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Hot Drunk Eye Sex!


"Who wears boots with a lace dress Yvonne?"

"I do." I smile back at my friend as we enter the Cathouse.

At that comment the bouncer pulls us to the side, demanding I take my boots off and shake them out, he's looking for a stash of drugs. Lifting my knee I stretch outwards and untie my laces, the bouncers eyes letch at my thighs as my little dress rides high up my waist. First one, then the other, shake them out, empty. As I pull each boot back over my ankle socks, my knee bumps my boob as I gave him a look at the crotch of my hipster briefs. His eyes shine as his trousers bulge. I adjust my purse that hangs from my shoulder to sit on my hip. It's strap crisscrossing my chest, pulling it tight, pushing my slight titties out. He'll be about later if required!

My minds semi-numb already, my body begins to shimmer and shake as the drum and base edges through the floorboards, climbs my legs and rattles through my torso. We've dropped a couple of ecstasy each as we approached the doorway, no point in losing them if we get searched. My need for hydration is paramount as is my need to pee.

Crashing through the final double doors, we're engulfed in a sea of translucent blue and pink neon. Banging thrashing drums beat into my skeleton as I relax into the love that surrounds me. Everywhere I look people smile a grateful welcome, come into our cocoon they beckon. As the MDMA courses through me, it's rush intensifying, my arms lift and shape as I wiggle into the heart of the crowd.

Clutching my plastic water bottle to my mouth, I suck greedily on its sports cap, rehydrating as the need to pee from the 'E' grips my bladder. Strangers bodies blindly rub me as we dance, arms aloft, fingers shaping in the strobing neon. Booted feet drink up the vibrations from the floor, as legs bend and twist to the gyrations of my ass. Peering through the gloomy flashing light I can see my friend, she's found her on/off boyfriend and is pushing herself into him. I'm on my own now, but I don't care, I feel the love of this world all around me.

"The dab is dead!" The Eastblock Bitches scream as I smash my boot to the floor, my whole body reverberates to the shock of the stamp. Leaving my boot planted, I twist and shape on one leg, a solo, on the spot Argentine tango, to the beat of the "Bitches" base. Euphoric in my own sweat, I open my body, arms wide aloft, leaning back, stamping my boots on shaky legs. Droplets of condensation drip over me from the ceiling, reminding me, need to pee.

Fleeing through the dancers, my bladder feels fit to burst, but I know it's secret. It's a joy to enter the chill of the ladies loo, a chance to cool my body, calm the rush, take a breath. The girl in front of me staggers and enters the middle cubicle, I jump into the end one, flicking the lock. Hitching my hem and dropping my briefs to my knees, I sit on the well used warm toilet seat, knowing nothing will come. I won't pee, it's the undesired effects of ecstasy, dehydration and a false feeling of need to urinate.

The distant hum of music is the only noise as I lean back against the cooling chill of the cistern. My neighbour in the next stall gives an orgasmic sigh, as she gushes a fountain of pee with incredible force into her toilet pan. My mind conjures a picture from nowhere of me laying on the floor, naked, as the drunken reveller next door stands over me. Her hands parting her vagina till I can see it's pink glistening interior, her golden liquid spews out, onto my breasts, up my throat and into my thirsty mouth.

My hands stroke my forehead, down my face and chest, damp from my chilling sweat. As she flushes next door I lift from my seat and flush my nothing away. I go to the hand basin to wash my hands and check my face. Pulling my Dior Metal from my purse I pucker up at the big smudged mirror. Next stall girl smiles at me in a strange, in the mirror way, I shoot her a grin and begin replenishing my lip gloss.

As I concentrate, I feel her looking at me, having hot, drunken eye sex with me! Squinting slyly across I watch her watery smoky hazel eyes run up and down me. She must have spent an hour layering up her eyelids, a quick light base colour, then back with the brush for darker medium from the lower lid to the crease of the upper lid. A dark eyeliner above and below the lashes, just enough to be visible when the eyes are open. She has smoked it out with dark shadow and layered her lashes with maybe three coats of mascara, they're hot! In the mirror she shapes her mouth to a cheeky pout as she catches me staring.

Looking back into the mirror I pretend to concentrate on my lips, dabbing and caressing with the small foam brush. All the while I'm watching her, she's mid twenties I guess, some five or six years younger than me. As she finishes she totters on her heels, the alcohol playing havoc with her balance. Offering a hand, I steady her and she laughs a thank you.

