tagFirst TimeHot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 05

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 05


Pamela was glad that spring time was so warm, as she often went braless around the dorm and campus. Allowing her magnificent boobs the freedom to bounce when she walked around in her tight t shirts and tank tops.

She felt that her bra confined and restricted her nice tits anyways, and being away from home now, allowed her dress as she pleased, like many girls do, when they get away to go to college. Besides at her young age of 19, her tits didn't need a bra.

The way they sat up high on her chest, with their natural slope, making them look like two torpedo's, made Pammy feel pretty and good! She enjoyed the attention that the guys on campus would give her, as she proudly displayed those beautiful boobs in her tops.

Now that she had finally some sucked cocks, had her pussy licked, and been fucked nicely, she loved her new sexual freedom! She had gone back to the mall several times, not only to buy new clothes, but also to purchase several pair of small, tight, pretty, little thong panties. She figured, when she needed to wear panties, she would, and at other times, she would go natural, letting her pussy be naked under her clothes.

She really enjoyed the feeling of shaving her little twat too. That way it felt so smooth and it made her little cunt tingle when she wore tight jeans or small shorts as the seam rubbed up against her precious little slit.

It was a lazy day, so she placed her long hair into two braids, put on a pretty denim skirt, with her green tank top, and her black flip flops. She went off to go read in the sun. Of course she didn't bother putting on her bra or panties under her clothes, as she felt comfortable like that.

She was sitting in the corner of the courtyard that sunny day, reading a book. She really didn't pay much attention the way she was sitting, with her legs bent, thus exposing her naked slit under her skirt. Her shaved twat was completely exposed. As she read, she felt someone looking at her. When she looked up, she saw some guy looking at her and after a few minutes of looking down then back up, she recognized him as Tommy, the guy from the department store. His was first cock that she had sucked, thru the hole in the dressing room wall.

He was smiling and he started to walk over towards Pamela, so she looked down at her book, and wondered if he recognized her too. When he got within a couple of feet of her, he said, "Hey, I know you, we sort of, kind of, met at the department store, how are you?"

She was surprised by what he said, so she replied, "I don't think I know you, perhaps you have mistaken me for someone else."

Tommy, being bold and remembering what a hot little cocksucker Pamela was, said to her, "no, it's you, I remember seeing your pussy thru the hole and now sitting across from you here today I saw your pussy again, under your skirt! I remembered how beautiful your naked cunt is."

Pamela blushed and she felt a little embarrassed, but he kept going saying to her, "you are truly a beautiful girl, with a pretty face and beautiful hair. They go great with that pretty little pussy you have between your legs!"

Pamela, felt a big naughty, and having already sucked his cock once before, she sort of bit her lip, just as he sat down next to her, asking, "is it ok if I keep you company today?"

"Sure, I guess, what's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Tommy and who might you be?" he answered.

"Pamela, but my friends call me Pammy."

"Nice to meet you again Pammy, so do you always suck off cocks in the department store?"

"Why no, I do not, yours was the first, and now I'm a bit embarrassed that I did such a thing."

"Hmmm, so you didn't like having your lips wrapped around my big cock, Pammy?" he asked her quite bluntly.

"Well, I mean, it's just that, well..." she said, but he cut her off, saying, "Oh I know you enjoyed it, the way you put your tit thru the hole and allowed me suck your nipple, before you blew me and I shot my hot load in your warm mouth, it's ok Pammy, your cocksucking secret is safe with me!"

She smiled, and she couldn't deny that she enjoyed sucking Tommy's big cock, and how he shot off in her mouth and on her face. Tommy looked down at her nice tits, braless in her tank top, and he noticed her nipples were hard. As they sat there, he looked around and not seeing anyone paying attention, he reached over and openly grabbed Pamela's big tit.

She gasped, as she felt his hand on her breast, but she didn't say anything, or stop him. So, just as he had hoped, he quickly squeezed her naked tit thru her top, and then reached over to feel her other nice boob!

"Those are some really nice tits you've got there sweetie, really nice!" He said

She blushed and she could feel her cunt getting moist under her skirt, as she fidgeted around some, just as Tommy reached under her skirt and placed his finger against the sexy coed's nice, slick, hairless, little twat!

Pamela shuddered when she felt his fingers on her naked pussy, but she allowed him to probe and feel her naked slit under her skirt. She closed her eyes and let this stranger, fondle her tits and pussy under the tree in the corner of the courtyard.

Tommy was breathing hard, he could not believe his luck, not only had he found the little slut who sucked off his cock in the dressing room, but here he was actually playing with her big tits and fingering her hot naked snatch!

They were seated behind a large tree, so it provided some solidarity from the open campus, in other words they weren't really out in the open. Tommy then took her hand and he placed it upon his lap, on top of his hard cock, thru his jeans, and Pammy sighed as she felt his thick hardness thru his pants.

