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Hot And Heavy


Jake opened the shower door as she was turning around to face the steaming hot water. A small gasp of surprise escaped Amanda's lips as he slid into the shower behind her. He reached for the shampoo and started to lather her hair. He didn't say a word as worked the shampoo into her hair and softly kissed her neck. After several minutes he squeezed the shampoo out of her long red hair and let if fall off unto her wet body. He then turned her around facing him, and leaned her back where her head was under the running water, further rinsing the shampoo from her hair.

Next, he reached for the body wash sitting in the corner of the shower and with a little in both hands proceeded to massage and wash her shoulders. She felt his hands slip lower as he washed below her waist and worked upwards lathering her stomach and then her breasts. He stopped there for a while, massaging and kissing and tweaking the skin, driving her wild. His eyes were constantly on her, watching every reaction she made to his touch. Silently he took more soap into his hands and kneeled down in front of her. Slowly but surely he worked his way from her feet to her thighs, kneading and massaging and washing her body. He took careful time to stroke her inner thighs. This wildly excited her, giving her this wonderful exotic feeling of someone else touching her so romantically.

He directed her under the flow of the shower head and watched as the hot water rushed over her body, rinsing it of all the soap. She braced herself against the wall of the shower, opening up to him and inviting him to do as he pleased. He stood up and while placing his gentle hands on her hips, kissed her passionately, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth. She places her hands around his neck and savors the kiss and in return begins nibbling on his neck, feeling the heat in her body rising. His hands slide down rubbing her thighs and his finger brushes her clit, sending wonderful sensations pulsating through her body. She can feel his growing erection pressing up against her body and tilts her head back, closing her eyes, as he continues to play with her. But then as suddenly as it started, he stops. She jerks her head back up and looks at him confused and unsatisfied. He still doesn't say a word, but turns off the water and picks her up and carries her to the bedroom.

He lays her on the bed and watches as she slowly dries off, taking in her every move and her beauty. Sneaking up behind her, he pulls a scarf over her eyes, hearing her gasp in surprise. She questions what he is doing, but all he says in reply is, "trust me, I love you." He moves now, taking her hands and tying them to the top of the bed and she now gives little protest, she can feel herself becoming aroused. When she is secure, he slides over her body kissing lightly. He continues to kiss her neck and cups her breasts in both hands. He begins massaging them lightly, first blowing on them to get them hard. He teases her, pinching her nipples and touching her breasts in ways that make her squirm. She can feel herself getting wetter and longs for him. He continues his play, kissing her breasts and sucking on them softly, making her moan in ecstasy.

She begs him to touch her, almost pleading because she needs it so badly. He slides down, kissing and making a line all the way to her crotch. She shudders deeply and moans when she thinks of what is to come. He begins by kissing and licking her thighs and quickly moves to her clit working his tongue around. She squirms under his touch, but is firmly held in place by the ropes and she continues to beg him for his pleasure. He tortures her clit, sucking, nibbling and brushing his tongue against it, bringing her close to her climax and then he stops his assault. She cries out in protest, wanting and needing to go on. He begins rubbing her legs as she squirms beneath him and using his finger finds her inner labia. He can feel how wet she is, and begins to stroke her softly, which produces deep low moans. Unexpectedly he inserts his finger into her, producing another gasp, but she tries to push herself towards his finger, wanting him inside of her. He teases her with his fingers, moving them in and out and avoiding her clit, bringing her to the brink of insanity. She wants him so bad and struggles against the ropes trying to get him closer and deeper. She feels him move away from her, and shouts out in protest for him to come back.

He moves across the room, watching her writhe and listening to her shouts for him. He smiles to himself and knows that all of the torture will be worth it for her as well as for him. His erection is full blown now, he can feel the blood pulsating inside of him and he yearns for release. Her pleading is getting to him, making him want to take her then and there. He moves back to the bed, and when she feels his presence she quiets down to a small whimper. He crawls over her and kisses her passionately and she moans to him seductively to take her right now. He can't take it anymore and has to have her.

He has no problem sliding in, because all of the teasing he did had made her so wet and horny. She moans loudly as she feels him enter and tries to move herself to where he's closer. He beings his rhythmic timing, going in and out and he teases her clit with one hand and uses the other to fondle her breasts. In no time they are both breathing hard, on the brink of orgasm. He feels it coming on, the heat swelling up and he goes in deeper burying himself in her. She cries out in ecstasy as she feels him explode inside of her which sets off her orgasm as well. The waves come crashing down over her and for a minute she is silent, riding the wave out. He pulls out of her slowly and unties her. Kissing her softly he removes the scarf and looks deep into her eyes. She is breathless, recovering from the most extreme orgasm she has ever had. She pulls him into a deep kiss and whispers in his ear, "that was fucking amazing!" He smiles to himself and agrees.

She too has a surprise for him and she pushes him gently off of her. He looks shocked and in protest tries to reclaim his spot, but she rejects him and slides off of the bed. He lays back in angst, wondering what he's done wrong and is surprised to feel her hovering over him. She strokes him softly, bringing his erection back to life. He looks at her in surprise, and she smiles evily and blows him a kiss. She then lowers her head and lightly kisses the swollen head and then flicked her tongue across his dick. He threw his head back and let out a loud moan of pleasure, which made her want him more. She then grabbed my cock at the base and slowly, but firmly stroked it all the way up to the head, then back to the base. At the same time she fully engulfed the swollen head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, and stroked that ultra sensitive spot right behind the head. She feels him tense up, and sensing what is coming she slows down and instead she slowly goes up the length of the shaft with her mouth, then back down again. He moans in pleasure and she steadies his hips trying to keep him from attacking her face. She grabs the base and slowly strokes up and down while swirling her tongue again the head. She feels him tensing again and instead of slowing she picks up the pace. She takes him all the way in and goes up and down the shaft vigorously while playing and stroking all around the head with her tongue. At the last minute she began sucking and he came hard for her in her mouth and she swallowed every last bit down. She slid over his now limp body and kissed him softly. She thanked him for such a wonderful night and he simply nodded and took her in his strong arms and they fell asleep together exhausted from the long night.

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