tagBDSMHot Bodies on an Icy Sea Ch. 02

Hot Bodies on an Icy Sea Ch. 02


Part II: San Francisco

James thanked Charles for both taking care of me and taking care of the house. I kissed Charles good-bye and ran my hand over his still hard cock. We unloaded and checked the bags then proceeded to our gate.

“I need to stop in the men’s room,” James said as we got close to it. I had a little accident when you came,” he blushed.

I giggled and said, “I had better go too.”

Once we got to our gate, we still had a forty-minute wait. We had brought some tour books and used the time to map out some plans for our trip.

Once on the plane we relaxed. We only had an hour flight to our first destination where would change planes. Once in Houston, we had another two-hour wait.

We had some lunch and wandered around the airport looking through some small shops and picking up some reading materials. James, being the outgoing person that he is, talked to all of the clerks and many of the passengers.

After about an hour, we returned to our waiting area. There were a lot of people on the flight to San Francisco. James struck up a conversation with an interesting looking young man.

His name was Brett and he told us that he helped people get into franchises. We found him very interesting. He even got us thinking about looking into a franchise when we returned home.

Brett was six feet, six inches tall. He was well built and had nice red hair and a bit more of it than did James. James could see that I found him interesting and saw me squirming in my seat.

“Brett, what’s your destination?” he asked.

“I’m headed for San Francisco for a couple of days for a seminar,” he answered.

James looked at me and I smiled. “Oh, really? We’re going on a cruise but we’ll be spending a few nights in San Francisco. Where are you staying?’

“I’m at the Hilton by the Bay,” he said.

James smiled, “So are we. Could I interest you in a little fun while we’re there? My girlfriend and I have a little problem. "You see I have a really small dick and I have a lot of problems pleasing her. I’m wondering if you would like to help me out by having sex with her while we’re in San Francisco?” he whispered.

“What is this, Candid Camera?” Brett asked as he looked around.

“No, man, I’m serious.” James said.

Brett looked at me with a question in his eyes. I shook my head up and down, then licked my lips and ran a finger across my teeth.

His eyes sparkled and I noticed a twitch in his pants. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yeah, man, I am,” James replied. “If you want, you can sit with her during the flight to get to know her and possibly start right then.”

Brett took a deep breath and scanned me once again. I parted my legs slightly so that he could see my uncovered, shaved pussy. Then I smiled at him.

“I’m a married man,” he told James.

“So, you can use a condom, and she has no diseases.” James replied. “Plus she is really horny.”

“I’m not concerned about that stuff, I just want you to know that I’m married. You might want some other stud to take care of her.” Brett protested.

“She wants you, and what she wants, she usually gets.” James told him.

Brett looked once more at me and my hand was on my lap, making little circles where my clit would be. His cock jumped once again in his pants.

He took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. “Let’s go check out the men’s room,” he suggested to James.

“Sounds good to me, “ James said as he got up and took my hand. The three of us walked to the men’s room. James went in to check to see if there was anyone else in there.

He came out and said, “All clear.”

Brett looked at me and I smiled. He took my hand and led me into the men’s room. We went to the handicapped stall and he locked the door behind us. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I am really horny and hot,” I told him.

He reached his hand tentatively up my short skirt and felt the wetness between my legs. I reached in my purse for a condom and handed it to him, do you want to use this?” I asked.

His hand was already deep in my pussy exploring my soft wet regions. “No, I want to feel all of you on me. You are so hot!”

He pulled my short skirt up to my waist and pulled my blouse off of me. He smiled when my untethered breast bounced at him. His large hand covered one while his thirsty mouth suckled the other.

His free hand found its way up my skit and was finding its way around in the wet darkness quite nicely. His fingers were gentle and he moaned as he felt the hardness of my clit and the swell of my mound.

He released his mouth from my breast and found mine. His tongue went deep into my throat as my hand unzipped his pants.

His cock was hard and throbbing as I pulled it out of the confines of his jeans. I bent over him and sucked it into my mouth.

“Ohhhh,” he breathed as my wet mouth drew him in.

I knelled in front of him and his hands grabbed my head and held it still as his hips pushed towards my hungry mouth. In and out his hips steadily pumped my face.

