tagIncest/TabooHot Aunt and the Greek God Twins

Hot Aunt and the Greek God Twins


(All characters involved in any sexual activity are over 18 and fictional creations of the author)



"You know they call you Hot Aunt."

Nikki turned in the hot tub to look at her sister Julie. "You said something about that. Well, it's not like they have a lot of aunts."

"It's not just Josh and Kalen. All their friends. The Greek Gods started it."

The Greek Gods. Nicole had forgotten about them. Twins that had lived next door to her Julie and her two sons, Josh and Kalen. Her nephews' father was long-gone. And good riddance. He'd been a looker, but definitely not a thinker or a provider.

Technically, it should be one Greek God and one Goddess, Gabriel and Gabriella, but they both looked like a classical sculptors dream, their last name was Olympianos, and everyone knew them as the the Greek Gods. Statuesque in the most pulchritudinous way. Both tall, relatively broad of shoulder and narrow of hip, toned like polished marble, golden olive in hue, locks of natural highlights, thickness, softness, waves and curls. Dark deep wide eyes over features that might be misconstrued as too much if they weren't balanced by two pairs, his and hers, of ripe, full lips that only occasionally fully covered large white teeth. Eyes and lips that smiled disarmingly, laughed freely, but rarely seemed to relax.

On both Gods, their limbs flowed into shoulder and hip, neck and hand and foot, in the most pleasing way. One curve somehow perfectly matching the next. Both had stomachs that were not quite six packs, his a bit more ripped than hers. What would normally be called flat. But neither had a flat spot to be found; just those perfect subtle curves, guiding the eye to the next one, or disappearing tantalizingly under a low slung waist band.

Nicole hadn't been to the Gulf Coast to visit her sister's family in years. The Twins had lived next door then, one year ahead of Kalen in school, and newly graduated. Though the three were all eighteen then, the Twins had seemed so much more mature. Her nephews had been more like kids, still playing keep away and Marco Polo.

The Twins were more often content to lounge by the pool, work on their bronzing, and occasionally comment dryly. Nicole remembered having to tear her eyes away from Gabe's body and its perfect glisten of sweat in the Summer swelter. Then tear them away from perfect Gabby next to him. Then catch both her nephews staring at the gorgeous girl apparently oblivious to how she attracted eyes in her clinging bikini, her lips parted enough to show only her two upper middle teeth, the 'buck' teeth pressing lightly into her full lower lip, her eyes hidden by mirrored shades.

She could have been asleep, deep in thought, or about to orgasm (Nicole! Such thoughts), her face would not reveal. But if she was asleep, it was like Sleeping Beauty, where you wanted to put her in a glass box, pull up a chair, and watch her dream.

But not a sealed glass box, because of her aroma. Their aroma. She didn't know if it was a shared conditioner or a shared gene, but when they got close enough, the twins both had the same intoxicating scent. Musky, spicy, exotic, captivating. During a brief hugged greeting, or better yet, when they did participate in the pool play, if her nose found itself amongst either of the twins curly ringlets or near either's neck and throat, it was all she could do to keep herself from burying her face against them and breathing it in as deeply and long as possible.

Did they smell exactly the same? Probably not, but very close. She would have to do a scent comparison test. Side by side, neck and hair. Just to be sure. "Ah, yes. The Twins. Whatever happened to them?"

Maybe it was her second margarita she was finishing, but just the memory of those two beauties was turning Nicole on. The memory of that scent. Because of her small size, she almost always limited herself to one drink. Around family though, old habits returned and she sometimes let loose.

"Kale works for them now, didn't you hear us talking about it last night? They own the gym. With a little family help."

"I knew he had the new job, just not that the God Twins were the owners."

Feeling buzzed and horny, and a little self-satisfied that she was the Hot Aunt, Nikki allowed herself to ogle a young stud pulling himself out of the big resort pool below them. From their private cul de sac of their three rented suites and the tub, all surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges, they could see bits of the main pool area of the resort without being easily seen themselves. She had to hand it to her sister: even though it was only a few miles from townhouse Julie shared with her boys, it seemed a world apart.

He was not tall but built, a definite six pack, water streaming down his well muscled, hairless arms and chest. His wet surfer shorts clung to his bulge, holding her eyes.

