Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 03


He knew most college girls shaved their pussies and when he saw Pamela's shaved cunt for the first time, he cock was no longer just stirring in his pants, it had now become a raging hard on!

She handed her panties to him, as he tried to stay calm, saying, "oh good, ok, then, go up to my white board so we you can write some things down."

He told her firmly and with confidence, so she didn't question him. When she turned her back, not only was it the first time he was going to gaze upon her nice round firm athletic ass naked, but it gave him a quick opportunity to sniff her small panties!

Oh he loved how they smelled, as he brought the crotch of her pretty panties to his nose, he inhaled deeply, getting the scent of her young, sexy, wet, pussy!

His cock was so hard, and he held her panties in his hand, so soft, so tiny, and so wet!!!

She got to the board, and he asked her to please write down all of the words that came to her mind regarding a woman's vagina. She was writing words like pussy, cunt, twat, snatch, and trying to think of more, when he told her to stop.

She looked so hot, naked, her ass on display so beautiful, so full so firm in those pretty flip flop sandals that she had on. He walked up to his desk, and she turned around she was surprised to see him standing there.

He was looking at her firm, sexy, naked body as she stood there and for the first time, Pamela was actually and openly was aroused. She liked the way her handsome teacher was admiring her and she thought to herself, "Oh he is checking me out, how I wish Ross could see me like this, oh that Ross!"

"Dr. Roberts is everything ok?" she asked as she bit her lower lip.

"Oh uh yes, Pammy, I was just looking at you, please don't take this the wrong way, but you really have a fantastic body, I hope I'm not being rude, but you are really sexy!" he said to her.

"Oh well at least he thinks I'm sexy!" she thought to herself, thinking about why Ross didn't seem to think so.

She smiled and walked towards him, with those big beautiful boobs slightly bouncing up and down, her nice silver dollar sized areola's perking up and her nipples standing at full attention.

She decided to herself to be a bit playful, as she had seen on the movies she watched, she wanted to actually tease her professor. "Hum, Dr. Roberts, can I please start my speech now?" she asked him as she put both of her small hands on his desk, and leaned forward, so her nice firm tits hung down a bit and her round firm naked ass was in the air.

"Oh well sure, Pam my, I mean, what did you have in mind?" he said, as he subconsciously reached down to rub his rock hard cock against his pants, admiring her hot naked nineteen year old body.

She smiled when he did that, and she then leaned forward, onto her elbows, so that her ass was up high up in the air, with her small wet little pussy all nestled between her slightly open legs. That nice little cunt, all small, pretty, shaved, open and wet, just there between her firm legs.

It was almost more than he could handle seeing her like that, his dick was bursting in his briefs, Pamela, saw the look of lust in his eyes, just as a pen rolled off the desk and onto the floor, right between her legs.

She didn't move, but he did. He took that opportunity, to squat down, as he did, he didn't even look for the pen, he just saw the most beautiful moons of a woman's naked ass that he had ever seen in his life, right in his face.

His animal lust took over and he reached out, placed his hands right on Pamela's naked ass, and before she could even say a word, he proceeded to bury his face up that sexy coed's hot naked butt!

She let out a gasp, and said, "Oh Dr. Roberts, what are you doing?" as she had never ever had anyone lick her down there before, let along bury their face in her ass!

Oh but he didn't care, he pushed his face into her ass and stuck out his tongue, tasting that hot wet creamy little cunt she had. He began to lap at her naked pussy, up and down, like a cat lapping up some cream for its dinner.

Pamela jumped when she felt his hot tongue going up her naked pussy, oh she had masturbated plenty of times, but now this, oh this feeling of actually having her own cunt licked, like she had seen in the movies, was too much.

It felt wonderful to her! She loved it, oh she wanted it, she loved the feeling of her teacher's tongue licking and tasting her wet pink pussy! She started to moan a bit, and then she began to move her hips, sort of back and forth. Although she didn't know it, Pamela began to fuck her teachers face with her hot ass and pussy!

He was so aroused, he had this beautiful coed's naked pussy in his face and he began to push his hot tongue up her pussyhole. Up her small, wet, hot, tight little cunthole! He began to tongue fuck his student and he enjoyed hearing her whimpering as he did!

He took that opportunity to reach down, unzip his pants, and pull out his rock hard cock. It was harder that it had been in twenty years. He slowly stroked his dick as he licked her snatch!

She was moving her hips sideways now too; she was learning quickly how good it made her small pussy feel to do so, as her Professor sucked on her cunt. Then he pushed his nose up her pussyhole, sniffing her young cunt that hot womanly nineteen year old pussy scent!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm"he moaned out, right before he moved his face up and began to rim out her tight little asshole!

"Ohhhh ooooooooooooooooohhhhhahhhhh" is what Pam said, as she felt a tongue up her ass for the first time in her life! Oh it felt so good! Dr. Roberts pushed his tongue up her tight butthole, trying so hard to fuck her small asshole with his tongue, he loved tonguing his sexy little student, and she loved it too!