Soon, I felt the steam of his hot cum rushing toward me. I licked the rim of his head and ran the tip of my tongue over his hole. I could taste the salty delight as it exploded through his cock and down my throat.

Brett took a few deep breaths as I sucked hard on his flowing hose. His stomach shook as his seed rushed out of him. His legs became weak and his knees gave out just as the last of his cum flowed into my mouth.

I swallowed his tasty seed and licked my lips as his defunct cock slipped out of my mouth. He released my head and sat on the toilet.

It took him a few minutes to collect himself. When he did, he looked me in the eye and said, “I haven’t hand anything like that since I was maybe sixteen.”

I smiled, “Glad, I could oblige,” I said.

“Is your boyfriend, serious about us having sex while you are in San Francisco?” he asked.

“Oh yes, we’re very serious about that. This was just an introduction. Of course there is one thing he didn’t tell you,” I confessed.

He got this scared look on his face. “Oh, yeah, what’s that, it is going to cost me money?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. I’m not a whore or a prostitute, I just love sex,” I told him. “I also love James, but he doesn’t have the tools to fuck me sufficiently, so I get the good stuff from other men.”

“He doesn’t mind this?” Brett asked confused.

“No, he doesn’t, he finds men for me because he knows that sexually he cannot satisfy me,” I enlightened him.

“Okay, so what’s the catch?” Brett asked.

“He wants to watch as we fuck,” I shared.

“What? He will be in the room with us when we have sex?” he seemed angry.

“Well, yeah, and he may even join us. We like threesomes. But often time he just watches and then cleans me, and you, too, if you will allow him to, afterwards,” I explained.

“You know, I really liked the blow job you gave me. You are beautiful and your body is to die for,” he said.

I smiled, “Thank you, I aim to please.”

“But I need more info before I can make a commitment to having sex with you, while he watches us. And what’s this clean up stuff?” he asked.

“Tell you what,” I said, “why don’t we try to get our three seats together and we’ll explain our lifestyle while we fly. If when we get to San Francisco you decide that you’re not interested, then no foul, no harm. We just had a good time. Agree?” I asked.

“Okay, I can do that,” Brett agreed. Then he pulled up my skirt and stuck out his tongue. He spread my legs and licked the length of my pussy and ran his tongue over my clit until my juices began to flow again. He licked my slit one more time then stood up. “You sure do taste good.”

I smiled and we walked out of the men’s room just as a couple of guys walked in. They looked at us and smiled knowingly.

James turned as we walked out and had a questioning smile on his face. Brett spoke first.

“She sure is good,” he said, “and she told me a little about what you like. We have decided to get our seats together so you guys can tell me about this stuff that you like to do. I’ll have an answer for you by the time we arrive. Deal?” he asked.

“Fair enough,” James replied as he took my hand.

The three of us went to the boarding desk together and got our seats in a three-row side of the plane. Brett sat by the window; I was in the middle and James on the outside seat.

During the flight, Brett’s hand found its way between my legs and he massaged my pussy most of the way to California. James did most of the talking, explaining our lifestyle and my need for lots of sex and his desire to see me serviced by a better man than himself.

This intrigued Brett and he finally decided that he would like to be a part of it. For the short time we would be in San Francisco anyway. He felt safe that his wife would not find out.

That settled James got me a blanket out of the overhead and spread it across my legs. Both men found their way under the blanket and the two of them shared my pussy the rest of the trip. My body was liquid by the time we deplaned and I had to be helped off.

The three of us got a cab after finding our luggage and were quiet on the way to the hotel. I think we were all contemplation our first real encounter.

First, we all found our rooms, which we had requested to be close. We took our luggage in and freshened up from the flight. James was excited and wanted me to be fresh and clean when Brett arrived.

He ran me a hot bath and washed and shampooed me. Then he went through my clothes and found a sexy evening gown to adorn me. He put my stilettos on me and I made up my face.

I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself as he showered. I found my perfume and sprayed all the right places and then I relaxed on the bed until James emerged.

Soon after he was dressed there was a knock on our door. James answered it and Brett looked a bit uneasy all the while showing how anxious he was to be with me once again.

As he walked in, I could see that he was a little nervous. James asked him if he would like a drink. He quickly said yes.