Eyes. Her nephew Josh had turned eighteen yesterday, on the same day his brother Kalen turned 21. And Josh had the most amazing eyes. In a family where everyone had pretty, light blue eyes, his stood out.

Hazel? Big. Green and dark brown with glints of gold and framed by long lashes. They were so striking it was easy to miss his lips at first. Full and soft Cupid's bows.

This afternoon he had offered her a hit of pot when she had happened to walk in on him flicking his bic. Nikki had brought some good Cali green for him for his birthday, with his mom's permission.

She didn't smoke very often, both because she was an athlete and it left her too drained. Julie knew he liked to burn, but didn't make a big deal out of it since he'd always been so responsible and gotten excellent grades.

Once in awhile, Nikki liked the relaxed but intensifying feeling. And this was a chance to bond with her newly adult nephew. Rarely did anyone else in the family partake of the herb themselves. She wouldn't be leaving the little resort enclave they had rented for the week, so why not?

Exhaling her second lung-full, Nikki had been struck by how pretty Josh was. "You're a ladykiller, aren't you, Joshie? You've always had those remarkable eyes..."

"She self-confirmingly remarked." Josh quipped.

"...but I don't remember those succulent, full lips."

"Uhh. Some girls seem to like me, I guess." He seemed embarrassed by her attention. Then he stuck his lips out at her like a fish. It distorted his voice. "Day are pwetty suggulent dough, awen't day?"

They both broke out in giggles, breaking the tension.

It was fine to get a little hot thinking about the Twins, but she shouldn't be thinking about her ladykiller teenage nephew and what she might have done if she was his age. And not his aunt. Did he think she was the Hot Aunt? Nicole! Down girl.

She decided to just keep her thoughts on the eye candy by the pool. The eye candy with the all day sucker.

It had to be the pot. Sometimes it got her really horny. And a little wild. And she was definitely horny now.

Already very aroused and with no likely suitors around for the next couple days, she allowed herself to revel in her visual lust for the young man. He was busy toweling his hair, so she knew he couldn't catch her stare. His face, once he finished with his hair and when her eyes finally got to it, was strong but almost feminine. Almost familiar.

Oh damn, it was her older nephew, Kalen. And Nicole was slobbering over him. Slobbering hard. Like she ought to wipe her chin to make sure she hadn't drooled.

Embarrassed, she slipped down further into the spa, her groin tingling more as she realized her lust was forbidden.This sexy young man was her sister's son. She watched Kalen follow the pathway up and through the gate that led to their little retreat and then on to the first floor suite room that she was sleeping in.

She felt an extra thrill as the scantily clad hunk slipped in her door even as she knew the family was using its kitchen as their private bar. Soon she heard the margarita blender stir to life.

"Hey, Mom. Hey, Aunt Nikki." The voice brought her back from her dangerously wandering thoughts. It was Josh, the new high school graduate. Her recent revelations led her to reevaluate him as well, as he stepped down into the tub. He gave her an extra look with a knowing twinkle to the eye. While he probably was giving her a "you feeling the buzz too?" look, she found a flirty edge to it, as though eyeing a hotty in the hot tub.

He had been a freshman in high school when she'd visited last, and worried about being called chubby. Even at that age, with some baby fat, he had been a cute little lady killer if the number of girls calling him was any indicator. Mainly because of his amazing eyes. His sensitive, rounded features had leaned out as he shot up over the last year. He was now the tallest family member at just over six foot, and the extra height and active lifestyle diving and wake boarding had certainly taken care of any baby fat.

Josh was always the sensitive, quiet one, prone to tear up if teased too much by his older brother and friends. Now that delicate nature came across as sensual, between those mesmerizing eyes and lips fuller and more pouty than the rest of the family. At least Nicole still thought of Josh more as the boy she had known rather than as a man, in the way she had been checking out Kalen leaving the pool. Even if it was obvious that the eighteen year old body squeezing in between the two women was anything but a boy's.

Her sister's kids were both grown up, the closest thing she had to children. It made her a little sad. When they were little, she'd lived only blocks away. Josh was so proud the first time he walked to her place with just big brother Kalen. Then by himself a couple years later. Little Joshie managed to find more reasons to go to Aunt Nikki's. And she enjoyed their time together. He was such a bright sensitive boy.

"I love you, Mom. " He leaned over and kissed Julie's cheek. Still the sensitive boy.