"I've just been dumped by my boyfriend!"

"Really, that's not so good, been together a while?" I enquire.

"Just a few weeks, he's hooked up with the slapper he was dating. Maria Miller, you know her?"

"Nah." I lie.

Maria is the friend that I'd come to the Cathouse with, last I saw of her, she was sexy dancing with her on/off boyfriend! It then sinks into my spinning mind. Andrew Macmasters, a complete jerk, is the guy we're talking about. My body, bursting with energy tells me I need to dance, my heart on the other hand has the feels for this girl. It's not my intention, but maybe my guilt because of my friend Maria, I find myself catching her hand and leading her out the loo and upstairs to the chill out bar. It's much quieter here and I send her to one of the little private booths, I go to the bar and order two bottles of beer with whisky and coke chasers, this will help me pee, hopefully!

As I sit, I slide a bottle and glass across the table to her. We both lean back into the plush velvet upholstery opposite each other, saying nothing, we just look across at each other, wondering? Feeling her eyes on me, sends shivers down my spine, not from fear, but lust. They caress my face, they're warm damp gaze, cradle my cheeks as they redden with desire. Dropping contact, I need a moment, to straighten my line of thought. With ecstasy I always want to fuck, I'm tactile anyway, but with this high I crave to be touched and loved, to touch and feel another sexually. Do I feel this now? Or do I feel guilty because of my friend?

Lifting my line of sight back up, her eyes are still caressing me, stroking my arms, fluttering across my breasts, rubbing my shoulders. My body begins to react to this hot drunken eye sex, my nipples peak, pushing the flesh tone slip out through the blue lace of my dress. Her smokey eyes twist and pull on my erect pokies, I run my fingers over them, my eyes never leave hers and I watch her pull a broad smile. I want to stand on my seat, lift my hem and show her my hot wetness that's encased in lace hipsters, I want to beg her to remove them, release me and take me. Squirming in my seat I'm hot and uncomfortable as my desire keeps rising, her eyes just keep stroking me, over my nose, across my lips, brushing my hair, she's grins broadly as she necks her beer. Standing up she leans across the table and whispers in my ear.

"Kelly, my names Kelly, let's go to my place, it's only round the corner."

Sneaking out the back door of the Cathouse, we're at one of the new high rise apartment blocks that look over the river Clyde. It's glossy glass front shines like heavens gate and we pass through and into the stainless steel lift. Kelly presses for the top floor and the doors slither a silent closure, we stand against opposing walls, I blush as again her eyes begin to quietly caress me, I could orgasm here, now! I need to pee.

Kelly unlocks the door and pushes it open, standing back to let me enter first. As I pass her and my feet enter the hallway, her fingers catch my zip and draw it down the length of my spine. She comes straight to me in the dark hallway. Her hands now caress me instead of her eyes and I yield to my need for sex. Her hot wet mouth pushes into mine, our tongues rolling round like snakes in a dark pit. As I gasp for breath in our passion embrace the rush of the ecstasy starts again, my mind sits above us, watching us claw at each other. My head fills with a glorious vision of Kelly and I, we're in a vagina shaped clearing deep in the jungle, covered in tiger striped body paint, on all fours we circle each other, snarling and roaring our desire, our putrid cat scent fills the space and all the other animals run for their lives as we charge, into a grappling lust embrace in the deep dark sodden undergrowth.

Clawing at the wide leather belt that pulls her shirt dress in at the waist, my hands tremble and fingers struggle to undo the buckle. Kelly breaks our kiss, lifts the hanging strap of my purse clear over my head, letting it drop to the carpet. Her eyes fuck into mine as she eases my dress off my shoulders, I feel hypnotised as I free her belt and it tumbles downwards to join my purse and dress. Tearing at the front of her dress the buttons pop and it flutters open, allowing me to push it up over her shoulders and it floats to the floor. Her bra has a front clasp and I pinch it open, her large breasts swell and force it off as her arms straighten, it also slips downwards to the deep pile carpet. Kelly turns from me, walking to the living room doorway. I need to pee.

