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Hot Back Home


Justin had met Melissa at the bar. She had long, curly blonde hair which fell over her shoulders. Occasionally a loose strand would find itself nestling into her glorious cleavage before a flick of her head would whip it free again. She had a pretty smile, pink lips, a dirty laugh and a low cut top. Justin hadn't been chatting to her for more than five minutes before he knew he was in.

Fifteen minutes later they were making out in the back of a cab, speeding back to Justin's place. Justin could taste the sugar on Melissa's lips from the rum and coke that she had left half-drunk by the bar. Seeing which way things were going Justin had more or less propositioned her directly and she had been happy to let him bundle her out into the freezing cold night and then into the warm interior of the next passing cab.

He had paused for just one moment to text Isobel to let her know he was on his way home and then ducked in through the car door after her. Melissa giggled as he ran his hands over her top, cupping her tits together. The were like ripe fruit bursting out from her clothes and they felt delicious to his touch.

He felt her hands running over his crotch and heard her say "yummy" as she felt his large cock twitch and respond to her touch. He responded instantly letting go of her tits and sliding one hand down her trousers under her panties, was pleased to find his hands gliding through her bush before slipping inside her slick wetness.

She gasped in response and suddenly he was aware that she had been fiddling with his flies and now his hard, thrusting cock was standing straight up between his legs. Moments later Melissa was bent over it, making slurping and sucking noises as she took him in her mouth.

It was only a short ride back to his but he was happy to spend the rest of it fingering this hot blonde as she sucked him off. She lacked something in finesse but more than made up for it in enthusiasm. He only had just enough of his wits about him to give the cabbie the right directions to get them home.

Fumbling with his wallet Justin paid the cabbie, took Melissa by the hand and led her to his house. She kissed him hard as he reached for his keys, he found his hands rubbing between her legs again. If it hadn't been so cold he might have fucked her right there on the doorstep.

"Let me in you idiot, it's freezing."

The keys found the lock and they were inside. They didn't stop kissing as they moved their way inside, Justin running his hand over her breasts and arse as she rubbed his crotch.

They were making out in Justin's living room. Justin had a couple of black leather sofas free standing in the middle of the room with their backs to the door. Justin maneuvered Melissa so she was pressed up against a sofa back. She perched herself onto with her legs wrapped around Justin so that Justin was bearing down against the back of the sofa facing into the room.

Melissa leaned back, balancing herself by holding onto Justin with her legs and whipped her top off. For the first time since he'd met her Justin paused to savour the situation. Or more particularly to savour her tits. She still had a lacy black bra on but there was no doubting she had an awesome rack. Her breasts were large and firm and mouth watering, gathered together like succulent fruit in her bra.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked, mock innocent. Justin only nodded. She put her hands to her chest and then, keeping her bra done up popped first one and then the other from its lacy cup.

"Are they big enough for you?" They weren't enormous but they were large enough with wide pink aureoles with pointy little nipples like bullets. Justin thought they were some of the sexiest tits he'd ever seen. He wasn't sure where Isobel was but hoped she had a good view, he was sure she'd appreciate them.

"Well are they?" Melissa asked again, swaying from side to side so her tits jiggled as she moved.

Justin was minded to tease, "Well big enough I suppose."

Melissa gasped, offended, and slapped him round the face, playfully but hard enough to hurt.

"They're fucking gorgeous though," he said.

"That's better," she smiled back, giggling again.

As they were talking Justin had put his arm around her waist and eased her off the sofa back as he used the other hand to peel off her tight black trousers and was delighted to find she was wearing sheer black stockings underneath.

She kicked off her shoes and undid her bra strap so that all she had on was her black lacy panties and black stockings. They kissed again, Justin's hands squeezing and rubbing her tits as she reached for his crotch.

Justin put both hands around her waist and ran the flats of his hands over the tops of her thighs. He caressed her as he held her legs just above the knee. Then with one swift movement he simultaneously pushed and lifted her so she tumbled backwards into the seat of the sofa facing outwards, head upside down, tits splayed across her chest.

She shrieked as she fell, half terror, half delight but didn't go all over as Justin still held her legs, which were now sticking straight up in the air. Justin put his thumbs in her knicker elastic and whipped them over her feet.

