tagIncest/TabooHot Day, Hotter Mom

Hot Day, Hotter Mom


If I get feedback then I'll continue with this story for awhile. Please let me know what you think.


It was a scorching summer afternoon as Brad made his way back home from school after playing basketball with his friends. Sweat rolled off of his tall muscular frame in small beads as he brushed his dark brown hair off of his forehead. A small breeze of warm air blew into his face forcing him to squint his blue-gray eyes. He was glad the high school was only five blocks away from his house otherwise he wasn’t sure he could handle these hot days.

Graduation was coming soon, he thought, as he came to his front door. After four more weeks we wouldn’t have to walk home from school anymore. He could just stay home all day, sit in the living room with the air conditioning, and drink lemonade while watching TV.

He came into the living room and placed his bag on the floor enjoying the feel of cool air rush by him as he closed the door. He heard his mother working in the kitchen as he walked over to see what she was doing. Coming around the corner he was stopped in his tracks by a rather lovely sight.

Monica was standing at the kitchen counter cutting a couple of apples. Her back was to her son as she continued her work. At 36 she still looked amazing. Her firm 5’6” frame was hugged by a light blue sundress that stopped just above her knees. Brad could see the perfect lines in her calves and thighs as she bent one leg slightly. She wore a pair of brown three inch lifts which matched the dress and her blue painted toe nails very well, along with giving her legs that extra sexy curvy. Her smooth legs led up to the most beautiful hips Brad had ever seen. Monica’s heart-shaped butt stuck out a little as she continued to divide the apples. Her back was arched in a sexy way as she brushed her reddish-brown hair off of her right shoulder with a smooth twist of her neck.

“Hey mom.” Brad said as he walked over to the fridge to grab some bottled water.

“Oh! Jesus Brad!” Monica jumped turning towards her son, “You scared me to death, I didn’t hear you come in.”

Brad laughed as he walked over and kissed his mother on the cheek, “Sorry mom I should have called out when I came in.” He walked over the other side of the counter and was very pleased by what he saw from the front side of his mother. She had two of the four buttons undone showing and ample amount of Monica’s 38DD cleavage. Beads of moister glistened on her fair skin as Brad enjoyed the view of the tight dress squeezing her tits together. He felt himself getting hard as he saw the faintest outline of her nipples.

“So how was school?” Asked Monica as she walked over to the garbage can and bent down to through something away. Her sexy ass stuck out in the air as her dress rode up a little to reveal more of her milky thighs.

Brad got lost in thought for a second before answering. “Huh? Oh, uh…..n-nothing. My days don’t change much. Ball practice went well though.”

“That’s good.” She rose up and went back to the counter grabbing a slice of apple and placing it between her soft full lips as she bit down. She swallowed the fruit as she waved a hand in front of her face. “God it’s hot today!” Her tits jiggled a little as she moved her hand, hypnotizing Brad by the slight movement. “You look ready to cool off yourself son. Why don’t you go take a lukewarm shower?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah. Good idea mom. I think I’ll head up there right now.” I could really use that right now, he thought as he headed upstairs.

“Oh shoot, I almost forgot.” Monica turned towards the stairs after Brad, “The water heater broke earlier today while you were gone so don’t take to long Brad. I want to take a shower too.”

“OK mom, I won’t.” Brad closed the bathroom door and peeled off his t-shirt from his sweaty back. Kicking off his shoes he grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down along with his boxer-briefs. His cock jumped up from its confinement and slapped against his tight muscular abs. He quickly grabbed it and jerked it a couple of times reveling in the thought of his mothers sexy, curved body. Shaking his head and smiling he turned on the shower so it wasn’t cold but cool enough for him to relax in.

Try as he might he couldn’t get his mother out of his head. Needing some relief, Brad grabbed his nine-inch cock with his right hand and began to stroke its length as he massaged his balls with the other hand. His mind raced with images of Monica gyrating on top of him. Her luscious tits bouncing in his hands as he played with her nipples. He loved imagining the feeling of her smooth skin rubbing against him as she lost complete control of her body.

Lying on her bed Brad flipped his mother off of him and onto her hands and knees. Her body is covered in sheen of sweat as she pants and looks back at him with her dark almond eyes. He moves behind her and grabs her soft ass cheeks as he rubs his stiff cock between the warm flesh. She shutters at the contact and moans before he takes his cock back into his hand and…….

“Brad? Are you almost done? I want to hop in to remember?” Monica says as she knocks on the bathroom door.

“Oh shit”, whispers Brad as he suddenly realizes that he’s lost himself in his fantasies and times flown by, “Sorry mom, I-I’m not done yet.”

“Well shoot”, Monica chews on her bottom lip contemplating on what to do. At this rate there won’t be any hot water left and she didn’t want to take an ice shower. “Brad? Can we share the shower? I really need to take one.”

Brad couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Share the shower? With the woman he was just fantasizing about? This had to be some kind of joke. “Sure mom, why not?” Brad said sarcastically.

Not catching his tone Monica walked into the bathroom with a white towel wrapped tightly around her. “Alright, but no peeking mister! Eyes to the wall.” She let the towel fall to the floor before stepping into the shower.