Her tanned, toned torso above peachy ass in wet look leggings, swings a delightful come hither. Following, we enter the living room, two wide plush couches, a dark expensive coffee table and various other furniture fill the room. Stood in my hipster briefs and boots, Kelly gives me a shove and I land prone across a coach. She stands before me, her eyes hungrily devouring me, getting me wetter than I've ever been. Her thumbs push into the waistband of her leggings, easing them and her panties down over her thighs. I feel a tremor in my pussy as her gusset sticks momentarily on her shaved hot wet vagina, before snapping clear as Kelly lifts her knee clear of the leggings. Flicking one, then the other shoe off, she tosses her clothing onto the coffee table.

I think she's going to lay with me, so we can mutually fuck out our frustration. She doesn't, instead Kelly straddles my face, her fingers grip my hair and she yanks me up into her wet cunt. My tongue immediately goes to work, opening her flowery orifice. Her taste is strong with a rich metallic hint in it's oily texture, I push my tongue in deeper stroking and teasing her electrified nerve endings. Her fingers intensify their grip in my hair, forcing me up into her mashing grinding love box. As she pushes her ass backwards, I let go of one thigh and grasp at her butt, her clitty lands atop my puckered lips, I attach and suck on it for all I'm worth. Kelly's hips begin to buck as I push a twisting turning finger into her anus, her screaming sounds like she's being murdered, before subduing to panting as her wet pussy bumps across my chin. I crawl from out below my momentarily spent lover. I need to pee.

In the bathroom I drop my hipsters to my knees and squat on the loo, nothing comes from my bladder, I keep pushing, still nothing comes. As I wipe myself with tissue there's only my yogurty lust juice to be flushed. As I go to stand Kelly appears in the doorway. Her hot hungry eyes pierce into me and I feel my pussy juicing up even more, it's lust trickles down my inner thigh. Shocked, I almost explode as I see the swaying thick cock strapped to her hips. Kelly offers me her hand, I take it and she leads me, staggering, trying awkwardly to yank my hipsters back up my thighs.

The bedroom is a rich deep red, with dimmed lamps it's like a hoe's den of iniquity! I need to pee. Kelly throws me onto the bed, demanding I stick my ass in the air. Crawling onto my knees, I arch my back and offer myself fully to her, my now dripping sex, open and waiting to welcome my newest hot lover. I bounce on the mattress as she joins me, leaning down behind me she tugs my briefs off the one bum cheek that keeps them up. Her tongue circles and flicks my throbbing clitty before digging into my wetness, dragging out my creamy sauce it proceeds up my perineum to tickle across and round my little butt hole. I'm in heaven as Kelly nudges her thick rubbery cock into my sloppiness. Entering with a gurgling splash as she pushes home, causing my little pussy to fart it's appreciation of this phallic intrusion.

Fingers dig into my waist as my boi Kelly fucks me hard, I hump back at her breathlessly, panting my encouragement. My body lashed with sweat allows her hands to start massaging my sides, edging round and under. Squirming I wiggle my boobs into her palms, letting her twist, tweak and pull at my pokies. As she squeezes them hard I burst my orgasm across her thick rubber boi cock, it's the biggest, best rush of my entire life and we collapse breathless onto the bed, together.

As Kelly spoons in behind me, her hands gripping a boob each, I feel our phallic friend drop from my vagina. Moving my hands between my legs I gently guide it back into me, wiggling my butt against her tummy, I want to sleep with Kelly inside me. My last thoughts as I drift to sleep, i should have took my boots off before bed. I need to pee?

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by Anonymous

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by Exescort12/11/17

For Anonymous.

Your probably correct on all aspects you’ve cared to correct, except the use of the word “BASE.”
Base is a slang term for the drug “Speed,” or poor mans cocaine. It was used in this context inmore...

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by tedsbeds12/06/17

Very nice, very hot. I wish I could have been there just to watch

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by Anonymous12/05/17

"a lace dress Yvonne?" What's a "lace dress Yvonne?" Punctuation does matter.
"It(no apostrophe)s strap crisscrossES my chest, pulling it tight (AND) pushing my slight titties out."
"the drum and b(ASS)more...

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by Awful Arthur12/05/17

Hot. This is a 5!

Hot and realistic. Made me feel like I was there with Yvonne and Kelly.
Exescort has a gift for writing. Hope she keeps at it.

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by Anonymous12/01/17


Probably the hottest stroke story I have seen. Usually prefer longer stories with a buildup. Stroke stories are usually just dumb, the erotic equivalent of a Kardashian reality show. But this? Unbelievable!more...

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