James made drinks all around and we sat and talked for a short while. Then James called me to him. I went and sat on his lap. He unbuttoned the straps that held my dress up and let it fall to expose my breasts.

“Doesn’t my Mistress have pretty breast, Brett?” he asked.

Brett licked his lips and answered, “She has the prettiest breasts I’ve seen in a long time, James.”

“How would you like to lick and suck these tits?” he asked.

“I want to do that more than I can express,” Brett answered.

***James carried me over and sat me on Brett’s lap. He then turned to the bed and pulled the bedspread down.

Meanwhile, Brett had taken one of my breasts into his mouth. He rolled my hard nipple around with his tongue and an explosion happened in my pussy. The juices went wild and my temperature rose a few degrees.

James went out of the room and came back with a bucket of ice and a few cokes and bottles of water. He lifted me off of Brett’s lap and took me to the bed. He stripped off my dress and turned to Brett, “She’s all yours! I am here to serve you master as you give my Mistress what I am unable to give her. Show me, please, Master Brett, how a real man fucks a woman good!”

Brett came to me on the bed. His cock was standing out like an arrow leading the way to his prey. I lay there with my legs splayed out.

He took his pants off as he reached the side of the bed and they fell crumpled to the floor. His cock bounced up and down, looking for its target.

James crawled onto the bed and positioned himself at my head. He wanted to assure me that he was there to take care of me.

Brett stroked his large cock several times. Then I reached up and took it into my hands and pulled his magnificent cock to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked his round head. Precum had already found its way to the crown.

I reached up and put my arms around his neck, pulling him down towards me. Kissing his lips, I stuck my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me hard and my hand reached again for his large tool, which I stroked slowly while we kissed.

When the kiss ended, Brett put his hand on his hard dong and guided it into my wet, waiting pussy. He had no problems pushing it into my cunt. She was slopped and hungry, ready for a good fucking.

I laid back and grabbed hold of the headboard. Brett’s prick head was teasing the entrance to my garden. I pushed my hips towards him and he pulled back. “We have plenty of time, baby, I don’t want to rush this,” he whispered.

I relaxed and waited for him to set the pace. He leaned over me and sucked my left tit into his mouth. He rolled the nipple around with his tongue and then nipped at my teat. Fire like lava flowed through me and settled in my clit. She woke up and stood at attention.

James said, “I’m going to climb between your legs, Master Brett, if that is all right with you? It will make it easy for me to assist you with my Mistress and also service you. May I have your permission to do so, Master Brett?” he asked.

Brett looked to me to help him answer this question. I shook my head yes, and whispered, “Yes, James, I want you to suck and lick my balls while I fuck your Mistress.”

He looked at me funny, but he repeated my words.

“Yes, Master, it is my pleasure to serve you as you show me how useless and wasteful it is for me to be on this earth,” James groveled. “Please, Master Brett, show me how my woman wants to be fucked and how futile it is for me to even try to love her. Prove to me that you are the only one that can please a woman like my Mistress. Then make me clean up the mess.” James begged.

As this was going on, I noticed Brett’s cock growing. He was enjoying this banter. When he came for me, his hard cock broke the barrier of my pussy with a force I had not felt in a long time.

He attacked my womanhood with a passion that woke her quickly and started a fire that would take a long while to quench. His passion was so intense that my barrier was broken instantly and he slid effortlessly into my pussy.

His penetration was deep and vibrated my being. My nipples became hard and remained that way the entire time. There was so much desire that I saw white light that felt blinding.

I grabbed tight to his arms and tried to keep his rhythm. He was wild with passion and he pounded my body with all that he possessed. He appeared tireless.

James came up beside me and wiped my face with a cool cloth. Then he climbed between my legs again and licked Brett’s balls. This slowed him down only slightly. I believe the pleasure of having his balls licked as he fucked me was a new sensation for him.

After what seemed hours, I finally felt the pressure build in his prick. His head became larger and he slowed his pace. His strokes became deep and while in the down position, he swirled his cock around in me.

Then the explosion occurred and the warmth of his heavy cum flowed into my waiting snatch. My hips reached up to him as the thick seed filled my cavity.

