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Hot Armpits


Jack loves to see his landlady Stacey wearing short sleeveless blouse and skirt. She is in her mid-forties, a little fatty, wears blouse much above navel, and the blouse is of dark colour, and ultra low-cut tight design. The low-cut back of the blouse on her smooth coffee colored skin is a treat to watch. Her plump shoulders are exposed, Jack longed to kiss those shoulders whenever he saw them.

The curvy folds of her waist folds, in between the bottom of her blouse and skirt, also her exposed navel easily excites any male. Jack wants to rub his nose on those soft fleshy folds. Her well rounded fatty exposed arms is very arousing. She always raises her arms to do her hair when she meets Jack. He gets extremely excited seeing her armpit hair. He longs to sniff her big armpits.

Once she called him to stay with her till late night everyday, when she was all alone for a month. As the door was closed, she sat on the sofa beside him, with her one arm raised and wrapped lightly over his shoulder, after asking him to remove his shirt. She was in her short sleeveless blouse.

As they were talking, he got the smell of her sweaty armpit. It was so pungent and strong. He lowered his head and kissed her smooth shoulder. Then he sniffed her armpit. She said :"Do you like my armpit smell?" He said, "Yes, very much." Saying this he buried his head in her big sweaty smelly hairy armpit. The flesh inside the pit was soft and a little rough, with lot of sweat and hair.

The smell was too much to bear. He started to lick the armpit with big strokes of his tongue. He rubbed his nose there. Stacey was moaning: "mmmmmmmmmmmm". He kissed the armpit flesh and hair, sucking in the flesh and lightly chewing on it. Then Stacey brought the other armpit on his mouth, which he grabbed with his lips. Alternately Stacey would bring her left and right armpit to his lips for him to savour them. Jack was overboard with joy.

He grabbed her shoulders from top, and spit forcefully into her left armpit, and then licked the saliva and sweat. Then he asked Stacey to spit on his hand, and spread that in her left armpit. He did the same in her right armpit. After sometime, the smell became very very strong.

He gave each of her armpits a very big and long suck and kiss and sniff. In between, he kissed her soft shoulders, licked and nibbled the skin. He lowered his head and kissed and licked her waist folds repeatedly. Then he again buried his head in her armpits in turn, and enjoyed those hairy smelly big armpits. Stacey enjoyed these armpit caresses, and was asking for more and more.....................

Before leaving for the night, Jack grabbed her in a very very tight embrace, and held her long. Their lips met in a long and fierce lustful kiss, after which Jack again tasted her both armpits in turn, repeatedly and for very long time, before leaving.

Next day, Jack came in the evening. As the door closed behind him, he grabbed Stacey from behind, and put his lips on her open back. She was wearing a very bold sleeveless blouse. Jack kissed her smooth back for long, then rubbed his nose on her smooth broad shoulder...it was so smooth. He sucked the shoulder skin and inhaled her sweaty body odor. It was very arousing. Stacey pushed her shoulder into his mouth. He wetted her shoulder with saliva, while rubbing his palms on her fleshy waist folds. He squeezed those folds, and was getting hot.

She turned around, and pressed her right armpit on his face. Today's smell was very intoxicating. He sniffed hard and long. He held her upper arm, and gave her right armpit short licks with his tongue, along with rubbing of nose on her armpit flesh. Then he increased the frequency of his licking, and then it became faster and faster..like an engine.

Stacey enjoyed the licking. She offered her left armpit to his mouth, and he gave her a good lick in her left armpit too. Stacey groped below, felt and held him, he held her shoulder tight, and buried his face in her smelly armpit...mmmmmmmmmm...what a strong and pungent smell...As her fingers were playing with him, he bit on her armpit hair, and pulled them hard, then released.

He did alternately to both armpits. Then he gave her armpits open mouthed mega kisses with sound, unloading balls of saliva while doing so. She was fondling him urgently. He sniffed her armpit smell (what a great smell!!!!!) with big sniffing sounds. The sniffing sounds would not stop.

Then Stacey grabbed him in a tight embrace, going for his lips with hers in a fiery lusty kiss. Their tongues were playing inside the massive lip-lock, which had no chance of loosening. Loads of saliva were being exchanged from one mouth to another. Their bodies were being held tight by each other, lips locked, Stacey playing with him, and Jack putting his fingers in both her armpits and pulling the jet black hairs in her armpits.

Then it became alternate lip kissing and armpit kissing by both. Stacey savoured his armpits while Jack spent more and more in her armpits. She sat on his lap. While he was smelling her armpits, she caressed him more and more. They were snug tight and enjoying the embrace and armpit sniffing and saliva exchange, the embrace soon developing into a quickie........ Jack's sniffing of Stacey's armpits became more and more and more.... intense and urgent. At one time they bit into each other's armpits and enjoyed the armpit kiss and bite.................

They were in that tight embrace for a long while. Jack kissing and biting away in Stacey's big smelly armpits alternately. Chook..Chook..Chook the armpit kissing sounds were audible. A big one continued for long chsoooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkk....

Jack's palm was roaming around on the smooth skin of Stacey's back and waist folds. Her waist folds are very very sensuous and hot to handle. Jack spit heavily into Stacey's armpit, soread it with his tongue in her pit, and sniffed with great sounds.

Fresh sweat was forming in Stacey's armpits. Sweat and spit made the smell very strong and pungent. Jack licked the armpit surface with renewed vigour, and munched the armpit hair, and pulled them with his teeth. Stacey was hot. She licked and kissed Jack's shoulders for a long time, then hid her face in his armpit. Jack was rubbing his nose in Stacey's armpits very fast.


The smell was great.

Their embrace became tighter and tighter. Tight body squeeze and swaying went on along with armpit kissing, sniffing, licking, nibbling, biting and spitting-in-armpits....

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh...what an armpit love.....

Their body squeezing and armpit sniffing and nibbling went on till late night. Next morning Stacey sent him to her cousin Alicia who lives a few miles down the road. As Jack saw Alicia, he got real excited. She was wearing a thin ultra-low-cut blouse which was very tightly on her fleshy body. Her smooth rounded upper arms and armpit folds are a treat.

Stacey told him that she was a lover of tight embraces and enjoyed intense armpit love-making. Jack liked the look of her fleshy waist folds. Without wasting time, he grabbed her from behind and planted a big open-mouthed kiss on her big plump shoulders. Then he lowered his head, and kissed and bit he waist folds. The folds had sweat collected, and the smell was fantastic. He licked the valley between folds.

Alicia turned around pulled him up putting her palms under his armpits, put away his shirt, and grabbed him in a body crushing embrace. They squeezed each other for a while. Then.he kissed and sniffed around her armpit folds.

There were many folds near her armpits. She raised her left arm and offered her big hairy armpit to his mouth. He first enjoyed the view, the hairs were jet black, wet with sweat.

He crushed his nose there. What an armpit smell!!! a fantastic pungent odour. He sniffed her armpits with great sounds for a long time. Then he brought out his tongue, and gave each of her smelly armpits big long licks for hours on..wetting them with saliva, and savouring the smell of sweat plus saliva. Lick...lick..sniff..sniff.....long armpit-kissing sounds filled the room...... Jack went mad with her big fat smelly hairy sweaty armpits.....didn't want to stop...slurp..slurp...kiss..kissss.... lick...lick..sniff..sniff....uuummmmmmmmmmmmmm

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