Melissa braced herself against the sofa and spread her legs open wide, opening her pussy to him, her pink hole visible through her blonde bush, everything wet with desire and anticipation.

Justin was aware of a slight movement in the darkness beyond a doorway into the next room. Isobel must be watching from there. There was a mirror behind them so she should have a good view of everything.

He leant over Melissa's exposed pussy, aware that she was quivering, waiting for him to touch her. He put his face so close her little hairs tickled his noise, he inhaled deeply taking her wet wanton aroma deep into himself.

And then he licked her. Tongue outstretched, smearing his face against her, he licked the whole length of her slit, tongue pushing deep as he took as much of that hairy, wet cunt into his mouth as he could.

"Oh baby" she moaned. Justin smiled to himself, Melissa was going to be a screamer, Isobel would like that. He licked her again, heard her call out again and got stuck in, flicking his tongue over her clit and thrusting deep inside her, coating his face in her sweet juices.

Just when he thought she was about to come, he stopped and let go. The tension went out of her body and she slid off the sofa into a naked, panting tangle on the floor.

Justin was still fully clothed but quickly stripped naked as he moved around the sofa towards Melissa. She raised herself up and looked at Justin's naked body with shiny, glittering eyes.

"Give me some of that cock, boy," she demanded and forcefully shoved Justin to a sitting position on the sofa. Melissa crawled towards him on her hands and knees before eagerly taking him in her mouth.

Justin leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of this hot blonde sucking him off. Every so often she'd break off and look at him with her pretty blue eyes as she wrapped her tits round his shaft, sliding them up and down across his length.

Justin looked over into the darkness where he was sure Isobel was, he thought he could defect a very faint rustling sound from that direction, which would be the sound of Isobel's long skirts moving as she touched herself.

Melissa stopped sucking and looked up at Justin.

"Fuck me," she said.

Justin shook his head, "Fuck me," he said.

He reached out and took her by the hands and pulled her towards him, enjoying the feeling of her naked flesh as she clumsily climbed on top of him, and lowered her slick wet pussy onto his rock hard dick.

They gasped together in delight as he penetrated her and she moved on top of him. She leaned in as she fucked him and her tits bounced in his face. She giggled and moaned as his hard piston pumped rhythmically inside her, the walls of her pussy slick and oiled against his hard, firm shaft.

Pushing off from the sofa he stood up and she wrapped herself around him, still with his cock inside her but now it was Justin who was making the grade, fucking her with long deep strokes. He staggered a couple of paces to the oak table and splayed her out over it, legs spread, tits tumbling, as he stood hunched over her, fucking and pumping.

One of Melissa's hands was kneading her breasts, the other was between her legs playing with her clit. Watching her masturbate as he fucked her just made Justin feel even more horny and he knew he wasn't far off orgasm. He fucked her with long, slow, deep strokes to prolong the feeling.

Melissa was clearly also riding on the edge, her moans were getting louder, higher in pitch and closer together. Her body started to writhe as she arched her back, seeming almost to levitate off the table.

She gave a short, sharp cry and then another, longer one and Justin knew she was coming so fully gave way, slamming himself hard into her wet, quivering pussy, feeling his own orgasm build.

"I want to come on your tits."

"What?" she replied, too lost in her own orgasm to hear for a moment.

"I want to come on your tits."

This time her eyes sparkled with comprehension.

"Well, fucking come on then," she gasped, struggling to find the breathe to make the words.

Justin pulled out of her and bounded onto the table, kneeling over her, spread over her tummy as his cock spasmed and he spurted hot sticky, come all over her chest.

She lay there, blissed out as he came over her, with just enough energy to rub his hot sticky semen into her tits.

"Yummy" she said.

Just then a door banged open, more lights were flicked on and Isobel stormed into the room, her long skirts swishing around her. Her eyes were glittering with what Justin recognised as arousal but presumed Melissa would register as fury.

She strode across the room and planted herself by the side of the table which still had Melissa's nude body spawled across it with Justin crouched over her, his dick dangling over her come strewn belly.

Isobel put her fists to her hips, her nostrils flared like a race horse and a flush of high pink in her usually palid cheeks.

