Hot Ch. 01


Last weekend, I had just taken a shower and was getting ready to go out for the evening. It was a bit early, so I decided to lie down and get some rest. Thoughts of what I saw on the internet a few hours earlier went through my mind and, in hindsight, never realized how much a simple mouse click would change my life.

Looking at porn has never been that big of a deal for me. Sure, every once in a while I would go online and seek some out, but rarely stayed interested for more than 10 or 15 minutes. However, that day was different. I came across a picture of a beautiful exotic woman and clicked on it. It wasn't just her beauty that attracted me, it was also that it didn't have the typical sleazy porn look to it. It was in HD and it had an upscale erotic feel to it.

For instance, the room was dimly lit with red light and her exotic beauty was enhanced by the warm glow of candlelight. She was between 30-35 years old, naturally tanned, full shoulder length black hair, firm breasts with half-inch erect nipples, a flat stomach, and long legs with smooth shapely thighs. She was wearing black fishnet stockings and an inch wide black choker/necklace.

Without question, she is one of the hottest looking women I have ever seen -- except for the fact that she had a dick between her legs. I was taken aback, but still, her exotic beauty, feminine figure, hard cock and balls stirred something within me. I have never been interested in men, attracted to another man's penis, but I was drawn to this shemale.

I clicked on one of her movies and a soft techno beat played as she lay back in a plush red chair. Her hands were restrained in leather cuffs above her head and feet in stirrups, that pulled her legs apart. Her thick 7-inch cock was erect and jutting out at a 45-degree angle and, for some reason, the way her balls hung loosely between her legs aroused me.

She was alone and sexually into the bondage moment when a stunning blonde woman wearing a red corset came in and knelt down in front of her. She licked her balls softly and then placed her mouth over the shemale's cock and slid her lips up and down her shaft slowly. The cock stretched her lips as she gave the shemale one of the most erotic and pleasuring blowjobs I had ever seen. Not once did she use her hands.

After awhile, the shemale moaned softly as she came. You may find it a bit nasty, but I liked how the blonde let the cum seep out of her mouth and run down the shaft, onto the balls and down her crack. She continued pleasuring the shemale with her mouth as she lubed two fingers with cum and slid them in and out of her ass.

A man walked into the scene and placed his huge cock to the shemale's mouth and her lips stretched wide to accommodate his very thick and at least 8-inch long dick. She closed her eyes and masterfully slid her lips over the head and then 3-4 inches up and down his shaft.

It was very arousing watching this beautiful mixture of a woman and man suck on a massive cock as the blonde slowly twisted and slid three fingers in and out of the shemale's ass. Her thick 7-inch cock was standing straight out and the truth is that I wished I could have grabbed it and wrapped my lips around it.

Without saying a word, the man removed his dick from her mouth and the blonde stopped what she was doing, got up and stepped away. The man got between her legs, brought his meat to her asshole and then forced his cock into her in one slow forward motion. OMG, I thought!!! She let out a long guttural moan as her cock pulsed as he pressed up against her ass. Her asshole stretched tight around him as he slid his cock almost all the way out and then back in again. It was so erotic being able to see the look of pleasure on her face, her breasts jiggle and her cock bounce with each thrust. Even the site of her smooth thighs and ass quivering each time he entered her excited me.

A couple of times he pulled all the way out and her asshole/pussy gaped open until he filled her again.

It was so fucking hot that I couldn't help myself and dropped my pants and started stroking myself. I masturbated slowly as he played with her breasts, pinched her nipples and took her cock into his manly hand. He stroked her as his cock filled her ass. She began to breathe heavily and looked like she was experiencing sexual bliss when he pushed in and grinded into her slowly. He gripped her cock at the base, stood her meat straight up when she closed her eyes and then moaned as five gushes of cum oozed out and ran down her shaft.

He started fucking her again slowly and more cum oozed out. He picked up the pace and before long, pulled out and his cum landed onto her cock and balls. I was on the verge of cumming and stopped stroking my dick to delay my orgasm, but lost it when he bent over, licked and then ate his and her cum. That whole fuck scene and the fact that he ate his cum was incredible.

That night, I was lying in bed resting and my mind went to the visions of her and the fact that he ate his cum. I thought about the many times I planned on tasting and eating mine, but always lost interest after my orgasm. I couldn't even bring myself to taste it because it just seemed wrong and disgusting after I climaxed. However, the thought of shooting my load onto her and then eating my cum as I sucked her dick got me hard and I started masturbating. I envisioned her sexy feminine figure and huge cock jutting out. Then I started to fantasize about sucking on the head and then sliding my lips down her shaft as far as I could. I was craving cock!

Like most people, I fantasize. However, that night I got so into fantasizing that it was as if she was there in front of me. When I was getting close to an orgasm, I imagined her bringing her dick to my mouth and I said out loud,

"fuck my mouth, I want to taste your cum!"

Suddenly, I was startled when I heard, "Okay" and opened my eyes to find my roommate standing at my bedroom door. My heart dropped as I frantically tried to cover up my nakedness. He was taking off his shirt as he walked towards me and then dropped his shorts and underwear when he got next to my bed.

----- He had come home while I was in the shower and I didn't realize it. He told me later that he had been watching me for about 5 minutes and at one point, thought that I knew he was there. He truly believed that I was talking to him when I said, "fuck my mouth, I want to taste your cum." -----

He was standing next to me and I started to panic. An overwhelming desperate nervous feeling ran through me and I couldn't move, was unable to look up at him or say anything. My head was spinning when my eyes fixated on his hard cock and balls and the nervous feeling within me turned to excitement.