That was the scene, this obscene hot erotic scene, a college professor, with is cock out of his pants as he beat off, all while he had his face buried in his young college students hot naked ass and pussy, she was bucking her hips, loving it, and feeling to so good!

Then came that feeling, oh the feeling that Pamela gets when she masturbates and it makes her young pussy cream, she couldn't help it! "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " she cried out as she felt it cumming, she felt her pussy beginning to contract, and then it happened, Oh she squirted and she squirted hard!

She began to shoot pussy juice out of her pretty little snatch and onto her teachers face, oh he loved it, I mean he really loved it!!

He had seen girls squirt on adult movies, but never in real life! Oh what a treat, this sexy hot little broad was squirting her cunt juice all over his face! He didn't care that it was shooting off onto his shirt and tie, he wanted to lick up all of her sexy pussy juices!

She was spent, oh she was on a high, she loved being licked, and she loved it a lot. About as much as she loved sucking Tommy's cock the day before, maybe even a bit more, and then she thought to herself, "oh that's what I need, I need to suck cock now, I want to suck Dr. Roberts hard cock right now!"

So she turned and stood up, all naked and beautiful, he was there squatting, her cunt juice all over his face, she looked down and saw a nicely shaped dick, he was a nice 6" with a nice head, and she smiled.

"Dr. Roberts, I know you are a Dr. and see lots of women's pussies, but would it be ok, well would it be ok with you, if I could maybe suck on your cock, oh I mean your penis for a bit?" she asked with a bit of a pouty look on her pretty nineteen year old face.

He could not believe she asked him, "Oh Pammy, yes honey, oh it would be a treat to feel you sucking my cock, you can call it my cock honey, its ok Pammy."

She smiled at him and now he stood up, she got close and began to take off his tie and his shirt, and then she undid his pants and pulled them down. He pulled down his briefs and out popped that nice hard cock. He looked down and swore to himself it was at least 6 ½" to 7" so hard for her right there and then!

Pamela liked his body, he kept himself in great shape, and she admired older men a lot, so she smiled as she stood in front of him. She wanted to make him feel as good as he made her feel!

She looked at him and he at her, and couldn't waist this opportunity, her got close her, wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her lips.

She enjoyed that, she wanted to be kissed while nude, for just a slight moment she closed her eyes and thought about Ross and she wanted desperately for him to kiss her like that, passionately while they were both nude.

She felt Dr. Roberts hand on her breasts, squeezing them as they kissed, she let out a moan, and soon she felt his hand on her naked ass, squeezing her butt and running hands up her back and then back down again.

She felt like such a woman, as he fondled the coed's firm tits and squeezed her butt, he reached down to cup and caress her naked vagina, feeling her hot, wet, slippery cunts lips against his strong fingers. It was a very sensual and erotic scene, all in this college classroom.

She grabbed his hard cock in her soft hand and gently massaged it, then remembering what she saw in a movie she watched just two nights earlier as she played with her cunt in her dorm room, she reached down with her other soft hand and cupped his full balls. They felt spongy yet nice in her hands; Pamela had never felt a man's balls before and enjoyed playing with them.

He was in awe at how this beautiful woman was stroking his cock with her soft hand and massaging his nuts with the other. He began to wonder how she learned such things; perhaps it was due to her older boyfriend he assumed, since everyone on campus knew that Pamela as seeing Ross, the plant supervisor.

Little did he know that she was just an inexperienced nineteen year old girl, who learned much of what she knew from watching porn on the internet.

Pamela then looked in her teachers eyes, and gently pushed him backwards, down into his chair, his legs were open and his cock was sticking straight up in the air, like a stiff pipe! By this time, he was leaking pre-cum from his dick hole and it was beginning to cover the top of his mushroom cockhead.

Pamela squatted between his legs and for the first time in her life, was really able to see a cock this close without there being a wall between the man and his penis. She gazed upon the beauty of his hard cock, how it stuck up so hard and hot, and with all of the pre-cum around the head, it almost looked like a nice an ice cream cone to her, it was going to be her treat!

She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the underside of his erect shaft, "ohhhh hmmmm" is the groan that Dr. Roberts let out as she did so. She enjoyed hearing him groan, so she kept at it, licking the underside of his cock, as she held up his hard dick in one hand while her other soft little hand, kept massaging his full tight balls.

Then she looked up at him, right into his eyes, as she moved up, opened her mouth, and put that mushroom head right into her wet, warm, sucking mouth! "ohhhhhhh Pammy, Ooooohh, yea," is what she heard as she began to move her head up and down on his stiff rod.

She placed her hand on his shaft, just as she did with Tommy and she began to bob her head up and down at the same rhythm of her hand going up and down his shaft. Dr. Roberts didn't close his eyes, no; he wanted to see her beautiful face and that long hair in her pretty ponytail, as she sucked his cock.

