tagLoving WivesHot Donna Ch. 01

Hot Donna Ch. 01


I remember this all started with a big fight. My husband Rob had wanted me to dress sexy and flirt with a couple of his customers one night at dinner when we were out of town. He was always after me to wear low cut blouses or tight skirts, and I did wear them on occasion, but even then, they were never low enough, or tight enough, or showing enough, he was never happy.

"I'm your wife, not a slut." I hollered at him, slapping his hand away from undoing another button on my blouse.

Dinner was a mess, Rob was not paying any attention to me, the customers were enjoying my conversation but I certainly was not turning heads with flirty comments. I ended up drinking more than I should and got sick as a dog, throwing up my dinner and sleeping on the cold ceramic floor in the bathroom. Rob picked me up and carried me to bed, pressing a cold washcloth to my forehead as he dressed for work.

"Would have been a lot more fun and a whole lot easier just to have been a bit of a cock teaser last night." he intoned as he kissed my cheek.

My head was hurting so I didn't pay a whole load of attention to him but that evening when he got home we had a quiet dinner, then started in on the subject of the day. He explained that as he got older it was more difficult for him to maintain a hard on unless he had a sexy situation to spark his libido. The most erotic thoughts he had involved me showing off my body and flirting with other men, sometimes to the point of taking one or two of them to bed with me.

"When I ask you to be a cock teaser for other men and you do it well you make me hard just watching you with them, and when we get home I can hardly wait to fuck you," he explained, "and you like it when I fuck you don't you?"

I nodded, he was very good with his fingers and mouth, but it was special when he was hard enough to enter me.

"Then make up your mind, I need for you to be a cock teaser on occasion for our marriage to work."

And with that he turned over and went to sleep, ignoring me. I tried to sleep but kept mulling the issue over in my mind, thinking about some of the big fights we had when Rob had pushed me too far, then about the times I had relented, sometimes even enjoying the attention, and certainly enjoying the sex once we got home.

We were civil to each other for the next couple of days but no long heart searching discussions. On the third morning Rob asked if I wanted to go out for dinner and watch a little of whatever sports game at the bar. I smiled at him and said yes then asked if he wanted me to dress up. He looked cross for a moment and asked what I meant by that.

"Would you like me to dress like a cock teaser for you when we go out tonight?" I asked innocently.

"That would be hot Donna, thank you,." he smiled, "and I promise to enjoy what you are comfortable with, and not to keep testing your limits"

I put in a good workout at the gym then came home and pampered myself with a sensuous soak in a scented oil bath then slowly did my make up and hair, finally choosing an outfit for the evening. Slipping into my bathrobe I enjoyed a glass of wine as I read the paper and waited for Rob to get home from work. After a quick kiss he jumped in the shower giving me time to get dressed and watch his reaction.

"Wow." was all he was able to stammer as he took in my sexy little outfit, and I do mean little. All I was wearing was a red silk peasant blouse over a short white mini skirt and white shoes. Rob could tell right away that I was not wearing a bra as my nipples jiggled seductively just beneath the edge of my neckline. He quickly got dressed and escorted me out to the car, opening my door for me like a gentleman. I smiled and moved into the seat slowly, knowing the only reason he was being so cavalier was to look under my skirt to see if I was wearing panties. I gave him ample opportunity to gaze at my smooth shaved pussy lips and the tiny trimmed runway above. His grin and the little sigh I heard told me I had made the right decision. Rob has told me countless times that my pussy is the most exotic, attractive and downright desirable slit he has ever seen. My outer lips are full and swell when aroused, a little of my pink inner lips always show between them leading up to the hood covering my prominent clitoris.

Rob could hardly drive he was spending so much time checking me out, and the bulge in his pants was very noticeable. He saw me checking him out and smiled.

"Every man that sees you tonight is going to have the same problem I have right now." he laughed as he tried to adjust himself.

I reached across to give his hardness a little squeeze.

"We could just stay home and take care of that." I teased playfully, feeling him twitch under my touch.

He shook his head as he moved my hand away from his bulge.

"I want you to see the lusty look in other men's eyes, I want you to watch their cocks swell in the front of their pants as they enjoy looking at your body."

He reached up and tweaked my nipples through my blouse.

"Every man is going to wish he could take you home and fuck you honey, they are going to jerk off thinking about how your exquisite pussy would taste, how they would feel with their cocks buried deep inside you."

Rob could see my body tremble as I thought about what he was saying, my nipples hardening under his touch. We had arrived at the sports bar but needed a minute or two to calm down before we entered. Once in Rob guided me to a booth on an upper level with a good view of the bar and the big screen over it. I slid in and Rob joined me on the same side, mostly so he could watch the game but also because he wanted to keep ogling my legs. The waiter was a young man with a beard and an Irish accent, his eyes roaming over all of me then meeting my eyes with a big smile. His name was Devan and him and Rob talked a little sports, but Devan's eyes were mostly on me. I just smiled back at him and let the two of them prattle on about their favorite teams until we finally ordered our drinks and he left.