"What the fuck is going on here?"

Melissa looked at Isobel in shock and surprise, looked at Justin then back at Isobel, suddenly defiant.

"What does it look like? We've just been having a lovely fuck, thanks. Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm his wife, now got the fuck out of my house."

"His wife?"

Melissa looked at Justin with a face almost as full of passion as Isobel's. Then she slapped him again, much harder this time, so hard he fell backwards and had to jump back to prevent himself falling onto the floor.

Melissa sat up on the table and without a further glance at either Isobel or Justin slid her bottom off it and unhurriedly got dressed. Both Justin and Isobel kept their eyes firmly on her as she bent at the waist to pick up her top, arse cheeks spreading, breasts hanging down.

Still naked from the waist down she pulled her top on over her tits, seemingly unconcerned about the come splatters over her chest. She pulled on her pants and trousers, slipped into her coat and checked her hair in the mirror.

Before leaving she turned to look at Justin, "Thanks for the fuck, I'll see myself out."

She blew Isobel a kiss and then she was gone.

Justin turned to look at his wife, he was completely naked, drenched in the scent of Melissa's body and cunt, his semi-flaccid dick still twitching.

Isobel started to walk slowly but purposefully towards him.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked. "Did you enjoy screwing that little slut while I watched you?"

Isobel was now standing directly in front of Justin running her hands over his chest, where his sweat mingled with Melissa's. Isobel leaned in closer pushing her bosom up against him so the hard metal of her necklaces pushed into his skin.

"I can smell her on you. I can smell that little slut all over you." Isobel leaned in to whisper in his ear, her cheek pressed against his.

She kissed him hard in the mouth, her tongue darting into his and then licking his face around his lips where Melissa's juices were smeared.

As she kissed him she ran one hand down his body, over his pelvis and down to his cock.

"Hmm, you're all slippery," she giggled as she ran her hand up and down his cock, slowly wanking him off.

She stopped kissing him and, looking him in the eyes, raised the hand she had been wanking him with to her face and started to lick off the sticky juices that were now coating it.

"Hmm," she purred, "I love the taste of another woman's cunt."

Then suddenly she dropped to her knees, her long skirts spread out around her and started vigorously sucking him off.

Justin steadied himself against the table as he felt his wife's mouth wrap around his cock, tasting Melissa's pussy as she licked her tongue up and down his shaft.

As she sucked he started telling her about Melissa, about spreading her legs to taste her peachy little pussy, about sliding his dick inside her, fucking her, coming on her. And the more he talked the harder she sucked.

Suddenly she stopped and moved backwards leaving him facing her, fully nude and with an aching stiff hard on.

Isobel faced him and began to unbutton her blouse. It was white and sleeveless and done up almost to the neck and her raven black hair fell down over it. She wore it with thick chunky necklaces and bracelets.

Her breasts were large, perhaps a touch bigger than Melissa's and the fabric was stretched tight over it but the distracting jangle of necklace downplayed the whole effect. As she finished unbuttoning though she let her blouse fall open and her ample breasts were in clear view. She wasn't wearing a bra.

Justin had obviously seen them many times before but could never quite get over how sexy her breasts were or how horny they made him feel.

They hung down slightly and were snow white with deep pink, almost red nipples, her necklaces hung down her cleavage and her open shirt cupped around them.

She pointed to the sofa, "Sit," she commanded and Justin obeyed, his cock standing hard and proud and perpendicular to his body.

Isobel moved towards him, hips and breasts swaying as she did, skirts swirling round her bare feat, her necklaces and bangles clanking lightly.

As she moved towards him, she stopped as something caught her eye. She stopped and bent down, breasts swaying forward as she picked Melissa's bra off the floor where it had fallen forgotten about.

She moved towards Justin and leaned over him, her tits dangling in his face and then casually blindfolded him with Melissa's black bra.

Justin couldn't see anything but was aware that Isobel had turned to face away from him. He heard a rustle that must have been her lifting up her skirts, felt her hands bracing against his hips then felt her sweet, sweet pussy being lowered onto his swollen shaft.