"Hey, what about me?" Nicole was buzzed enough to speak up, and always close with both the boys when they saw each other, not often enough after she moved across the country.

He leaned to her side, kissed her cheek with those soft lips. "I love you too, Aunty Nikki. And we don't get to see nearly enough of you."

Nicole tilted her head against his shoulder, her hand caught his bigger hand resting on his thigh under the water. She squeezed his hand briefly. "Josh, you're so sweet. And I can't believe how much you've grown."

Her buzzed thoughts made a pun around his comment about not seeing enough of her. There wasn't that much more to see than was already revealed by the thin sliding triangle bikini she wore. Her nipples hardened easily and were almost always on display, and the boy short bottoms emphasized her trim athletic figure and her favorite feature, her round, smooth bubble butt. It definitely would not be appropriate for Josh to see any more of her.

"Both my boys have grown so much," Julie sounded melancholy, "my handsome young men."

Kalen, plastic drink glass in each hand, chose that moment to exit the suite and head toward the tub.

"True dat." Nicole agreed, she hoped without too much emphasis. Fearing she might be a little too relaxed, she tried to lever herself up to a more seated, less slouching position, putting her hand back on Josh's leg to help herself up.

Julie stood up at that moment or she would have heard Nicole's gasp as her hand found not Josh's hand where it had been on his thigh, but his very hard cock through his shorts. It twitched and swelled. She froze. She had forgotten how fast teenagers got hard. He hadn't been that way coming down the tub steps. But now he was, moments after sitting next to his Hot Aunt.

"I'm exhausted and becoming a prune. Not used to drinking like this two days in a row." The mother looked at her older son just starting down the stairs into the hot water and her younger one beside her. "Take good care of your aunt, boys. I'm going to bed."

"But I was just bringing you two ladies a refill," Kalen said.

"Well, give Nikki hers, and you drink the other one. Goodnight." She wobbled a bit as she stepped out of the spa.

"Lightweight." Nicole couldn't help teasing her, knowing Julie could always drink her under the table. She also couldn't help noticing how sexy Julie still looked. Curvy, like the girls in high school she had been so jealous of. Even after two kids, her older sister had that eye-catching something, even on the way to becoming an prune. "You'll miss the sunset."

The tiny resort was right on the beach on the Gulf Coast, and the way they were sitting in the tub offered a perfect view of the sun approaching the water.

"You three enjoy it for me." Julie called over her shoulder.

Nicole sat back against the spa wall, her chin barely above the bubbly water. Her hand had not moved on or from her nephew's cock, as though moving or pulling it away would be recognition that she was touching him in the first place. Kalen settled in on her other side to enjoy the view, offering one of the margaritas to her. She leaned forward to take the straw between her lips, sucking deeply as she met his eyes, bright blue like hers.

"Oh god," she shuddered, pressing her face into Kalen's shoulder as he settled in beside her. "Brain freeze."

Without thinking, her hand, hidden by the bubbles, tightened and pulled on her younger nephew's hard on, causing his hips to thrust into her grip.

Not knowing what was happening on her other side, Kalen set the drinks down before he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and cradled her head against him. He lightly grazed her forehead with a series of comforting 'this'll make it better' kisses. She groaned. "Shhh. You'll be OK, little girl."

She giggled at that, as the pain eased. She tilted her face up toward her comforter, "Thank you, big strong man."

His last two kisses landed differently as she tilted her head up. One on the tip of her nose, which made her feel even more like a little girl, and the last, just as soft as the others, on her lips. That surprised both of them.

But before the surprise, her instincts, the relaxation of the hot tub, and the margaritas took over. Without thought, as her older nephew's lips met hers, her lips parted just enough for it to seem natural to let the tip of her tongue to ever so slightly flick out. That is what led to most their surprise.

"Oh, sorry about that." She sputtered.

"'Bout what?"

Josh couldn't see what had transpired. Her hand hidden below the water tugged at him, the first conscious movement it had made since finding his cock. "Never mind. You just relax young man."

He leaned his head back on the edge of the tub and closed his eyes. His movement pushed him up into her grip. "I'm relaxing. I'm relaxing."

Her hand began to trace slowly up and down his shaft.

She looked back at Kalen, his eyes locked on hers. "Sorry," she mouthed silently to him.

