lonely. I was horny. And did I mention how attractive she was? There's no way a man can rebuff the overtures of someone as sexy as that indefinitely. I named a hotel. She booked us a room. We met there after work one night...

She got to the room first and when I came knocking at the door she answered completely in the nude. She smiled that wanton, wicked smile and took me by the hand, practically pulling me into the room.

"I haven't been fucked for almost two years," she said breathlessly. "I am long overdue."

"So is your husband, I'll bet," I replied.

"Fuck him! He had his chance. Now you get yours..."

She didn't believe in wasting any time. I also had come prepared. I had four lengths of silken cord which I proceeded to tie to each of her wrists and ankles, securing the other ends to the four corners on the bed. I pulled the cords taut, leaving her stretched out like a flesh buffet.

I stepped onto the bed and towered over her. I put on the radio and began to do a little strip tease to Boz Scaggs' "Breakdown Dead Ahead". She could not take her eyes off me but she remained very quiet. I could tell that she was ripe and ready and desperately in need of some satisfaction soon.

Once I had stripped down to complete bare-ass nakedness I started to feel really aroused. Blood surged into my cock, leaving me as long and hard and stiff as I had ever been. This was not going to be easy. Tracey was looking at me with greater and greater interest. I gave her a few wild gyrations and watched her trying to lift her pelvis off the mattress with little success. I had stretched her out too tight.

I knelt down, straddling her midriff, laid my cock out on her belly. I bounced a little on the bed, allowing my erection to tap the song's rhythm on her tummy. Tracey moaned a long, mournful wail. She closed her eyes tight and tilted her head back.

I slid a short ways up her stomach, allowing my erection to slide up towards her breasts. I slapped each boob hard with my cock and then traced little circles around each nipple in turn with my tip. The rosy little buds grew harder at my touch. Tracey moaned louder. "Oh, Edwarrrrrrrrd," she wailed.

I slid my cock up between her breasts, used my hands to push them together onto my shaft and gave her the titty fuck of her life. Back and forth I ground my hard on into her chest, feeling myself get more and more excited along with her. But I couldn't climax, even though I desperately wanted to. I had a lot to do yet.

I slid further up her body, letting my cock glide across her face. I slapped her lightly on each cheek with my rigid tool. I rubbed myself all over, under her chin, down her jawline, in the nape of her neck. I tapped her lightly on the nose and then across her eager lips. She extended her tongue, trying desperately to get a taste of me but, even though I wanted to feel that terrific sensation with all my heart, I denied her the satisfaction and withdrew.

"Noooooooooo," she cried, "you are torturing meeeeeeeeeeee."

"Isn't it delicious?" I replied as I spun my body around so that my head was down at her feet. I began kissing her feet and then moved slowly up the insides of her legs, moving from one to the other. Methodically I gave each appendage a tortuous tongue bath, finally ending up at her throbbing pussy. In the meantime my cock stayed hovering over her face as she tried in vain to get her mouth on it.

I blew lightly on her vagina, not letting it touch my lips. I kissed circles around it but would not touch the prize itself. I could see it pulsate with desperate longing. She tried to lift her pelvis up but her ability to move was severely curtailed. I could see that she was close to orgasm... the fluid welling up inside her. She was so ready to be entered.

"Is this everything you ever dreamed of?" I asked.

"Oh yes, Edward," she groaned in ecstatic misery. "Oh yes...please... fuck me now... fuck me hard... fuck me forever."

For the final phase I crawled off the bed and took her phone off the nightstand. I set up a number on speed dial and placed the phone in the hollow of her neck. She could just reach the call button with the tip of her tongue. I began to get dressed.

"Edward?" she gasped. "What are you doing?"

"I have your phone selected to call you husband," I explained. "I have a feeling when he sees you like this, all hot and sweaty and on the brink of release, he is going to want to give you the best fuck of your lives. So now you have a choice... you can either call him and tell him where to find you... or you can lie there and stew in your own juices until the maids find you in the morning. Your call." I smiled.

"You miserable, fucking bastard!" she hissed. "I'll never forgive you for this! Never!"

"That's the idea," I said, gently closing the hotel room door, leaving it unlocked for her husband. "Just call me Cupid!"

I strode down the hall, laughing contentedly. Well, not quite contentedly. I'd have to do something about this erection.

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was rather humorous and unexpected :)

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