Brad, bug eyed and startled that his mother wasn’t kidding quickly turned towards the wall just in time to hide his massive erection. Monica stepped into the shower looking at her son to make sure he wasn’t peeking. “Mmmmmm”, she thought admiring his muscular shoulders and back before letting her eyes trail down to his young firm ass, “He must be a lady killer at the school.” She stepped under the spray and let the cool water soak into her hair and run down her face. “Ooooohhhh, this feels good!”

Brad glanced over his shoulder and, seeing that his mother’s eyes were closed from the water in her hair and with her back to her son, turned to look at her wet nude body. Small streams ran down each curve. Her back was arched in a sexy way as she bent and flexed one smooth leg. He had to restrain himself from reaching out and grabbing her milky thighs and soft round butt.

Monica reached out and grabbed the shampoo bottle. She poured a large amount in her hand still facing away from her son, and began to work the lather into her hair. Suds trailed down her back, running over her ass, hips, and calves. The lather piled on top of her breasts like small clouds.

Brad couldn’t stand it. He was stocking himself furiously as he watched his gorgeous mother bathe herself. He had to try something. He could let the situation just walk out on him with out trying something. “Mom, c-could I wash your back for you?”

Monica cocked her head towards her son but she still had her eyes closed so the soap didn’t go into them. “Sure sweetheart, if you want to. But no peeking scoundrel!”

“Heh, sure mom.” Lied Brad as he grabbed the body wash and poured and good amount into his hands. Slowly he reached out and placed his hands on his mothers’ shoulders working the soap in as he massaged her soft smooth flesh. Even under the cool water it still felt warm and inviting. His cock twitched at the sensations he felt in his hands.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good Brad. Thank you.” Moaned his mother as she began to rinse the shampoo out of her hair.

“You very welcome mom.” He replied as his hands moved down her back slowly. He could feel the muscles under her skin relax to his touch. The smell of vanilla from the soap and her perfume filled his nostrils making his cock swell. His shaft brushed against her cheeks making Brad moan slightly.

Monica had water rushing over her ears so she couldn’t hear him. She was enjoying he soapy massage so much that she didn’t even notice the heavy meat resting between her cheeks.

Brad noticed that she didn’t pull back from the taboo touch so he let it rest there while he brought his hands to just above her ass. He paused not sure if he should continue or not.

Monica grabbed the conditioner and poured some into her hair. She put the bottle down and began to work that into her wet hair.

Brad finally made his decision reaching ever so slowly down the sides of her hips before bringing his hands around and cupping her ass confidently. The flesh felt soft and warm in his palms as he kneaded her cheeks with a big smile on his handsome face.

“Oh!” Exclaimed Monica as he son groped her ass. She was suddenly aware of his cock resting on top of her cheeks as well. “B-Brad……I-I’m not so sure…..oh!….You should do that.”

Ignoring his mother, Brad continued his work. He realized he had to have this woman. He couldn’t stand being this close and not having her. Continuing to massage her ass cheeks with one hand he brought the other to his cock and aimed it at the entrance to her luscious pussy. Pushing slightly its head rubbed against her lips.

Monica’s hands flew up against the wall as if to brace her. “Brad!…..C-Control yourself!” Her body seemed to react on its own however. Her legs were spread slightly as she stood on her tiptoes.

Positioning himself, Brad grabbed his mother by the waist and began to push in slowly. His head popped in along with three inches. “Ugh”, he grunted as he held onto her small waist tightly.

“Oh god!…..B-Brad!….Oh!” Monica exclaimed in surprise at the intrusion of her son. She couldn’t believe what was going on. She knew it was wrong and that she had to stop it but it felt so good. She could feel her small nipples get as stiff as little pencil erasers as she panted.

Staring at his mothers sexy body Brad continued to push in slowly, inch by inch, until all nine inches were inside and his balls pressed against her slit. “Oh fuck.” He breathed out as he bottomed out and felt her wet tight was squeeze around him. Pulling back quickly so just the head was in he thrust back in again and again. He looked down to see her ass jiggle delightfully and his pelvis pounded against his mother.

“Oh jesus…..Oh g-god…..don’t…Ugh!…d-don’t stop!” Monica panted and moaned and her son thrust into her. She’d never had anything this big before she relished as she smiled to herself. Her big tits swung in wild circles beneath her as she continued to squeeze around her sons cock.

Brad was already close though from jerking off earlier and he already felt his balls tighten. “Oh fuck….I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes!…Yes!….Cum for mommy!……Cum in me baby!….Oh god!” Monica cheered on her son as he continued to pound into her. She wasn’t close yet but she knew that he was young and was probably coming back for more soon enough. She reached around and grabbed his hands, forcing them on her tits.

“Uuuugggghhhhh!!! Aaaaaagghhhhhh!” Brad grunted and roared and he slammed home and exploded into his mother. He’d never come this hard before in his life. It felt like his cock was swelling to the point of bursting. He squeezed his mothers tits feeling her small nipples rub against his palms as they overflowed in his hands.

Finally after ten shots Brad leaned forward and rested on his mothers back trying to catch his breath.

Giving him some time to compose himself, Monica reached over and turned the shower off. She pulled herself off of her still erect son (regretfully) and took him by the hand. “Come on sweetie, Mommy’s not done with you yet!”

With the biggest grin he’s ever had on his face, Brad eagerly followed his mother towards the bedroom.

To be continued……………..

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