In answer he placed one finger to her lips, silencing her apology. It felt intimate. She was very buzzed, very turned on now, and enjoying the very forbidden contact with one nephew while flirting with the other. Only for an instant, her lips sucked the finger tip into her mouth and her tongue flicked over it. Then she stopped. She loved sucking fingers, but this was not right.

She felt Kalen's hand gently cup her small, firm breast under the water. Shocked, she pushed herself away from him with her free hand, or tried. The way she was situated, her free arm was lodged between them. She meant to push off his thigh, but he had turned to face her and her hand landed full on his erection, thicker than his younger brother's but just as hard.

Apparently taking this as encouragement, he flicked his thumb over her hard sensitive nipple, causing her hands to tense on both their cocks.

Never married at 34, Nikki had mixed extended periods of near celibacy with months and even years of rather an adventurous sex life. In her thirties, thanks to two helpful partners, she had learned how much she got off submitting. Both to touch and demands, and the situations she found herself in. Much of her favorite role playing involved her relinquishing control in situations where she normally would not.

They had played around with bondage, toys, and pain, but come to the conclusion that it was simple submission, giving in to another person or outside forces, that got her off. Sexually. In both business and her personal relationships, she was confident and secure in being decisive and self-reliant, but in sex it was a different story. One lover had suggested she enjoyed giving up control as a break from her 'real' life.

Normally, she would not sit drunk in a hot tub and jack off her nephews. No way. But combining the alcohol and pot, a stud she had been admiring from afar now intimately beside her and bold enough to tease his own aunt's nipple, the forbidden situation and earlier naughty thoughts of the Greek God twins, she leaned back like Josh, half closed her eyes, and relinquished control.

Kalen took his other hand, the one not still teasing her, and placed it on hers, stopping its motion. He pushed his trunks down and replaced her hand on his now naked cock. It's thickness felt good in her hand. Having given up control, she jacked him properly now. Or as properly as one can underwater with no lubrication.

Without thinking it out, she slipped her other hand under Josh's waistband to better grip his more slender but perhaps longer hard-on. She pumped both young cocks, reveling in a fantasy she had long held but never had the occasion to act on, though she had never considered doing it with two relatives.

Relations with relations. She giggled.



"What's so funny?" His voice came out as a relaxed murmer. Kalen had abandoned Hot Aunt's firm breast when what her hand on him was doing became too distracting to focus on anything else. He now leaned back like his brother and aunt, eyes closed, face barely above the water.

Kalen had no idea that his younger brother was getting the same treatment. From Hot Aunt!

He couldn't believe it. Aunt Nikki. One of the twins, he couldn't remember which one, had first clarified which aunt Kalen was talking about as "the hot aunt?"

Eventually it became her nickname as "Hot Aunt", said as a single word with the emphasis on the first syllable: Hot-ant. Even his mother had started calling her that, except to her face. She called her Nikki, as her family had since she was a child. He knew Aunt Nikki used Nicole now, but Kalen's family all called her Hot Aunt.

She was an athlete and looked even more like one: bordering on hardbody, chiseled cheek bones, intense bright blue eyes. Growing up he had hated it when people said he looked like her. Like a girl! He had grown to appreciate the compliment.

No one ever said he had her ass though. Almost no one had an ass like that, except on Brazilian postcards. She had slim little hips on her maybe 5'6" frame, but her ass cheeks popped out toward the rear like perfect twin hemispheres, only enhanced by her prominent swayback.

Last night he had gotten drunk with his mom, and Aunt Nikki, for the first time. His birthday. He was a full-on adult. Josh's birthday, too, but he still couldn't drink.

His mom was in party-mode with her sister in town so she had offered him the "worlds best hang over cure" Bloody Mary sometime in late morning. Even after a long siesta, a couple drinks with the ladies had him nearly ready to pass out. Except for Hot Aunt and her hand.

Her voice was low and calm. "Nothing. Just relax."

He assumed the words were for Josh too, so he wouldn't rouse enough to notice what his big brother was getting from whom.

At that point Hot Aunt's hand faltered in its pumping briefly, as though she had been distracted, then shortly renewed. With more...focus. It felt good, especially as she seemed to pay more attention to getting him off, varying her touch, rhythm, intensity. It felt amazing but he knew he wasn't going to cum like this, with just her hand and no lubrication, And his brother right there. But it would be okay to just lie here and let her do her thing. Except he wanted to touch her again. Damn, her hard nipple in his hand had been so sexy.

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