"She looks so beautiful, like that, with my cock in her mouth," he thought to himself. Pammy expected him to shoot off, into her mouth, just like Tommy did the day before, she was actually looking forward to tasting his cum, but no, Dr. Roberts was an older, more experienced man, with more stamina, and he wasn't about to cum too soon, and lose this precious opportunity of fucking her pretty face or her small tight pussy!

He enjoyed her cocksucking, he put his hand gently on her head, and softly caressed her head, she liked that, it felt good to have a man appreciate her at this, and she again wished it was Ross's hard cock in her mouth, but it wasn't.

After ten minutes or so of her sucking his cock, he told her, "Pammy, get up here on my desk, I want to lick your pretty little pussy some more."

Oh how could she resist? Besides, after ten minutes of sucking his cock, the newly experienced little cocksuckers jaw was getting tired, so she smiled and lied on his desk.

He quickly thru whatever papers were on the desk onto the floor and helped her, as she got up, lied down and he gently parted her firm legs. There she was, so pretty, so firm, those big boobs lying on her chest so beautifully, her legs open and her hot, wet, small, tight, shaved pussy was on display for him!

He looked down, he wanted to capture a mental picture of her just like that in head, so he could remember that pose while he jacked off in his shower in the future. She really looked awesome, she looked like those beautiful centerfold girls do in the old men's magazine's he used to get and look at while he played with his dick.

He went in and gave her quick lick, before pulling her to the edge of his desk, and looking down at his rock hard prick, just inches from her steamy little love hole.

"Oh Dr. Roberts, what are you doing?" she said in shock.

"Pammy, I have to have your pussy, you have made me feel so good and I know I have made you feel good too, but now, oh honey, I have to feel it inside of you, oh Pamela, I need to make love to you sweetie, right now." He told her.

She was hesitant at first, she had never had a penis inside of her small cunt before, but again she didn't want him to know, she so said, "But what about a condom, I mean I don't want to get pregnant Dr. Roberts."

"That's the beauty of his Pammy, you see my kids are all grown up, so I have had a vasectomy, I can't make babies any longer sweetie, that is why I will be able to make love to you, and you have nothing to fear!" he told her just as he moved his throbbing cockhead towards the entrance of her small pussyhole!

She didn't say word, she closed her eyes just as she felt it, she felt his cockhead at the entrance of her small vagina, and oh it started to go in. She tensed up a bit as he pushed it in further, up into her tight, wet, slippery, little hole.

He felt his dick head hitting something, and he thought, "Oh my, is that what I think it is? Has Pamela never been fucked before? Oh I think she's a Virgin!"

He looked down at her voluptuous tits, they were so, beautiful as he grinned and in one motion he pushed onward, forward into the coed's small cunt, breaking her hymen as he dicked her hole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" is what Pamela yelped out, it hurt just a bit as he deflowered her, and she didn't expect that, but she opened her legs wider as she felt his cock going up her tiny fuckhole.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh..." is what Dr. Roberts said as he pushed his cock into her slippery small hole, all the way up to his balls, until he was fully into this young woman's pussy, oh it felt wonderful! She was SO TIGHT; he had not felt such a tight pussy ever in his entire life. Even his own wife, was not so tight when he first fucked her.

Then he began to fuck her, he started to piston his cock in and out of her little hole, making her moan and groan. She didn't know those noises were inside of her, she was getting fucked for the first time, and it made her feel great!

She loved it, oh she loved the feeling of a hard cock inside of her vagina, she put her feet up on the desk and she began to buck her hips up, oh she was fucking him back! Now that his hard cock was up her cunt, she wanted it, she wanted to be a good fuck, and she was!

"Oh fuck, yes Pammy, your pussy feels so good honey, your cunt is so tight, oh fuck, I love your pussy honey!" he told her.

That made her feel good, she enjoyed that he was enjoying fucking her too, her big tits began to bounce some, as she fucked him back, she wanted his cock in her hole, she wanted it badly, oh it was so nice!

Then she felt that hot feeling she always gets, oh fuck, she was going to cum again, she kept bucking her hips more and more, just as he was building up his orgasm too! There they were, fucking on that desk, like a couple of lovers, not a teacher and his student, but two hot lovers, fucking like fucking should be done and they both loved it!

He leaned and sucked on her big tits, oh taking them into his mouth, he was sucking her nice tits as he dicked her soaked fuckhole!

She groaned, "Ohh, Ooooh..Ahhhhh,mmmmmmmmmm yes!" She was going to cum again! Oh, and then she came, shooting off another round of her precious love honey! Oh, he felt it, he felt her squirt again and this time he was ready too, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" is what came out of his mouth as he felt the first hot wonderful spurt of his cum shooting up into this pretty coed's cunt!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!!" he cried out, I'm cumming, shooting off into her naked vagina, he must have shot off four times, he was so fucking hard, he held her, kissed her, as she squirted and he came, together the both came fast and hard!

It was amazing for her, her first fuck, and she loved it. It was amazing for him, the first time that he had ever deflowered a woman, and he loved it! There could not have been a better first time for both of them; it was a hot, erotic, steamy, love scene! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

To be continued................

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