His weight fell on me and I lay there pinned to the bed. Brett breathed deeply and seemed unable to calm himself. He tried to lift his weight off of me but was unable to accomplish this. Finally, with much effort, he hoisted himself off of me and rolled over.

James was hesitant. “Master, Brett? May I please clean my Lady off of you?” he begged.

Brett turned to me. “What does he want to do?” he asked.

“He wants to clean my juices off of your cock,” I told him. “Only he’s not going to use a washcloth, he’s going to use his mouth.”

His eyes got big, “I’m not gay!” he protested.

I tried to calm him, “Oh, I know that, and neither is James, but I do love seeing him with the prick that just fucked me grandly in his wimpy mouth. It shows him how unworthy he is to stick his cock in my pussy. It’ll make me happy if you do,” I smiled.

Brett thought about it for a few minutes then turned to James, “Yeah wimp boy, clean me up!” he commanded like he knew what he was doing.

I rolled over and kissed him hard on the lips. His tongue shot into my mouth. “You sure know how to make a man feel good,” he whispered. "I wish I could have you every day.”

I smiled and kissed him again. “You’ll have me for two if you want them,” I answered.

James sucked gently on Brett’s prick, knowing this was new to him. I whispered in his ear, “Ask him if he likes the taste of his woman on another man’s cock,” I advised, “and call him useless and pencil dicked.”

“Hey, wimp boy, do you like the taste of your Mistress on my big cock? You are nothing but a pencil dicked useless man. I don’t see why your Mistress keeps you around!” Brett followed my lead. “You could never please a woman like this!”

I watched James as his dicklett grew. Suddenly, he exploded all over the bedspread.

Brett looked at me with a question in his eyes, “Spontaneous ejaculation,” I said.

He smiled and kissed me again. His hand went between my legs and he played with my wetness for a few minutes. Then he scooted down between my legs. His tongue jetted into the wetness and he started licking all around my lips.

Brett knew his way around a pussy that was evident. He licked and sucked all the right places and within minutes, my legs were trembling and the nectar of our passion flowed freely down my legs.

He got to his knees and he flipped me over.

“What are you doing?” I asked as James came to my side.

“I want to fuck your tight ass,” he informed me.

James scooted off of the bed and went to my purse. He came back with condoms and handed one to Brett.

Brett took it and then looked at James, “What is this for?” he asked.

“Got to use a condom to fuck my Mistress in the ass,” James replied.

Then James reached over me and handed Brett a bottle. Brett examined it and opened the lid. He squirted a little of the lubricant on my ass and rubbed it around my asshole.

He took one finger and inserted it into my ass and added a little more oil. He swirled the finger around and tried to stretch my tight hole. Then he inserted a second finger and scissored the two fingers in and out in an effort to enlarge the tight opening.

“Come here, James,” Brett requested, “I need your help.”

James crawled beside Brett and asked, “Yes, Master Brett, how may I assist you, Sir?”

“I want you to straddle your Mistress and hold her cheeks apart until I get my cock in her ass. Then you can go take care of her while I fuck this tight little ass.”

James did as he was told. Brett held his hard rod in his hand and slowly inserted it into the widened hole that James was providing. Once he had the head in me, he told James, “I can take it form here.”

Brett slowly eased his cock in my tight ass. I could feel it tear at my insides as he went deeper and deeper, but he was gentle and slow. He also took the bottle of lubricant and squirted more fluid around his cock as he pistoned it in and out of my ass.

Once Brett had a good rhythm going, James took a few pillows and slipped his body under me. He crawled between my legs and used the pillows to position his head as close to my clit as possible.

As Brett pushed his cock in and out of my butt, James licked my clit and finger fucked me. Occasionally he would reach up and lick or suck Brett’s balls. Each time he did this Brett would plunge deeper into my ass. He would sigh and lose his rhythm. Sometimes he even stopped almost like he needed to regroup.

This dual action was causing continuos explosions in my body. There was no loss of lubrication on either side. My nipples got hard and I massaged them and pinched my left nipple often. Each time the fire would fill my being and Brett would come down harder in my ass.

Soon, Brett started fucking me faster. I knew that he would soon explode in my tight ass. This excited James. He stopped licking me and started licking and sucking Brett’s balls.

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