He leaned back and she leaned on him and they shifted their weight around so she was half lying on him and half on the sofa, giving him enough lattitude to fuck her, which he did with long slow strokes. He could feel her arse braced against his pelvis and her long skirts spread over them both. His hands found her breasts, gently cupping and rubbing them.

He knew she liked to be screwed slowly so he took his time, each stroke going deep and hard before a long, slow withdrawal.

While they langorously fucked on the couch they talked, about Melissa and other girls he'd fucked and would like to fuck. He told her stories about getting his dick sucked by girls he'd just met, about grubby little shags against the back of clubs. She laughed a low dirty laugh and told him what a very bad boy he was and moaned as his dick slipped in and out of her, filling her juicy wet pussy.

There was a light knock at the door. They both froze for a moment before Justin started slowly sliding his cock back inside Isobel's bushy, wet cunt.

There was another knock but this time they didn't stop silently screwing, Isobel biting her lip to stifle a moan.

The door rattled a little and Justin pushed the bra/ blindfold off his face just in time to see Melissa walk into the room.

"I forgot my bra," she said levelly, looking at the garment wrapped round Justin's head.

"Justin dear, give Melissa her bra back please," Isobel said coolly, "and please don't stop fucking me."

Justin complied, with both requests, unwrapping the bra from his head and throwing it to Melissa while continuing to slide his cock in and out of his wife.

Melissa caught the bra but didn't take her eyes off the couple shagging on the couch.

"So this is your thing is it?" she asked, taking her coat off as she talked.

"What is dear?" asked Isobel coolly.

Justin was pretty flustered now and happy to leave things to the women. He just knew seeing Melissa again in her low cut top was making him horny as hell and he was so glad he had a soft, wet slippery pussy on hand to drive his achingly hard dick into.

"Getting off watching your husband fuck some random and then having second dibs yourselves?"

As Melissa spoke she pulled off her top, exposing her beautiful golden tits again. Justin kept his eyes fixed on them as he squeezed Isobel's large pale breasts.

"Yes," said Isobel in a measured tone, "that's our thing."

"Uh huh," said Melissa putting her bra on, tits nestling back down in the lacey material.

Melissa walked nonchalantly over towards them and Isobel started to moan as Justin fucked her harder. They both had their eyes fixed on Melissa, topless apart from a bra that seemed to show off her tits rather then hide them.

Melissa's eyes however were fixed on the patch of Isobel's skirt that covered her pussy and prevented Melissa getting a full view of the action.

"Well, its pretty nice cock," she said, "I bet it looks pretty good in another woman's pussy." She reached down to Isobel's waist and found the clasp holding Isobel's skirt together. Her hand accidentally brushed Justin's bare skin and the feeling was electric.

The skirt unwrapped like a towell and Melissa spread it out so she got a clear view of Isobel's hairy wet cunt and Justin's hard cock disappearing inside.

"Oh yes," said Melissa, "very nice, and by the way," she turned to look at Isobel, "love the full bush."

"Thanks," gasped Isobel, starting to lose control of the calmness in her voice.

Melissa stepped backwards and sat herself down on the sofa opposite Justin and Isobel. Slowly she spread her legs and undid the fly of her trousers. One hand disappeared between her legs, under her knicker elastic and the other ran slowly over her belly.

Both Justin and Isobel had their eyes fixed on Isobel, watching her masturbate as she watched them fucking.

Justin was sure he would come almost immediately he was so hot but he heard his wife's voice, it was so surreal it was like something in a dream.

"Tell me my dear," she addressed Melissa, "have you ever been tasted by another woman?"

Melissa suddenly looked Isobel in the face and for the first time that evening seemed unsure of herself. She shook her head, lost somewhere between fear and excitement.

"Would you like to be?"

Melissa just looked at Isobel, her lips pink and slightly parted as though unsure how to respond.

Isobel pushed herself off Justin, slowly liftting her sopping, swollen pussy from his dick, and walked towards Melissa, naked now apart from her jewelry and her open blouse.

She stopped between her open legs and, bending forwards, kissed Melissa passionately on the lips. Melissa instinctively kissed her back and for several moments Justin was treated to the sight of these two gorgeous creatures locked in a passionate kiss. He hadn't seen what Isobel had been doing with her hands but was suddenly aware that Melissa was topless again.

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