The truth is that the shemale had brought out some hidden desires and I wanted to experience what it was like to suck cock. I imagined wrapping my lips around his and then made the decision to go for it.

I had him sit on the side of the bed and then knelt between his legs. He leaned back on his elbows and this exposed his balls and made his dick jut out at an angle. Without hesitating, I leaned forward and licked his balls. After a few moments, I brought my mouth to his cockhead, slid my lips down his shaft, and was surprised with how much his warm meaty flesh made my mouth water. My tongue licked his mushroomed shaped head and it felt warm, soft and had a smooth spongy feel to it. My tongue parted his slit and I tasted his precum and liked it.

He was maybe 5½-inches long, but had a nice thickness to it. I grabbed it, liked how his skin moved up over the head and stretched back as I stroked him. My lips slid down his shaft and I enjoyed the feel of his soft meaty flesh slide across my tongue and lips. I took all of him in my mouth and liked how his cockhead pushed against the back of my throat (without making me gag). My tongue licked his shaft as I pressed my mouth against his pubic hair, while I massaged the base of his dick with my lips. I took pleasure in the fact that I could do all that at the same time.

My mouth pleased him as I massaged his balls and thought about what it would be like when he had an orgasm and his cum travels from his balls, shoots up his shaft and out into my mouth. He then grabbed my head and lifted his hips as he slow-fucked my mouth. The feel of him having control and his meaty flesh sliding across my lips excited me. I liked how he was using me.

Before that day, I had never looked at gay or bisexual porn, unless by accident. It did nothing for me. I wasn't attracted to men, never thought about sucking a cock -- I was a complete heterosexual. But at that moment, I was a cock-sucking slut and loving it. I craved the moment he released his load so I could taste his creamy juice and swallow it.

In a way, it was a revelation. I realized at that moment that I knew what women felt when they were sucking my dick. I didn't mind when they asked me to cum in their mouth, of course I enjoyed it when I did, but never understood "why" they liked it so much. Having this dick in my mouth and wanting him to cum in my mouth helped me relate to their passion, in essence, understand their slutty ways.

My roommate stopped and asked me if I stilled wanted him to cum in my mouth and I said yes. He then called me his cock sucking, cum eating slut as he pushed his dick back in my mouth. Fuck, I loved how his hard meaty flesh felt sliding across my lips and pressed against the back of my throat. He picked up the pace and before long, he was breathing heavily and moaning. He pulled out halfway when I felt his meaty flesh get hot, throb and then shoot spurts of his juice in my mouth. I liked the taste, swallowed some, but liked the creamy feel as I slid my lips up and down his shaft.

I thought about how much I loved it when my girlfriend would keep me in her mouth after I came. It was a great way to extend the pleasure and relax after a good sexual session. She knew to avoid my sensitive head as she gently sucked and slowly slid her lips up and down my shaft -- milking me. I figured he would like it also, so I did the same to him. When he was soft, I released him, licked his balls for a few minutes and then admired his glistening cock and balls between his legs. I was relishing the moment of what I had just done.

My roommate called me a fag and told me that he would let me know when he wanted his dick sucked again and then stood up, grabbed his clothes and walked out. The feel and taste of his cum was still in my mouth when I thought about what he said and felt used and got angry. An unbelievable amount of guilt, regret and desperation about what I had done ran through me. I was so troubled and ashamed by it that I didn't leave my room that night.

The next morning, I woke up and felt a little better. The reality was that I couldn't hide or deny the fact that I sucked him off and enjoyed it. I tasted his cum, swallowed it and wanted to do it again. It was going to be a bit awkward at first, but couldn't avoid seeing each other, so I decided to take a shower and face him. Although, his attitude bothered me, It was obvious that I still wanted to suck his dick because I got hard just thinking about it.

After my shower, I went into the kitchen and he was standing at the counter drinking coffee. Just as I walked in, the asshole opened his robe to show me his semi-erect dick and said that he wanted to cum in my mouth again and laughed. Anger began to swell up in me, but I kept my cool and told him that I did want to suck his dick again, but was he willing to do the same to me. He said that he didn't have any interest, that he wasn't a faggot, but was more than willing to let me suck his dick when he was in the mood.

What an asshole, I thought. But, smiled as I remembered how the shemale looked being bound. I poured some coffee and thought about doing something like that to him. I knew that I would have to tease him and lead him along a bit, but felt confident that I could persuade him to let me tie him up. He was too excited about having his dick sucked that I believed he wouldn't catch on to my plan until it was too late. Right then, I decided to set my plan in motion.

I drank a little coffee and then dropped to my knees and had him lean back, spread his legs so I could have easy access to his balls. Last night they were hanging loose, but this morning they were pulled up tight and wrinkled.

My dick started to get hard as I licked around his asshole (not touching it), then his balls, then up his shaft to the tip. It wasn't long before he had precum oozing out the tip and I grabbed his dick, forced more precum to the tip and looked up as I licked it off -- he was watching. Then I slid my lips up and down his shaft again until he was about to cum and stopped.

He looked confused, but I told him that I wanted him to take a shower, trim his pubic hair and shave his balls. Then I would spend more time pleasing him. He seemed so excited as he left to take a shower.

My plan was in motion...

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