"He's cute." I whispered, deciding to take the initiative, "I think he likes me too."

Rob grinned at me as he rubbed the inside of my thigh.

"What's not to love honey, you look incredible, he couldn't tear his eyes away from you."

"Do you want me to flirt with him Rob, do you want me to tease him with my body and make his cock swell in his pants?"

I could hear him moan with passion, his head nodding his approval of the new me. When Devan returned with our drinks I made sure to catch his eye as I leaned forward to accept my cocktail from him, making sure I touched his hand and that he had plenty of time to gaze at my openly offered breasts. In the past I would unconsciously raise one of my hands to either hide my breasts or keep my shirt from gaping open but this time I just let my shirt slip down, I could feel my nipples rubbing on the very edge of my shirt so I knew Devan could see my pink aureole. I smiled as I watched his eyes slip away from mine for a peek at my boobs, then turn a bit red knowing he had been caught. He told us about the specials and left us to enjoy the game.

"That was very sexy Donna, Devan and I both enjoyed the view." Rob congratulated me with a little kiss on the cheek.

"It's much easier to cock tease a handsome young man." I admitted, "He certainly enjoyed looking down my blouse, next time I will get him to check out my legs."

Rob looked down at my skirt, already half way up my thighs. In the past I would constantly squirm and pull it down, but now I promised myself to leave it alone until Rob said something or I was arrested.

When Devan came back to take our order I caught his eye as I fluffed up my napkin and placed it on my lap, directing his eyes to the space between my legs. Once I had his attention I very slowly crossed my legs then rearranged my napkin once more, taking care not to cover the edge of my skirt or the hint of bare thigh exposed. He looked for quite a while as he explained the nights specials and I gave him a big approving smile when his eyes finally met mine.

As dinner continued and the cocktails and wine kept flowing my inhibitions quickly crumbled and my enjoyment and arousal as I flirted outrageously with Devan began to take over. Rob was being very attentive and grinning at everything I said, watching me as I engaged Devan in slightly sexy conversation each time he came to the table, my skirt rising as I moved my legs for him, my breasts almost slipping out of my peasant blouse as I giggled and leaned into his jokes, my eyes encouraging him to enjoy my near nakedness.

Sitting at the bar were three other young men, too far away to enjoy my show but obviously aware that I was wearing very little, they would turn and check me out every once in a while, and I'm pretty sure they were talking about me with Devan as he tended bar, I could watch him smile and look up at me quite often during their conversation. I had to go to the washroom and made sure my shoulders were back and my hips were swiveling as I walked past the bar, giving Devan a very sexy smile and a quiet hello. As I sauntered away I heard one of them tell Devan how lucky he was to be serving such a fucking hot chick. I have to admit it made my legs a little weak for a moment to think I could ignite that kind of passion in a young man so easily, so quickly. Coming back I was even more forward, smiling at all of them then leaning forward between them all to ask Devan to bring a dessert menu by, bending enough to afford all of them a nice long look at my creamy white breasts. Their reaction was so good when I got back to the table I smiled at Rob and asked him to move in the booth, I wanted to sit on the outside.

"I want to be able to let Devan, and his friends, see more of me." I admitted.

Rob just smiled and slid into the booth as I perched on the edge, my legs swinging out in the aisle, grinning as Devan brought over the menu's, his eyes roaming up and down my body. I let my hand linger on his as my eyes dropped to his crotch, licking my lips a little then smiling over at his friends.

"Are those friends of yours in to watch the game Devan?" I asked, gesturing towards the bar with my shoulders and breasts.

He smiled over at them, all eyes on the both of us and admitted they were his mates, giving them a little wave with the hand I was not holding.

"I'm glad you are my waiter tonight Devan." I whispered as I crossed my legs very slowly then leaned forward until his hand I was still holding was just inches from my hardened nipple. "You are much cuter than your mates."

I let go of his hand and we discussed the different desserts, but eye contact between myself and Rob had decided we would be having dessert at home. I coyly let Devan know what we were going home to do and let my legs slip apart for just a second as he brought back the bill, never quite sure how much he may have seen. Rob took me home, all the way in the car going on about how incredibly sexy I had been, my hand on his steel hard prick confirming he at least had been excited, in my rush I had forgotten to check out Devan as often as I had wanted to. We had an evening of rough spontaneous sex and a week or so of slower loving basking in the afterglow of my first time as my husband's successful cock teaser.

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