She had never, ever, done such a thing with a guy in public, and here she was being fondled and touching his penis, thru his pants under the tree! She felt both naughty and highly aroused while doing so.

Tommy gently moved her legs a bit wider apart as he slid his finger into her well lubricated love hole, as he began to finger fuck Pamela, right there, and she allowed him. He sort of laid her down as his other hand moved her tank top up to reveal to him. She had the most beautiful set of tits that he had ever seen or touched.

Her big tits rested high on her chest; her large silver dollar areola's so rigid, with her nipples protruding out and upward! Tommy leaned in and began to suck on Pamela's tits, under the tree!

Oh it felt wonderful to her, having her big tits sucked outdoors like that! She closed her eyes as she felt his mouth on her tits, first on one, then on the other. Tommy sucked the pretty coed's magnificent boobs, while he finger banged her wet hole!

She felt like she might climax, it felt so good, but Tommy stopped, reached down, unzipped his pants, looked around and saw nobody close to them and pulled out his hard cock!

"Suck it Pamela, I know you want to, suck my cock again baby!" he told her.

She looked around, thinking she might get caught, but too caught up in own lust, she moved her head down to his lap and she opened her mouth, taking his hard cockhead into her mouth, it tasted good, she liked sucking cock, she had become a sexy cocksucking slut.

She sucked it as he moaned, and he said, "let's move behind the tree Pammy," so they shifted and moved behind the big tree, then Tommy said, "Lift your skirt up, I want to see and lick your pussy honey!"

She was so turned on, so she hiked her skirt up to her waist, and pulled her tank top up over her big tits. He laid down with his hard cock sticking out of her jeans and he pulled Pamela on top of him in a 69 position.

He put his hands on her beautiful full white ass, and pulled her ass and cunt his face, licking her naked pink twat lips, making her moan, as she put her mouth on his cock and they 69'd right there behind the tree!

Oh she was so happy! It felt so good to have his cock in her mouth, while he licked her wet snatch up and down! He placed his middle finger inside of her fuck hole and then with the same hand he pushed his index finger up into Pamela's tight asshole!

Pammy jumped a bit as she felt one finger up her cunt and one finger up her ass at the same time. Tommy had his fingers about half way in, thinking to himself, "what a hot fucking little slut this bitch is!"

She sucked his cock ,faster, up down she moved her head on his cock, as he licked her and finger fucked her, until they both felt like they were going to cum, but it was Pamela first, she stopped sucking so she could Cum and cum hard!

Tommy felt her asshole clench his finger then her tight pussy hole too, just as she exploded and began to squirt out her pussy juices on his face! He thought to himself, "what the fuck, oh yes!" As he had never been with girl who squirted when she came like that, even his own girlfriend didn't do that when he licked out her pussy, so he really enjoyed this little slut cumming all over his face!

After Pamela finished squirting, Tommy moved her off of him and undid his jeans, so he could pull them down around his ankles. This way his cock and balls would be free. As he pulled Pamela on top of him as he laid there, her skirt around her waist and he guided his cock into her now soaking wet fuck hole!

He needed to fuck her and she wasn't about to stop him! Oh she loves to cum and since she is multi orgasmic, Pamela wanted his cock up her hole, fucking her right there and then! She didn't care that he wasn't wearing rubber she wanted his cock so badly, she would take her chances!

Tommy felt her lust and he pulled her top off her, allowing her big naked tits bounce and be free! "Oh those fucking tits are so nice!" he said as he felt her hot pussy on his hard cock!

She rode him, not caring who saw her; she was practically naked, with just her skirt around her waist as she rode that cock, like she was riding a pony! Her beautiful boobs bouncing up and down as she fucked, she could feel her pussy beginning to convulse and she knew she was going to cum again!

She cried out, just as she started to cum, then Tommy said, "Fuck Pammy, I'm going to cum!"

So she threw herself off of him, just in time, as his load blew straight up in the air, it must of shot up three feet, his cock was so throbbing hard! Pamela quickly placed her open mouth around his shaft so his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th squirts would go into her mouth! She wanted to eat his cum!

What a hot scene under the tree there, without anyone noticing, they thought, with the exception of another one of Pamela's professor watching! Her English Lit professor, Mr. Riggins was just walking by, going to the back of the campus when he noticed his beautiful young coed student sitting there reading her book, as he was admiring her beauty from behind the side wall, looking at her magnificent tits in her tank top, he say Tommy come over and he witnessed the entire lewd act!

His cock grew rock hard in his pants watching and when they started groping, sucking, and fucking, he unzipped his pants in the back there, behind the wall and he masturbated his cock to orgasm watching her fuck, as her lovely big tits bounced up and down!

He knew then that Miss Tartan, or Pamela was a hot, wet pussied, slut, and he was going to figure a way to get some of her pussy too! Pammy was becoming a hot piece of ass and she loved it!

To be continued......

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