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Hot Ass Wife


Her long brown hair is almost black. Her blue eyes are sparkling. Her ass is perfectly round on top of two legs firm from running. She stood naked in the corner of my bedroom. I came up behind her and kissed her neck. I slid my hand between her thighs and dipped two fingers in her slot. She moaned and I licked all the way up to her ear. I put a sleep blindfold over her eyes and I tied it tight with a bandana, just like she wanted; just like I wanted.

Quickly I spun her around and buried my tongue inside her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight; I got off being dressed while she was nude. I guided her to the bed and pushed her down gently, I don't want to hurt her. The arms went to each bed post and she gasped at each click of the cuffs. I pulled her legs apart and I started down on her bush. Her clit was throbbing and my tongue slurped upwards towards it. I darted in and out of her pussy and she gasped.

"Please don't make me cum yet!"

I stopped and watched her pussy contract. She was dripping wet and I casually tweaked her nipple. "Nice tits" I thought. I surrounded one with her tongue and made my way up to her lips. I used my left hand to stroke her clit while I whispered in her ear.

"Slave girl, only speak when spoken to. If I want you to cum I'll make you cum, understand."

"Yes sir." When she enunciated the words her voice quivered. I jumped in for the kill and pulled her lips wide with my fingers, gushing with juices I started to lick. I licked and licked and she moaned. When she's close she starts gasping for breath and finally squeals and shakes her head back and forth. She was beautiful and I loved her. To keep her off balance I abruptly got up and slammed the bedroom door shut.

I gave her five minutes and I slipped back inside. I was naked now and I adjusted the lights down low. Her cuffs were undone and I removed the blindfold. Her eyes made do with the light and met mine. "You look really beautiful slave."

"Thank you sir." She got over my knee without being instructed, she was so obedient. She knew the drill: I was going to spank her until she couldn't take it anymore. She signaled submission by talking dirty. I loved hearing such a prim proper milf spout out words from porn cds. A couple of short sharp ones warmed her ass up. It got red after the next five and she caught her breath. Her hand instinctively came on back and I grabbed her wrist to deliver five punishing blows.

"I'm your cum slut!" she shouted. I pretended not to hear it. "I'm your cum slut, I'm your cheap whore!" By now her ass was crimson. I didn't want to hurt her so I told her stand in the corner. She was trembling.

"Eyes down!" she bowed her head. I slipped the blindfold back on and I cuffed her hands in front. I nibbled on her neck and chewed her ear. When my hand scraped her clit she couldn't help herself.

"Please sir, fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me hard!"

Back to the bed she went and I slid my cock inside. By the second stroke she shuddered and came. I rammed myself as deep as I could and just held it. I was getting close.

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